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Chapter Thirteen: Neji vs Zuko!

The panel flashed names until it came to Neji and Li. Rock Lee looked at his teammate. “I see it is finally time for our show down.” He clenched his fist in anticipation. “I have waited long for this moment.”

“And you will have to wait a bit longer, as it seems.” Said Gai. “If they meant you then they would have put down your full name. That sand ninja with the mask like Kakashi is named Li.” Oh how he hated those facemasks. They always made the ladies assume you were handsome. That Kakashi, always reading his books, he was a smart one. There was a reason why he was Gai's number one rival.

“I could have waited longer, but getting this false hope is killing me.” Rock Lee whined. “You better win Neji! I hope to battle you in the finals.” He called down to his teammate.

Neji smiled back with his pale white eyes. “That's assuming you make it to the finals!” He called back.

Toph sneered. “He'll make it all right. Rocky's a tough one. Right Sokka?... Sokka?”

Sokka was busy staring at `Li'. He wondered how he had come up with such a plain name. Sokka shook his head. He felt sorry for whoever was Zuko's opponent.

Neji looked his opponent up and down. He wore standard sand ninja garb and his forehead protector covered his left eye.

“Could it be you hide some stolen visual prowess under your mask?” He queried. “No matter. No stolen eye would be a match for byakugan.”

Putting his hands together, Neji activated his eyes. He was stunned at what he saw. This Lee looked as if he were dead. Neji could see no chakra at all running through his body. Could this be a genjuitsu? As soon as the proctor started the battle, Zuko leaped at Neji, throwing a hard kick at his head. Neji rased his armes to block the kick. His leg was solid enough. It was time to play some psychological games. “Give up.” Neji prompted. “These eyes of mine can see what you truly are. A failure. Give in to your destiny and accept your fate.” Zuko narrowed his eyes and threw himself into battle. He swung and dodged and swung again. They were evenly matched when it came to hand to hand combat. Neji took his adversary's sudden increase in fervor to mean that he had hit the nail on the head. This was good, finding an emotional weakness. Neji was at a significant disadvantage by not being able to see this boy's chakra network. “You cannot escape your destiny, Li.” He goaded. “I should know being a member of the branch family of the hyuga clan. My father died to protect the head family. If he couldn't escape his fate, why should you?”

“Enough!” Zuko yelled. “I am destined to regain my honor.”

“Only failures lose their honor, and failures are destined to fail!” Neji answered.

“Shut up!” Zuko screamed. His father's voice rang in his head. Your sister was born lucky. You were lucky to be born. “I will never stop until I regain my honor!” he shouted.

Neji fought endlessly and accurately, sure that each time he hit; he blocked a key chakra point even though he could not see it. Still, his challenger did not fall. By this time, his organs should have been failing. “Do you expect to make your parents proud with measly talent like that?” Neji provoked. Zuko had had enough. He swung his leg around releasing a fireball that sent Neji flying. He hit a wall and slumped down, his shirt smoldering. “No wonder you have no chakra.” He groaned. “You're a fire bender.” Neji looked up to see Zuko's fist in his face.

“And don't you forget it.” Zuko growled.

Hinata rushed to her cousin's side. “Neji!” She gasped. “Are you alright?”

“I'm fine.” Neji growled. Would you please fetch Guy sensei for me lady Hinata?” Once the green clad workout maniac had come to his student's side, Neji beconed for him to lean in closer. “Li is a fire bender he whispered.”

Guy grinned and gave and exuberant thumbs up sign. “You finally noticed! Lee's fiery youthful passion has burned his entire life. You could do well to learn from him Neji.”

“No, you idiot!” Neji barked. “Not Lee, Li! My opponent had no chakra I tell you! None of my attacks worked.”

Guy shook his head sadly. “I know it must be tough for you Neji, but even a genius like yourself will come upon an opponent that they must work to defeat. You must have over used your byakugan in the forest of death. You strained your eyes and that's why you saw no chakra.”

Gritting his teeth in frustration, Neji pleaded with the last of his energy, “You could see for yourself that his last attack was bending!”

“Actually it looked just like the uchiha's fireball jutsu to me. Who knows how the sand got ahold of that technique.” Guy said scratching his head.

The medical ninjas loaded Neji onto a streacher and took him away.

The next fight was between two ninja that the gaang didn't know.

The match ended and the next was shown to be between Ino and Sakura. Sokka stood at the rail next to Toph and whispered to her what was going on. He narrated for her next matches between Naruto and Kiba, Temari and Tenten, and the match between Kankuro and Kabuto's other teammate. Then, Sokka was called to fight. He was set to battle Suki Kyoshi of The Leaf. Aang then stood in for him being Toph's eyes.