Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 1

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Note: Happens after Akira and Mitsuru run away and Mahiru moves out. I know how #4 ended, but this is a fanfic, sue me. (Please don't actually sue me. The only good lawyer I know is my cat, and he lost out last case.) I'm not completely sure about a few things, so if there are mistakes, tell me. I would happy to fix them.
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Chapter 1
Mahiru walked the busy streets feeling sad and alone. So she was no longer a trustworthy princess. This didn't bother her as much as the fact that Mitsuru and Akira were gone. Akira could brighten her no matter how down she felt and Mitsuru… She shook her head, ignoring the images running through her brain. The streets were thinning and only a few people were now walking beside her. Then, she stopped. Only a few yards away was Mitsuru. Fighting the urge to run up and greet him, she quickened her pace and hoped he would notice her. Of course, he would ignore her, but she didn't care. So she stomped up to him and looked him straight in the eye.
“Where have you been?” she asked firmly.
Mitsuru turned to her in surprise. His expression quickly turned to a scowl. “What do you care? Need help getting those teardrops? Can't you just ask your human friend? After all, you care more about her than any of us.”
The urge to slap him rose (A/N: he he, pandas), but she pushed it down. “I do not care about Keiko more than I care about any of you. She is a friend. I just don't want a war between the Lunar and the human race.”
He gazed at her coldly then leaned against a traffic sign and seemed to be thinking carefully. “So where do you want to go?”
Mahiru nearly fell backwards. “What?”
“I'm not ready to go back-” Of course he isn't, Mahiru thought, he's too stubborn to- “and I heard you moved out, so you're not going to take me back. If I'm going to trust you- if I can trust you- I'll need to get to know you. So where do you wanna go?”
She swore her heart skipped a beat when he said those words. Was it fear? Panic? It was like he was asking her on a… date. Wrong! She shouted to herself. Not a date! He just wants to get to know me… She wasn't helping herself at all.
“Well?” he said in an irritated voice, “You wanna do something?”
She nodded. They'd walked through the streets before. But Akira is usually with us… Shaking her head again, she realized he'd started without her. She ran to catch up.
Mitsuru didn't say a word as they strolled along. His head was bent forward like he was thinking heavily on something. His normal cold eyes seemed to fill with something else. He noticed Mahiru gazing at him and glared, snapping her back into reality. They came to a street corner when she saw a sight that made her eyes brighten. Akira was coming their way! It was amazing how, without even trying, she had managed to find the two missing members of their group.
Akira saw her immediately, and she watched in mild horror as he came bounding towards her with ears and a tail. Mitsuru didn't see his presence until her wrapped him in a giant hug. Snarling, he tried to pull away, but only the fat that Mahiru hadn't gotten her share pulled them apart.
“You might want to put those away,” she whispered, motioning to the ears. In moments they were gone, and she raised her voice. “Where've you been?”
He feigned hurt feelings and said, “Out for a walk.”
Mitsuru continued walking without them and was a good couple yards away. He glanced back, a bit envious that Akira was getting more warmth than he hand, and of Akira's ability to make Mahiru smile. I barely like her and suddenly I want to make her smile? I must be going nuts. Suddenly, Mahiru grabbed his arm and yanked him back to where they were now standing.
“What?” he growled.
Mahiru frowned. Hadn't he just been nice enough to get to know her a moment ago? “Akira wants to take us someplace. Come with us!”
Even if he had been able to protest, they dragged him through the streets with Akira leading the way. They stopped in front of a restaurant. In big letters it read, `KARAOKE.'
“You go to other places besides the moonshine?” Mahiru asked.
“Yeah, but not often.” He thrust open the door dramatically. “You guys grab a seat. The list for karaoke an get kind of long, so I'm gonna put my name on it.”
Mitsuru looked around in disinterest. Mahiru shook her head at him and yanked him to a booth and forced him to sit. It must not have been that long of a wait, because Akira suddenly appeared on the stage, and soft music started playing.
“I know I ask you this a lot,” Mahiru said, her eyes on Akira, “But why don't you sing?”
Mitsuru scowled. “Why do you care?”
“'Cause,” she tugged on her sleeve absentmindedly and shrugged, “Y-you're my f-friend. I wanna hear you…”
His frown curved up, but it looked more like a sneer than an actual smile. He leaned close to her until their faces were only inches apart. She felt her heartbeat speed up and a blush creep onto her face. Then, he stuck his tongue out at her and said, “I'm not going to sing for you.”
Anger quickly rose up inside of her but quickly subsided. Her cheeks were still pink though and growing redder. What had she thought he was going to do? Kiss me? Her mind was screaming. Wrong though!! Wrong thought!!
“B-but you admit it,” she stuttered, “You sing.”
Akira appeared beside them. He had a bright smile on his face, his ears sticking out, but thankfully not his tail.
“Didya hear me sing?” He slid in next to Mahiru.
“Of course,” she laughed, her nervousness instantly forgotten, “You were great.”
Suddenly, Mitsuru jumped up and practically ran out. Mahiru and Akira looked at each other in confusion but followed close behind.
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