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Part 3: Signals & Missing Emily

Narrator: Tuesday.

In a meeting room, while the four girls listened outside, Trista came to the remaining crew, showing the blade.

Trista: (sadly) The captain's dead.

Justin: Oh god!

Victoria: How?

Trista: Someone stabbed him with this knife. He went outside to try to escape from his attacker, but the killer was very determined.

Justin: (worried) This isn't happening!

Victor: (gulps) W-who could've done this?

Justin: It could have been anyone. Victoria was the last person to see him.

Victoria: (frowns) I walked with him to the elevator after we examined the locker. The last I saw of him, he was heading for his quarters.

Justin: Oh yeah? We've got only one word for that!

Victor: Please don't blame Victoria, please.

Trista: He's right. We mustn't blame each other. None of us are capable of that, that I know. None of us had any reason to kill Dan.

Emily: There's no one else on the ship...(shouts) Unless you count your stowaway comrades!

The door opened as the girls frowned.

Utena: Yeesh, how did you know?

Emily: I scanned the ship, indicating four other life forms. They had to be you.

Anthy: Listen, we may have stowed away, but we only did it because we were worried about Dr. Meioh and you people.

Misaki: Yeah....

Emily: Well, it had to be one of us, or one of you four.

Megumi: (frowns) Oh no, don't point fingers at us! Why would we kill anyone?

Trista: There's another thing: the locker's opened.

Victoria: How is that relevant?

Justin: You think the killer was hiding in there? Oh please, Doctor.

Misaki: Look, I know it's gonna sound stupid coming from us, but I have a horrible feeling that something was in that box.

Trista: Something that got out.

Victor: That does sound ridiculous.

Victor: Not to mention unscientific. But for now, if for a moment, let's just say we're all not guilty for the moment.

Justin: What?! There could be a murderer among us right now, and we're suppose to ignore that?!

Victoria: It's only until we get back in touch with Galactic Command and start through an investigation.

Justin: Oh, I've heard enough.

He began to get off the chair.

Misaki: Where are you going?

Justin: Back to my quarters and I don't want to be disturbed!

He then left the area.

Victor: He knows something...I'm sure of it.

Trista: Please save it.

Emily: What are your orders, commander?

Victoria: We have to get the communicators back online.

Victor: (gulps) Then someone will have to the mast. And I'm too afraid to do it.

Utena: (annoyed) You're always too afraid.

Victoria: Young lady!

Trista: (sighs) It's okay, Utena, I'll do it.

Victoria: As you wish, doctor.

Emily: I'll get back to the bridge, then.

With that, the female left.

Victoria: Dr. Meioh?

Trista: Yes, Commander?

Victoria: Please be careful.

Misaki: Listen, Trista, if it makes you feel better, I'll go along.

She smiled a bit.

Trista: Thank you, Misaki.

Anthy: Miss Victoria, since the captain is dead, would we call you "captain" before you report us being stowed away?

Victoria: Well...first of all, I would feel guilty for making people that were trying to help leave to prison. Second, there would have to be word from Galactic Command to confirm it. More likely, another officer of higher rank will be appointed. And I find your kind remark in poor taste.

Megumi: Now wait a second! She was only asking a question!

Misaki: Dan's death was shocking, wasn't it?

Victoria: Indeed. But it's a sign of a good crew to be able to function in such an event. Captain Black would have us to strive on.

Trista: I really do have a bad feeling about that locker.

Victoria: (sighs) It's old news, doctor. It was a little more than miscellaneous space debris. Don't be concern with it.

Trista: Even so, the captain died the same day we brought it aboard.

Victoria: The engines also shut down on the day we brought it in. Are you saying it could've caused that too?!

Megumi: (groans) Now I'm getting confused!

Trista: Any orders for any of us?

Victoria: Yes...four of you are to be watched just in case. As for you, Doctor, your orders are as always. You're responsible for the crew's mental well being. Anything else you choose to do for the benefit of the ship will be entirely up to you.

Anty: Mr. Victor, why don't you come out to the EVA?

Victor: I don't need to. Your friend already did it once, and she can do it again. It's a waste of effort for me to go.

Utena: Are you just making excuses just to be with Victoria?

Victor: (blushes) Now what makes you think that?

Anthy: There's no shame in being afraid.

Victor: I'm not scared. Who's scared? I'm just concerned about resources, that's all.

Megumi: (sarcastically) Sure you are.

Trista: We'll see you later.

Both: Of course.

With that, she with her friends left the area. Trista and the girls return to the bridge and see Emily there.

Trista: Emily?

Emily: (noticed) Oh, hello Dr. Meioh and friends.

Trista: How are ya holding up?

Emily: Not well. I still can't believe Dan is dead as well as you got girls aboard the ship without telling us.

Misaski: Would you rather we don't stow away? Makes your life boring, huh?

Emily: Still, how are we to cope without Dan?

Utena: I'm sure Victoria would get by as a commander for now.

Emily: Well Victoria could be the killer for all we know! Any of us could have been the killer!

Megumi: Oh come on, you're probably saying that because you like Victor with you instead of Victoria, right?

Emily: (blushing) I didn't say that.

Trista: Any theories about Dan?

Emily: Best not to think about it. If any of us, or any of the girls...

Megumi: (annoyed) Knock it off!

Emily: (ignoring Megumi) could be act of lunatic violence. Who knows? It may happen again.

Trista: I know. Motiveless crimes like that would be hard to investigate.

Utena: Any chance of a distress signal?

Emily: (sighs) You got to remove the blockage...from the radio masts.

Trista: We'd get on it. See ya later.

Trista and the girls return to the cargo bay where Misaski looks in the locker.

Misaski: You're right. Nothing is in there. But what's with the moon symbol? Looks familiar. I think I read something about it.

Trista: You girls stay here. You are ill prepared for space walk and I don't want to lose any of you.

Girls: Right.

A bit later, outside the ship, Trista in her EVA suit got to the top. However, she gasped, noticing the body was gone.

Emily's Voice: Dr. Meioh, do you read me? Do you require any assistance with removing the blockage?

Trista: Uh, it seems not...could you withdraw the masts?

Emily's Voice: Of course.

The masts were down before Trista looked concerned.

Trista: Emily, the captain's body isn't here anymore.

Emily's Voice: What!?

Trista: It's gone.

Emily's Voice: It must've been jarred off or something.

Trista: When the ship's on a standstill!? Oh, we'll worry about that later. Send the distress signal.

Beeping was heard as the masts was up.

Emily's Voice: It'll take a few minutes for-

Just then, to Trista's horror, choking noise was heard before a clonk was heard along with a thud.

Trista: Emily? Emily, come in please!

However, no response was heard.

Trista: Oh no...

Trista climbed down the stairs when she noticed something near the rockets below. Out of curiosity, she makes her way towards there and took a closer look.

Trista: (thinking) It's a keyring holding card. I better get it but how? It's out of reach either way. Looks like I will have to play a game of risk.

Trista removes her safely clip and goes over to the edge. Using her clip, she extracted it so the the thing would grab the keyring then bringing it over to her for her to grab.

Trista: Got it! It's the card to Captain Black's quarters!

The girl quickly put her clip back on the safely railing in time. She then heads back inside the ship, changes back into her uniform, and meet the girls still waiting in the cargo bay.

Misaski: Trista? What's wrong? Where's the captain's body?

Trista: Gone.

Anthy: Gone?

Trista: BTW, did Emily came by here by any chance? We got cut off during communication.

Utena: No, not really.

Trista: (concerned) I didn't think so. We better get back to the bridge.

The group returned to the bridge where a concerned Victoria is at.

Victoria: Dr. Meioh. Did you see Emily around?

Trista: I was going to ask you that. I was talking to her via the communicator, but she suddenly cut off abruptly.

Misaski: That doesn't sound good.

Victoria: (worried) Not good. The distress signal needs to be send and only Emily and the captain knows the communicaton code.

Utena: Why would only two people need to know the code?

Victoria: Safely reasons. We don't need people, especially kids, using the communications for prank calls.

Anthy: (scoffs) Hey, what are you saying?

Trista: (concerned) Uh, commander, aren't you worried for Emily's well-being?

Victoria: Well, of course, but I figured she must went to the toilet or got something to do.

Anthy: While on the duty? Hardly. And what about the chair that fell over?

Trista: Calm down, Anthy. Look, we'd go look for her.

Victoria: And see if you could track down the captain's codebook too. It should hold the communications code in it.

Trista: Okay.

Trista goes over to the door that goes to Dan's quarters and use his card to allow the group access.

Trista: Okay, time to track down that codebook.

The group looked around the area before Megumi noticed something.

Megumi: I found it!

Trista: That's good.

The girls came out as they showed it to Victoria.

Utena: Is this what we need?

Victoria: Yes, that's the captain's codebook. By the meanings of the authorization code, read it off.

She looked at it.

Trista: (reading) Here we go. "11772".

Victoria: Thank you. (to the radio) This is first officer, Victoria of the SS Metropolis. Attention to all ships in immediate facility. We are in need of urgent assistance. Over.

There was a pause before a voice called out.

Voice: Ma'am, this is Officer Kenny Stockman of the EFS Cataclysm. What is the nature of your emergency? Over.

Victoria: Engines stopped by unknown means. Captain Dan Black has been murdered. All crew currently suspects, over.

Voice: Acknowledged. Oh, it's 5 days travel from your current position. In the meantime, sit tight, boys and girls. Over and out.

Then, the transmission finished.

Victoria: There. The sooner they pick us up, the sooner it'll all be behind us.

Megumi: 5 Days!? We have to sit tight and wait for 5 days?!

Utena: There could be a psychopathic killer on board!

Victoria: Personally, everyone, we have to remain virtuous and wait until they come to us. You should be grateful that someone responded.

Just then, Victor arrived to the room, looking frightened.

Victor: Girls! Victoria! I saw the captain!

Anthy: You found his body?

Victor: No, I saw him alive! He was down on the engineering decks. He was walking funny and his clothes were all covered in blood.

Victoria: Victor, the captain is dead. We all know that.

Victor: I'm telling you what I saw.

Trista: Uh, are you absolutely sure on what you saw? I mean is there no other explanation about it?

Victor: I don't...I don't know, probably.

Victoria: Counselor, perhaps you should escort the lieutenant back to his quarters.

Victor: But I saw-

Victoria: Victor, there's explanation for what you saw. You're obviously tired or just overstressed.

Misaki: Let's go, Victor.

With that, they headed down to quarters.

(Dream Sequence)

In the bedroom, Trista looked concerned.

Trista: What was that all about?

Victor: The captain's alive, Trista.

Utena: Yeesh, he's dead, okay?

Trista: Besides, I'm the one who found his body.

Victor: Dan Black is dead, yes. But he isn't our captain anymore.

Trista: What are you talking about?

As the door opened up, Victor began grinning somewhat an evil grin.

Victor: The ship has a new captain, my dear.

Then, a familiar figure came, slashing Victor before he hit the ground, dead.

Trista: (gasps) VICTOR!!

Just then, she screamed as she was slashed as well.

(End Dream Sequence)

Trista gasped as she looked worried, panting and becoming frightened.

Trista: (to herself) What does it all mean?

Narrator: Wednesday...

The next morning, a meeting was held as Trista and the girls sat down.

Victoria: Well ladies and Victor, the distress signal's been sent. All we can do now is wait.

Victor: (notices) Where did Emily go to?

Victoria: Don't tell me you're worried about that other woman.

Victor: Only for safety, not a crush thing.

Girls: Riiiight.

Victoria: Anyway, I'm not sure. She did not come back to her quarters yesterday. So we cannot have our-

Victor: (realizes) Oh god! This is gonna turn out badly, isn't it?

Anthy: We have to remain optimistic.

Victor: It's all very well just saying that!

Just then, they noticed a familiar figure arriving.

Justin: Er...sorry I'm late.

They then glanced at him.

Victoria: Doctor, so glad of you to join us.

Justin: Uh, yes...what were we talking about?

Victoria: Emily is missing.

Trista: I was out on EVA, checking on the radar masts. I heard some odd noises over the intercom, like sounds of struggle. When I got back in, she was gone.

Justin: (uneasy) Uh, really? Is anyone else seeing a pattern emerging here?

Megumi: What?

Justin: Well, far be it from me to raise this, but you were the one who found Dan's body, and now you have first hand experience of Emily's encounter, too. Does anyone else think it's a bit coincidental.

The others glanced at her.

Trista: Now wait a second-

Victor: Oh for Pete sake, shut up, Justin! I've got records of all the communications on board. They show with no doubt that Trista was outside when something happened to Emily.

Justin: Oh! Oh...I'm so sorry, Trista.

Trista: It's okay.

Justin: I mean, I was completely out of it. I'll er...get back to sick bay.

He then left the room.

Utena: Hmmm...something's suspicious about him.

Victoria: Yes, and he seems to be getting worse. It'll only be a matter of time before he cracks.

Trista: We just have to hope we can all hold out for a few more days.

Victor: Still seems mighty suspicious to me.

Megumi: Please don't.

Victoria: I suggest we begin searching for Emily. There's still a chance that she's perfectly all right.

The two headed off, leaving the five behind.

Misaki: What's on your mind, Utena?

Utena: Uh, nothing...let's search for Emily, shall we?

The girls head to the office where Justin is working at as usual.

Trista: Hey Justin.

Justin: Oh, hello ladies.

Trista: Is there something you want to say to me?

Justin: Oh...well, I'm sorry for how I've been lately.

Misaski: (skeptic) Oh really?

Justin: Just some stress, that's all.

Trista: I can understand that. Let's not speak about it anymore.

Utena: Have you gotten over your anxiety yet?

Justin: Yes, I feel fine now.

Megumi: Oh? No concerns at all?

Justin: Well, I am concerned about Dan, Emily, and something else. I have a feeling that someone, a ugly snake creature who preys on a juvie is spying on us in the past.

Megumi: Oh dream on. You got to have some magic goggles for anyone in the past to spy on us.

Anthy: Changing the subject, any sign of Emily at all?

Justin: Unless she is sulking about her corpse bride dreams somewhere, I haven't seen her yesterday morning. I hope she didn't open that package I got.

Trista: Out of curiosity, where is the package and what is in it?

Justin: Oh, something that is supposed to represent a droid from Cyberspace in years past. I called him 'Dee-D Mark 10.0.'

Trista: All right if I look at it?

Justin: It should be in the cargo bay. Take a look at it but don't open it. I haven't used it yet.

Megumi yelps in worry as she sweatdrop a bit. Trista and the other girls noticed this.

Justin: Back to Emily, are you worried about her?

Utena: Aren't you?

Justin: Of course I am! But we should remain optimistic.

Trista: If you think so. We better go.

The girls leave the room while Trista frowns at Megumi.

Megumi: (sweatdrop) Uh, what?

Trista: Did you happen to see a certain package while I was outside in an attempt to remove Dan's corpse?

Megumi: I got curious! It was just lying there, not touched! I figure the doctor didn't want it so...

Anthy: (sighs) We took it back to our cabin while you weren't looking.

Trista: Girls, you shouldn't have open someone else's mail without asking. Did you do anything else?

The girls look at each and look nervous at Trista.

Trista: (groaning) You put the robot together and turned it on, didn't you?

Girls: It was a surpise!

Trista: Fine. We better find this thing. You better hope this Dee-D thing didn't make any trouble!

A bit later, in the lounge, the five looked through before noticing a hand pop out of the vent.

Trista: Huh? What the heck?

Utena: A hand? Oh my gosh! And it's fresh too!

Anthy: Emily...

Misaki: Trista and I will be right back. Just keep looking for the robot.

A bit later, at Justin's place...

Trista: Justin, we need your opinion about something.

Justin: Anything...

Then, the hand was shown to him.

Justin: (yelps) Oh good god! W-where did you get it?

Misaki: Would you believe it was lodged in the vending machine?

Trista: What I didn't get is why there wasn't a trail of blood leading to it.

Justin: This...this ship has self-cleaning walls, but they don't clean off every trace of dirt. If you use ultra-violet lights, I'm sure you'd be able to find traces of blood. And sadly, only the droid has it. Can I take a look at the hand, at least?

Trista: Uh...sure.

She gave him the hand as they left.

Justin: (to himself)'ll all be'll all be over...

(End of Part 3)

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