Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Bound ❯ One-Shot

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Wrote this one-shot at like midnight last night. Enjoy.
Quick Note: Mahiru is older.
Seeing Mahiru in a white dress and being placed in a tux at a big Christian wedding would've been strange, even for a demon with the powers of the wind (A/N: I am the wind, dammit, the wind! Sorry. Kougra moment.) Yet, seeing Mahiru in the ceremonial dress for a tengu binding ceremony was even stranger.
Both Mahiru and Mitsuru were dressed in the traditional garb. Good luck, good health, and good fortune symbols had been placed on the charkas of the body (Crown, Third Eye (1), Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Navel, and Root (2)). The energy flow of their bodies had been traced in black ink onto their skin, and a red string was tied onto their fingers and would be later tied together to symbolize their souls being bound together (3).
In short, a tengu wedding ceremony. Only, it was not technically a wedding, and it basically symbolized their souls being bound together forever. It was private and more spiritual than anything.
It had been Mahiru's idea. She had been curious on certain rituals of the Lunar race and had come across the different binding ceremonies for the subspecies (4). She had bombarded Mitsuru with questions about it (each time both becoming flustered and flushed). In the end, he had offered to show her the ceremony.
And now he was sitting across from her, literally tying the knot. Braiding the red strings around their fingers was the final step (well, almost, but Mitsuru did not want to force that upon her) of the shortened ritual, as there was the original ceremony and the traditional ceremony. Most chose the traditional for various reasons.
Mahiru's eyes swelled with happiness as he announced they were finished. She glomped with a laugh and- just to be sure- planted a long kiss on his lips.
“I love you,” she whispered as she cuddled into him.
“I love you too,” he returned.
She let him show her how much he loved her.
1) The Third Eye is between and an inch or so above the eyes. Basically the middle of the forehead. 2)The base of your spine. 3) I believe this is a Japanese ritual. Could be wrong. A few things here were Pagan-based. In most cultures, the mating is the final step (so I had to make Mahiru a bit older), but obviously Mitsuru wouldn't force that on her (as I have mentioned). The words “I love you” sound odd coming from him.
Hope you enjoyed it. I might do something from Mahiru's thoughts. Ah, well. Until next time.