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Chapter eight: The chunin exams begin

The day of the chunin exam arrived. Genin from the all over (as well as some genin imposters) handed in their identification slips. The waiting room was packed with tough looking ninja and Katara was reminded of why she thought that entering in this exam would be a bad idea. Over by the wall, Kabuto was showing Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura his information cards on the sand siblings. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Avatar and his group waiting across the room. `Good,' he thought, `they will make strong opponents for Sasuke.'

In a puff of smoke, Ibiki Moreno and his group of assistant examiners appeared in the room. The first test would be a written exam. Katara sighed in relief. There was no way that any of them would pass this test without having had any ninja education. They would be eliminated and not have to get involved with fighting.

Zuko cursed. “You better have a plan for this.” He muttered to Temari.

“Cool it, prince hothead,” she replied; “Kankuro will get a cheat sheet with his puppet the crow.”

Toph sat down at her seat. This would make for one boring hour. It was a shame that they wouldn't be able to get to the fun part just because she was illiterate. She sighed and settled in to take a nap.

Finally there came time for the tenth and final question. Ibiki warned the genin first however, that if one failed this question they would remain a genin for life, but if they dropped out, so too would their whole team. Sokka silently wondered if he would be made to stay a genin for life even though he was never a genin to begin with. When the last of the bailers left the room, a slow smile cracked across the interrogator's scarred face. “Congratulation,” he said. “You all pass!”

“What?” a cry rose up from the crowd. It was a trick question, and Sokka, Toph, Katara and Aang had all unintentionally answered correctly.

They were then all brought to the next stage of the chunin exams. There, Anko greeted the crowd. “Welcome to the forty fourth training grounds, also known as the forest of death.” She debriefed those taking the exam on what it would entail and handed out the wavers.

Katara took one hesitantly and called her friends around her. “Are we still going to go through with this?” She asked. “This place gives me the freaks more than that forest that told Aang to look for Toph.”

“Gee thanks.” Toph muttered.

Katara rolled her eyes. “Not creepy because it told Aang to, oh never mind. The point is that people regularly die in here so why are we willingly going in?”

Aang shrugged. “Same reason that all of them are I guess.”

“To become chinin?!” Katara looked like she wanted to pull out her hair loopies.

“No, to become strong. We're going to have to face fire lord Ozai at some point and having Aang master all the elements may not be enough.” Sokka reasoned. “The hokage was right when he said that Aang can't do this alone.

Over by a bush, Sasuke was reading his waiver and analyzing the other teams. Someone came up behind him.

“Go get Naruto and Sakura.” The man said.

“Kakashi,” Sasuke sounded surprised, “what are you doing here? None of the other teams have their teachers sending them off.”

Kakashi sighed. “Go get Naruto and Sakura and I'll explain.” Thirty seconds later, team 7 was assembled.

“What's this about Kakashi sensei?” Sakura asked.

“You're not going to like this, so don't talk until I'm done.” Kakashi answered. “As you know, the Avatar and his friends will be partaking in the chunin exams. It is imperative however, that Aang remain safe. You have been assigned a mission to guard the Avatar during this part of the exam.”

“What!?” Cried Naruto.

“I said don't talk until I'm done!” Kakashi snapped. “I did my best to get this mission transferred to another team. Since this mission is top secret, the extra burden will not be taken into account when you are judged. I'm sorry to make this test harder for you, but there was nothing I could do.”

“Why are we allowing them to participate in the first place?” Sasuke asked.

Kakashi sighed. “Long answer short, because he's the Avatar.” A bit of silence hung between the group but it was short lived. Naruto inevitably broke it.

“I don't care if we have to guard a million Avatars, I'm gonna become chunin no matter what. Believe it!”

Kakashi got up from his crouching position, giving his team one last word of warning before heading over to the gaang. “I don't know what the avatar is up to, taking this exam, but I don't trust it.” He said. “I want you to be wary of them, got it? This is no ordinary escort mission. Find out what they're after.”

Team Avatar saw the masked figure approach them.

“Gahhh! It's Zuko!” Sokka screamed. “Run for your lives!”

“Since when has Zuko had grey hair?” Aang asked.

“Or been that tall?” Katara added. “Or worn a face mask?”

“Or taken 31 inch strides?” Toph asked. “He usually puts his feet nineteen inches ahead of the other.” They all stared at Toph. “What?” She asked.

The masked ninja came up to the group. “Hello Taro, Takara, Sakumo, Toshi.” He greeted them in turn. “Here are your official fake IDs for taking the exam. You have already received your new names from the hokage but these contain the rest of your identities.” He handed out a slip of paper to each of them. “I suggest you memorize them and then eat them.”

“Good one.” Laughed Sokka. “The mask totally takes you off guard for any humor, mister…”

“Hatake. Kakashi Hatake. But Kakashi is just fine. And I'm not joking. You will be entering the arena at gate 16. As soon as you do, head right. Team seven will be waiting for you at gate fifteen. They have been assigned to be your guards during this test. Their goal is to keep you alive. No more. If you wish to pass this exam, you will have to make that happen on your own.” Kakashi stood up to leave. “Well, It looks like they are handing out scrolls now. You four better memorize your new identities and sign those waivers.”

Sokka stood as well. “Wait a second. Do you eat a whole sheet of paper whenever you are given secret information? Wouldn't that make you constipated?”

Kakashi turned to look at him. “No, Sokka. When ninja relay information, it is never written down. We gave you the paper since we thought it might be easier for you benders to memorize seeing as you have already forgotten to use fake names multiple times in the past few days.” Kakashi then stalked off.

“I get the feeling that guy's not really into benders.” Sokka observed.