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A series I've decided to start. They'll be seven in all, for various different shows/animes/what-not for various different pairings, or not. I just need to write something, even if it is a drabble piece.
Category: Crescent Moon (Pre-sixth manga, or during, or sometime before the kiss)
He was really too proud to say it.
Because he'd just spent the longest time convincing everyone he hated her, hated the way her skirt rustled with each movement, the way her blond hair bobbed as she laughed, hated the way her eyes brightened when he made the mistake of being nice to her, her little quirks, the loud entrance she would make followed by the quiet, shy hello, her lips when they pursed together in a frown, hated when her shoulders slumped after he yelled at her, hated it when she was anything but her bright, cheery self…
And it wasn't just her he hated, he reminded himself.
He hated that she attracted everyone towards her, hated that she was needed, hated that all he could think about was hating her, hating her and sometimes killing her, sometimes kissing her, hated that she haunted his every thought, hated that every moment in her presence was one of agonizing indecision: kill her or kiss her?
Not that he'd ever admit it. He was far too proud for that.
Authoress Notes:
I haven't written anything for Crescent Moon in a while. I'm working on updates.
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