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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter Twelve: Aang v.s. Zaku!

“Are you sure you can fight without your arms? I don't want to hurt you.” Aang asked, concerned.

Zaku smirked. “Well lookey here. It seems this one can move a bit. I guess one arm will be enough for you.” He ran at Aang, throwing a punch at his head. Aang easily jumped over it. Zaku continued to throw blows but Aang just kept on evading every one. “Stop running away!” Zaku howled. Punch after punch, he would miss Aang by mere inches. At the last moment of one such attack, Zaku opened his hand and Aang flew backwards. Zaku smiled triumphantly. “You weren't expecting that, were you?” Indeed, Aang was shocked. How could this ninja use wind power? Trembling, he got up.

“A-are you an airbender?” He asked, his heart racing.

Zaku scoffed, “There are no more air benders. My body has been modified to have wind tunnels in my arms. I use my chakra to control the air pressure in the tubes. This is the way of the future.” He opened his hand again but this time, Aang was ready. As the blast of air came at him, he redirected it under him into an air scooter and charged at the sound ninja. Zaku was taken off guard. Aang sent him head over heels with an attack of his own. The sound ninja got to his feet. How was this leaf genin doing that? Zaku didn't see any holes in his palms or any other signs of body modification, and the boy didn't so much as make a hand sign. It didn't matter. He needed to end this. He ran at Aang again, preparing another punch. As expected, Aang dodged and Zaku flung out his other arm and grabbed the boy's leg. He slammed Aang on the ground and stood over him with his palms outstretched. Aang could see the malice in his eyes. It was as if he believed that destroying Aang would make his dreams come true. Zaku blasted Aang with both his arms. Lying on his back, Aang used his legs to redirect the attack and tie it into a whirlwind. He kipped up to his feet and jumped over Zaku as he fired another blast of wind at him.

“I can send anything you give me back at you.” Aang told him. “Please just forfeit this fight so that I won't have to hurt you.”

Zaku scowled. “Don't take me for a fool, coward! I know you're bluffing. Start fighting back if you dare.”

Aang hated to hurt anyone; it was against his upbringing at the monastery. But he couldn't think of any other way to end this match. Was this the experience meant to allow you to truly understand your enemy? All Aang knew was that this boy seemed afraid. Not of him, but of life. It was like he held fear within his very core. Aang felt a wave of compassion rise in his chest. He questioned his opponent. “Why did you get those holes in your arms? Didn't it hurt?”

“Of course it did.” Zaku panted. “Worst thing I ever felt. But that's the sacrifice I'm willing to pay to make me powerful!” Zaku Swung at Aang. “You can't run away from my wind!” Aang easily redirected the air to the side and around him and back at Zaku, propelling him into the back wall at such force that a crater was formed. Aang had beaten Zaku but he felt defeated himself. He watched sadly as the medical ninjas carried the sound ninja off in a stretcher. Aang walked up the stairs to the viewing balcony.

“I take it you won twinkle toes?” Toph yawned. “You could've kept it going longer, I was enjoying the breeze.”

“Sorry Toph,” Aang answered absent-mindedly, “I couldn't watch him continue to hurt himself.”