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`Cause I saw the cutest Malchior/Rorek pic where they used the lyrics to “I Hate Everything About You” and I thought of, well… I thought of most of my favorite pairings. But I thought it'd be cuter for this one, since I'd already started my Teen Titans one.
Love-Hate Relationship
Mitsuru was in one of those moods.
One of those moods that made everyone stay at least two feet back. Even Nozomu (who constantly poked fun at the tengu) knew better than to annoy him, and Akira kept his paws to himself.
Only Mahiru would approach him in when he was in one of those moods, which only proved to worsen his mood.
Mitsuru was in one of those moods.
And everyone was keeping their distance. Which was easy enough, since Mitsuru had holed himself up in his room for the day.
So when Mahiru decided he was starving to death around noon and brought up some food, she was greeted with a locked door. Which was not good. Her hands were full with the tray covered with food and if she tried and it was hard enough to try and balance it with one hand. She gave the door a hard knock and waited.
A few minutes later she realized she wasn't getting an answer.
Most would give up after that, but Mahiru suddenly felt determined. Why she suddenly felt the need to give Mitsuru some lunch is still under speculation by the tops scientists, but she did, and she was extremely annoyed that he refused to open his door.
She kicked the door.
Mahiru groaned and placed her foot up against the door and balanced the tray between her knee and shoulder and jiggled the doorknob for a minute until she felt the tray slide. She tried to save the tray by diving down to grab it, but stumbled and hit her head against the wall, falling on top of the fallen food.
“What are you doing?”
She lifted herself up. Mitsuru was standing in the hallway, his eyebrows raised in a mix of interest and irritation.
“Oh…” she sat up, crossing her knees beneath her and looking down at her stained shirt. “You're not in your room.”
He made a motion with his head that was a bit like rolling his eyes. “I hadn't noticed.”
“Where were you?”
He shrugged and moved past her.
“Are you hungry?”
He glanced at her, grimacing at the food she'd spilled across the floor. “Maybe you should change first.”
She looked up at him, a small smile forming. “You said `first.'”
“What does that mean?”
“`First: the ordinal number marching the number one in a series; the beginning; the winning position in a contest.'”
She giggled. “You memorize the dictionary?”
He ignored the comment.
“So if I change will you eat with me?”
He gave her a sideways glance. “You smell. Did you just dive into the food?”
Her smile instantly slanted down and she jumped up, leaning dangerously close into him. “That was mean.”
A small smile crossed Mitsuru's face. “You look like it. You have food on your face.”
Before she could react, he moved forward, pecking the corner of her mouth and turned back around, opening the door to his room, leaving her in shock.
He was one of those moods.
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