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Part 6: (Girls & Droid vs William)

The girls and droid looked through each room, making sure William wasn't around.

Trista: All right, let's head to the captain's room, quickly.

They nodded, heading to the room. Inside, Trista placed in the captain and birthday codes.

Trista: All right, we just need the masts to be placed down.

Leo: Okay, let's do it.

They quickly typed it in.

Misaki: All right, this says it'll be down for 5 minutes. We have to get there and get William to-

Just then, they screamed as they noticed William.

Utena: Oh crap!

Quickly, Leo shot William, stunning him a bit.

Trista: Leo?

Leo: Well, technically, he's not human, and the same goes for the undead captain. We have to hurry!

They nodded before they headed off. The group runs and returns to the deck holding the cargo bay. As they enter the generator room, Leo sees William chasing them causing him to fire on the boy.

Utena: (thinking) Poor child. He is only acting like a wild animal, acting on hatred.

The group returns to the cargo bay just as William reappears, going after them. Leo fires but nothing came out.

Leo: Crud!

The robot, needless to say, throws the stun gun at the monster as Trista opens the airlock, allowing herself and the others in.

Trista: There should be enough EVA suits for us all, follow my lead, girls, if you want to make it out intact.

Trista and the girls went into the room and change into the EVA suits.

Anthy: (giggling) You look sexy in that outfit, Utena.

Utena: (smiles) You too.

Megumi: Girls, save it for later.

Suddenly the door the airlock opens and William came in growling much to the shock of the group.


Misaki: (glares) Okay, Mr. LaBouche, let's see if you can handle this!

Misaki quickly hits the button for the door to space causing all the group, including William, to be suck out. Trista, the girls, and Leo finds themselves next the railings as the living ones hook themselves up. They turn and sees William looking at them, much to their shock.

Misaki: (shocked) You're still alive, so to speak? What are you?

William didn't respond as he just growl at them.

Trista: (frowns) Well, what are you waiting for, William? Come at us!

Utena: (yelps) Trista! Are you mad?!

Trista: Follow my lead!

The group runs up to the roof and rush into where the radio masts are down for the moment. Trista stops just as William appears advancing on them.

Leo: (yelps) Shouldn't we run away?

Trista: Wait for it...

Utena: Anthy, I love you!

Anthy: I love you too! Too bad we can't show it right now!

Trista: NOW!

William got onto the radio masts platform just as Trista push herself, the girls, and Leo out of the way. The masts return and hit the dead villain, impaling him instantly.

Megumi: Phew! He's gone.

Trista sees a familiar object falling off of the corpse and picks it up.

Trista: The body William was using was an avatar. This idol is the one that must be destroyed.

Misaki: But how?

Then, Trista looked at the flames of the ship.

Trista: Follow me.

Down where the flames were, Trista threw the idol to the flames, causing it to be destroyed.

Leo: It's gone...finally.

Just then, they noticed a ship arriving just in time.

Megumi: It's the Cataclysm. It's over.

Utena: Typical: the one that kills almost everyone is dead and the officers arrive too late...again.

Misaki: At least we're safe. Come on, let's go.

A bit later, in the ship, the girls and Leo arrived just as an officer named Jenny noticed.

Jenny: Hey, where did you six come from? We thought this ship was a complete dead-zone.

Officer: What's going on here?

Leo: (confused) You're from the Cataclysm?

Officer: Off-world security. Who are you people?

Leo: I'm Leo, a Dee-D Mark 10.0 unit. And these are Utena, Anthy, Megumi, Misaki, and Meioh, Dr. Trista. She's the ship's counselor.

Officer: (glances) Dr. Trista!

Jenny: Is that her, Sarge?

Sarge: Yeah, that's the guy!

The two pounced on her, much to Leo's confusion.

Leo: What's going on?

Trista: What?

Jenny: You are Dr. Trista Meioh, formerly of the University of Freelance.

Trista: Yes, why-

Jenny: Dr. Meioh is not in her late teens, but about 48 years old. And more to the point, she's dead. She was killed about a month ago by an unknown assailant. We only discovered last week that an individual was using her identity.

There was a pause and an odd look from the others before Trista looked worried.

Trista: I didn't mean any harm...

Jenny: Take her away!

She was cuffed.

Trista: (weeps) I didn't mean to hurt her! I've been unemployed for months! I JUST WANTED TO GO INTO SPACE!!

Utena: You can't do that to her!

Jenny: What we recall, we heard you four were stowaways. (to Leo) And you were heard to be one of the unreleased models that went rapid throughout the factory.

Just then, each of them were cuffed before they were screaming and being dragged away.

Jenny: You all belong in an insane asylum when we return!

She then looked in the locker before the sarge noticed.

Sarge: Another body in the brig, Lieutenant. Are we planting them all on these six?

Jenny: (sighs) Well, we can't see any other conclusion, can we?

Sarge: What's in the box?

Jenny: Nothing. Let's leave.

With that, the two left the area. As soon as they were all gone, a figure opened the damaged box. The figure that was covered in a mask, bathrobe, and some bandages, looked confused.

Figure: Get it together. This isn't actually happening!

Then, the figure instantly vanished, leaving the box empty once more.


The image finished as the reptile removed the goggles.

Phage: Well that was a waste of my time.

Jack Spicer: And a huge ripoff of that game I played a while back.

Wuya: Ugh, don't talk to me about that stupid Cheezy Mythical game.

Jack Spicer: It's Chzo Mythos, Wuya!

Phage: At any rate, the boy and the others will play a crucial part in a few weeks.

Drakken: And what are we suppose to do?

Queen Beryl: For now, we send out one monster at a time to bring the Silver Crystal and bring my daughter...until the time comes.

Endymion: (bows) As you wish, Queen Beryl.

Him: (effeminate voice) Oh, I like how this is gonna turn out. Ha-ha-ha!

Mojo Jojo: (annoyed) Oh shut up, I say!

(ED: Ryuusei by MiyuMiyu)

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