Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Til Death Do Us Part ❯ One-Shot

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Replacement update for Phases since I don't have inspiration for next chapter.
Recently reread the second manga, so I decided to do a bit off it. Implied Mitsuru/Mahiru, nothing big.
`Til Death Do Us Part
His eyes snapped open, and he was filled with her visage. Bright blue eyes brimming with tears as she clutched something in his hand. Every feature was so distinct for a moment: blond hair splayed around her wildly, tears streaming down her cheeks, lips parted as her cry died out, and her sudden weariness as if she'd just run a great length.
“Mitsuru!” a voice beside him shouted. He could feel the werewolf with his head rested on the sheets, tears pooling and dissolving into the bed sheets. But he couldn't take his eyes of the princess. She stood straight, her eyes still heavy with sadness, and swayed a bit as she stepped back. Akira was saying something, but he wasn't listening. Something about weaknesses. He didn't have weaknesses. He wasn't allowed to be weak.
But he looked at Mahiru and thought…
...Maybe he did have a weakness…
They left the room, just he and the fox-demon.
“It brought you a step closer to us.”
Mahiru's face filled his mind. She'd been crying for him. She'd been crying for him. She'd been crying for him.
He felt the teardrop slip from his hand and sighed quietly. He turned over, and a small smile worked across his face.
`Great… Now I owe that damn girl… Just great…'
Author(ess) Notes:
`Til death do us part and then some.
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