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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter Fifteen: Gaara vs Lee (Toph POV)

This chapter is pretty much exactly like episodes 48-50 of Naruto except that I focused on what it would be like to only know what was going on by sensing the location of the sand. There is a line break at the end of the fight if you want to skip it. The rest of the chapter is based on my own plot except for the quote from Kakashi.

“Lee,” Gai cautioned. “I have a strange feeling about that boy. We have no idea what is in the gourd on his back.”

“I do.” Toph offered. “It's sand. I can't see, but I can sense the movement of earth in space.”

Lee grinned. “Thank you, Toph. I think that information might be helpful.” With that, Rock Lee launched off the balcony and into battle. As the fight began, Lee ran at Gaara throwing his signature leaf hurricane kick. Immediately, sand burst out of the giant gourd and blocked his attack. Again and again, the sand stopped Lee's every move. Toph gripped the balcony railing hard. Sensing the sand, she could somewhat understand what was going on, but since she was not on their level, she could not feel the vibrations the ninja made as they moved. It was so frustrating. Aang and Sokka did their best to narrate the battle for her but they kept tripping each other up. Toph heard the others cry out as she sensed the sand swoop down. Had Lee been caught? No, Gai's heartbeat was too calm. He had faith in his student.

“Alright Lee.” Gai announced. “Take `em off.”

Lee coughed. “Uh, but Guy sensei, you said that was only as a last resort when the lives of very important people were at stake.”

“That's right, I did.” Guy confirmed. “But this is an exception.”

Toph could hear the excitement in Lee's voice as he prepared to take off his leg weights. Even on the second level she could feel the ground shake as Lee's weights fell to the ground. Lee became so fast that what at first had been difficult to describe to Toph, now became impossible. All Aang and Sokka could do to keep up was throw in a few half-baked remarks every few seconds along with exclamations.

“Yes Lee!” Guy bellowed, “Let the power of youth explode!”

Toph could sense something odd. Slowly at first, but then quicker, the sand formed into a thin shell in the shape of a human. She felt the shape get thrown as the other genin admired Lee's speed and agility. The sand man got up and part of his face began to crumble. If the other genin saw that Lee had hit the boy, then he must be using the sand as some sort of armor. Toph could feel the heart rates of Gaara's teammates and leader speed up. They were nervous. Aang whispered to Toph that Lee was unwrapping the bandages around his arms. He told her that Lee then began running in a circle around Gaara and she felt the sand being whipped along by the wind. Suddenly, she sensed the sand armor forced into the air by a series of blows. Something was wrong. Rising in mid air, Toph sensed the armor dissolve for a split second and then reform into the shape of a person. Then, the sand figure was thrown to the ground with Lee's move the primary lotus. Toph's heart fell. This was just a sand clone. She heard Lee panting as a wave of sand reached toward him. Toph closed her eyes as if that could drown out the sound of Lee's cries of pain as she sensed the sand crashing down again and again.

“I feel bad for the kid.” Kankuro admitted. “Gaara's just going to toy with him until he begs for mercy.”

“Then he's in for a long fight.” Guy said. “Lee doesn't know how to give up. Besides, the lotus of the Leaf Village blooms twice.”

Toph continued to sense Gaara's attacks but did not hear any cries of pain from Lee. He seemed to finally be able to move again after using the primary lotus. Guy and Kakashi seemed to be having some sort of argument having to do with gates and hidden lotuses, but Toph wasn't listening. All her attention was spent trying to figure out what was going on. An immense power was surging from Lee as he opened the third gate, the gate of life then it grew as he opened the gate of pain. Now, Lee was even faster than before. Toph sensed the sand worn by Gaara go this way and that, so fast that the rest of the sand couldn't keep up. She could feel that his sand armor was crumbling. Again, Lee's power increased as he opened the gate of closing. Gaara was flung to the ground but a split second before impact; Toph felt his gourd dissolve into sand, cushioning his fall just enough to keep him alive. Toph sensed the sand reach out towards Lee.

“He can't get away!” Sokka cried. “Someone, stop the fight.”

Toph heard the horrible sound of Rock Lee screaming in pain as the sand crushed his left arm and leg. The sand reared up one more time to strike but was dispelled by Guy who came to his student's side. Such an act was out of Gaara's comprehension. He could not understand a human's love for another being. As the proctor announced Gaara the winner, the room gasped as Lee, still unconscious, stood up to fight. Blood was dripping down his crushed arm and leg. The medical ninja lay him down and took him away in a stretcher. Toph heard them say that he would never fight again. She realized that tears were running down her face.


Kakashi put a hand on Naruto's head. “Naruto, Lee was so fixated on his goal, that he sacrificed his body, his future to attain it. Now that goal is unattainable. But remember, Naruto, it wasn't just Sasuke and Neji he wanted to prove himself to. It was you as well. Rock Lee risked everything in hopes of meeting you in battle. Remember that. Be worthy of his sacrifice.” He told him.

“Toph.” Aang whispered gently. “I think you should drop out of this next match.”

Toph wiped at her eyes. “What?”

“You and Choji are the last ones left.” Aang explained. “I don't think you're fit to fight.”

“I'm fine!” Toph snapped.

“Even if you are,” Sokka put in, “I think this shows that Katara was right. We need to drop out of this exam.”

“I can't do that.” Aang replied. “I hate this, I really do, but what Kakashi said to Naruto, about Lee's dream to prove himself to his friends in battle, I still don't get it but I can't give up. As the Avatar, I need to understand these people. It is my duty.”

“And it's my duty to avenge what Gaara did to Lee.” Toph stated.

“What?” Aang and Sokka cried. “Did you see what that guy did? You can't possibly fight him.”

“I can.” Toph calmly countered. “And I will. I sensed every move he made with his sand. I know his skills and his weaknesses. And besides,” Toph cracked her knuckles, “I'm the blind bandit, three time champion of Earth Rumple VI.”

“Toph, this Gaara is nothing like the boulder. You have to forfeit this fight with Choji and drop out of the exam.” Sokka argued. “You too, Aang. We need to stop.” They weren't listening and Sokka had a sinking feeling that his sister was going to be a real pain when he admits that she was right. When the medical ninja had finished taking Lee away and cleaning up the blood, it was time for the last match of the preliminaries. Choji wanted to quit outright seeing as Toph had already beaten him in the woods when they had first met, but Asuma bribed him into fighting by saying that if he won, free barbeque would be in his future. The match was quick. Choji used expantion jutsu to make the human boulder, but Toph erected stonewalls all around him before he could collect enough momentum. She easily won.

“I guess I still need to bring my weight up.” Choji joked. “How about you take me to lunch anyway, eh, Asuma sensei?”

Asuma smiled through his cigarette. “All right. Barbeque lunch for everyone, my treat!”