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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

An: This chapter is based off of episode 81 and 82 of naruto

“Dango please.” Itachi murmured to the waiter.

“You know, sugar isn't good for the immune system Itachi.” Iroh warned. “You should have some nice hot herbal tea. It might help that insufferable cough of yours.”

Itachi ignored him. “What will you have, Iroh?”

“Hmm.” The older man said thoughtfully. “I think a jasmine tea would be nice.” The waiter nodded politely and left.

“So, Itachi, when do we make our next move?” Iroh asked.

Itachi fixed him with a cool stare. “Here is not the time to speak of such things.”

“Of course.” There was an awkward pause. “Have you consulted a doctor recently? Your condition seems to be worsening.”

“Do not concern yourself with my health. There should be much more productive things occupying your mind.” Itachi replied.

Iroh began to twiddle his thumbs. “It's a nice day out.” He commented.


He was bored, and his partner wasn't much of a conversationalist. It was obvious Itachi wanted silence as he had closed his eyes and rested his head against the back of the booth. Iroh considered taking a pair of chopsticks and sticking them in his beard, and wondered what the stoic boy would do when he opened his eyes. Iroh chuckled at the thought. He had done such a thing once to embarrass Zuko, but he wasn't sure Itachi wouldn't react in a more violent way his nephew had.

The tea and dango arrived and Iroh brought his cup to his lips. He sighed. The sweet aroma of the delicate flowers hung in the steam the tea emitted and brought subtle sweetness to the bitter taste of the tea. With such a cup of tea, Iroh could finnaly relax. Mmm. Tea… He needn't make small talk with his uncommunicative partner, no more did Iroh's brow crease from the stress of protecting Zuko, and the frown lines at Iroh's eyes that marked his ire at his unconsensual servitude to the Akatsuki melted off his face. It was just tea. All tea.

Itachi put down his dango. Iroh tensed. It seemed his tea reverie would have to be short lived. A man with white hair leaned casually outside of the teahouse. The famous copy nin pulled out his favorite book but it he made it clear that the Akatsuki's presence was known. Iroh continued to sip the rest of his tea, and listened to Kakashi's overly relaxed banter with two other ninja. He recognized Asuma, the son of the third hokage. He had once ben a part of the guardian twelve; the most trusted guards of his late father, fire lord Azulon. The other one seemed to be a woman, and Iroh couldn't remember having ever met her or heard of her.

“I'm just waiting on Sasuke.” Kakashi said off handedly. Itachi remained inscrutable as ever, but Iroh noticed that one of his fingers twitched. It was the one wearing the Akatsuki ring. That was enough of a signal. They headed towards the canal and waited for their confronters. It wasn't long before the two jonin showed up.

“You guys aren't from around here are you? What are you doing in this village?” Asuma asked.

Itachi ignored his question. “It's been a long time, Asuma, Kurenai.”

Asuma frowned. “The fact that you know our names means that you must be a shinobi formerly of this village.” Itachi lifted the rim of his hat that obscured his face. The jonin swallowed. Itachi.

“I'm warning you. You two don't want to interfere with me. It's not my desire to kill you.” Itachi said.

“You know that's pretty hilarious coming from a guy who murdered his own people. Now come on, out with it. I know you didn't come skulking in here dressed like that for no good reason. What are you after?” Asuma demanded.

Iroh knew of Itachi's past, but it was still hard to believe a boy so young, just two years older than Zuko, could have done so much evil. It was easy to believe the boy had skill, Iroh knew from training Azula what talent can come to young savants. But Iroh held firm in his assertion of youthful innocence. He could not hate a boy so young. Sure, eighteen was hardly a child, but it had been decades since Iroh himself was that age, and since then he had changed in so many ways.

Itachi ignored Asuma's question. “Well I guess we're not going anywhere without a fight. Take them out Iroh; just try not to overdo it. Your moves tend to stand out.”

Iroh nodded, relieved. He knew Itachi enough to understood what he was trying to tell him. Don't kill them.

Asuma moved his gaze to the other cloaked figure. “So that's Iroh huh? Azulon's first son born to a concubine of the land of lightning. Never thought you'd be the type to join the Akatsuki.”

Iroh frowned. He did not like his membership to the organization to become well known. “I'm not. I'm doing this against my will. I still consider you an ally for your survice to my father. I mean you no harm. Please stand down or I will have to paralyze you.”

Asuma snorted. “I work for the village now. I will protect my home. What do you want here?”

“Asuma Sarutobi… I'm sorry for the death of your father, we had nothing to do with-”

“Enough talking Iroh. Take care of them.” Itachi cut in.

Iroh nodded tiredly, then before the jonin could react, ran at them with incredible speed. He could easily have taken them out from afar, but it took precission to paralyze without killing. Asuma blocked his attacks, keeping the old man's crackling fingers from hitting any of his vital organs. He realized too late however, that that was not where Iroh was aiming. Asuma felt a jab of pain in his shoulder and found that he couldn't move that arm! Just then, Iroh froze, caught in a genjutsu cast by Kurenai.

Itachi sighed. It seemed he would have to get involved as well. With a quick look at Iroh, he released the man from the illusion. Then, with a powerful side kick, Itachi launched Kurenai onto the water and leaped after her. Just then he froze as Kakashi appeared behind the two of them.

“Not that I'm unhappy to see ya, but what are you doing here?” Asuma asked.

“Well you know, I told you to take care of those two earlier, but I guess I got a little worried.” Kakashi admitted. Then to the Akatsuki members he said, “Okay, talk. What's a rogue ninja like you doing in this village?”

“Kakashi Hatake.” Itachi said in greeting.

“You can imagine my surprise.” Kakashi continued. “I go to check out a couple of low life vagabonds in a teahouse and I find none other than Itachi Uchiha, and Iroh, thunder dragon of the west. What is your goal exactly?”

“We're looking for something and we know it's here.”

“And what would that be?” Kakashi probed. “This thing you've come for, is it Sasuke?”

“No. Come Iroh,” Itachi said. “We're pulling out. There's no need to fight a full-scale battle.”