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Amber's Story

A tale of Revenge

"Amber you freak! What are you doing now!" Shaula screamed.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Amber asked.

"It looks like your making a mess of the story!"

"At least I'm trying to write something."

"I told you Amber, I don't have time!"

"Shaula, I have a writers block and I'm just trying some ideas."

"Your ideas stink, anyone who reads this will think you have no clue about Ranma!"

"You're the expert, you tell me what you think should happen," Amber said, sticking out her tongue.

"Amber that is soooo immature. Besides I don't have any ideas either."

"Well then, leave me be."

"Give me that," Shaula said, grabbing the notebook with the story. "You are acting like a whacko! I'm confiscating this."

Shaula began to walk out of the school library with notebook in hand.

Oh well, Amber thought, I can still bug her by talking about Pokemon.

"And you better not bug me with Pokemon junk!" Shaula said popping her head back into the library.

Amber scowled, This means war.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Late at night Amber snuck out of the house and went into the woods in the backyard. She followed an old path, now over grown with weeds, to an ancient tree. Nailed to the tree were several wooden planks, perfect steps.

Amber began to climb up them. She reached a small platform and climbed onto it. After she brushed several dead branches off the platform, she then saw what she was looking for.

In the tree was a hole, which held a ton of leaves. Amongst the leaves was a metal box. The rain had rusted it a little but it was still intact. She pulled it out from the leaves and slowly climbed down. Amber silently crept back into her house.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Shaula, can I have my notebook back?" Amber asked in the school hallway the next day.

" No freak!"

"But Shaula…"

"What don't you understand about No?" Shaula asked.


"N, the O, the definition, and everything else," Aarthi interjected. "Amber that answer is getting old."

"Hey Aarthi! Help me get my notebook from Shaula!"

"No way! Honestly, how much time do you have to write in that?" Aarthi asked.

"Too much," muttered Shaula.

"You can never have enough time," Amber replied. "Shaula you can borrow some of my time."

"That's okay Amber," Shaula said.

"Think of any good ideas for the story?" Amber asked.


"Besides Amber, even if she did have time why would she write? I mean, she likes Ranma and all but she's not nearly as obsessed as you," Aarthi remarked.

"What can I say? Anime is cool!" Amber said happily.

"Only Ranma's cool," Shaula said.

"That's not all Amber, you also obsess over a certain…guy," Aarthi winked.

"AARTHI ZIP IT!" Amber shrieked loudly.

Several heads turned their way while Amber tried to look inconspicuous. She wasn't doing a very good job about it.

"That weirdo? You two were meant for each other," Shaula said.

"He is not weird! Anyway, think you can work on the story tonight?" Amber asked.


"Then give the notebook to me so I can work on it."


"Amber leave Shaula alone and go do whatever," Aarthi said.

"All right," Amber said slyly. "Don't plan anything tonight Shaula, you're in for a surprise!"

Amber walked down the hallway laughing as Aarthi and Shaula stared at her.

"I think she had too much sugar today, what do you think Shaula?"

"I think she's just plain weird," Shaula answered back.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

When Amber got home from her job, she quickly got her homework done.

Good thing it's Friday night, she giggled, Boy will Shaula be surprised!

"I'm going on the computer, Mom," Amber said.

"All right," her mom answered.

Amber grabbed the metal box that she had hidden under her bed from the night before. She quickly ran through the hallway and down the stairs to the computer. She sat down in the chair and placed the box on the table. She hurriedly turned the computer on.

While she waited she opened the box and outside lightning flashed through the sky.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Now Shaula, let's see if we can give you some new ideas for the story, Amber giggled.

She reached into the box and pulled out a floppy disk.

Who'd have thought I'd use this so soon? This program that I accidentally made using html codes is truly amazing. To think, with this program I can send anyone into a story or cartoon of my choice! Not only that, but the computer will tell me what is happening and if I see something I don't like…

"I can change it," Amber smiled wickedly. "The only question is where to send her. How `bout in a Pokemon cartoon? No, I'm not that mean. I know…"

Amber quickly pushed the disk in and opened the file labeled "Amber's Story".

(evil music plays)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shaula just got home from play practice. She was tired but she still decided to check out her e-mail. She sat down at her computer and logged on.

"You have one new message," the computer said.

"I wonder who that could be from," Shaula said sarcastically. "At least she didn't send half a billon this time."

Shaula opened the e-mail and read it.

I gave you a warning

You paid me no heed

Open the Attachment

We'll see where you'll be

That makes no sense! She sounds like Kuno, maybe the Attachment will tell me why.

She opened the attachment and was blinded by a bright light. Her chair tipped back and she was falling towards the ground…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Akane was sitting on the porch of her house when she glanced up in the sky.

Odd, she thought as she squinted, what's that?

A black dot was falling from the sky and headed towards the house.

"Ranma get your butt out here now!" Akane shouted.

Looks like a person, she sighed. What ever happened to the days where you could look in the sky and just see clouds or birds?

"What is it Akane?" Ranma yawned, " I was having a great dream."

"Baka (idiot), look!" she said as she pointed to the falling figure.

Ranma gazed up at the sky.

"It's someone falling. So?" he yawned.

Akane hit him on the head.

"Go catch `em dummy!" she yelled.

"Oh, right," Ranma mumbled.

He slunk over to where the person seemed to be falling. As the person got closer to the earth, Ranma noticed that the person looked like a girl.

Not another one, he thought, I know I'm gonna get hit by Akane if it is.

He opened his arms up and caught the person (it was a girl) before she smashed into the ground.

Wow, she's cute, he thought.

He gently laid her on the grass. The girl opened her eyes and looked around. When she saw Ranma she began to speak in a foreign language.

"I don't understand," Ranma said shaking his head.

The girl frowned and said,


Then she passed out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"I can't believe I forgot! Shaula can't speak fluent Japanese!" Amber said smacking her head. Quickly she typed something on the computer.

"There, when she wakes up she'll be able to speak Japanese like she was born there. While I'm at it I should increase her power, it's not like I want her dead."

Once more Amber furiously typed commands into the computer. Then she sat back and read the words appearing on the screen.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Ranma told Akane what the girl had said.

"At first she spoke another language, then she spoke my name," he puzzled.

Suddenly he felt a pain on his head.

Knew that was coming, he thought.

"What was that for!" he shouted.

"She's probably another one of your fiancées!" Akane yelled. "How many do you have?"

"I've never seen her before!" Ranma argued.

The girl began to stir. She opened her eyes and then her mouth dropped open.

"Ranma? Akane? Am I dreaming?"

"You know us?" Akane asked bewildered.

"Yes, you're very popular in Japan and America," the girl answered. "But your only cartoon characters."

"Oh come on, who'd make a cartoon about Ranma?" Akane said.

"Where are you from?" asked Ranma, struggling to not let Akane get to him.

"From America, why?" she asked.

"That explains why you were speaking funny," Akane said," but why are you speaking Japanese now?"

"I have no clue," the girl said angrily. " I remember sitting at my computer reading an e-mail from Amber and opening an attachment. Then a bright light flashed and I fell backwards…"

"And fell from the sky? This is interesting," Akane pondered.

"Who are you anyway?" Ranma asked.

"My name's Shaula, I'm a big fan of yours and I've been training in the martial arts for quite a while and I love trying to imitate your techniques."

"That so?" Akane said, " Good, now maybe I'll have a partner that will actually fight back."

"I'm good, but not as good as you guys," Shaula said nervously.

"Akane be nice to our guest," said Kasumi walking outside.

"Hi Kasumi!" Shaula called.

"Have we met?" Kasumi asked curiously.

"No, um…"

"We told her all about you Kasumi," Akane said nervously.

"Oh, well lunch is going to be served soon," Kasumi said as she went back inside.

"Lunch? When I was on the computer it was night time," Shaula freaked.

"You got teleported here from America, are able to speak fluent Japanese, and you're worried about the time?" Ranma remarked.

"Baka!" Shaula shouted and smacked Ranma upside the head with all her might.

He staggered from the hit and tried to regain his balance. He was unable too and fell with a loud Thump! as he hit the grass.

"Are all American chicks as strong as you?" Ranma questioned warily, rubbing the red spot on his check.

"I'm soooo sorry Ranma! I didn't mean to! I just…"

"Got angry and let loose. It happens," Akane shrugged. "Besides, you have a right to be angry, Ranma can be such an insensitive jerk."

"Macho uncute chick," Ranma mumbled as he stood up.

Unfortunately, he didn't mumble low enough and Akane sent him flying with a power punch.

"Come on," Akane sighed," he'll be back soon enough."

Shaula cautiously followed Akane keeping her eye open for one of Ranma's foes/fiancées to show up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Who am I to disappoint? Amber thought with mischief in her eyes. My only problem is to figure out which one to send…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Ranma made it back in time for lunch and Akane ignored him through the meal.

Shaula sighed.

How boring, she thought, Oh well, maybe I can figure out how to get home or how I got here.

Then it dawned on her.

"AMBER WHEN I SEE YOU I AM GONNA WRING YOUR NECK!" Shaula shouted banging her hand on the table.

Shaula had yet to realize her new strength and at the force of the hit the table broke.

"Freak!" she shouted," What the heck? I'm not this strong! Not that I mind, but still…"she added.

Shaula rushed out of the room with Akane and Ranma following. She went into Nabiki's room and rushed past Nabiki over to the computer. She turned it on and waited for it to get warmed up.

"What do you think you're doing?" Nabiki asked, enraged at the violation of her room.

"I'm going to get on-line and write Amber and tell her to fix whatever she did," Shaula said. " I'll pay you with the cash in my pocket when I'm done."

"Fine," grumbled Nabiki as she stormed off.

As Shaula got online and went to her account, Ranma and Akane watched speechless. Shaula quickly typed her password and username in. Then she sent Amber a short, to the point message:


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Amber opened her inbox and wrote back to Shaula:

You said you didn't have any ideas,

Well, this is a good way for you to get some.

This or Pokemon world. You're lucky I'm not that mean!

Hope you like the added strength and power.

Learn to control your temper!

Have fun, I know I am!


PS: The computer is typing everything you do and say so I can keep tabs on you.

PPS: You have a visitor coming to make things more…interesting.

Then Amber sent the message.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"I'd die if she sent me there," Shaula said.

"What'd she mean `You have a visitor'? We're the only one's who know you're here," Akane said.

"My beloved Akane, how fair art thee," Kuno said entering the room.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!" screamed Shaula, "Not that pervert!"

Kuno raised an eyebrow.

"Is this the one with Spirit of Fire?" Kuno asked.

"Who told you that?" Ranma asked.

"A tip from a person on the web, Bugbook or something," Kuno shrugged.

"Amber is Bookbug," Shaula growled. "I'm gonna get you for this Amber!"

"The one who wrote spoke true. Thou art as radiant as my fair Akane and the pigtailed goddess," Kuno said.

"Would you like the honor?" Ranma asked.

"Sure, what good is power if you can't use it?" replied Shaula, then she punched Kuno as hard as she could. The result was that Kuno would be silent for a few hours.

"You've got mail," the computer said.

Not again, thought Shaula.

She opened the letter and read it:

Good Job! Aren't we having fun?

Maybe a year there will give you some story ideas.

I hope so or else I won't have anyone to bug.

See ya!


"She always like that?" Ranma asked.

"Like this? No, she's worse," Shaula told him.

"That's scary," Akane remarked.

"That's nothing, you should see her on a sugar high," Shaula replied.

"We'll it looks like there's gonna be another macho chick hanging around," Ranma sighed.

Ranma met the full power of Akane's and Shaula's fists which sent him reeling in the air and through the roof.

"Baka," Akane grumbled.

"Want to train?" Shaula asked casually.

"Sure," Akane shrugged.

The two girls walked out of the room where Nabiki stopped them, she glared at Shaula. Shaula sighed and reached into her pocket,

There goes my money.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Boring," Amber declared. "Time for a fix-up. Now let's see, who should Shaula met next? The crazy black rose girl? No, how about Ryoga? No, she likes him. I know!"

Amber hunched over the keyboard and furiously typed in the name of the next visitor.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Ranma had gotten back from his…flight and was watching Shaula and Akane train. They had a pretty even match going; Akane had more moves and experience, but Shaula had speed and power.

But neither know how to focus their ki, he sighed and then winced. The blow they had given him was still sore and hurt a little, not that he'd ever tell them.

If they learned how to focus their ki they could become a great team. Well there's some food for thought, now I need some for my stomach.

Ranma left the dojo and headed for the house while the girls were still at it. Shaula attacked with a vicious kick while Akane countered with several punches. Shaula blocked most of them and tried to get through Akane's defense. Seeing no way to get through she faked a punch, then she crouched low and tripped Akane. Shaula backed off and was posed to continue the battle if Akane insisted.

"I must say, you are tougher than I thought," Akane said sourly.

"Lucky shot," Shaula said, secretly proud that she had bested Akane.

"At least I have someone who won't hold back," Akane said happily.

Shaula walked over and gave Akane a hand getting up.

"The only reason he holds back so much is `cause he loves you," Shaula grinned.

Akane turned red.

Hurray for tomatoes everywhere, thought Shaula. Maybe Akane should be our newest member…(click here for explanation)

"That no baka! You have to be kidding!" Akane said. "He loves Ukyo or maybe some other girl. It's possible he loves-,"

"Shampoo," Shaula interrupted.

"Yeah her too," Akane agreed.

"No," Shaula said turning Akane around, "Shampoo!"

At the door of the dojo was a very angry Shampoo.

"Where is one who loves Shampoo's arien(husband)?" Shampoo asked.

"What's with you?" Shaula asked.

"Someone send Shampoo e-mail. E-mail say girl who love Ranma and stories about him is here. Shampoo fight girl now."

"Was that person's address Bookbug85?" Shaula asked.

"Yes, you girl in letter? Shampoo fight you now!" Shampoo roared.

Shampoo did a jump kick at Shaula. Shaula ducked and grabbed Shampoo's leg while it was in the air. Shaula spun Shampoo around.

"Akane!" Shaula called.

"Ready!" Akane cried out.

Shaula released Shampoo and sent her flying towards Akane. Akane had grabbed her mallet and with a mighty "POW!" Shampoo went sailing through the roof.

"That's one more hole in the roof that needs to be patched," Akane sighed.

"All right! We kicked Shampoo's butt!" Shaula cried jumping around.

"She'll be back. We surprised her this time, next time we can expect more of a battle."

"Especially if Cologne finds out," Shaula said thoughtfully.

"What happened here?" Ranma asked walking into the dojo. "Who got pounded through the roof?"

Akane smiled and winked at Shaula.

"That was only Shampoo," Akane said walking out of the dojo.

"No, seriously, who got hit through the roof?" Ranma asked.

"Shampoo," Shaula said following Akane.

"You've got to be joking," Ranma said walking beside Shaula.

"No joke," Shaula said, smiling at his disbelief.

"You and Akane hit Shampoo through the roof," Ranma said raising an eyebrow.

"You got it."

"Impossible," Ranma argued, "Shampoo couldn't have been beaten by you and Akane."

"Why not?" Shaula asked angrily.

"Shampoo's a great fighter-"

"You're saying we're not!"

"No! It's just that you're not as good as her."

POW! Ranma once again wished he could figure out girls as he flew through the air.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shaula found Akane in her room lying on her bed. Akane was staring blankly at the ceiling.

"What are you thinking about Akane?" Shaula asked closing the door.

"About that…baka," Akane growled.

"Hang on," Shaula said, walking over to the window.

She opened it and looked on the side of the house.

"What's wrong?" Akane asked.

"Gotta pair of scissors?" Shaula asked.

Akane got up from her bed and grabbed some scissors from her desk. She handed them to Shaula. Shaula took them and leaned back out the window.


"What was that?" Akane asked.

Shaula leaned back in and held a wire. After Akane looked at it she sighed, it was one of Nabiki's microphones.

"Anyway, about the baka?" Shaula probed.

A look of rage crossed Akane's face and her ki flared up, but it died away quickly. Akane flopped back on her bed.

"I don't know how this engagement is going to work out," she sighed. "I don't think he likes me. Why should he? He could have any girl. Shampoo, Ukyo, even you! Not to mention a dozen others."

"Trust me Akane, I don't want him. Let's just say, he's too much like this other guy I know who broke my heart."

Akane smiled sympathetically.

"Come to think of it," Shaula continued, "he's kinda like most of the guys here. All but…"

"But who?" Akane asked.

"All but Ryoga. A.J. thinks he's the best and that all the girls love him but Ryoga isn't like that. I don't know, he's..." Shaula blushed slightly and said, "Forget it. A.J. is a whole other story that I'll tell you later. But as my cousin always told me `An anime guy can't break your heart… So, where was I? Do you like him?" Shaula asked, knowing the answer.

"No! Well, not really. Kinda, yeah," Akane sighed again. "I do love him, but I don't think he feels that way towards me. He calls me names and mocks my fighting skills."

Shaula sat down beside Akane and put her arm around Akane. Shaula saw how Akane was trying to hold back the tears.

"Akane don't worry, Ranma has feelings for you. He just has trouble showing them, most guys do."

"Not Kuno," Akane mumbled.

"That's Kuno. Don't worry, one day you two will get together."

"Me and Kuno?" Akane asked, shocked.

"No silly! You and Ranma! Come on, lets go train again, it'll help you clear your thoughts."

"All right."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Ranma sat in the dojo pondering, and sulking. Today he had gotten sent through the air or pounded on more than usual. He suspected he had broken a record, if not a bone.

I wonder if they could be taught how to focus their ki.

He began to ponder this.

I could help teach them if they accept. I wonder what attack I could teach them.

He was so absorbed in his thoughts he didn't notice the two figures sneak into the dojo.

"Yaaaa!" one of the figures cried out as they struck at Ranma.

Ranma barely dodged the attack when the other figure struck. He blocked the blow but the other figure whacked him on the head. He sped up and they followed his lead. The two figures gave him an awesome fight. While he had his attention focused on one the other would throw a move at him. If he turned to the one who attempted to surprise him then the one who he was fighting would try something. He was barely avoiding their attacks. He jumped up and attempted to flip over one of them. Unfortunately the other saw it and flew at him with a flying kick. The figure hit Ranma in the stomach and Ranma fell to the floor with the wind knocked out of him. He stared up at the foes who had bested him…

And saw Akane and Shaula giving each other high fives.

"Yeah, we did it!" Akane exclaimed ecstatically.

"We beat Ranma!" Shaula cried out.

"If I used my ki blast you would have been toasted," Ranma said regaining his breath. "Besides I took it easy on you girls."

"You can't admit that we beat you," Shaula accused.

"Learn to focus your ki, then we'll see who wins the fight," Ranma said sourly, leaning up.

"All right, your on! But, uh, could you teach me? I've always wanted to learn," Shaula enthusiastically pleaded.

One's hooked, let's go for two, Ranma thought.

"Sure," Ranma said," but the training's really tough. I don't think Akane should try."


"Baka!" Akane said after she pounded him on the head. "I can take anything you can dish out!"

"Let's go then," Ranma said rubbing his head.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Night," Amber yawned. "I'm done for today. See ya tomorrow Shaula."

Amber left the computer on and turned the lights off, then she climbed up the stairs and went to bed.

The computer, still on, began to flicker in an unusual way.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"That's a wrap girls," Ranma said wearily, " we've been training all day, time for bed."

"Hey, we're progressing," Shaula said, "don't sound so depressed!"

"You try being the target," Ranma mumbled.

" I'm gonna go get a drink," Shaula said as she hurried off. Before she left she winked at Akane.

Ranma sat on the floor and let out a long sigh.

"What's wrong Ranma?" Akane asked sitting beside him.

"I'm beat, being a human punching bag all day isn't easy."

"Mr. Great Wall of China is breakable after all," Akane said punching him playfully.

Ranma flinched, even that hurt, he felt so sore.

"Wow, you are sore," Akane said astonished.

"Yeah, I can barely move. I hate to see how sore I'll be tomorrow. You two make a really good team."

"Here, let me help," Akane sighed. "Take off your shirt, I'll rub your back."

Ranma forced his stiff and sore muscles to obey the command. It hurt so much that Akane had to helped him.

"Lie down on your stomach," she commanded.

Ranma stiffly obeyed and stretched out with his back to Akane.

I can't move, Ranma thought, I'm so tired.

Akane put her hands on his back and began to massage him. Her hands loosened up his stiff muscles and he began to feel less tense.

This is great, Ranma sighed, I don't know what I did to get this massage but I should do it more often.

He felt so tired from training and being beat up that he fell into a peaceful sleep as Akane rubbed his back, arms, and shoulders.

"Poor Ranma," Akane whispered still massaging him.

She continued for a few minutes then got up and went to find him a blanket. She opened the dojo door and saw Shaula standing outside it with a very red face that would have made her tomato family proud.

"Were you spying?" Akane frowned slightly.

"Not spying really, just observing how to give a proper back massage," Shaula said grinning widely.

To Shaula's surprise Akane giggled.

"Come on Shaula, help me find him a blanket and a pillow before we go to bed."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Shaula you should feel special," Amber grumbled as she sat down at the computer. "I gave up Saturday morning cartoons today to bug you."

Odd, she thought reading what happened while she slept, the time flow is off. Right now its night for them. I wonder why? Oh well, guest #3 your gonna be up soon.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Hey Shaula why was that girl mad at you?" Akane asked as she lay in bed.

"Who? Amber?" Shaula asked from the sleeping bag on the floor.

"No, some other person who transported you here," Akane said rolling her eyes.

"We were working on a story together, because I didn't have time to work on it she got mad. She was even madder when I didn't have any ideas for the stupid story," Shaula said yawning.

"What story was it?" Akane asked.

"A fan fic about Ranma, you, and the group," Shaula mumbled.

"Hmm," Akane pondered. "Goodnight Shaula."

"Night," Shaula said partly asleep already.

Akane stayed up for a while and thought of a plan, then she too dozed off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Time warp!" Amber called out, "This is to slow!"

She hurriedly typed in the computer.

"There, it will go to the morning now and all the characters will get back their energy. Shaula, prepare to be annoyed!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shaula woke up and felt rejuvenated, in fact, she felt better than she had in a long time. She felt stronger and more powerful than she had the previous day.

When she glanced around she didn't see Akane anywhere.

She must be eating breakfast, Shaula thought.

Shaula decided to get changed and join her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Third guest, your turn," Amber smiled slyly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Hey Shaula, let's go to the dojo," Akane said after breakfast.

The two girls went to the dojo where Ranma was waiting for them.

"Hey Shaula, Akane and I were talking this morning," Ranma began.

"and we think that Amber was stupid to send you here," Akane continued.

"You do?" Shaula asked surprised.

"She should have sent you to the Pokemon place for not finishing the story and making time to work on it," Akane went on.

"Yep, so we are going to give you a free trip there once we find Cologne," Ranma said.

"She wouldn't do that, not if she thinks your asking for help," Shaula said uneasily.

"We can tell her you're one of Ranma's fiancées," Akane shrugged, "then she'd be happy to do it."

"Out of the frying pan," Shaula said before Ranma knocked her out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"And into the fire," whispered Amber reading the words across the screen. "Maybe now Shaula will find time to write. I give her fifteen minutes with the Pokemon before she cracks."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"BAKA!" You weren't supposed to hit her that hard!" Akane yelled.

"You said you wanted to help her get her creativity back," Ranma argued.


"I knocked her out to make it more convincing!"

(For those who don't understand Akane's plan, please remember it is Akane's plan.)

"Children shouldn't fight," cackled Cologne, stepping out of her hiding spot.

"Get out of here ghoul!" Ranma said.

"Not nice to lie to people, I think I'll help you," Cologne said.

She took her staff and waved it in a bizarre pattern, then she pulled some powder out of her pocket and flung it in the air. Cologne mumbled something in Chinese and in a cloud of smoke Shaula's unconscious form disappeared.

"What'd you do to her?" Akane yelled.

"Sent her to Pokemon land like you requested," Cologne bowed.

"Why you," Ranma growled.

"You want to see your friend you'd better hurry," Cologne remarked. "If she's not rescued in an hour the spell becomes permanent."

"I'm ready," Ranma said.

"Baka," Akane yelled. "You are not going alone! If Shaula didn't want to go there then there has to be a good reason."

"It can't be that bad," Ranma mumbled.

"Where do you think you're going?" Akane said to Cologne, who was trying to sneak out.

"That girl is no friend of mine. I won't send you there, besides magic powder isn't cheap," Cologne said as she left the dojo.

"This is just great," Akane mumbled, "now how do we get there?"

"Get where?" asked Ryoga entering the dojo.

"How'd you get here?" Ranma asked suspiciously.

"Oh," Ryoga blushed, "Akari brought me here."

"Hi," she called, stepping inside.

"So where are you going?" Ryoga questioned.

"We need to go get transported to this evil Pokemon place to rescue an American macho chick," Ranma answered.

Akane nailed him over the head with a mallet.

"Ignore the American macho chick part and add kawaii (cute) redheaded girl," Akane stated.

Ryoga became interested with that new tidbit of information.

"I'll help, you two obviously need it," Ryoga calmly remarked. "Let's go."

"First off, we can't teleport there because Cologne ran off. Second, we don't need your help Pig boy," Ranma growled.

Once more Akane's mallet met Ranma's head.

"Thanks Ryoga, but this baka's right. We can't get there and we only have one hour to save her."


A cloud of smoke appeared in the air and a letter floated down. Akane walked over and picked it up, and then she read it out loud.

If you want to rescue her that bad there's a portal outside. I don't know why, leaving her there would be so much more fun! Better hurry, I don't think she'll last very long.

Oh well, talk to you later.


"Looks like we have a ride," Ranma said grinning.

"Who's AR?" Ryoga asked, confused.

"What's with the smoke?"Akari asked.

"We'll explain later," Akane sighed. "Ryoga are you coming?"

"Sure, let's go!" he cried, running off.

"After him!" Ranma shouted, "If he gets lost we'll lose time hunting for him!"

Ranma caught up to Ryoga and steered him in the right direction. Akane and Akari caught up and they all went to the backyard.

"What's the portal look like?" Ranma asked.

"It's a swirling vortex made of clouds," Akane answered.

"How do you know?" Ranma questioned.

"Baka, look!" Akane said, pointing near the pond.

There stood the portal, which was indeed a swirling vortex of clouds.

"Let's go Ryoga!" Ranma said as he leapt through.

"Ranma wait for me!" Akane shouted following Ranma.

"Akari, stay here," Ryoga told her as he went through.

Akari would have followed anyway, but before she could get to it the portal shrunk into nothing and disappeared.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shaula awoke with a jerk and found herself sitting at her desk. She glanced around, confused.

Must have been a dream, she sighed, or a nightmare with the direction it was going.

"It's over now, I should…"


What was that? she thought, panicking.

Then she saw a quick glance of yellow. She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. The creature jumped on her bed and sat down.

"Pika Pika!"

End of Amber's Story

"That's it, no more. Shaula was stuck forever in the Pokemon world. Who am I? I'm Amber, I wrote this. There is no way I'm changing this ending."

"Might want to reconsider cuz there is no way I'm getting left in the Pokemon world."

"Shaula, uh, nice to see you."

"Come on, I wanna kick butt!"

"But I like this ending!"

"You would."

"Shaula this is my story and this is the ending."


"You mean it? You're not going to beat me up?"

"No Amber, this is your story so you keep it this way."


"I'll write my own story that continues it."


"I refuse to be tortured by Pokemon."

"Fine. What's you story about?"

"You'll have to read it Amber, but it's called…"

Shaula's Story

A tale of Love and Kicking Butt.