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Shaula's Story

A tale of Love and Kicking Butt

What am I going to do, Shaula thought as she gazed at the creature on her bed.

Shaula stood up from the chair and moved towards the bed.

I must be dreaming, she thought, I have to be dreaming.


I'm not, she thought as her legs gave out, this is real.


Shaula began to cry.

Stupid mouse, what'd I do to deserve this?

Suddenly, realization hit her; she stopped crying and stood up.

It is a stupid mouse.

"I'm gonna kick you butt!" Shaula threatened.

Pikachu obviously didn't believe she could. He crouched on all fours and electric shocks started to form around his cheeks.

While Shaula wasn't afraid of a mouse, she knew enough from Amber that electric attacks were Pikachu's specialty.

Great, she thought, I attack, he shocks me. I don't, I'm trapped here forever. Isn't life wonderful?

Shaula glanced around trying to find something, anything, she could use to attack him. Her eyes fell on an apple that was on her desk. She picked it up and formed an idea.

"Here," she said and tossed the apple on the bed.

He still glared at her but he slowly inched towards the apple. He cautiously sniffed it and then began to eat it.

As he was eating, Shaula grabbed the ends of the blanket near her and threw it over Pikachu. Before he realized what had happened, Shaula had bagged him up in the blanket. She then dragged the squirming bundle to the door of her room and threw it out. Hurriedly she slammed the door and turned the lock. She pressed her back against the door and slid down to the floor.

That wasn't so bad, but what about the other 251 different species of Pokemon? Not to mention how many of each species there are. These odds stink.

Shaula closed her eyes and tried to think of some way she could beat the evil creatures, but alas she was only one person. How could she possibly stand a chance?

A strange noise broke through her thoughts. She panicked and glanced around for a weapon. She got up and ran to her desk. She opened the drawer and grabbed a heavy paperweight that was under some papers. While she had armed herself a strange vortex of swirling clouds formed in the middle of her room.

What Pokemon is this? she wondered as a shape began to come forward.

"Take this!" she yelled and closed her eyes as she hit whatever the thing was that came through.

"Ouch!" the thing cried out.

What? Pokemon don't talk! Well, except for one or two…

She opened her eyes and saw Ranma on the floor rubbing a bump on his head. Shaula relaxed but then she remembered that Akane and Ranma had sent her to this (for lack of a better word) place.

"Baka! What are you doing here?" Shaula shouted.

"Getting beat up by a macho American chick, what else?" Ranma said, standing up.

"Ranma you jerk, what'd you say that for?" Akane said, walking through the portal.

"Wait for me!" Ryoga said, entering the room.

"What do you two want?" Shaula growled and backed away from them.

"We came to save you," Akane answered.

"What for? You bakas sent me here!" Shaula countered.

"Look, that was all a lame plan of Akane's so you could get back your inspiration."

"BAKA YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSTA KNOCK HER OUT!!" Akane said, pounding Ranma on the head.

"Anyway," Ranma continued, "Cologne was listening and she decided to teleport you here."

"And I should listen to you because…" Shaula said, not letting her guard down.

"Why else would they come here?" Ryoga asked.

Shaula paused and looked thoughtful.

"All right, I believe you. Let's go." Shaula shrugged, "Going with you can't be any worse than staying here."

"We're ready to go!" Ranma called out.

After a few minutes when nothing happened Shaula asked,

"What's taking Cologne so long?"

"Cologne didn't send us here," Akane said uneasily.

"Amber did," Ranma finished.


"Another cloud of smoke and another letter," Ranma said as he grabbed the falling piece of paper. He read it and his face turned red with anger.

"What's it say?" Ryoga asked.

Ranma trusted the letter to Ryoga and sat on the bed, radiating with anger.

Ryoga read it to Shaula and Akane:

What, you think I'm going to transport you back?


I'm not that nice! You can find your own way home.

Nah-nah Nah-nah Nah!


"Well that's great, now what?" Shaula fumed.

Thump, Thump, Thump.

"What's that?" Akane asked.

"It's coming from behind the door," Ryoga said, as he unlocked the door and slowly turned the knob.

"Ryoga don't!" Shaula cried out, but it was to late.

"Huh?" he said, turning around.

The door was pushed open and from the shadow two glowing eyes stared in. The shape began to inch closer into the room.

"Aww, look how cute!" Akane said.

She went to touch it but Shaula held her back.

"Akane, that thing is evil! Don't touch it!" Shaula scolded.

The red octopus thing with yellow spots (later confirmed by Amber to be an Octillery) glared at Shaula and began to spray a black smoke through its mouth. It was very thick and caused them to cough.

"I can't breath," Shaula choked out.

"Baka, get us out of here!" Akane gagged.

"Breaking Point!" Ryoga coughed.

A hole appeared in the wall and the smoke began to seep out of the room. The four of them headed towards the hole and crawled through. They hurried away from the house and stood for a moment to catch their breath.

"What was that?" Ranma asked.

"An evil Pokemon," Shaula coughed. "I think it's a new one though."

"Uh, guys?" Ryoga said.

"What?" Ranma asked.

"Please tell me I'm seeing things," Ryoga continued.

The other three looked up to see hundreds of glowing eyes circling around the group.

"Shaula, what are those?" Akane weakly asked.

"More Pokemon, I think," Shaula answered.

"Do you know anyway way we could beat them?" Ranma asked.

"Any weaknesses?" Ryoga added.

Shaula furiously racked her brain then she remembered something Amber told her. Shaula paled slightly and with a wobbly voice said,

"Amber told me different types have different weaknesses. There are 17 different types of Pokemon with 251 different species. That doesn't include how many we are about to battle. So…"

"We're about to go head to head with over 251 guys that we have no clue how to beat," Akane finished.

"Bring it on Pokemon, I'm not holding back," Ryoga bravely said.

"We can't kill them," Akane told Ryoga," that would be horrible!"

"Don't worry," Shaula said powering up, " they don't die, they only faint."

"All right group, go back to back and face the Pokemon. Don't get pulled away from the group. Akane and Shaula, you two keep an eye on each other. Ryoga, you and I have to watch out for each other," Ranma commanded.

The four of them prepared for the greatest battle of their lives, and perhaps the last.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Amber sat at the edge of her chair waiting to see what would happen next.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

-Stop this nonsense- commanded a voice -you know better.-

The four watched in amazement as the Pokemon pulled back. One pair of glowing eyes came forward.

-You are new to the land so please forgive their behavior- the voice continued.

"So we don't have to fight the Pokemon?" Ryoga asked.

-Yes, there will be a battle, but there will be rules. A four on four battle, each of you will face off against a Pokemon. If your group wins then you will be sent home.-

"If we lose?" Akane asked.

-You will stay here and forever be our pets.-

"Losing's not an option," Ryoga said calmly.

"It never was," Ranma added. "Let's do it."

-This way- Mewtwo said, leading them to the battle arena.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"This is getting good," Amber whispered, reading the story as it happened.

Just then the screen flashed and the computer began to make weird sounds.

"What's up with this?" Amber muttered.

She quickly accessed her html program and to her horror saw that nearly the entire program was scrambled worse than Akane' s scrambled eggs.

Her fear rising, Amber quickly accessed the virus seeker program.

"Oh no!" she said, " There's a virus on my disk and it's totally ruined my programs!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shaula looked around from the bench at the arena and nervously waited to began the battle. In the seats Pokemon gathered and awaited the fight. She felt uneasy and jumped when Ryoga tapped her on the shoulder.

"WHAT?" Shaula yelled.

"Uh, you looked nervous. You okay?" Ryoga asked turning red.

"I'm fine!" Shaula said, "It's just…"

"What?" Ryoga asked.

"I feel like I'm forgetting something."

Don't worry about it, it's probably nothing."

"No! It's important but I can't remember," Shaula angrily said.

"Whoa! Save the energy for the fight," Ryoga said nervously, backing off.

"I'm sorry," Shaula sighed, "but I need to figure out what I'm forgetting."

-Attention! The four on four battle between the humans and Pokemon will soon begin.- Mewtwo telepathically announced.

Once more Shaula glanced around hoping to see something that would help remind her. Her eyes fell on Ranma and Akane (both were trying not to look at each other) and then her gaze wandered to the audience.

Her eyes landed on two Pokemon who were fighting over something. Looking harder, Shaula thought she recognized them to be a Poliwag and a Diglett. Poliwag seemed to be really steamed at the Diglett and sent a blast of water at him. Then it dawned on Shaula.

"I'm retarded!" Shaula wailed.

"What now?" Ryoga questioned.

"Ryoga, there's something you and Ranma need to know-"

-The battle will now begin. You with the bandana, you're up first.-

"It'll have to wait, gotta go," Ryoga told her as he stepped on to the arena.

"Ryoga, wait! The Pokemon can do…"

But Ryoga was to far away to hear her and now she could only pray that a water Pokemon wasn't against Ryoga.

At least I can warn Ranma but I hope Ryoga won't get splashed. Akane would cream him if she knew he and P-chan were the same.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Well everyone knows he's going to get a water Pokemon now," Amber sighed as she read.

Amber had managed to eliminate the virus but the program was ruined. All she could do was read what was going on and talk to them through the microphone.

I can't teleport them if they lose and I can't teleport Shaula back here. I'd better try to figure something out.

Amber sat and tried to think of anyway that she could fix the program.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shaula warned Ranma of the possibility of a water Pokemon and he anxiously watched with her to see how Ryoga would do. Akane also watched but she didn't realize the added stakes.

-On this side we have Mr. Pigboy Bandana and on the other side we have-

Please don't be a water Pokemon, please don't be a water Pokemon, Shaula prayed.

-Wavemaker, champion of the water and one of the strongest Blastoise-

Shaula saw Ryoga's eyes bulge and his mouth drop.

Yeah dope, I bet you wished you'd have listened, Shaula angrily thought.

She waited nervously for the fight to began. The air was thick with anticipation.

-Begin- Mewtwo said as Wavemaker popped out of his Pokeball.

Ryoga jump kicked at Wavemaker. Wavemaker simply ducked into his shell and Ryoga flew over. Wavemaker emerged and blasted a surge of water through his cannons at Ryoga.

Fear clutched Shaula's heart, if the water hit Ryoga then the match would be over.

Everything moved in slow motion as the water headed for its target. Ryoga, at the last second, pulled out his umbrella (that's always kept handy) and blocked the attack. Ryoga countered with his Breaking Point attack that cracked the arena floor. Chunks of the ground flew up and hit Wavemaker. Wavemaker seemed to shake it off and headed towards Ryoga. Ryoga made his pose and waited for his opponent to reach him. Unexpectedly, Wavemaker collapsed in front of Ryoga.

Ryoga glanced around in disbelief and tried to see if Ranma had come and hit the beast from behind. Ryoga, still dazed, heard Mewtwo's announcement,

-Wavemaker is unable to battle. The ground attack must have been incredible strong to take him out with one hit. Mr. Pigboy Bandana is the winner.-

Ryoga awaited a cheering crowd but was met with boos and hisses (if that's what you could call them). Obviously the Pokemon weren't pleased with his win. When he reached the bench he received a smile from Akane, a pat on the back from Ranma, and a bump on the head from Shaula.

"Baka! Why didn't you listen to me? You're lucky you didn't get splashed!" Shaula yelled.

"What would it have mattered?" Akane asked.

"Well, Mr. Pigboy Bandana is really-" Ranma started but was cut off by two things. One was Ryoga's fist and the other was Mewtwo's telepathic voice.

-The next battle is Dorky Macho Chick-girl verse Nightshade.-

"Who gave Mewtwo these names?" Shaula asked the group.

Ranma lay on the floor with his hands on his head where two bumps were. Ryoga sat on the bench with his ki flaring and Akane went to battle with her ki flaring.

"Be careful," Shaula called to Akane.

Shaula went to Ranma and asked,

"All right Ranma, how'd you give Mewtwo the names?"

"He talked to me telepathically and asked for our names."

"Baka! What you tell him my name was?" Shaula angrily asked, ready to pound Ranma to a pulp.

"Wait! Check Akane's ki before you pound me!"

"It's sky high moron!"

"Then it worked," Ranma said smiling.

"WHAT WORKED?" Shaula shouted.

"I got her mad so her ki would be up. Now she's gonna take her anger out on whatever the thing is she's battling."

"Ranma, sometimes I don't know if you're as thick as a brick or as wise as a Wiseman," Shaula sighed and helped Ranma up.

-The battle between Dorky Macho Chick-girl verse Nightshade, ruler of the grass Pokemon, shall now begin since the floor has been repaired.-


Another Pokeball fell and out of it came a large Venusaur.


Nightshade and Akane stared at each other waiting for the other to make a move.

"Saur!" shouted Nightshade as he attacked with long vines attached to his side.

Using the vines he tried to grab Akane but she ducked and dodged. Nightshade became enraged and sent several other vines after Akane. Akane dodged them and began to get closer to Nightshade's body.

Seeing what she was trying to do, he withdrew his vines and sent a flurry of razor sharp leaves at Akane. She narrowly missed being cut by the leaves.

(At this point Shaula and Ryoga had to restrain Ranma from interfering with the battle. It was all they could do to hang on to him.)

Akane and Nightshade once more stood at a face off.

"Vena-saur!" cried Nightshade as he began to absorb energy into his flower.

What the- Akane thought.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"It's a Solar Beam Akane! Attack while you have a chance! Give it all you've got!" Amber shouted into the microphone attached to the computer.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Who was that? Akane wondered as Amber's voice was said for all to hear. Oh well, Ranma let's see if your as good a teacher as you think.

Akane rushed at Nightshade and aimed for his head. She landed several punches on his head and backed off for the final blow.

"Yaaa!" she shouted, enforcing her punch with her ki.

She hit Nightshade on the head and was amazed to see the power of her ki engulf Nightshades body. When it died down he lay in a heap on the floor. She looked closer and saw that he had not been killed but had fainted.

-The fire from her hand beat Nightshade as fire always triumphs over grass. Dorky Macho Chick-girl wins.-

"RANMA YOU'RE NEXT!" Akane yelled running over.

Ranma ducked behind Shaula while Akane tried to reach around to bop him. Shaula stood still, not sure weather to help Akane or Ranma. Luckily the problem was solved for her.

-Next battlers up! We have Ranma the Great verse Pyro the master of flame.-

Ranma made a face at Akane before running on the battle arena. Shaula just managed to grab Akane and stop her from running after Ranma to beat him up.

"You wanna go home, don't you?" Shaula asked.

"Yeah, but-" Akane protested.

"Akane, Ranma can't fight if he's unconscious."

"This is true," Ryoga said from where he was sitting.

"Fine, I'll beat him up when he's done," Akane simply stated.

If he's not beat up already, Shaula thought.

-Battlers begin.-

The three turned their attention to the fight that was about to begin. Out of the Pokeball came a very large and very mean looking Charizard.

"I have to fight a lizard?" Ranma complained.

Pyro let loose a blast of fire that Ranma dodged. Pyro glared angrily and began to shoot out more fire. Ranma was able to avoid them but just barely.

After Pyro shot a blast of flame at him, Ranma jumped over and landed a kick on Pyro's belly. The kick didn't even phase Pyro as he returned the blow with a slash of his claws. Ranma had pulled away just missing having his hair (and head) cut off.

Ranma decided to try one of his `hundred hits in the blink of an eye' attack but Pyro began to flap his wings and created a strong wind pushing Ranma away. Ranma reacted by crouching low.

"What's that baka think he's doing?" Ryoga mumbled to no one in particular.

Pyro began to walk towards Ranma while still flapping his wings. When Pyro got close he prepared to use a Fire Blast attack. He launched it and Ranma jumped over it and the wind current.

"I get it," Akane muttered, "he was preparing to jump the wind attack and crouched low enough to get enough force to jump it."

Ranma flipped over Pyro and landed on Pyro's back. Ranma landed his `100 in 1' attack on Pyro's back. Pyro roared in pain and tried to reach back and grab Ranma but his arms were to short to reach him.

"Stupid lizard," Ranma mocked, "you aren't so tough now."

Pyro roared again, this time in fury. He began to flap his wings and soared up into the air. Pyro began to do aerial stunts trying to get Ranma off his back. Ranma held tight and tried another `100 in 1' attack. When he did, Pyro barely flinched. Instead Pyro went into a nosedive. Pyro swirled while he headed towards the ground. At the last moment, Pyro flipped on his back.

When Pyro hit the ground the noise erupted through the arena. A cloud of dust and sand covered where they landed. When it cleared they saw a slightly battered Pyro, but no Ranma. After it cleared a little more they saw a huge crater in the ground.

"Oh no," Akane whispered," he couldn't have survived that."

Tears came to the girl's eyes and even Ryoga became a tad misty eyed.

-The winner is-

"Hey, I'm not done yet!" called a voice.

All eyes turned towards the far wall of the arena. Pyro's mouth seemed to drop to the floor and his eyes grew wide. There stood Ranma, in one piece. He looked a little dusty but nothing looked to be broken. He seemed calm and cool as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Ready to try again?" Ranma smirked and stared at Pyro.

As fate would have it, one of the concession sellers carrying drinks slipped and fell over the side. All the drinks (guess what they were) fell on Ranma, instantly Ranma-chan stood in his place.

"Why is it always water!" Ranma-chan yelled.

To make matters worse, the Pokemon that was selling the water was a Meowth. In other words, it looked just like a-

"CAT!!!!" Ranma-chan screamed.

Ranma-chan ran away from the Meowth but, being the cat magnet he was, the Meowth chased after him.

Pyro was a tad annoyed that a puny Meowth could scare the human but he couldn't. Pyro decided to get into the battle.

Ranma-chan tripped and the Meowth latched onto his head.


"Meeeeoow," Ranma-chan answered.

Meowth let go and backed off hissing. Ranma-chan snarled at the Meowth.

While Ranma-chan (now being controlled by the Nekoken) focused on the Meowth, Pyro tried a sneak attack. He cranked up the power and let loose.

Ranma-chan turned towards the new prey and used the Cat Fist attack, Pyro's flames were cut to ribbons.

Amazed at the power of the attack, Pyro barely dodged Ranma-chan's next attack. The ground where Pyro once stood, however, had been slashed. Pyro decided to fight from fight from the air. He flew up and tried to shoot Ranma-chan with some flame attacks. Ranma-chan dodged them and began to hiss at Pyro. Pyro decided to change tactics and used a Whirlwind attack in hopes of blowing Ranma-chan away. Ranma-chan was sucked into the whirlwind and Pyro grinned. This battle was his. He didn't even notice when a shape flew out of the top of the whirlwind.

The shape landed on his back and let out a yowl before scratching Pyro's wings. The scratches cut through the wings. Ranma-chan and Pyro began to fall and this time it could be fatal.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Sure," Amber yawned." Hello! Good guys never die and Pokemon only faint."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Ranma-chan jumped off of Pyro's back and fell along side him. Again they hit the ground, this time the entire arena floor cracked and the shocks were felt in the stands. Dust and dirt flew through the air and blinded all the bystanders.

Oh man, Shaula thought, if my dude's as strong as this guy I'm toast.

The dust settled and the two figures stood facing each other.

-Incredible, the two are still raring to fight each other even after a fall like that.-

Pyro glared at Ranma-chan and Ranma-chan stared right back. Pyro roared and Ranma-chan hissed back. A long silence filled the arena, both worn down but not willing to quit. The next blow could decide the match.

Then the two opponents rushed at each other and made a swipe at each other. After the rush they stood with their backs to each other. Ranma-chan stumbled and Pyro began to smile. Unexpectedly, Pyro collapsed and didn't get up. Ranma-chan wearily walked over to his body and place a hand (er, paw) on Pyro's still body, then she roared her victory.

-The winner is Ranma the Great. The next battle will begin as soon as the arena is repaired.-

"Here kitty, kitty," Akane called gently.

Ranma-chan turned and headed toward Akane. When she reached Akane's lap she passed out from using so much energy.

"Poor Ranma," Akane mumbled.

I'm gonna be up next, Shaula thought nervously. How can I hope to beat any of those…monsters? Even in the Nekoken Ranma was worn out. Each guy was getting stronger as they went on. My battle will be the toughest.

"Are you ready?" Ryoga softly asked her.

"No, I'm not strong enough. That guy gave Ranma a problem. The next one's probably gonna be toughest. I don't think I can do it," Shaula whispered.

"Thinking like that and you are bound to lose. Ranma trained you didn't he?"

"A little, but not nearly enough."

"If Ranma helped train you even a little bit then I know you can do it," Ryoga calmly told her.

"Really?" Shaula questioned, turning to look him in the eyes.

Ryoga gave her a smile that melted her heart.

"Yeah," he answered.

-Red Haired Warrior verse surprise opponent, your battle will begin soon. Please prepare to battle.-

"Good luck," he murmured.

"Yeah, this Red Haired Warrior is gonna kick some Pokemon butt!" Shaula said with adrenaline rushing through her.

"Go get `em," Ryoga said.

Shaula rushed into the arena and prepared to fight the evil creature.

I can do it, she thought. That Pokemon is going down! I just hope it's not the ugly and evilest of them all. That guy is freaky!


The Pokeball opened and Shaula screamed as her greatest fear came out of the ball.

"Pika Pika!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Who saw that coming? Amber sighed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shaula stood quivering as she gazed at the evil creature. Its evil eyes stared at her as it shouted its battle cry,


Shaula couldn't move. Her face was pale and she felt faint.

This battle's gonna be over before it begins, Ryoga thought.

"Come on Shaula! What are you afraid of? Kick its butt!" someone called.

To Ryoga's surprise it was him shouting encouragement.

Akane joined him saying,

"You can beat him!"

Ranma, back to normal (well, except for being a girl), snidely remarked,

"You expect me to believe that you and Akane beat Shampoo when you're afraid of that?"

Akane hit him over the head.

"You're one to talk Ranma," she said. "At least Shaula's not afraid of cats!"

"Give it to him!" Ryoga called.

The color came back to her face, if Ryoga thought she could win than she could.

"You're going down you stupid evil rodent!" Shaula shouted.

Pikachu began to send shocks out of his cheeks, suddenly he disappeared.

Shaula looked around and caught glimpses of him. He was going so fast, even if she did attack he'd be gone before she landed a blow.

Amber's voice was once more heard,

"Shaula, it's using a quick attack. You need to focus and anticipate where it's going to be, not where it is."

"Easy for you to say," Shaula grumbled.

Shaula remembered something Ranma had taught her. She decided to try it. Shaula closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then she listened. She ignored the crowd and her friends, instead she listened for him.

Suddenly she lurched forward and pounded the ground. She looked and saw that she had pinned him by the tail.

"Pika!" the evil thing cried out.

Shaula took it as a warning and let go of his tail. She just avoided being shocked by his thunder.

"Pikachu!" he shouted and aimed a thunder shock at her.

She dodged the shock but barely got up before he aimed another one. This one hit her and she screamed in pain. When he was done she dropped to the floor.

"Shaula!" Ryoga screamed (now it was Akane and Ranma's turn to hold him back).

"Shaula get up! If you don't the battle will be lost!" Amber shouted.

"I can't," Shaula whispered, "the evil is too great."

"Shaula you think you can take me on? You can't even beat a mouse!" Amber mocked.

"I could take you," Shaula yelled back as she got up.

"Yeah, sure. Where's the Red Haired Warrior? All I see is a Red Haired Chicken!" Amber replied.

Shaula's ki flashed brightly and lit the stadium.

"I'll show you, you Pokemon freak!" Shaula roared.

The red ki energy covered Shaula's body and she glared at the creature of evil birth.

"You're going down!" she shouted.

"Pi-ka-chu!" it shouted and sent a thunder bolt at her.

The lightening hid her body from view and her friends stared in awe.

"I didn't know she could do that," Ranma said.

"Amber must have got her really angry and Shaula just snapped," Akane answered.

"You should know," Ranma mumbled.

Then his face kissed the dirt.

"Baka!" Akane yelled.

Ryoga paid the two no heed and stared at the battle going on.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Yeah! I got her mad enough to get her ki going! The problem with this plan is that she's gonna beat me up when she sees me." Amber thought about this. "Oh well, maybe she'll forget this by then…I hope."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Pikachu's thunder bolt was slowly disappearing, but not by his own doing. Everyone watching could see he was trying to keep it up but it wasn't working. He stopped powering it up and watched as the electricity was sucked into Shaula's ki fire.

"Katana Power Blade!" she shouted.

All her ki went toward her hand to form a Katana.

"You're dead you stupid little yellow mouse!" she growled.

Shaula slashed at the place Pikachu was standing. He jumped and in the floor was a long slash that the power had impressed upon it. She whirled and sent a blast of energy where the demonic creature was. This blast struck him and sent him reeling.

Before he could recover, Shaula sent another blast at him. This blast sent him flying through the air. His body rolled a few feet away from where he landed.

He rose and looked very angry. Storm clouds began to gather around the arena.

"Pika! Chu!" he yelled.

The arena was flooded with electricity as bolts struck repetitively at the spot where Shaula was.

Her friends gazed in the arena looking to see if she was okay. Pikachu smugly sat on his hind legs and let out a victory cry. His shout was cut short as a blast of red energy smacked him in the stomach. Shaula stood ready for an attack. He began to rise again. Shaula clutched her Katana and prepared to attack.

"Cha," he weakly cried and then collapsed.

-Red Haired Warrior has won. We shall keep our word. Humans you may go home.-

A portal opened in the middle of the arena.

-Leave brave fighters and never come back to this land. Next time you will face our greatest fighters.-

Five large birds flew into the field and three dogs entered along with a pink cat like creature followed by a onion looking fairy. Mewtwo appeared next to them and spoke,

-If you come again we will battle you. Unlike the others, we are Legendary Pokemon. You will never beat us!-

"Let's go," Shaula weakly said," I'm drained."

"Yeah," Ranma-chan said, watching the Pokemon to make sure they didn't try anything.

Shaula headed towards the portal but her legs gave out and she began to fall. Ryoga rushed over and caught her before she hit the ground. He lifted her body in his arms and carried her over to the portal.

"Let's go before they change their minds," he said, glancing at Ranma and Akane.

"I hear ya buddy. Come on Akane, let's go!" Ranma said grabbing her hand.

All four went through the portal and then the portal closed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Amber sat at the computer trying to figure out how to fix the html program. She rubbed her temples and groaned. Even thought the virus was gone she still had a lot of work to do. Basically everything had to be retyped.

At least I can talk to them, she sighed, I have to tell Shaula about this. I should probably work a little longer on this though…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shaula woke up feeling slightly refreshed, then she jumped up from where she was lying incase the evil creatures tried to attack.

"Easy Shaula," Akane said soothingly," we're back home."

Shaula glanced around and saw this was true. She also caught Ryoga staring at her.

"WHAT?" she snapped.

"Nothing," he mumbled, averting his gaze.

"Ryoga caught you after you fainted. Using that ki drained you severely," Ranma told her.

Shaula felt bad about snapping at Ryoga. She moved off the bed where he had placed her and walked up to him.

"Thanks," she whispered.

"It was nothing," he said slightly blushing.

Shaula wrapped her arms around his neck and raised herself up on her toes, then she kissed him.

Ryoga looked really surprised but he didn't resist. Instead he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back.

On the other side of the room Akane and Ranma watched, smiling. As they watched, they were oblivious to the fact that since they'd gone through the portal they were still holding hands.

Oblivious, that is, until a loud "Ahem" was said.

Ranma and Akane quickly dropped hands and turned red while Shaula and Ryoga reluctantly pulled away.

"Uh, Shaula," Amber's voice called.

"What do you want?" Shaula angrily said (mostly upset cause Amber had broke up her kiss).

"I, uh, have a problem over here."

"What's the big deal?" Shaula impatiently asked.

"Well, the disk that I saved the program on (Amber inhaled deeply and crossed her fingers) it got a virus."

"Your point?"

"I can't bring you back, not yet, not until I redo the program that I made on accident and since I have no clue how to make a new one…"

"I'm stuck here?" Shaula realized.

"I'm sooo sorry! I didn't know that would happen!"

"Amber, chill. It's cool. I like it here and it shouldn't take that long for you to fix."

"Shaula, Ryoga's curse of getting lost is no where near my curse of forgetfulness and bad spelling. You know I can't spell!"

"It's fine Amber, in fact, I was hoping to stay here a while anyway."

"All right, if you're sure…"

"I'm sure!"

"Okay then, if you have to get a hold of me than e-mail me. Otherwise I have no clue what's going on there. I'll be so busy figuring out what I did to read what you're doing. Bye!"

"Bye Amber!" Shaula called out.

There was a long pause before Ryoga said,

"So, is she always this weird?"

End of Shaula's Story

A tale of Love and Kicking Butt

"What do you think Amber?"

"Shaula, the Pokemon could have kicked your butt."

"This is my story and I'm gonna write it how I want it."

"What are you two arguing about now?"

"Hi Aarthi, just about this story."

"You two are always arguing about something, can't you two get along?"

"Aarthi, this is Amber we're talking about."

"Oh yeah. Well, what's wrong with the story?"

"We are trying to decide what happens next-"

"-and what to change."

"We aren't changing anything!"

"Yes we are!"

"No we aren't!"



"I know something you could change."


"The battle with Pokemon, they should win!"

"Uh, no."


"What's with me being in the beginning but not anywhere else?"

"You didn't fit very well."

"I should be in the story."

"If we don't put you in there?"

"I will never proof read or read any of your stories again."

"Is that bad?"

"Yes it is!"

"We'll put you in and to show there's no hard feelings-"

"-you can have your own story."

"Great here's the perfect name:"

Aarthi's Story

A tale where all evil Pokemon die

"I like that one!"


"No, but you are."


"Amber don't spaz! I'll use my second choice:"

Aarthi's Story

A tale of the future.

"It's beyond me why you two haven't driven me nuts."

"Are you sure you aren't?"

"Besides it's not that long a drive anyway."


"We are!"

"Be thankful we are having a good day."

"Oh, leave me alone and go read the story!"