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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter seven: Waiting for the exam

In the days leading up to the first exam, Katara changed her tactics of dissuasion to speaking to her teammates one on one. “Why do you even want to fight him?” She asked her brother.


“That Shadow boy. Shikamaru was it?” She said.

“Oh him.” Sokka pouted. “Well, you can see for yourself, he's a total jerk.”

“Actually I didn't get that vibe at all.” Katara said honestly. “You where the one being a jerk to him.”

Sokka threw his hands up in exasperation. “He outright disrespects us, and thinks we're below him.”

Katara raised an eyebrow. “He never said that Sokka. You were the one who said all that stuff.”

“Yea, well he didn't deny it.” Sokka pointed out. “He was just sitting there, sighing like a freakin damsel in distress. He looks like such an idiot with that stupid ponytail sticking straight out of his head.”

Katara smiled cheekily, “They're all ponytails to me. His looks idiotic and yours is fun and perky.”

“It's not a ponytail!” Sokka exclaimed. “It's a warrior's wolf tail. His looks like a skunkmonkey tail. Raised up on top of his head like that I wouldn't be surprised if he had a butthole back there. I wouldn't stand behind him if I were you, Katara.”

She stared at him blankly. “Seriously? You're reverting to potty joke insults?”

“I'm not joking! For all I know these ninja could have buttholes in the backs of their heads! It could be some sort of Jutsu.” Sokka said gesticulating wildly.

“And that's why you're so determined to fight him in the chunin exam?” Katara asked. “Because you think he's a deformed skunk monkey?”

“No! I want to whoop his ass for thinking that he's better than me.”

Katara sighed. “Does he actually think that, or do you? I think you need to get over your insecurities and stop comparing yourself to others, Sokka.”

“Hey, who are you calling insecure?” Sokka shouted.

“You!!!” Katara yelled and stomped off.

That left Sokka alone in the middle of the oldest of the ninja villages. He thought maybe there might be some interesting landmarks he should visit but then he remembered that as a `hidden' village, konoha wasn't exactly a tourist attraction. Sokka wandered to the shop district and tried on some ninja clothes. The mesh undergarments that shinobi wore was actually really comfortable and Sokka thought he looked pretty hot in them too. He was really starting to have fun, mixing and matching outfits before he was chased out of the shop when the owner realized that he had no money. Sighing, Sokka looked at Momo and shrugged. They made their way to a park where they saw a funny looking boy in a green jumpsuit kicking a tree.

“Nine hundred eighty five!” Yelled the boy who had enormous eyebrows. “If I cannot do one thousand kicks then I will do two thousand push ups!”

Sokka stood staring at the kid as he continued to kick the tree. “Nine hundred eighty eight! Nine hundred eighty nine!” This was some dedication. Sokka started off in another direction. He jumped when he heard a loud shout coming from the direction he had come from.

“One thousand!” The boy had apparently achieved his goal. Bushy brows turned his attention to Sokka. “Hello there, I don't believe we have met. My name is Rock Lee!” He said enthusiastically as he held gave thumbs up and flashed a bright smile.

“I'm Sokka,” Sokka replied, returning the gesture. `Dang, I forgot to use my fake name.' Sokka thought. “What are you doing out here?” He asked.

“I am training for the up coming chunin exams!” Lee replied.

“Shouldn't you be doing…Chakra stuff then?” Sokka asked.

Lee's face fell for less than a second but then brightened as he replied, “I may not be able to use ninjutsu or genjutsu, but I will show the world that I too can become a splendid shinobi by only using taijutsu!”

Something clicked inside Sokka's head. “Oh, you must be that Bushy brows guy that Naruto Uzumaki was talking about.” He realized. “I know how you feel man. I'm also the only one on my team who can't be- um, use chakra.”

“You are?!” The boy squealed as his eyes grew wide. “I thought that I was the only one! This is wonderful! We need to train together!”

Ten minutes later, Sokka stood in the clearing wearing his very own green jumpsuit.

“Is this really necessary?” he asked, slumped over in defeat.

“Absolutely!” Cried Lee. “These are special bodysuits guaranteed by Gai sensei to fit perfectly. They are breathable and durable are the peak of comfort. Once you wear it you will never want to take it off!”

“It is comfortable,” Sokka admitted, “I just can't help but feel that I look a little ridiculous.”

“I think you both look great!” Toph said as she stepped into the clearing.

“Thank you!” Lee said. “I appreciate that!”

“Yeah, well you souldn't,” Sokka said, “Toph's blind.”

Lee rose his fist triumphantly “No matter if the compliment is true, it is the thought that counts. Thank you for cheering! Toph, you arrived at the perfect time. Since I only have one pair of leg weights, Sokka will have to carry you while we go on our run if that is all right with you.”

“I'm fine with that.” Toph smiled.

“I'm not.” Sokka protested. “Can't I just run without added weight?”

“Come on Sokka, we have the power of youth on our side!” Lee chided, “I will carry Toph and you can wear my leg weights!” Pulling off his orange leggings, Lee unstrapped the weights from his legs and slapped them on Sokka. Turning around, Lee picked up Toph and zoomed off. “You're so light!” Lee exclaimed.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Toph screamed as she clung to Lee's shoulders for dear life. “I don't even know your name you maniac!”

“Oh right,” Lee apologized, “I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rock Lee, the handsome devil of the leaf!”

Toph could barely hear him over the roar of the wind. “Your name is Rocky, the hand man pebble in a tree?” She asked.

Lee skidded to a halt and said, “I think we should go check in with your friend Sokka, It seems he may be having trouble.” Before Toph could think to tell him to put her the hell down, he sprinted off back in the direction they had come. There they found Sokka, in the exact same spot that they had left him, unable to move with Lee's weights strapped to his legs.