Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ Cannonball Run 3 World Tour ❯ Europe ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 6


'I can't see shit! Can you?' Mel Tillis in 'Cannonball Run'.

"Folks! Do we have a surprise to tell you!" Said Bosley.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the Cannonballers have suddenly gone different pathways!" Said Gennai.

"It appears that some of them seem to be heading to Greece right now while others above are making their way through the snowy weather of Russia."

"Indeed, Misty. If you ask me. I can't tell which is the shortest route." Said Ryo.


"Don't worry, Jigglypuff. I was just coming to that." Said Misty. "Now here's Herman and Benny in the betting room."

"OI! Give me some news on the Vampire!" Fatboy Slim shouted.

"Gosh! These Cannonballers are something! I just hope the Piranha makes it out okay." Said Grover Washington Jr..

"I sure hope that Gator is handling well." Bill Withers patted his friend. "Thank God it didn't go up there in Russia."

"Listen, everybody." Benny asked everyone to hush.

"Okay, guys, now as you see here, our racers have taken their own paths in order to reach Africa. But they'll end up passing through France." Said Herman. "Even from looking at where they are, therefore, we cannot really know who's in the lead. So please everyone go away until further notice!"

"Not looking good there." Said Gennai. "What do you think, Ryo?"

"Guys! I think it's time we ask Socrates of who might be in the lead!"

The camera flashes into Socrates' room again.

"Oh my!" Socrates jumped as he saw he was on the screen. "Well, to my knowledge, there doesn't seem to be any advantages or disadvantages in taking either route. So all in all, I'm stumped!"

The camera goes back to Bosley and the gang.

"Okay…thanks Socrates." Misty murmured slowly. "But anywho, live in London we have the English kings of comedy with us today!"

"And not forgetting some of our lovable stars from Sesame Street!" Added Bosley.

"Please welcome Monty Python, along with Bert, Ernie, Count von Count and Big Bird!" Misty stepped aside for to see the screen.

"HELLO THERE!" Waved John Cleese.

"Here's good old jolly Monty Python here, live in Picadilly Circus!" Said Michael Palin.

"And not forgetting Mr. Graham Chapman!" Terry Gilliam took out an urn, which had Graham's face stuck onto it.

"Hey! Don't forget about us!" Ernie interrupted. "Boy, Bert! Isn't this an exciting race?"

"GAH! It's so noisy!" Bert covered up his ears. "There're so many people!"

"Of course it's noisy!" Said Terry Jones. "Everyone's waiting for the Cannonballers to come by!"

"Say no more!" Eric Idle grinned. "Know what I mean? Wink! Wink! Nudge! Nudge!"

"Okay, Eric, they get the picture." John shooed Eric away from him.

"I'm glad to see you're all here." Said Bosley. "The place must be pretty hectic over there!"

"It sure is, Bosley!" Said Big Bird. "It took us a long time to get here!"

"YES!" Count von Count laughed. "Just look at all those fans! There's one, two, three, four…."

"Let's just leave him for the moment." Said Michael Palin watching the vampire walk away.

"So guys. Everyone's been wondering. What was the shortest way? Russia or Greece?" Ryo asked.

"What, Ryo." Ernie answered his question. "What we do know is that those in Moscow are having a bit of struggle with the snow and all. But what I saw in Athens is very much the opposite. It seems that the Cannonballers there are doing just fine."

"Would you say that taking the route to Greece was a good idea?" Said Misty.

"I'd think so myself."

"Well in that case, could you be able to tell us who's in first position at the current moment?" Asked Gennai.

"Well, I guess we could. From the people in Athens, as far as I can tell, it seems that the Switchblade is making a tremendous lead." Said Bert.

"But we must remember our friends in Moscow." Added Big Bird.

"Jigglypuff! Jigglypuff!"

"What did she say?" Asked Terry Jones.

"Jigglypuff said thank you for reporting and telling us about the race so far." Said Misty.

"Our pleasure, miss." Said Eric Idle. "Cheerio!"

"There's five million people in the crowd!" Shouted Count von Count.

'Sometimes I ask myself what am I doing here,

I think on all the reasons but it's still not clear,

I look at places to go, there's nothing clear,

So take me away from this 'cos this place I'll hardly miss.

So take me back in time to another world,

Then you can be mine, we don't have to worry,

When you're by my side there's nothing I don't know,

There's nothing to decide apart from where we want to go.

What am I doing now by coming back for more?

Is it me, or have I been here before?

I want to go somewhere that we can explore,

Just take me away from here to somewhere that's nowhere near.

So take me back in time to another world,

Then you can be mine, we don't have to worry,

When you're by my side there's nothing I don't know,

There's nothing to decide apart from where we want to go.

Take me there,

Take me anywhere you want to go,

To a place that we both know.

I'm going, I'm going, I'm going…..

So take me back in time to another world,

Then you can be mine, we don't have to worry,

When you're by my side there's nothing I don't know,

There's nothing to decide apart from where we want to go.'

'Back In Time' By TJ Davis in 'Sonic R'.



Too bad for Eddie Valiant. He just HAD to take the upper route to the chilly city of Moscow.

"Look, Eddie." Said Dolores. "I told you before and I'll tell you again. This was a bad idea heading up here."

"It's freezing cold, Eddie!" Roger Rabbit was chattering his teeth.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay? I just thought it wouldn't be a problem here since the cops aren't as harsh in Greece." Eddie wished he'd never gotten his friends into this mess.

"Yeah, but do you realize we also have to go through London and Paris?" Said Jessica.

"I know. I know. But it won't be a problem. Besides, I can't even speak Italian or Greek."

"That makes sense." Roger said.

"Right." Jessica said sarcastically and folded her arms.

"Okay people, change of plans." Said Shaft.

"(What is it?)" Asked Mr. Worm.

"Now don't any of you worry. I'm sure Shaft just wants to……" The Holy Man was interrupted by Shaft.

"Stop wasting time. The cops are gonna be here any minute." He said.

"What's going on?" Said Dudley.

"Dudley, you're steering the plane."

"What plane?"

"Wait and see. Just get ready for it."

"Well……okay…….anything you say."

"Where are we going?" Said Linka. Her question was answered when the Detonator split into a green motor cycle and a red jet plane on which Dudley rode with Mr. Worm and the Holy Man. Linka rode on with Shaft on the bike.

"Um, Shaft, I don't really know how to fly this thing!" Dudley was on the edge to panic

"It's easy!" Shouted Shaft. "Just use the driving wheel in front of you as if you were driving a car! I'll see you later!" Shaft drove off.

"But……..oh great……..there is no driving wheel……" Dudley shrugged, "Guess I'll have to test this thing out myself…….YIKES!" Dudley stepped on the pedal and the plane suddenly went on high speed.

"I have never seen a damn 300ZX do a 140 mph." The Russian police officer handed a ticket to Corvax.

"What have you guys got in that car?" Two other policemen were questioning Corvax's bodyguards.

"Stock." They replied.

"I guess you must have misconstrued my remark about my mother planning to purchase Russia as an attempt to influence your giving me a ticket, Officer." Corvax smiled, putting on his shades. ""I am sure that she will still consider keeping you all on as a member of the Russian Police Patrol regardless of how shabbily you treated her son!"

"You might want to tell that to the judge." The officer replied.

"(Thank you very much.) Corvax spoke in Arabic as he took the ticket. "(Hurry up, people. Let's roll!)"

Corvax and his servants quickly got into the car before the cops did. He rudely drove off on high speed again, waving waves of snow fly everywhere.

"This is for you and the judge!" Corvax fingered at the police, throwing his ticket outside of his window.

"God damn camel jockey!" The cops rushed into their cars and chased him along the narrow road.

"Sir, I think they're coming for us." Said one of Corvax's men.

"HA! They'll never catch me at this speed!" Corvax pressed a switch. "Time to take out the jets."

Corvax's Manta car change into an airplane and blasted into the air.

The Hurricane armed itself with cannons. The roof opened up and Seifer popped out from it, holding the guns in front of him. The car's lights jutted open to become laser guns. A small shield opened in front as well. The Hurricane rose up slightly to make room for the two extra wheels which they had for each side, and therefore making six wheels overall on the car instead of four.

"I've got them, Squall!" Seifer aimed at his targets at the police.

"Fire at will!" Said Squall. The two of them blew away.

"WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Seifer as Squall passed the cops. But there seemed to be one last car on their tail. Vincent looked back and turned to Yuffie.

"It looks like we've got a slight problem behind us." Vincent said calmly.

"No problem!" Giggled Yuffie. "This should do the trick!" Yuffie pushed the lever beside her seat. The spare tire behind the Hurricane dropped to the road. As the police car drove onto it, it blew up like a proximity mine. The car was knocked off the road and crashed into a nearby shop. Yuffie punched Vincent on the arm. "See? I told you we're gonna win this race! This thing's packed with stuff you could ever possibly imagine!"

"Sure, whatever." Sighed Vincent.

"GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK!" Squall and Seifer wriggled their hands together like before.

"Um….Mr. Clouseau." Pete tapped the French Inspector on his shoulder.


"Maybe it's a good time to just pull over and talk our way out of the cops rather than just flee from them." Not just did there happen to be police cars at their back, but there was also a chopper in front.

"Perhaps you are right." Clouseau said. "Anna! Press that button there!" He pointed to his left. Anna Kournikova pressed the button which made the Ramp-Up open up. The sides of the vehicle formed tank wheels. Two assault guns were placed side by side while a large red missile launcher sprung up from behind.

"Holy cow!" Said Martin.

"What IS this thing?" Said Mary.

"Why……it's my personal weapon for the Cannonball Run! You should never leave home without it!" Clouseau shot a missile at the chopper. He turned around and fired at the police cars. "Take that you fools!" After there were no more cars Clouseau turned around again and laughed. "THAT WAS GOOD!"

"So I guess that's what you call talking your way out of the cops." Pete sat back.

"Mask. This isn't helping." Jake looked at the cops from behind and front. It looked like they were trapped. "We need a new plan here."

"Jake's right. Perhaps we should just…….." Elwood flew back to his seat as he felt the car move upwards. "What's going on?"

"Guys! I think you should come and look at this!" Said Freakazoid. The Blues Brothers looked outside the window and saw that the Razorback car had risen a little after having turned into its battle formation.

"HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!" The Mask shot a white missile in front. Laser guns were installed in front and behind the car. So that gave the Mask less time to finish the police off quicker.

"What will he think of next?" Freakazoid sighed in relief with the Blues Brothers.

"HA! HA! HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" The Mask cackled.

…New York…

"It's almost halfway through the glorious race." Robert Stack reported. "How on Earth could such daring racers survive after having traveled through the US, Australia and Asia non-stop? And as before, when will the Cannonball mastermind show himself? Tune in more for Unsolved Mysteries."

"That's much better." Gary looking at the ticket he betted on. "This Glider Strike looks good. But I'm not too sure about those cavemen though."

"Don't worry." Said Mike. "I heard they were the last racers seen to leave Beijing."

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gary just realized that Mike had given him the bet on the losing Cannonballer at this time now.

"Come on! We can still try again!" Mr. Burns was making his second attempt to climb up the Statue of Liberty and claim the money inside the crown. Up there, however, Slappy was having his lunch break and took an apple from his pocket for dessert. He whistled to himself and observed the red ball in his hand.

"Ew." He said. "This looks rotten. I better not eat it." Slappy threw away the apple behind him and it went flying out the open window from the crown. And just when Mr. Burns was just reaching his goal, the apple hit him on the head, making him fall back. Soon he lost control and fell once again with his soldiers back down to the ocean below with another splash.

"Did you hear that?" Spock tapped Kirk's shoulder.

"Damnit, Spock, I'm a Captain! Not a doctor! So you're supposed to be doing all the hearing, not me!"

"Late we are. To Mexico we must go!" Yoda led the way out of the crowd. "I sense much fear there. We must leave New York now"

"What kind of fear?" Asked Kirk. "Is that where Thade is?"

Yoda nodded.

"Let's move!" Said Spock.

"That's my line!" Answered Kirk.


"You know, I've always wanted to visit Athens." Said James. "It looks like such a nice place." Jesse slapped James to knock some sense into him.

"Stop thinking about that, James! You keep saying you always want to be at places! We gotta win this race!"

"You know," Said Meowth, "I wonder where Eddie and the others are at this minute. I haven't seen them since we left the USA."

"Wherever they are, they'll be miles behind once we reach Africa!" Laughed Jessie.

"(These cops never stop.)" said Kim. Mitsurugi was shooting all the helicopters getting in their way, with the laser cannons.

"(You think Sub-Zero's okay?)"

"(Of course, Mitsurugi! That ninja can deal with anything!)"

Just below, Sub-Zero was doing all he could to get the cops off his trail. He blasted his cannon and sweated like mad.

"(I knew I should have taken the plane!)" He said. "(I hate this job!)"

"Those cops have been on us since for an hour now." Said Scuffy.

"What do we do?" Said Jerry the mouse.

"I'll tell you what we'll do!" Mahoney flipped a switch behind him.

"Hey, what is going on here?" Said Sebastian watching the hovercraft suddenly open up. A laser ray gun was placed on the roof of the armed Collector. There happened to be two assault guns on each side of the vehicle. And the 'STOP' log sign of the toll booth had turned into a mini-gun.

"Blisterin' barnacles!" Said Captain Haddock.

"What in the blazes?" Laughed Popeye.

"OH GOLLY!!!!!!!!!" Obelix clapped his hands.

"YAHOO!" Mahoney fired at the police boats and helicopters and made his escape rather quickly.

"Dang Cannonballer!" Jesse raced hyperactively on the Firecracker 2 motor cycle. She was being targeted by Sakura on the Piranha bike from behind. A machine gun stuck out in front of Sakura's bike. It seemed that Jesse had the same kind of weapon on her bike too. Jesse avoided Sakura's attacks and took out her machine gun to blast away the police cars getting in her path.

"Hold still!" Sakura said to herself.

"YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!" Woody and Stinky Pete raised the Firecracker truck a little higher. Twin laser cannons were taken out in front and they fired at the cops.

Not far away, the Piranha boat was swimming underwater. Hinata raised her vehicle to the surface.

"I think that's enough underwater adventure for now!" She said. But suddenly she heard sirens behind her. She looked and saw the cops. "Oh great! Once I come out they start chasing me!" Hinata hit a switch which made two long laser cannons shoot out in front of the boat. Two orange wings also came out from the side. "Time to get out of here!"

Hinata ignited her jets and blasted away creating huge waves as she went. She shot other police boats that got in her way. For the cops, those boat lessons really paid off. She was just too fast for them. "Things are looking high for me to win the Cannonball Run. Just hope Sakura's not in the same mess as I'm in."

…Days Later…

It was another bright day in Transylvania. Dracula tried to get some sleep in his coffin. All he wanted was some piece and quiet during his slumber. What a surprise he was going to get…………

"Oh." Rolly the pineapple feared driving through the eerie forests. "This place looks a little creepy." He suddenly heard rustles in the trees. He began shooting the branches with his cannons. It was nothing but bats. "I'm getting out of here!"

High above, however, things were much noisier. It seemed that the Powerpuff Girls and their friends were being attacked by Shorty the banana in his mini chopper. Shorty tried to aim his laser cannons right onto the target pointing to the Thunderball, but the girls were moving all around. It was hard to make a perfect shot.

"Fiddlesticks." Said Shorty. "If I don't try harder I'll never get past them."

"Hey." Said William. "Isn't this Transylvania?"

"OH YEAH!" Said Abraham.

"Doesn't that Dracula live round here?" Said George.

"Will you three shut your mouths?" Snapped Buttercup.

"We're trying to avoid getting killed here!" Said Bubbles.

"Guys! We need to move fly faster! More jet power!" Said Blossom.

Dracula's snoring broke by the exploding sounds from outside his castle. He couldn't stand the noise any longer. He stormed out of his coffin, removing his eye shades and marched to the window, trying to not to stand in the sunlight, and kept himself in the shadow. He discovered the two aerial vehicles in the sky and shook his fist fiercely.

"YOU CANNONBALLERS!!!!!!! KEEP IT DOWN!!!!!!!!! I'M TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP AROUND HERE!!!!!!! GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!" Dracula jumped back from the window when one of Shorty's lasers accidentally hit the window the vampire was shouting from. "Damn racers!" Dracula went back to his coffin when the racers had left.


Cars honked at the white blue beetle. Herbie, the Love Bug, continued to explore the beautiful city as his owner was off dating again with his girlfriend. He honked rudely as he passed a large truck, which belonged to the Moomin family. The Moomins looked at Herbie in shock as they saw that there was no driver.

"Speedy!" Cadpig was almost getting sea sick. "Maybe you should slow this thing down just a little bit!" Speedy Gonzalez looked at the Dalmatian and frowned.

"What? And get ourselves by the police behind us now? I don't think so! ARRIBA!" Speedy Gonzalez raised the speed in the Coast Patrol boat. Cadpig hurled her head to the water and began to throw up.

"We've got trouble!" Spot pointed at the police boats ahead.

"Fire the missiles!" Said Lucky.

"Yes, sir!" Rolly went to the motor and pressed the switch on top. Two missiles launched out from the front and launched their way to the boats along the surface of the water. Their hits were a success.

"BUENO, MIS AMIGOS!" Said Speedy Gonzalez. "But it's not enough! Here comes some more in front!"

"Oh, great!" Said Lucky. "It looks like we'll have to have someone use the rocket flippers!"

"The rocket flippers?" Rolly, Spot and Cadpig frowned.

Lucky took out a black box and opened it. There lay two black metal flippers, attached with rocket jets on the heels.

"Who's going to put those on?" Spot asked.

"I wonder…" Lucky smiled with the other Dalmatians. They rolled their eyes to the chicken.

"Oh, no…"

Minutes later…

"Are you sure about this?" Spot was given goggles and an oxygen tank as the Rolly and Cadpig suited her up. "Do you think these flippers are going to be okay with me?"

"Spot, you have nothing to fear!" Lucky said. "So good luck!"

"YAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Spot was pushed into the water and the flipper jets suddenly exploded into flames.

"There goes one brave chicken!" Cadpig saluted.

"WHOA! Did you see that Sam?" Max saw a chicken zoom across the river. "That chicken swims real fast!"

Sam pulled his friend back from the edge of the bridge.

"Listen, Max. We're here because we're supposed to be on the lookout for those Cannonballers."

"Suppose that was one of them?"

"Nonsense!" Sam was just putting himself in denial. "Just keep your eyes open on the roads."

Maximus took out his two laser cannons attached to each of his arms. Double laser cannons popped out in front of the Roman warrior. The metallic backpack he had on also took open a single laser rifle.

"These guys just don't know who they're dealing with!" Maximus fired at the police, shouting in excitement and flew through the smokes.

"Darnit!" Speed Racer glanced at his car mirror.

"What's wrong, Speedy?" Shrek said beside him.

"We've got a whole pack of cops on our backs!" The Angels and Michael looked behind.

"Jiminy Crickets!" Said Michael "There's a whole load of them!"

"We've got that Cannonballer!" Said Proctor. C. Foyt led the other police cars behind. They all followed her. Captain Harris drove the car she was in.

"Yes, Proctor!" Laughed Captain Harris. "I think we've finally got one of them this time!"

"Less talk, more concentration, people!" Shouted C. Foyt.

"They're gaining!" Said Natalie.

"Speedy! Do something!" Squealed Alex. Speed Racer made the Shark do a sharp turn along the road, leading upwards to a bridge.

"I think maybe we ought to go by sea from here!"

"WHAT?!" Everyone said in amazement by the driver's words.

"There aren't any boats round here!" Said Dylan.

"Oh, really?" Speed Racer smiled. Without warning, he drove off the edge of the bridge. Everyone else began screaming. The car sank slowly to the bottom of the river.

"CAPTAIN!" Cried Proctor when the Captain almost drove the car right off the edge of the bridge. It seemed that Mr. Harris was on the Shark's tail so much that he nearly followed them straight into the water below.

"Nice work, Captain." C. Foyt sighed in relief. "Just for a second I thought we were goners."

But then the police cars behind broke suddenly and skidded towards C. Foyt's car. One of them unfortunately rammed her car and the three buffoons fell into the river.

"Speedy?" Shouted Natalie. "Are you nuts? We're gonna drown down here!"

"Hold your horses, people! Just watch and learn." Speed Racer pressed some buttons and the Shark experienced a major transformation. Its front wheels became metallic fins, with small guns attached to them. The back wheels became propellers, and other changes were made for the new formed vehicle.

"Well, strike me down!" Said Shrek. "It's a submarine boat car!" Everyone cheered in delight. The Angels came together for a group hug while Shrek turned round from his seat to give Michael a high five. "WAY TO GO, SPEED RACER!"

"Now to see where we're heading." Speed Racer made a periscope come down.

"Hey, Captain, look!" Proctor pointed to the single periscope sticking out form the water.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Captain Harris said.

"Come back here you cowards!" Shouted C. Foyt. The periscope set back down into the water, and the Shark just swam away quietly underwater.

"Another one escapes, sir."

"SHUT UP, PROCTOR!" Captain Harris hit him in the face with his soaking hat.

"Why don't you BOTH shut and help me out of this freezing river?" C. Foyt splashed the two of them in the faces.

The Desert Fox opened itself up and revealed its various weapons, including a silver chain-gun at the back where Billy Elliott and Marcel Marceau were sitting.

"All right, Billy! You know what to do!" Billy Connelly yelled at him. "Shoot 'em all to hell! I'll take care of these buggers in front!"

"That's the spirit!" Said Richard Simmons.

"And you can be quiet!"

Billy Elliott got hold of the large gun and fired it at the police cars beside them. Marcel Marceau covered his ears and looked away.

"HA! HA!" Billy Connelly used random weapons. "You'll never stop us winning that race!"

"Good boy!" Richard Simmons laughed in delight.



The Moomins had finally gotten themselves out of the heavy traffic. Now they drove peacefully across a long bridge.

But tables turned when the battling Desert Fox drove past them the opposite way, along with multiple police cars. The Moomins was steered sideways, and probably a little too much. For they went driving off the bridge and fell straight into the river.

The Raven dashed along the river, followed by ten police boats on the way.

"Smokies still in pursuit."

"(SHizuku isn't kidding! What do we do this time?)" Asked Doraemon.

"(Let's go underwater again!)" Arale clapped her hands with Ga-Chan.

"(Underwater!)" Said Ga-Chan excitedly.

"(I've got an even better idea!)" Dr. Slump snapped his fingers. The Japanese scientist went to the back and looked at the radar and small monitors they had. He looked away from them and went to the large computer nearby. He typed in the orders for Shizuku and finished by pressing the 'Enter' button.

"Activating wings." Shizuku confirmed.

"(What did you do?)" Wondered Doraemon when he saw Dr. Slump come back to his seat.

"(We're going up to the sky!)" Dr. Slumpsmiled. Arale and Ga-Chan cheered in joy again. "(Keep it down you two!)"

The Raven's doors suddenly opened. Then the car flew itself off the water and rose upwards. The Japanese racers laughed to each other.

"SUCKERS!" Dr. Slump looked down at the boats. The Raven had now become a jet plane. Doraemon flew the plane steadily without problem. Dr. Slump opened up a hidden mini bar fridge just in front of his seat below and got himself out a can of Pepsi.

"Attention. Smokies in pursuit." Said Shuzuku. Arale and Ga-Chan looked back at the radar and TV monitors screens.

"(I thought we already took care of them.)"

"(Wait a second, Doraemon……)" Dr. Slump slowly turned back to the monitors. He suddenly spat out the Pepsi in his mouth and shouted in fear. "WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" There were twenty police choppers right behind them.

"YAAAAA!!!!!" Doraemon cried. Dr. Slump turned back to find a few more of them in front. Doraemon immediately started firing. It managed to help.

"(Next time we should go underwater, stupid!)" Doraemon screamed.

"Oh, shoot!" Rainbow Brite couldn't help noticing the number of police cars behind her. "I better drive fast!"

The Shadow Stalkers passed Herbie's way, however, and the Love Bug was suddenly attracted to the golden car like a magnet. He followed it all the way along the streets


"SAM, LOOK!" Max jumped up and down as Rainbow Brite passed them. "A Cannonballer!"

"Let's hit the road!" Sam dashed into his car with Max and turned on his siren.

"Let's get some fresh meat!" Max grinned evilly.

But just as their car got onto the middle of the road, Herbie ran into the way. As a result the two cars collided and Sam and Max were smashed into a post.

"Okay, asshole!" Max stormed out of the vehicle.

"You better have a good explanation for this!" Sam grunted. "Hey…where's the driver?"

Max shrugged.

"Maybe he's…" Max jumped in fright as Herbie honked in horror and accelerated towards them in vicious speed. "RUUUUN!!!!!!"

"YOU SAID IT, PAL!" Sam followed Max, fleeing for his life from the angry Volkswagen Beetle.

"TEAM ROCKET'S IN THE LEAD!!!!!!!!!!" The threesome cheered.

"I can't believe it!" Said Meowth.

"We've overtaken all the Cannonballers we've seen so far!" Said James.

"Don't be too sure on that, guys." Jesse waved her finger. "Just because we're in the lead now doesn't mean we'll definitely be first to get to Africa! Remember those who took the route to Russia?"

"Will this thing really work?" Fozzie the bear got into the Slingshot 2, a red battle aircraft.

"I've flown this thing before, you know." Said Richie. "Don't worry."

"Who's going to take care of this place then?" Gonzo stepped in as well.

"Hey, the Swedish Chef will be here. And there's my driver."

"Well, I hope you people have a good time flying that thing." Said C-3PO. Apparently Richie decided to take Fozzie, Kermit, Rizzo, Gonzo and Britney with him on the jet, leaving the rest of his team behind.

"Don't get yourselves hurt." Said Rosie.

"Goodbye, sir." Said the Robot. R2-D2 spoke too.

"He says farewell." C-3PO translated.

"Well see you guys later then." Waved Britney.

"See you'all later. Ya hear?" Elly held onto baby Dill.

"So long!" Said Wade Duck.

"Let's go!" Rizzo was waiting impatiently, "The cops are gonna catch us if we don't hurry." Everyone got into the Slingshot 2. The Slingshot van opened itself up and Richie's orangutan began to shoot at the police cars present around the vehicle with the black cannons in front. The jet plane at the same time was launched and Richie waved goodbye to his companions, hoping that they would get out Rome as they would too.

"So long, Master Richie!" Said C-3PO.


Action Man aimed his crossbow at Evel. Evel aimed his cannons at him in return. But then they changed their decisions and just rammed into each other with simple struggles. They punched each other, they kicked each other and they wrestled with each other.

"That money's gonna be mine!" Said Evel.

"Why don't you just jump off some cliff on your stupid motor cycle?" Action Man spat in his face. Their yelling and noise caused Dracula below in his castle to get up again from his coffin and storm to the window again.

"I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU RACERS TO TAKE YOUR STUPID GAMES………….!!!!!!!!!!" Dracula paused when he saw Action Man and Evel Knievel fighting in gripped positions and dropping down from the sky, that is, they were heading straight into where his flying little friends always slept at this time, like a bomb shell being dropped by an aircraft.





"NOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Dracula clutching his hands to his head. "NOT ZE BATCAVE!!!!!!!!!!" Too late now. The two Cannonballers crashed into the bats' layer and many agonizing noises were heard from the dark prison. Dracula looked away in horror. "Aw……..shit………."

…Outside London…

"Yes! Here comes Gryffindor here to face Slitheryn on today's Quidditch match!"

Sport matches in Hogwarts School were so exciting, even for…

"What a lovely day it is!" Harry Potter walked out into the open air with his broom. "Draco Malfoy's really going to get it this time!"

"AH! Good shot, Blackadder!" Said George.

"Splendid shooting."

"Thank you, Darling." Blackadder blew the barrel smoke from his gun. He and his friends were having a good time in the forests hunting for all kinds of birds. "Baldrick."

"Yes, sir?"

"Have you seen any other out of the ordinary birds around here?"

"Well, I have been told that there's one gigantic bird which just drops straight down like a bullet shot from the heavens. It's mighty huge and it has a large ass which we can eat on, sir." Everyone paused.

"Right……." Blackadder raised a brow.

"Well, I've never heard of this species of bird before." Said Flasheart.

"Sounds to me like quite an……..unusual bird if you ask me." Said Melchett.

"Where can we find one? I wanna know what it looks like!" Jumped Elizabeth.

"What do you call this bird, Baldrick?" Asked George.

"A big bird."

"That's it?" Frowned Melchett.

"Why does that name sound familiar?" Thought Darling.

"Maybe you just dreamed about it." Whispered Flasheart.

"Come on people!" Blackadder took his gun. "Let's find ourselves…….a big bird."

"Eat on this!" Tara launched a bomb on the police cars following their aircraft from below.

"YAY!" Lickety-Split spread her hooves cheering.

"Splendid aiming." Cornwall applauded.

"Not too bad to say so myself." Said Devon. Tara had quickly learned how to operate the airplane. Maybe a little bit of mucking around would be fun.

"Hey, guys! Look!" Tara took her hands off the steering wheel. She crossed her arms and looked back to her friends. "No hands!"

"YOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!" Cried Devon.

"TURN AROUND! TURN AROUND!" Cornwall gasped.

"TARA! LOOK OUT!" Shouted Licket-Split. Tara turned around to see that they were heading straight for the school of Hogwarts.

"LOOK OUT BELOW!" Tara cried as the aircraft flew into the entrance. Pupils and teachers jumped out of the way. Windows shattered and walls were broken through. And that wasn't the end of it. The ship had also made its way through the Quidditch stadium, disturbing the important match. But eventually the aircraft got itself out of its fine mess and flew back up.

"Oh." Lickety-Split looked back. "Hogwarts is gonna sue us for damage!"

All of a sudden she discovered Harry Potter sitting between her and the two headed dragon.

"Hello, there. Where do you people come from? You new at Hogwarts? My name's Harry Potter!"


Hadji was driving through the country. He tried to get hold of his friends by the radio after having heard strange noises from them.

"Hey, guys?" He said. "What just happened there? Is everything okay?"

There was no answer.

"Uptown Girl! She's been living in her uptown world!....." Everyone in the Thunder Hawk plane had been singing karaoke ever since they took off from the road back in the USA. Mike Tyson, however, at the back, sat there glum faced between those with him. The constant music…..the annoying singing……it was almost driving him to the funny farm. Everyone was making him go crazy.

"WHOAAAAAAOAAAAOAAAAOAOAOAAAAAAAAAOAOOAOA!!!!!!" Everyone sang with the rhythm. Mihoshi was getting too excited. Merely anybody saw her mistakenly nudge the lever by her side. Below the Thunder Hawk a red missile bomb was dropped below to the green forests……..


"Sir!" Yelled Baldrick. "Here comes a big bird right now!"

"Go get it, Blackadder!" Said George. Everyone shouted supports for him as he aimed his gun at the descending figure. The thing coming was moving really fast. Guess Baldrick was right about how they fly. But when he finally got his crosshair onto his target, Blackadder dropped his gun slowly.

"Wait a second." Blackadder paused. "That kind of looks like…"

Everyone looked up and froze. For what was coming at them wasn't a big bird, but…………


Heero looked back at the huge explosion in the trees. A mushroom cloud was formed above the green land.

"Tsk. Tsk. People these days!" Ranma shook his head. He was now in his male form. "They simply don't have any respect for the nature!"

"Yeah, our world would be doomed without it!" Spoke a mysterious voice behind Mike.

"YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ALL screamed in fright and Heero lost slight control of the car plane and began to shoot lasers everywhere by accident.

"Everyone, calm down!" Heero exclaimed.

"Somebody get this person off my back!" Said Mike.

"WASHU?!?!?!?!?!?!" Said Kiyone and Mihoshi.

"At your service! Sorry if I scared you all." The red haired woman chuckled. She got off Mike's back and climbed to the front of the vehicle. "Sorry about that, Mr. muscle-man!"

"How the hell did you get in here?" Said Kiyone.

"I used one of my special teleporting devices. I was watching you guys ever since the start of the race. Things were getting kinda bored in my lab, so I thought I'd join you guys in the race!"

"Well, maybe you could have joined in the first place." Said Flint.

"Yeah, you scared the life out of me!" Said Rocky.

"So, where exactly are we?" Washu was curious.

"Near London." Said Mihoshi.

"Do you think we're in the lead?" Asked Hello Kitty.

"Doubt it." Said Hitomi. "Remember Moscow?"

"Don't even talk about it." Said Holly.

"Yeah. That place bites." Sakura sneezed. "I think I might have caught a cold!"

"Don't wanna go there again." Added the White Ranger.

"Washu, do you like karaoke?"

"Sure, Mihoshi."

"Then Let's sing Uptown Girl again!"

"YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!" Everyone cheered again, except of course Mike, who just sulked.


"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mike Tyson couldn't take anymore.


"How did I ever get myself into this mess?" Aslan the Lion thought, roaming aimlessly round his cage in London Zoo. "I knew I shouldn't have left Narnia! It was a bad idea. The first minute you step out, people cower from you and then before you know it, zookeepers come at you in every direction with nets. And now I'm stuck here."

"Mommy! That lion's talking!" A little boy shouted.

"Don't be silly, dear. Animals can't talk."

In a dark alleyway, the Turks had gathered for another plot to stop the Cannonballers.

"This plan better work, sir!" Said Reno. "Thade's not going to be pleased if we fail this time round."

"HA!" Tseng laughed. "Don't fret! This creature is as ferocious as can be!"

"RAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" A loud shriek was heard from the large metal box standing between the four.

"What in blazes was that?" Elena recoiled back in fright.

"It's what we're going to use for those you-know-who." Rude answered her.

"Muttley! Activate the battle systems!" Muttley pressed a switch and the tow truck changed into another form.

"Impressive!" The Grinch clutched his hands.

"I'd say double impressive!" Said Beastly.

"Triple impressive!" Said Shrieky laughing with Beastly.

Up front and backwards, the Wildcat shot the police chasing them.

"Have some of this, scum buckets!" Dick Dastardly shot out orange shuriken blades. "HA! HA! HA!"

"Jolly good show!" Said Captain Hook.

"How most evil!" Grinned the Purple Pie Man.

"Indeed." Said Fearless Leader.

"Hey, Dick." Dark Paw tapped his shoulder.

"What is it you two?"

"Sorry to ruin the fun, put I think that car's overtaken us!" Dishonest referred to the Jackhammer driving past the Wildcat while it was having fun getting rid of the cops.

"GAA!!! We must catch them at once!" Yelled Macavity.

"DRAT! DRAT AND DOUBLE DRAT!" Dick Dastardly immediately jumped back into the race. Muttley just sniggered quietly to himself.

"Did you see that truck back there?" Said Moulder.

"Yeah, did a heap of help for us!"

"Aw, look, K! The Martians are playing Stone, Paper, Rock!" Agent J watched the two Martians compete with each other. One of the Martians took out scissors, while the other one took out rock. The one with rock by mistake punched Moulder in the face instead of the losing Martian. He fell to the floor while the Martians just laughed.

"Carmen Sandiego's coming for you, honey." The woman in red was getting confident about winning the race.


"Here comes one now!" Tseng ducked into the alley. "On my count of three, release the box."

"Are you serious?" Elena said.

"YES!" Tseng ran back to his friends and ran behind the box. "One…two…THREE!"

Reno, Rude and Elena undid the locks on the box and a black Alien hurled out at once. It crawled its way quickly to the light in the distance and pounced onto Carmen's Sonic Stinger as it passed.

"HOLY!!!!!!!" Carmen was shocked to see the Alien on her car. She tried to steer it away but it didn't help. In fact, she ended up driving into London Zoo.


"What the…?" Aslan saw a car heading his way.

Carmen crashed into the cage and the Alien was pushed away from the car, as Aslan took his position by accident.

"Mommy, look!" The little boy looked at the Alien in the open cage.

"AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone screamed and fled from the Alien as it ran amuck.


"Get off my car, you big cat!" Carmen yelled at Aslan. "You're blocking my way!"

Aslan was too scared to do anything. Carmen tried to use the window cleaners to wipe him away, but soon she decided to hit the switch. Two silver wings appeared form the sides and the front wheels became two guns. A large missile launcher popped right under where Aslan was sitting. The Sonic Stinger lifted off the ground and halfway up, Aslan fell off and landed into a large fountain near Trafalgar Square.

"I've heard of raining cats and dogs…but lions?" An American tourist took a picture of Aslan before he fell.

The Turks happened to be nearby. They watched Carmen Sandiego fly away into the clouds.

"Nice going, boss!" Reno nudged Tseng. "Looks like our little pet didn't stop her."

"Oh, put a sock in it."

…Days later…

…Outside France…

On the sea between Great Britain and France, Eric, Baleog and Olaf were on their Viking ship, sailing northwards.

"I'm telling you, Olaf. We've should have taken a hovercraft to get to Britain!" Yelled Baleog. "But NO! You wanted to take a cheap boring Viking ship like always!"

"Hey! I can't help it if I like them!" Olaf replied.

"Calm down, Baleog, we're going to make it there soon, so you should be happy."


High atop the Eiffel Tower, a tiny speck could be seen. It was small Smurfette, admiring the glamorous view of the city.

"Ah, Paris, so romantic." She said softly brushing her neat blonde hair. "Hurry up here, you guys!"

Five Smurfs climbed up to the top of the tower with packs of heavy luggage in their hands.

"What took you guys so long? Remember, this is my holiday. I don't want anything to ruin it."

"Yes, you little annoying brat…" One of the Smurfs mumbled.


"Um, yes, dear Smurfette!"

…Outside France…

"Hey, there's some big whale coming our way!" Olaf looked out to the sea.

It was Yoruba on the Rattler 2. Without looking, the racer drove straight through the Viking boat, breaking a big hole in it.

"The ship is sinking." Baleog said, trying not to get angry. "And you said this was an unsinkable ship!"

"Hey, don't look at me like that." Said Eric. "That's what the people at the sea port told me!"

"Well, it looks like they conned you!" Baleog shouted.

"Hey, guys. Why are we sinking?" Olaf wondered.

The three continued to bicker, even when their ship sunk underneath the water.


"Hope Yoruba's okay." Said Wally Gator.

"Hope WE'RE going to be okay without him!" Top Cat gasped at the police behind them.

"Heavens to migratory! Better step on it!" Snagglepuss paled.

"Uh-oh!" Stanley Stupid saw a laser beam go right past them. "I guess somebody's trying to get our attention!"

Kitty and Xylophone turned around to see the Head Hunter shooting at them. The two animals held onto each other in terror.


"What is he doing?" Elaine saw Stanley in the Turbo Prop waving his arm at them.

"It looks as if he's telling us to drive go him or something." Said Durga.

"I don't see any reason why not!" Guybrush smiled and hovered past the Stupids.

"So long!" Stanley waved at Guybrush. "You see, people. Violence is not the answer. If a person gets impatient and wants to pass you, let him pass you! It's a whole lot better than getting hurt!"

A large zeppelin floated above the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There happened to be armed rockets right underneath the large balloon……..

"Okay, this is what's happening." Smart Ass sat on the control panel. When the Cannonballers fly by here, you guys be on the look out and tell me when they're coming. Then, when you tell me, I'll launch of these rockets right into their vehicle and…..KABOOM! They'll be blown to smithereens!" The other weasels laughed and clapped their hands.

"Very clever idea, boss!" Said Stupid.

"You guys go and look for them, now!"

Not far away, the Skybolt was the first plane sighted by the Weasels.

"Michael! Are you ready to be launched down to Paris?" Said Major Payne.

"I guess so….."



"Good! Then see you next time we meet!"

"So long, Mike." Saluted Leonardo.

"Good luck!" Said Ken. "Go get them!"

Michael waved at them as he was parachuted out of the Skybolt in a car vehicle which had detached itself from the air force plane. Therefore Major Payne's jet was now a tiny bit smaller than before, but it was still strong for defense and for the race. Michael's car landed on the road. The police were already behind him. He detached the parachute and accelerated his vehicle instantly.

"Um…….Major………." Said Ken. "You're heading straight for that zeppelin up ahead."


"Sir?" Leonardo was getting worried now.


"Here comes one, boss!" Said Greasy.

"Let me handle this!" But when Smart Ass turned to his monitor screen the plane was already flying straight at him at full speed. "Uh-oh."

"SIR!" Ken and Leonardo cried. Major Payne said nothing and only zoomed right through the giant balloon, making a large hole when it passed.

"He……….he………he& hellip;…………." Major Payne laughed.

The zeppelin dropped and soon got stuck on the peak of the Eiffel Tower.


"WHOAAA!!!!!!!" Smurfette couldn't control where she was stepping due to the large shake on the tower. She tripped over to the edge and flipped over the bars. "AAAA!!! HA! HA! HAAAA!!!!" But luckily she didn't fall. For she held onto the lifesaving bars as tightly as she could. "Somebody help me!"

But her servants were too busy snoozing off together on top of her bags.


"Hey, boss." Said Greasy. "Maybe it was one of those plane examination driving tests."


"Hey, Bob!" Said Pee Wee. "They're still after us!"

"Look on the bright side. It's only a few more hours until we reach Spain!"

"Um, Bob, perhaps it would best if we could get a little more speed round the Pit Stop Catapult here." Simon suggested.

"More speed. Yup, yup, yup." Said Ducky.

"Speed is good. Speed is very good." Added Petrie.

"I can't wait until we get to Africa." Said Gumby.

"HO! HO! HOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Santa Clause fired away at the police boats in the Arctic Assault.

"(Take that you bastards!)" Yelled Pingu. Meanwhile in the air Mario Lemieu avoided the helicopters and blasted those in his sight. "No one can outmatch me! Mario Lemieu!"

"NOBODY CAN STOP ME!" Captain Chaos was back again on the road, sweeping his way past cars and demolishing the police with his Ratfang plasma gun.

"There he goes again."

"That's right, Jessica. Another fine day for Captain Chaos." Said Dolores leaning back on her seat.

"Be careful, Roger!" Eddie sat next to Captain Chaos. "That gun isn't a toy, you know!"

…To Africa…

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