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In a hideout in Townsville, Jack was looking at what seemed to be some ancient goggles.

Wuya: Jack, what are you looking at?

Jack Spicer: This Shen Gong Wu called the Sight Beyond Site. Apparently these goggles can let you see in the future, be it the true or alternate timelines.

Vultureman: Why they name it after that dumb quote Lion-O uses to see what's happening through the Sword of Omens, I'll never know.

Shego: Well, we can guess your future's pretty much screwed, Jack.

Jack Spicer: Hey! Now listen, if I prove it works, will you lay off my back?

Katz: Fine...for a while.

Phage: Let me try those. I want to see what kind of future there will be.

Jack gave him the goggles as he continued.

Jack Spicer: All you have to do is pick a random timeline you think up and call out the name, pretty much like any other Shen Gong Wu.

Phage: That's stupid...but I guess there's little choice.

He thought carefully as he looked at the goggles.

Phage: Hmmm...perhaps the beginning of the 25th Century shall suffice...Sight Beyond Sight!

The goggles glowed as he placed them on. Jack placed a projector plug on it before it showed a scene.

Mirage: Interesting...

Alan: (notices) What in the world?


A screen showed reading "julayla25, Password: ****" before it entered. It went through a checking process before it showed the words, "Welcome back to your personal network interface, Senshi Interest Girl. You have no messages. There are 3 news items that match your preferences. Command!" Then it typed in "news". Then it showed the screen "Io science station disaster. Relaunch of Metropolis. New breed of fish discovered." It then typed in "relaunch". Then, as the words appeared, the narrator began speaking.

Narrator: The scoutship Metropolis first built in 2378 was relaunched yesterday after extensive upgrades. She will be assigned to map the uncharted regions of the Neuro Galaxy, a galaxy home to the planet Corusant. She is under the command of Captain Dan Black, descendant of Jet Black and hero of the Martian riot due to Duck Dodgers' stupidity as usual. It's to be Captain Black's last posting before his retirement. A spokesman for the Earth Federation navy dismissed claims that, despite several upgrades, the Metropolis is outfitted with obsolete technology. He is quoted as saying "If it's good enough then many centuries ago, then it's good enough today." Wonder what it looks like?

Then, "picture" was entered before a picture of a huge ship was shown. Now we cut to the actual ship itself.

Narrator: And here we have it, the Metropolis. Earth Date: January 1st, 2400. Happy New Year for the ones in the ship! Location: 11475, 894, 20861, Neuro Galaxy.

Metropolis Computer: All systems running normally.

The ship flied through the peaceful galaxy.

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu by DALI)

Kouja no Senshi
Movie 1: 7 Days a Future
Part 1: The Mysterious Box

Inside the ship, a man sighed, looking out the window as he spoke to a female.

Man: Sometimes, I have the feeling that some of us don't belong here. I mean, I'm here on this ship, surrounded by all these veterans, and I'm terrified that someone will notice me and say that I'm in the wrong ship. I keep having this weird dream that I'm in a room full of people with green skin...and they just watch me, wondering what I'm doing there. And then one of the green people turns around, and he's my father.

Female: Does that distress you?

Man: Not really, although I do feel kind of embarrassed. (looks at her) What do you think, doctor?

Female: What do I think?

She then got up before walking to him.

Female: Justin, I think you're just letting things get on top of you. I mean, ship's physician on an exploratory scoutship, that's a pretty heavy first posting. No one expects you to do anything other than your job.

Justin: (sighs) I guess you're right.

Female: I'm a counselor. I'm always right.

Justin: Heh, well, sorry to have barged in on you like that-

Female: Oh don't worry, that's why I'm here for.

Justin: Well, I'd better get back to the sickbay. Thanks, Trista.

He then left.

Trista: Well, back to work, I suppose. I'm sure my friends will see me soon as well...

Trista leaves the room just as a voice came over the speakers.

Voice on speakers: Attention, this is a ship-wide announcement. All personnel please report to the conference room on the ops deck. By order of Captain Black. Oh, will Dr. Siskroul please report to the mail room after the meeting? Your package just came in.

Trista looks puzzled just as a man came out of a room.

Man: (noticed) Oh, hey Trista.

Trista: Hey Victor. What is this all about?

Victor: Not sure. Perhaps someone died though hopefully it isn't Emily. She keep mumbling about being dead in another life or something.

Trista: I hope not. I say to put her under again.

The two goes into an elevator followed by Justin who came out of another room. In the ops deck, all the group, including two women with one of them looking kinda pale, listen as a man (Captain Dan Black) is in front of them speaking.

Dan: Okay, everyone, now that we're all here, we can begin. Emily and I have a little announcement to make, something we think you all should know about.

Victor: (smirks) I thought you were married already.

Emily: (yelps) Victor! Don't say that! It brings me memories of skeletons, worms, and jilted lovers.

Victor: I was joking!

Dan: Cute, Victor, very cute. No, I mean our scanners found something floating in space. Something manufactured. Emily?

Emily: Thanks, captain. Now if you could turn your attention to the tabletop...

Emily press a button as everyone watch. The table came to life with numbers and such as the woman spoke.

Emily: The object is constructed of metallic ahoy, and seems to be rectangular in shape.

Victor: Oh wow. First contact!

Woman: Now, now, let's not get too excited. It's probably one of those human artifacts that has been drifting in space for a long time or something.

Trista: Now I know why you and Victor dated for sometime, Victoria. Now I wonder what else we know about it.

Emily: Some kind of container. The right size to be a cryonic escape pod. Our sensors can't find any life signs in there though.

Dan: what does High Command say about it?

Emily: To stop calling them about the wardrobe function.

Dan: (sweatdrop) Uh, not that. I mean the container.

Emily: Oh, well they suggested we drop a beacon and left a full-equipped research vessel to handle it.

Dan: In other words, they suggest but not ordered?

Emily: Well yes but...

Dan: Victor, I want you to get the grappling claw to bring that thing into the cargo bay. It should be in range for the next few hours or so.

Victor: Right, chief.

Dan: Don't call me chief! Anyway, everyone else can get back to whatever it is they were doing. If we need any of you for anything, we'd let one of you know.

A while later, Trista leaves the room and is heading out but Dan exits right after her and spoke up.

Dan: Hey, Trista? A moment of your time?

Trista turn as the captain walk up to her.

Dan: So what do you think of this?

Trista: I say get a different wardrobe. It's what got you in trouble with the authorities in the first place.

Dan: I mean about the container we just found.

Trista: Oh, well I don't know what to think until the thing gets into this ship.

Dan: Of course, yes. I will need you there to help us examine this.

Trista: Oh really? I did not know that.

Dan: Well, this is basic procedure that you know this, Trista. This may be a first contact scenario we're dealing with here. Regulations say that a qualified psychologist must be hand when dealing with stuff like that.

Trista: (shrugs) Well, okay. Not sure what use I can be though.

Dan: Look, stop depreciating yourself, Trista. I think Victor will bring the thing in soon. If you want to pass the time, I am always in my cabin for a chat.

Dan then goes into the door that goes into the bridge, leaving Trista.

Trista: Hmmm...I don't know why but I feel like someone is watching me.

Inside the office, Trista entered before looking through the papers.

Trista: Maybe I should look through these papers again in case there's a first contact scenario.

She heard tapping sound before going to the couch. There, she noticed a moving foot sticking out. She sighed, pulling the chair, revealing four girls.

Trista: Girls, what are you doing here? Didn't I tell you not to follow me?

Four: Sorry, Miss Meioh.

Trista: Girls, on this ship, you should refer to me as Doctor, Trista, or Dr. Trista, especially you, Misaki.

Misaki: We're sorry, but we felt that if you went alone, something would hurt you. That's why we have to follow you.

Trista: Just make sure they don't find you.

Emily's Voice: Attention Dr. Meioh. Dr. Meioh, please report to the cargo bay immediately.

Trista: I have to go. I'll come back later.

Four: Sure.

With that, she was gone. In the cargo bay, Trista entered, noticing Dan, Victor, and Victoria.

Dan: (notices) Ah, the good doctor has graced us with her presence. Let's get this show on the road.

Trista: What is it?

Victor: It's a box. A metal box.

Dan: Now come on, let's do this by the book. Victoria?

Victoria: Thank you, Captain. (clears throat) Examination of unidentified object, January 1st, 2400. Object is rectangular, approximately 2.5 by 0.4 by 0.4 yards. Initial scans indicate it being constricted from a combination of lead and base metals. Initial scans also show no radioactivity, biological waste or other hazardous materials. Are the automatic hazard neutralizers activated?

Victor: Of course.

Victoria: Then I'm now opening the object.

Just then, Trista noticed something.

Trista: Wait! There's a plaque on the side of the box.

Dan: (shocked) Really? What's it say?

They looked at the writing.

Trista: (reads) "Here lies William LaBouche, finally at rest. Do not disturb his sleep. 11/9/2008." Strange, there's a crescent moon drawing on it.

Dan: A what?

Trista: Perhaps it's some kind of signature.

Victor: Now come on, really. Who signs their names with symbols of the moon?

Dan: What do you think, Victoria?

Victoria: Hmmm...the words seem to indicate human remains...Ethically, disturbing human remains is frowned upon. We should take it to a better-equipped space station and leave it for researchers there.

Dan: Hmmm...yes, I agree. This isn't something we should be concerning ourselves with. I'll patch a message through the Galactic Command and explain the situation.

With that, both Victoria and Dan began to leave the area.

Victor: Well, so much for first contact, huh?

Trista: I'm just a little confused as to how human remains ended up floating around the Neuro Galaxy.

Victor: Alot of people were buried in space around the beginning of the 21st Century. I think it was sort of trendy for a while.

Trista: Even so, to have gotten as far as this galaxy after just a few centuries...

Victor: Look, don't worry about it, all right? Now I don't know about you, but I'm turning in for the night.

He then left with Trista looking curious about the locker.

Trista: Hmmm...

Finally, she left as well.

(End of Chapter 1)

Chapter 2
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