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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Waiting for the final exam

The participants were given a month to train before the final exam. They had been told of their opponents in the first round and were expected to prepare new jutsu to counter the other's skills. The first match was to be Naruto versus Li/Zuko. Then, Kankuro was to fight Shino. Next, was Temari against Shikamaru, Then Toph against Gaara, Aang against Sasuke and finally, Suki against her teammate poki lala.

Sokka's story 16

The next few chapters will be short stories focusing on individual characters. The style of this is based on Tales of Ba Sing Se, episode 35 of Avatar, the last Airbender. I'm sorry if these feel like chapters, they kind of are. I hope you like them anyway!

Sokka's days were filled with boredom. He often found him wandering aimlessly. One would think that Sokka would have learned not to walk in on lessons after the event with the haiku, but one would be wrong. He was taking a stroll around the village when he heard some soft singing. Following the sound, he came to a set of modest houses with a sign that read `Kyoshi compounds'. Over in the shade of one of the buildings, Suki and some other kyoshi girls were practicing their moves. They immediately stopped singing once they saw Sokka approach.

“Sorry ladies, didn't mean to interrupt your dance lesson. I was just looking for somewhere to get a little workout.” Sokka explained. “But since I happen to be here instead, why don't you show me some choreography.”

Suki glanced at her cousins and smirked. “You want me to dance for you do you?” she asked. “Well Sokka, for you I'll even sing.”

Some of the younger girls gasped. “Are you sure big sister?” They asked. “You're going to sing and dance for him?”

Suki smiled reassuringly. “Don't worry. I'll take good care of him.”

Sokka blushed at her words. They seemed to come out of nowhere.

“Stand back,” Suki told the other girls. “I'm going to demonstrate the dance of the bladed fan and sing the tune of the wind.” Again, the other girls looked shocked at what she said. “I suggest you sit down.” Suki told Sokka.

He shook his head. “Naw, I'm fine.” He replied.

“If you insist.” Suki stood still with her fans opened at her side. Looking down in concentration, a low hum escaped her lips as slowly she raised her arms. The notes began to tumble about and her fans followed the tones, resembling golden leaves in the wind. It was beautiful. Sokka's eyes followed the gleaming metal fans as the song lulled him into a stupor. They moved so slowly, and yet seemed to leave a sight trail behind them. The fans flowed like water, no like air, they tumbled like an avalanche and rose like flames. His vision was now completely filled with swirling gold. Out of the mist, thousands of knives projectiled towards Sokka and he found that he was paralyzed.

Sokka awoke to find himself in a soft pink bed with green vines embroidering the edges. He bolted upright and felt himself, surprised that he was in one piece. Angry voices sounded in the next room.

“But Mom!” Suki protested. “He literally asked for it.”

“You know as well as I that he had no idea what he was asking for.” The matriarch of the kyoshi clan chided. “To think that my own daughter would stoop so low as to fight a boy. Have you no honor at all?”

“Mom, he provoked me,” Suki complained.

“And so you react like a little boy? Be a woman Suki!” Lady Kyoshi stopped, now aware that Sokka was awake. “Come with me.” She ordered. Together the mother and daughter walked into the bedroom.

Suki gaped. “You put him in in my bed mom?”

The older woman glared. “Of course sweetie, that is the ladylike thing to do. Now, apologise.” She ordered.

Suki pouted.

Sokka cleared his throat. “Uh, what happened?” Sokka asked. He immediately shrunk under the weight of the stare of lady kyoshi.

“My Apologies, Mr. Sokka,” She bowed. “My foolish daughter used an ancient genjutsu technique on you that rendered you unconscious. Please accept her offer to take you on a date as recompense.”

Suki and Sokka sweat dropped.