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Chapter 2: The Mysteries Begin

Narrator: Monday...

(Dream Sequence)

In the bay, the locker was beginning to bust open. Then, a pair of hands reached out, then something came out.

(End Dream Sequence)

Trista gasped before panting. She looked worried before looking at her four friends.

Misaki: Trista, wake up. You look like you were sweating.

Trista: (sighs) What a nightmare. I can't even remember what was so scary about it.

Just then, she listened to something, though nothing was heard.

Trista: Strange, the engines don't sound like they're running.

Misaki: I know...that's what we were also gonna tell you. Apparently, it seems like we're stuck.

Trista: What? Utena, Anthy, Megumi, why didn't you wake me?

Megumi: Apparently, you were too sleepy to be awakened, and it would have been rude.

She only sighed as she left the room, leaving the four inside.

Trista: I'll bring some food back when I can.

In the lounge, Trista was getting two muffins and two continentals before beginning to leave the area. She headed to the bedroom, quickly placing the food in it.

Trista: Just remember to throw it away.

The four nodded as the door closed.

Trista: May as well ask what's going on.

Just then, she noticed something wrong.

Trista: Strange, the elevator doesn't seem to work.

She looked concern before she noticed Utena opening the door, giving her the butter.

Utena: Uh, can you get rid of this? You may want to throw this away while we eat our food.

Trista: (sighs) Utena...

She went back to the lounge, noticing Victor.

Trista: Victor, why aren't the engines running?

Victor: It's probably a temporary power outage.

Trista: (raising her brow) Probably? You don't know for sure?

Victor: I only woke up and it's like this. I'm just waiting for the emergency system to kick in.

Trista: Also, the elevator is not working.

Victor: (sighs) I know. I can't work on it if the door won't open. The maintenance panel is on the inside.

Trista: What about the elevator shaft?

Victor: Now don't tell me how to do my job, please. If there were a problem in the shaft, I'd know. We have alarm systems, failsafes, that sort of thing.

Trista: Couldn't you check it all the same?

Victor: You know what your problem is? You're uptight. It's nothing but a little temporary power outage. It'll all be working again in 10 minutes.

She only frowned as she looked concerned. She then looked at the airshaft before opening it.

Victor: What are you doing?

Trista: I'm going into the maintenance shaft to see what's wrong with the elevator.

Victor: (concerned) Well, if it makes you feel any better.

Then, she went inside. Inside, the girl went through the shaft before eventually arriving at the elevator shaft, noticing something.

Trista: What's that on it?

She then looked at the butter given earlier, smearing it a bit. She then removed the object.

Trista: There we go. (notices) It's some kind of knife of some sort. Huh? Are those blood stains?

A bit later, when she reached out of the shaft, she looked at Victor.

Trista: I found this lodged into the elevator mechanism.

Victor yelped as he noticed the blade. As he spoke next, the four outside the room listened carefully through the door.

Victor: That's a dangerous weapon.

Trista: It's a knife of some sort. And there's blood all over it.

Victor: (fearful) N-now don't go jumping to conclusions. There are a number of things it could be other than blood. Perhaps it's ketchup or paint stains.

Trista: Does this have something to do with your dream of marrying a corpse bride accidentally?

Victor: Don't remind me, please. I already had enough nightmares as it is.

Trista: Well, I'll go look for the others.

She then left Victor alone.

Victor: Uh, good luck.

Trista leaves the room startling the four who were listening in.

Trista: Listening to a private conversion girls?

Utena: Uh...we got hungry?

Trista: You girls just ate. Just get back to the bedroom. I got to ask someon.

Trista heads into the ER and found Justin there, looking at someone

Trista: Hey, what did you think of this, Justin?

Justin turns as Trista holds out the knife she found. The man yelps upon seeing it.

Justin: Gah! Are you crazy?! Get that out of here! This is a sterile environment!

Trista: I was hoping you would tell me if it's human blood or not.

Justin: Don't know! Just get rid of the thing!

Trista: Sorry! Geez, this is coming from someone whose ancestor is an Asian reporter from old Townsville!

Trista heads to the bridge and find Victoria and Emily there, working.

Victoria: (noticed) Doctor Meioh! I guess this means the elevator is working now.

Trista: After some persuaion, I guess. (walks forward) What's going on?

Emily: The captain is missing.

Trista: What?

Victoria: No one has seen him since yesterday evening. We were trying to scan the interior of the ship when the power went down.

Emily: I'm guessing he is still on the ship because all the escape pods are still where they are. I can't isolate the cause of the power outrage for some weird reason. Another weird thing is I feel like a worm is trying to crawl out of me.

Victoria: Emily, don't do that. It freaks me out.

Emily: I tried to send a message to Galactic Command but it won't send.

Victoria: Can you start searching the ship, Trista? Try to find Victor and see if he can get the engines back on.

Trista: Your boyfriend is sulking in the lounge. For some reason, he is acting more odd than usual like he doesn't care what the heck is going on. Perhaps he's afraid of something.

Victoria: Victor is always scared of one thing or another. Besides, problems like that is your field, not mine.

Trista: Sure. Uh, Victoria, Emily?

Victoria: Yes?

Trista: What's wrong with the communicators?

Emily: Could be anything at this point. Probably because of the power outrage.

Victoria: The communications systems is covered by the emergency generators, Emily, you know that. The lights are still working.

Emily: Ask Victor about it.

Trista: Uh, I will. Hey, I found something in the elevator shaft. Some sort of big knife covered with stains.

Victoria: Weird. Well, that may have gotten in there at any time. Have you been handling it?

Trista: Yes, but...

Victoria: (sighs) Typical, Trista. You may have covered any fingerprints on it.

Trista: (sweatdrop) Oh.

Victoria: Better hang to the thing so we can figure out more on it later.

Trista: Is anything working yet?

Emily: (blinks) What kind of dumb question is that? Not really. Engines are communicators are still down.

Trista then leaves the room and heads to the elevator.

Trista: Better get Victor to get the engines working while I go look for Dan.

A bit later, Trista entered the room Victor was finishing his food.

Trista: Victor?

Victor: Yes?

Trista: The communicators aren't working. Any idea on what could've caused it?

Victor: Well, if it's not because of a power outage, then it'll be from a foreign object lodged in the communication pilons, on top of the ship. It's usually an asteroid or something.

Trista: Can you repair it?

Victor: Well, this is all speculation, of course. Why don't you go look outside and take a look out for me?

Trista: (groans) Fine.

He then gave her a card.

Victor: Here is the airlock pass.

Trista: Why don't you come as well?

Victor: If it turns out to be nothing, we'd both wasted our time. Not to mention the oxygen tanks in the suits.

Trista: You wouldn't be afraid, would you?

Victor: (shocked) I beg your pardon?!

Trista: (sweatdrops) Forget it.

She then left the area. As she was gone, Victor sighed.

Victor: Besides, I can't help it if I'm afraid to be outside of space, even with the suit.

Trista heads to the last part of the ship where the cargo bay is at and goes right into the room. Upon entering, she noticed a shocking sight.

Trista: (thinking) The locker is open! But how? Did someone open it during the night?

Out of concern, the girl goes over to the box and looks into it.

Trista: Well, it's completely empty. Not sure if I should be relived or disappointed. Or scared.

Trista goes to the airlock and uses the card to open it, entering the next room. She press a button to close the airlock, opens a door to find a EVA suit. She enters the room and closes a door. The door reopens with her in the EVA suit. She heads out the door.

Trista: (thinking) May as well see what's wrong with the pilons. Probably nothing...

Outside, Trista chained herself to the rack, heading to the ladder, then unchained herself before chaining to the pole going up and down.

Emily's Voice: Bridge to Victor, come in.

Trista: Actually, it's Trista, Emily.

Emily's Voice: Dr. Meioh?! You can't go on EVA, you're a counselor!

Trista: Don't worry, I took a standard training like everyone else.

Emily's Voice: Well...where's Victor?

Trista: He doesn't want to move from the lounge. Something seems to have spooked him.

Emily's Voice: This is peculiar.

Trista: I'll check the radio mast and come right back.

Emily's Voice: Well, please be careful.

She then got to the top of the ship before panting.

Emily's Voice: Dr. Meioh, our scanners show that you're on top of the ship now. Can you see what's clogging the radio mast?

She got up then gasped as she saw a bloody corpse on the mast. She was too shocked to speak of anything.

Emily's Voice: Dr. Meioh? Trista, respond, please.

Trista: (worried) I...I'm here...

She looked very worried as she saw the corpse.

Trista: (to herself) What did they do to him?

(End of Part 2)

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