Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ Cannonball Run 3 World Tour ❯ Africa ( Chapter 7 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 7


The betting room was a nightmare, as always, thanks to the Cannonball band.

"Herman! Please tell me where the Stiletto is!" Yo-Yo Ma demanded.

"Give us the status of the Hurricane, now!" The entire group of N'Sync shouted at the same time.

"All right, Mr. Ma. I'm on it," Herman looked at the race board.

"Oh. Benny. Didn't I warn about what I'd to you if you didn't tell me about where the Wildcat was?" Marilyn Manson gave an evil look.

"Okay! Okay! Just a second!" Benny inspected the board.

"Yes! You heard us right, folks!" Said Bosley. "The Cannonballers have now passed Europe."

"They're now approaching the exotic island of Africa." Said Gennai.


"Just as Jigglypuff says, the temperature's steaming hot there." Said Misty. "Let's hope our racers can withstand the sun's heat!"

"Boy! I don't want to be in anybody's shoes over there!" Ryo shivered.

"And now, we go to David Letterman, Kida and Tarzan live in Cairo!" Bosley turned around to the screen.

"Hello? Can you hear us?" David Letterman spoke . He was standing just outside the Pyramids and the large Sphinx statue.

"We can hear you fine, guys." Ryo responded.

"Gosh! It's hot out here! I sure hope the Cannonballers will be okay in this kind of weather." Kida wiped her sweaty forehead.

"Guys, seen anybody yet?" Asked Gennai.

"Not a soul." Said Tarzan. "But don't worry. I'm sure they'll come. Many of them are still making their way across from Spain. But from what I know, I believe that the Razorback was the first vehicle to enter Africa."

"Thank you, guys!" Misty saluted.

"No problem. Best of luck to you!" David said as he waved at the screen with the others.

"This is Bosley!"

"I'm Gennai."

"I'm Misty."

"I'm Ryo!"


"Live in New York. May the Lord bless those fine Cannonballers." Bosley finished.

'We all need to work together to build a better life,

To make it what we feel, we have to make it real,

We all need to remember that nothing in this world comes for free,

We have to make it what we want,

Just you and me and everybody.

Work it out, work it out, think about it,

Work it out, work it out, talk about it,

Work it out, work it out, make it happen,

Let's work it, work it out…….

We've got to make it real, we've got to make it real,

We've got to make it real, we've got to make it real.

We all know that life gets harder, it's getting harder day by day,

We can show that we are trying, we're making sure that everyone can stay,

You're someone I can depend on, no one else can put it right,

I'm someone you can rely, 'cos we're not giving up without a fight.

Work it out, work it out, think about it,

Work it out, work it out, talk about it,

Work it out, work it out, make it happen,

Let's work it, work it out…….

We've got to make it real, we've got to make it real,

We've got to make it real, we've got to make it real.

Work it out, work it out, think about it,

Work it out, work it out, talk about it,

Work it out, work it out, make it happen,

Let's work it, work it out…….

We've got to make it real, we've got to make it real,

We've got to make it real, we've got to make it real.'

'Work It Out' by TJ Davis from 'Sonic R'.

"This is so boring." Pippi Long-Stocking dropped her head down to the ocean, fishing by the side of the pirate ship. Pippi was asked to fish for food due to the food shortage. For the last three hours she hadn't caught a bite. She wished she could be doing something adventurous.

"Any luck, Pip?" Asked a pirate.


"Dad! How much further until we reach Africa?"

"A few more minutes, Bart! Let's just hope nobody gets there before us!" Homer zoomed the Bullet hovercraft bike.

"That bike's getting away!" Death hit Dream on the head. "After him!"

"I'm on it." Dream finished off the police boats surrounding him with his guns and escaped.

"What are we doing now, boss?" Asked Greasy. The Weasels were in a submarine cleverly disguised as a giant Manta ray.

"Right." Smart Ass stopped the ray. "Listen up and listen good. When you see a Cannonballer pass above us, you hit this button here and I'll do the rest of the work. Easy?"

"Yes, boss." Greasy nodded.

"I think there's one right now! Up there!" Shouted Wheezy.


"Speedy. We're going to have to make this boat go faster."

"Yeah. Lucky's right. The Cannonballers might be ahead of us at this moment." Said Rolly.

"Oh, do we have to?" Moaned Cadpig. "I think I'm gonna be sick again!"

"You've been saying that since we started this race!" Said Rolly.

"Yeah! But I'm not used to going on boats." Cadpig was feeling nauseous again.

"Here we go, amigos!" Speedy Gonzalez ran up the motor.

"NOW!" Smart Ass shouted. Greasy hit the button and a long suction cup plunger shot itself onto the Coast Patrol boat from underneath and stuck to it. Little did the Weasels know that there also happened to be a fishing hook right behind their submarine. The hook by chance grappled onto the ray.


"What's this?" Pippi Long-Stocking rose from her tired position. Something was caught on her hook.


"Come on!" Smart Ass told Greasy to step on the pedal. But somehow they weren't moving, even after when the Coast Patrol managed to move itself out of the plunger's grip. "Don't let them get away! We gotta fire at them again!"

"I'm trying, boss!"


"I think we've got ourselves a Moby Dick!" Cried one of the pirates helping Pippi Long-Stocking claim the 'fish' she had caught. Everyone in the pirate crew held onto the fishing rod and pulled with Pippi.

"Keep pulling, guys!" Shouted Pippi.


"This is madness!" Spot came rocketing across the sea bed and out of control. She managed to distract the Weasels' attention.

"What was that?" Greasy wondered. But then…

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Weasels found themselves flying out of the water in their submarine and landed onto the deck of the pirate ship.


"Look!" another one pointed out. "Something's coming out of it!" The weasels crawled out of their submarine.

"Uh-oh." Said Pippi Long-Stocking. "I think we've got some strangers on our boat."

"Huh? What's going on?" Smart Ass looked at the pirates.

"Sorry you guys, but we just don't accept intruders onto our ships." Sighed Pippi. "I'm going to have to throw you back into the sea."

"YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Pippi threw them all off the ship.


Some of the Cannonballers were now driving through Cairo. High on top of a mountain, a man viewed onto the city. Putting on his hat and taking out his whip, he laughed in delight.

"These Cannonballers ain't going to get passed me." Indiana Jones snorted. "Commander Foyt will congratulate me once I take them out!"

Eddie Valiant sat back on his seat with Dolores while Captain Chaos did all the hard work. Jessica was there to support him.

"Phew! This place is hot!"

"You're doing well, Chaos. Keep it up." Eddie gave him a thumb up.

"Will it be this boiling all the time in Africa." Dolores opened the window for some fresh air.

"Hey, by the next bridge we cross, things are going to get cold." Said Jessica.

"This stupid sun!" Meowth covered his eyes from the bright circle. He looked down and saw that they were hovering over the sandy Egyptian deserts

"I'm SO hot!" Panted James. "It's like an oven in here."

"Speak for yourself." Said Jesse. James and Meowth looked at Jesse and saw that she had a fan blowing in front of her. She didn't seem to be complaining at all. "You two moan too much. Just relax."

"Oh……." James and Meowth moaned, wishing they could have Jesse's fan just for one second.

"I don't believe it." Jake looked back at the cops. "How can these guys stand this place?"

"You got me there." Said Elwood.

"I feel like I'm melting!" Freakazoid opened his neck collar.

"We mustn't stop now!" The Mask was still in full focus on the Razorback. "We gotta keep movin'!"

"Where are we?" Asked Billy Elliott.

"Just getting to Cairo."

"Bloody hell, it's boiling in here!" Billy Elliott opened the window.

"Now why didn't I think of opening the window?" Richard thought. He stared at Marcel who just gave him an 'I don't know' look.


"A Cannonballer." Indiana saw the Desert heading along the road. "Right on my sight!

And just as the truck passed him, he took out his whip and aimed to grab the back of the vehicle, and hence pulling it backwards with his muscular strength. But that didn't happen, for Mr. Jones was a little off. The whip got stuck onto the wheel and unfortunately pulled him onto the road.

"YAAA!!!!!!!!!" Indiana was now being dragged on the highway. And it was painful ride.


"Hey, do you guys hear something?" Richard Simmons said.

"Yeah, you!" Billy Connelly answered.

"That wasn't really what I meant. I…"

"Listen, there's no time for much chit chat now. We have to get our way through Cairo."


"Stop!" Cried Indiana. "PLEASE STOP!"

By luck, the whip had untangled itself off the wheel. Indiana went tumbling off the side of the road.

"Thank you." He croaked out before falling unconscious.

"(Take that, scum!)" Kirikou struck the choppers with his cannons.

"GOOD JOB! HA HAAAAAA!" Baron Samedi cackled.


Alf guided Steve through Cairo. Steve took care of those who got in the way with his laser cannon by his side.

"All is clear, Steve!"

"Great! Hold on!" Steve accelerated his bike.

"GO TARA!" Cried Lickety-Split.

"Chew on this!" Tara fired at the helicopters.

"My, she really knows how to handle planes by now." Said Cornwall.

"Eh. I'd say she's a professional right now by the looks of it." Added Devon.


There was a helicopter chasing after Hadji's car to accompany the police cars on the chase.

"Yes. A good time for a good missile practice." Hadji made his car heighten a little and the nose of his car pointed to its. He pressed a switch and the car's nose became a missile and hit the flying helicopter.

High in the rocky mountains outside the city, two bounty hunters waited patiently for a certain Cannonballer vehicle to pass by.

"Titus, are you sure they're going to pass by here?" Moaned Fa-Li, walking around the area. kicking the gravel on the ground.

"Yes, I'm sure." Answered Titus, also known as the Running Man. "That Yuffie girl should be coming by here any minute, along with those other creeps."

"You know that the master's not going to be pleased if we mess up."

"Yes, I know that." Titus set his eyes back onto his binoculars and looked down onto the empty roads.

The attack chopper and fighter jet landed to the ground after being halted by four helicopters. The African police officers got out and approached the ladies in each vehicle.

"Hello Officers." Said Michelle.

"What happens to be the trouble?" Asked Amara.

"I don't where you girls have come from. But you better have a good answer to tell us where you're all flying to." Officer spoke to the girls sternly.

"Gosh, it's hot out here." Sighed Lara Croft.

"Yeah. I could really get some fresh cool air." Said Joanna.

The four girls unzipped their outfits to an extent that aroused the policemen. They looked down at their open boobs and gasped smiling. The policemen looked at each other with happy faces.

"Look, all we ask for you lovely girls is to just stay out of trouble." The Officer shrugged. "Oh, hell. We can't just arrest four generous young women like you. Go in peace and try not to do this again."

The police left, letting the girls go.

"It works every time." Winked Joanna.

They all zipped up back their suits and flew off together into the air.

"BOOM, BABY!" Kuzco blasted the last helicopter in his way and flew away in his mini-plane.


"Mom, did you see that?" Said Alessa. "The Emperor really is a hot shot!"

"Less talking, more driving!" Dahlia snapped, slapping her shoulder.

"Fine. Be miserable all the time." Alessa sighed. But when she turned forwards she saw two police cars coming their way. "Uh-oh. What do we do now, mom?"

"Now…we kick some ass!" Dahlia screamed excitedly as she pressed a button on the control panels.

The Blazin Fury changed shape. The front part of the truck rose up while two cannons popped out beside nearby from where they sat. Behind the vehicle double cannons jutted out just above the wheels.

One car was hit when the Blazin Fury came closer. But the other one avoided the attacks and decided to drive behind the truck. Little did the cop know of the cannons waiting for him back there. Thus he was hit, just like his friend.

"Look, guys! A hitchhiker!" Max took notice of the blonde girl by the street.

"Hello." Smiled Hercules. Max happened to stop the hitchhiking girl. Xena was annoyed by who the boys had stopped for.

"Why hello, you boys." Said Holly Wood in a seductive tone. Hercules and Max were glued to her glittering eyes. Love was in the air, no doubt.

"Can we give you a lift?" Max grinned.

"Could you pretty boys take me to…….."

"No! Sorry! Bad luck, girl!" Xena punched Max on the shoulder. "Car's full! Go ride with someone else!" Max stepped on the Iguana from Xena's forceful actions.

"Hmph!" Holly snorted and crossed her arms as she watched the three go.

"Hey, Squall."

"Yeah, Yuffie?"

"Aren't we near the place where that evil Egyptian sorcerer was buried?" Yuffie looked outside the window.

"I think so."

"People claimed to have heard voices round here." Said Seifer.

"Voices?" Yuffie laughed. "Hey, Vinnie! What do you think of thesen voices?.......Vinnie?......"

Vincent was busy resting his eyes.

"VINNIE! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!" Yuffie shouted in the gunslinger's ear. Vincent shuffled from his position, moaning from his wake.

"What is it, Yuffie?" He said quietly.

"Do you sense any evil presences in this place?" Vincent looked around.


"Okay, dokey!" Yuffie jumped back to her seat and crossed her legs.


"When are they going to come?" Fa-Li asked the same question for the twelfth time.

Titus was on his last nerve.

"Listen!" The blond man turned around and looked at Fa-Li. "If you say that one more time, I'm really going to…"

But Titus' shouting was suddenly muted by the loud noises of sirens and chopper propellers from down below. Fa-Li saw the police cars and helicopters chasing after the Hurricane. She would have told her friend right away of what was going on behind his back, but he was too busy shouting at her with his big mouth. Eventually the police vanished with their target.

"…so will you please shut up?"

"Titus, sugar. Yuffie just passed us while you were ranting off about who knows what."

Titus turned back and saw nobody.

"Oh, great. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Titus, I think we really need to improve our strategies." Fa-Li shook her head.

Kain, leader of the terrorist faction known as the Brotherhood of Nod, gathered up his army for an assembly.

"One day, people." He spoke out loud to everyone. "The world will be ours. We will create a new world order. And we will not stop at any costs!"


"But first, we must gather as much Tiberium as we can to make our weapons. Let me explain the details…"

Kain took a long staff and a large white paper board came down from behind. Everyone fell asleep as he educated his men everything about Tiberium.

"This place is cursed." Said Hoy.

"This is where the evil being known as Imhotep lies." Said Hotep.

"That's not gonna stop us from the race." Eddy Gordo flew his plane.

"Look! There's Michael!" Malik pointed below.

"Do you think he'll survive?" Asked Leon.

"No sweat. That guy can go through anything." Said Rawle.

"Yeah, didn't you ever see that movie 'Space Jam'?" Said Doug.


Michael Jordan drove his way along the ancient tombs, observing the peculiar looking statues he passed by. But suddenly when he looked forwards he stopped his bike and came face to face with a man in a black cloak.

It was Imhotep.

"Um, excuse me, sir." Michael swallowed a gulp. "Sorry if I'm trespassing or anything, but would you happen to know the way to Cairo?"

Imhotep, without even thinking, kindly pointed the direction to him.

"Gee, thanks a lot." Michael left the scene.

Imhotep watched as he went. Suddenly he came to his proper senses and slapped himself for letting his victim get away. For at first he had thought Michael had come to his place to steal his treasure. He always enjoyed scaring people anyway. Perhaps the next visitor he wouldn't be as kind to.

"Goten, is that Cairo just ahead?" Asked Amy from the Condor.

"Yeah, I think it is."

"We have to be careful here." Hotaru held onto Amy's waist firmly. "I sense much fear in these deserts."

"Man this weather sucks." Said 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. "How's the air con doing on the Bulldog?"

"Rararrrrarararra…………" Nemesis growled softly. Steve glanced at his friend and raised his brow.

"You're kidding.How could they be jammed?" Nemesis shrugged. "Okay, okay. Don't panic. Let's just open the windows."


"Sweet mother of God!" Steve Austin exclaimed. Gusts of strong sandy wind blew so fierce on their faces that Steve and Nemesis had to close them again. "Okay, bad idea."

"Prepare for landing." Batman settled the Boulder Hill to the sandy land.

"I just can't stand that damn sun any longer!" Said Nick Fury. "We're going on land from now on."

"Where are we exactly?" Asked Buffy.

"Just outside Cairo." Said Spawn. "We'll take a shortcut so that we need not bother driving through there."

"Come, people! Let's get this thing out of here!" Nick clapped his hands.

"What a desolate place." Maximus drove through Imhotep's place. "I sure hope nobody's cannibalistic round here."

"RAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Imhotep gaped his mouth wide open as Maximus was approaching him. Pity for the evil sorcerer though, for Maximus didn't seem to hear his high pitched scream and secondly he wasn't looking where he was going.

Maximus was so distracted with the statue and tombs that he ran over Imhotep, who didn't have enough time to get out of his way.

"What a nice drive through that was." Maximus smiled. "I think I might consider coming back here someday!"

Imhotep lifted his face from the sand and looked up at the Roman gladiator driving away. He sank his face back to the floor and passed out.

"This is getting really intense." Rainbow Brite had too many police following her. "It's better if I fly my way out of this mess!"

Rainbow Brite hit a switch and the Shadow Stalker changed into an armed aircraft. She blasted off the road and ascended high into the clouds.


"Now, after collecting the Tiberium into the labs, you…." Kain heard something in the air.

He turned around from the board and gazed up to the sky, tosee Rainbow Brite's plane fly across the large camp.

"I must be dreaming." Kain mumbled. But he looked back at his snoozing soldiers. "This certainly isn't a dream…EVERYBODY WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENNTION!"

Everyone jumped to their feet and yawned.

…Days later…

"RAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I"VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!" Shouted Mike Tyson.

"Lower the Thunder Hawk down, Heero!" Cried Kiyone. The Thunder Hawk settled down into a small African village near the city of Nairobi. The car shook vigorously as if there was something wild inside. And in fact, there was. Mike Tyson, having heard enough karaoke singing, finally released his anger and went psycho…….


"I'll kill you…….I"LL KILL ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mike was acting like a maniac. Everyone dived out of the car when they opened the doors.

"Run for your lives!" Ranma was now in her female form. She, Hitomi and the White Ranger jumped into a shallow well. Holly, Flint, Rocky, Hello Kitty and Sakura hid for cover in a hut. Heero, Washu, Mihoshi and Kiyone however were being chased round the car by the angry boxer.

"Please, Mike! Calm down!" Said Washu.

"CALM DOWN?!?!?!?!? I'll show you calming down!" Mike jumped onto the Thunder Hawk and leaped onto Washu.

"AAAAA!!!!!! NO! GET HIM OFF ME!" Washu was struggling with Mike, who was already biting her ankle. Heero, Kiyone and Mihoshi grabbed the nearest objects they could find in the village. The people in their huts just watched in confusion of what the heck was going on.

"OOF!!!" Mike was struck on the face with a wooden spoon by Heero. "EE!!!" He was hit again on the other side of the face with a large metal bowl by Mihoshi. "AAAACK!!!!!!!!" Most painful of all, he was hit on the head with a pan by Kiyone. Nevertheless, though, nothing could stop the mad titan.

Heero, Mihoshi and Kiyone dropped their weapons and ran off with Washu.

"Okay……" Mike said firmly. "If you wanna play rough, WE'LL PLAY ROUGH!!!!!!!!!!"

"He's on the rampage!" Cried Kiyone. She and the other three took cover in a hut. Mike, happily for him, managed to find them with ease.

"You guys are really getting on my nerve!"

"Throw things at him!" Cried Heero. The four began to throw everything in the hut they could take hold of and throw.

"Just leave us alone!" Screamed Mihoshi. "Go away!"

"He's really nuts!" Said Washu. But Mike ran through the flying objects and rammed into Heero, who fell over and knocked over the wall of the hut.

"Now's our chance! RUN!" Kiyone cried.

The four ran as fast as they could from the charging bull. Mike stopped chasing them when he caught a glimpse of Sakura and the others peeping their heads from another hut. Mike gave an evil grin.

"Aha! There you runts are!" The victims in the hut didn't have time to get out due to Mike's flashy speed to the door.

"DON'T HURT US!" Cried H. Kitty.


"Friend, huh? I'll show you what REAL friends do with each other!"

"Quick, Sakura! Use a Clow Card!" Holly's quick order came too late.

The hut shook like an earthquake and shouts and screams echoed out.

"YAAA!!!!!!!!" Flint and Rocky were hurled through the wall of hut.

"YOW!!!!!!!" Sakura was knocked out through the wall as well. H. Kitty and Holly dashed out of the entrance way.

"COME BACK HERE!" Mike Tyson was now furious.


"HE'S GONE BESERK!" Shouted Holly. The five of them slit up in separate ways in the village to confuse Mike.

"Come out you cowards! I know you're still here!"


"Psssst. Hitomi." Whispered the White Ranger in the well. "I've got an idea."

"What is it?"

"What?" Asked Ranma.

"See that large log over there?" The three looked to the left to find a large wooden log leaning against a hut.


"You can run but you can't hide!" Mike marched through the houses. Suddenly from out of the blue, the White Ranger, Hitomi and Ranma appeared in his path, carrying a large log.

"Are you ready?" Said the White Ranger.

"READY!" Cried Hitomi and Ranma.

"CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The trio came running forwards like a bullet shout out from a gun and headed straight for Mike.

Mike simply stepped sideways and the log passed by him. The trio, still running, accidentally rammed instead into another hut, destroying it completely. But too bad it was the hut where the rest of the Cannonballers were.

"Oh no! Our cover's blown!" Cried Washu.

"AAAHH! LOOK OUT! HERE HE COMES!" Shrieked Mihoshi.

"HE'S COMING BACK!" Said Kiyone.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The villagers looked upon the Cannonballers wrestling in the ruined hut. Everyone set eyes on the chief villager. The old man just sighed and shook his head.

"NO MORE KARAOKE!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE KARAOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mike shouted in Kiyone's face, shaking her to and fro.

"OKAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Said Kiyone. "We won't have any more singing during the race! Okay?"

"Are you sure?" Mike calmed down a little.

"We promise!" Mihoshi took up her hand as if she had sworn to the Bible. Mike looked upon the other Cannonballers and his red head face faded away. He let go of Kiyone and got up.

"Fine, then. Let's just get back to the race." Mike wiped the dust off himself. "I WANNA WIN THAT HUNDRED MILLION BUCKS!"

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!" Everyone cheered.

"Mike's back to normal!" Laughed Sakura. Everyone ran to the Thunder Hawk which was waiting patiently for them. Kiyone and Mihsohi looked back at Washu before going with the others.

"Hey, Washu." Said Kiyone. Washu was too busy looking upon the African village and natives that lived here.

"C'mon, Washu! We're going to lose the race!" Said Mihoshi.

"You guys go."


"I think this place needs a little refurbishing, if you know what I mean. It's WAY too old fashioned." Washu turned to the girls. "This'll take some time. I'm might slow you people down. I have to fix this place up!"

Kiyone and Mihoshi gazed at Washu with their sad puppy eyes.

"Washu, are you sure you want to leave us?" Kiyone asked.

"Oh, come on. Don't be sad. I'll see you guys after the race!"

"Kiyone! Mihoshi! We're going now!" Heero's voice called out.

"I promise." Washu spoke softly with a wink with her clever eye.

"Well………okay." Kiyone ran off to the Thunder Hawk. She made one last glance at the female scientist and gave a happy nod. Mihoshi turned round and followed her partner.

But then she stopped and looked back at Washu, now accompanied by the natives, for a final time. Through Mihoshi's eyes she ever wondered if they could truly win the race. She had her hopes high and looked forward to seeing the future. She smiled and waved.

"Bye, Washu!" Mihoshi shouted.

The Thunder Hawk purred its way past the huts and rode out into the open fields by land. Everyone waved their goodbyes to the little scientist.

'Cannonball! Cannonball! Cannonball! Cannonball!



'Cannonball' by Ray Stevens.

"After that clown!" Shouted C. Foyt in the airplane. As usual, Proctor and Captain Harris were with her. Several police choppers followed from behind.

"Now you see me……." Bozo the clown lowered the Firefly plane and vanished into the deep leaves of the wild forests. "…… you don't!"

"Where did he go?" Captain Harris looked down at the area all confused. Even the cops were puzzled. Bozo's vehicle secretly turned back into a car and slowly drove away through the trees.

"We have to find him!"

"Don't worry, Commander." Proctor dived into the forests with the plane. "We'll find him."

"NO!" Cried C. Foyt. "You're going to wreak the plane!"

"PROCTOR! STOP THE PLANE!" Shouted Captain Harris.

"I'm trying!" Proctor's answer didn't help the plane stop from coming to a crash when it fell into the trees making birds fly everywhere.

"Is the Pit Stop Catapult ready for some action?" Said Bob to Simon.

"You bet!" Simon winked.

"Okay, people, it's battle time!" Bob pressed the button by the side. The 'Snake Oil' sign above them lowered itself down and became a set of cutters that could cut through anything that went in its path. The gas post on the platform became a catapult and the tires the team had supplied grew spikes on themselves.



"What is it, Eric?"

"I think we're in really big trouble!" Said Kyle looking back.


"Kenny's right!" Said Charles.

"It's another Cannonballer! And it looks as if they're gonna shoot us!" Cried Stan. Ivy looked at her window mirror.

"Now all of you just sit back. Let Ivy take care of this!" Ivy speeded up the Stinger.


"Faster!" Said Gumby. "They're getting away!" Simon speeded up the vehicle.

"Hurry up, Petrie." Said Ducky.

"Here you go!" Petrie passed a spiked tire onto the gas post.

"Fire one!" Said Bob. The wheel threw itself off the post and just missed the Stinger.

"Holy crap!" Said Kyle. "Those tires are explosives!"

"This is fun!" Laughed Pee Wee.

"Fire two!" Bob said again.

"IVY!" Stan cried. Ivy suddenly drove off the road and dashed into the green African forests.

"They're they go!" Pointed Pee Wee.

"Don't let them get away!" Said Gumby.

The Pit Stop Catapult drove into the forests as well. The vehicle cut down the trees and leaves along its path.

"Okay!" Tony Hawk was about to teach some of the native African kids in a village on how to skateboard. "Which one of you wants to learn skateboarding?"


"Okay, I'll take that as all of you!"


"ACK! ACK!" The Martians seemed to be having fun destroying the police cars. Agent K didn't mind it himself either.

"Boy! Those Martians are damn good shooters!" Said Agent J.

"You can say that again!" Agent K sniggered.

"Boy! Those Martians are damn good shooters!" Said Moulder.

"JERONIMO!" The fat alien Earl dived down into the hotel's outdoor swimming pool, only to let the water all burst out.

"You didn't have to do that, dude." Toejam stepped out of his changing room. "Now we can't swim."

"It was your idea to come down to Earth for our vacation."

"Yeah, but I didn't expect you to mess anything up, man!"

"Sorry about that." Earl apologized. "Guess I got a bit carried away here."

"No, worries." Toejam snapped his fingers. "I've got another funky thing we can do!"

"That stupid duck is still on our trail!" Said Fat Bastard.

"Hmmmm." Thought Dhalsim. "This is definitely not good."

"Come on! We can still lose him. We just have to try!" Edwin avoided the laser beams shot at him.

"WAK! WAK! WAK!" Donald Duck couldn't help laughing. He was having so much fun chasing after the Sea Attack on the Gator 2.


Goofy was driving along in Nairobi. But he wasn't alone.

"So, Miss Holly Wood. What's a beautiful looking girl like you doing here?"

"I just came here for the nice sunshine. You know, just for vacation stuff. I need to get a tan quick!" Holly set her fingers onto Goofy's neck.

"GAWSH! That tickles!"

Minutes later…

Goofy arrived at the hotel Holly asked him to drop her off at.

"Oh, great! We're here!" Holly said.

"Here are you miss." Goofy jumped out of his car and opened the door for her.

"Thanks, Goofy. And thanks for giving me your address. I'll visit you sometime, honey bunny. See you later." Holly hugged Goofy and kissed her on the cheek. She left and Goofy waved goodbye.

"WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!! WHAT A GAL!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goofy hopped back into the Gator and drove off happily.


Holly Wood passed by an Internet Café, where none other than the computer genius Bill Gates was sitting.

"Damnit. Trying to connect online in Nairobi takes so long!" Bill grunted. "Hurry up, for Pete's sake!"

Too bad the Internet wasn't so high tech as he'd imagined. He was so mad he unexpectedly knocked his coffee all over the table.

"Uh-oh. That's not going to be good for the next morning."

The computer suddenly malfunctioned and switched off.

"Oh, great. Now I'll have to find a way and fix it! Stupid piece of junk!"

The Rhino 2 merged back with the Rhino 1. Daffy jumped out of his vehicle and went back with Wild E. in the truck.

"Let's go, Wild E.! I was kinda sick of that vehicle. I think I'll stick with you for the time being." The two got on their seat and drove off immediately.

"Okay, where are we now?" Tai wondered .

"Well, we just left Nairobi miles back…………" Matt was looking at the map. The Doc on the other hand was preparing a shot injection for him. "…….now let me see here."

But when Matt leaned back on his seat, the injection went to Tai.

"Aiieeeee……….." Tai groaned. He gripped his right arm from the shot. Everyone else at the back were just talking away and not paying any attention to Tai, who eventually fell unconscious from the shot.

"Tai? Could you drive a bit more still, please?" Matt had his nose stuck into his map. "I'm trying to find a shortcut here………..Tai?..........AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Matt not only screamed when he saw Tai was asleep from his driving, but also he noticed that the Outlaw was heading right off a peak of a high mountain.

"AH! NON!" Catherine screamed when she and the others knew what was happening.

"TAI! WAKE UP!" Matt gripped the wheel after having shoved Tai off the driver's seat. He managed to turn the truck round, yet the back of it still made the vehicle fall downwards. Everyone fell backwards because of the force of the fall. Even so, Tai was still asleep.

"Wake up, Tai!" Cried Kari.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone else cried.

"YAHOOOO!!" Shouted the Doc. Izzy climbed to the controls and activated a switch. The front of the Outlaw opened up and out came a grappling hook cannon. Izzy fired it at once and the hook clung onto the edge of the mountain.

"AAAAAAAAAAAA……………&hel lip;" The Outlaw had stopped falling. The screamings had stopped. The hook made the black truck hang onto the mountain. The winds however made the vehicle slowly swerve sideways. The hook had saved their lives. Everyone looked down and saw that were only a few inches high from the ground.

"That……was……..a close call." Sora whispered.

Tai was still asleep.

"Definitely." Said Palmon.

"Double definitely." Said Michael.

"At least we're still in one piece." Said Izzy.

"Yeah. Thanks to this baby here." Davis patted the cannon and mistakenly pulled back the grappling hook.

"YAAAA!!!!!!!" The Outlaw landed to the ground and fell forwards. Nobody fortunately was hurt.

"DAVIS!" Everyone cried.


"Okay, who's gonna wake Tai up?" Said TK.

"It's really simple." Tony Hawk stepped onto his skateboard. "You just put your feet onto this thing with wheels. And then……….YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The skateboarder was flung up into the air when the Wildcat ran right into him from behind.

"Did we hit something?" Asked Dick Dastardly. Everyone shrugged.

"Nope." Said Dishonest John. "We can drive on."

Tony Hawk fell onto his belly on the ground. Before getting up he was hit on the head with his skateboard and fell unconscious.

"……………" The native kids stared at him on the ground. "Yaaaaaaaaa!" They simply copied Tony's movements. They shouted and also fell onto their bellies in the same position as Tony.

"HA! HA! HAAA!" Sauron took down all the helicopters, thanks to his two large cannons he had on his sides. He randomly shot in multi-directions, not realizing what he'd hit at some places. "Annoying insects. I am the most powerful ruler of the world!"

He flew away, not realizing he'd cut some power lines round Nairobi.


"Hey, Toejam, did you see that?" Earl tapped his partner. "Who's that weird looking guy on the flying bike?"

"Dunno." Toejam shrugged. "But he's certainly worse looking than Wicked Witch of the West!"

"It's your point!" Earl said. "I just love a good game of…crocket!"

"It rules!" Toejam said. "I just don't why I like it so much!"

"Did you see that?" Durga said. "That clocked guy just blasted the power lines at that city."

"Good thing were up here." Said Guybrush. "Isn't that right, honey?"


"Oh, that's just great!" Bill Gates discovered the whole place blacked out just when he had just repaired his computer to full condition. "And I spent hours fixing this darn thing!"

"The Switchblade is ready for transformation!" Said Meowth.

"Let's do it!" Said James.

"Right on!" Jesse pressed the glass button. The Switchblade turned into the jet fighter above the green forest land. The jets roared louder than before and Team Rocket laughed all the way across the forests, blowing the leaves on the trees violently and breaking up the lines of the flocks of birds in the sky.

"How did you like Africa, Jessica?"

"It was lovely, Chaos." She said. She kissed her love on the cheek.

"Oh hoo…….." Captain Chaos was blushing.

"Where are we off to next, Eddie?"

"Antarctica, Dolores." Said Eddie. "Better test the heaters."

The Firecracker truck planted a tire in the middle of the road. The police car behind drove close to it and the wheel exploded.

"HA! HA!" Pete and Woody gave each other a high five.

"Well, Prospector, We've finally got rid of that, thanks to your wheel bomb!"

"You said it, Woody!"


Miles ahead, Jesse was having a bit of head to head with Sakura.

"Outta my way, Cannonballer!" Jesse rammed Sakura's Piranha bike sideways. After having hit her five times, Sakura took action and craftily put the brakes on the Piranha slightly so that Jesse would drive right off the road, in which she did.

"Whoa!" Jesse drove through the trees but finally got herself back onto the road, that is, behind Sakura. "You sneaky little runt! Come back here!"

"That takes care of that." Smiled Sakura underneath that helmet of hers.


Just beside the road, in the African rivers, Hinata was battling her way through the police boats.

"These guys are so annoying!" Hinata fired at the cops. "I hope they'll be gone when I leave Africa!"

…To Antarctica…

Author's Note: Sorry, Cat. No offense on your characters. ^_^