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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter Fourteen: Sokka vs Suki!

Suki Kyoshi had auburn hair and wore a black cowl neck dress with a golden circle on the front outlined in green. Characteristic of the Kyoshi clan, Suki had red markings on her eyelids that ended in points down the sides of her nose. She pulled two golden fans out of her knife holsters on her legs and flipped them open. “I remember you.” She said. “We were sent to stop you jerks in the land of waves for harassing the wildlife.”

Aang winced. He did have a love of wrangling wild animals, but it's not like he was hurting the elephant koi, only riding them. Who knew the giant sea monster unagi would get so mad about it.

Suki thought back to that particular mission. “I can't believe a weakling like you could actually become a genin,” she said.

Casually stretching as he walked down the stairs, Sokka admitted, “You only got me last time because it was a sneak attack. Besides, I've gotten a lot stronger since then. What, are you going to do now, blow me away like that Temari girl did? Your fans seem a mite too small for that. Unless of course, you plan to blow me away with your good looks.” Sokka winked.

Suki rolled her eyes. “Don't worry, size doesn't matter. You should know.”

“What's that supposed to mean?” Sokka squawked. “You know, for a girl, you have a really rude attitude.”

Suki smiled. “Come at me. Or are you not man enough?”

Sokka crossed his arms. “It's really not proper for a man to beat a girl, but you asked for it.” He reached for his boomerang.

“How about a little blind girl, Sokka?” Toph called out. “You're gonna get it from me after this battle if you don't stop being so sexist!”

Suki raised an eyebrow. “Sokka? I thought your name was Sakumo.”

Oops, their cover was blown. Oh well. “They call me Sokka, it's pronounced with an `okka', I'm gonna rock ya!” Sokka rhymed as he threw his boomerang. Suki knocked it away with one of her closed fans and charged at him. She swung a fan at his head and he blocked with his water tribe club. Never stopping for a moment, Suki bounced away and swung her other open fan at Sokka's face. He leaned back to avoid it but not fast enough. The edge of her fan sliced into his cheek. “Ow!” Suki rolled her eyes. She clacked one of her fans shut and threw it at him, hitting him squarely in the chest. Before he could recompose himself, she was before him and punched him in the gut. Sokka crumpled.

Suki grabbed her fan and stalked off. Her teammates congratulated her. “Wow, Suki, good job! You didn't even have to use your jutsu!”

Grumbling to himself, Sokka also returned to upper deck, waiving away the medical ninja that came to inspect him.

“That was embarrassing.” Shikamaru commented. “Getting beaten by a girl. Sokka. Especially a Kyoshi. They're so troublesome.”

“Ah shut up.” Sokka muttered.

The panel flashed names until it landed on Shikamaru versus Kin. “I guess I'm next.” He sighed. “And it's another girl. What a bore.” Sokka glared at Shikamaru's back as he made his way down to the lower level. He sulked as he watched he other boy fight. The gaang heard a sigh from behind them. It was Kakashi. `When did he get back here?' Aang wondered.

“You people really don't know how to keep your names straight, do you?” Kakashi asked. “You're putting the whole village at risk by not staying undercover, you know. The hokage has decided to let you keep your real names since it's too suspicious to have you forgetting your fake ones all the time.” He said.

“Hey it's not our fault the hokage gave us weird names.” Sokka complained. “What kind of a name is Sakumo anyway?”

“Sakumo was my father's name.” Kakashi stated.

Sokka gulped. “Oh, and it's a great name! I love it!”

“Well you won't be going by it anymore.” Kakashi said coldly. “A name like Sakumo doesn't suit you.” Kakashi turned to go.

Aang stared at the jonin's back as he walked away. Would he really betray them? He did not even try to hide his distain for them. `Why does he hate us?' Aang wondered. `And is he really working with Zuko?'

The team watched as Hinata fought one of Suki's teammates and tied, leaving them both out of the running. Next up was Shino, fighting Suki's other teammate and winning. Toph could tell that Rock Lee was getting impatient. He was fidgeting and his heart rate had changed. As the names on the board flashed, Lee sulked. “I may as well go last, for all I care!” He announced. Toph could tell he was lying. The panel stopped and showed the names Gaara of the sand, and Rock Lee. Lee jumped up in glee. “It worked!” He cried. “By saying that I did not want to go, I was able to make it my turn!”

Credits: Sokka's little rap is a quote from the haiku episode. I also think Lee said something about pretending not to want to go in one episode.

A/N: If anyone wants to write the story of Sokka and Suki's first meeting in this universe, go right ahead and send me a link if you do! I was going to put a flashback scene in, but I didn't feel like it.