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Part 5: (Revelations)

As the gang headed down the elevator, Megumi became a bit concerned, realizing something.

Megumi: I just remembered something.

Anthy: What is it?

Megumi: I think I dropped Leo's personality chip near Justin! I guess he must still have it.

Trista: Please, now is not the time to-

Just then, the elevator opened up, and there near the door, was a pool of blood coming out.

Girls: What the hell?

Leo knocked on the door, looking concerned.

Leo: He's not there.

Misaki: How can that be?

Leo: We may have to get to the captain's bridge to access his room.

Utena: I see...but what if...?

Trista: Let's not think that. We have to think cautiously. Now let's get to the captain's bridge and see if we can take care of this.

They nodded before heading off. The group returns to the escape pod area and speaks to Victor.

Megumi: Victor! Something's wrong with Justin! We see blood coming from the outside of his room!

Victor: (yelps) Oh crap! You know what that means?!

Leo: He is eating lots of ketchup?

Victor: What? No! He's the murderer!

Trista: He could be in trouble! We got to get into the room!

Misaki: But the door's locked and I bet Justin won't answer it.

Victor: Only Justin himself has the keycard for himself to get into his own room. And even then, the only way anyone could get in at all is if he lets them in.

Anthy: Oh, this is useless!

Trista: Victor, isn't there another way?

Victor: Well, you could use the captain's console and activated a function that will unlock all the doors in the residence deck. That could get you into Justin's cabin easily.

Utena: That's great!

Victor: One problem: the only way to get to that function is by a password and only the captain knows it.

Trista: We will find the password, one way or another.

The girls and droid return to the captain's quarters and activated his console. First Trista checks the captain's e-mail. It talks about his birthday.

Misaki: Well, that's no help.

Trista typed in 'captain' and finds the password screen.

Trista: Okay, now we must figure out the password. Any ideas?

Anthy: I am stumped.

Leo: Perhaps we could put in the captain's birthday.

Trista: (paused) That may help. Okay, 280750.

The woman puts the number in and press enter. Soon they found a certain list.

Megumi: All right, we found it! Who knew his birthday was the password?!

Leo: I did.

Trista: Okay, press 2 to deactivated residential security.

The woman press 2 and then enter, turning off the residential security. The group then returned to the residential deck and enter Justin's room unlocked. To their shock and horror, the cabin looks like something out of a Frankenstein movie!

Anthy: Oh my...

Trista: (shouting) OH GOD! JUSTIN, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

Leo: Incredible. Where did he get all the ketchup?!

Misaki: (groaning) Leo...

Trista: (noticed) There's the access card.

Trista goes over and gets the said card.

Trista: Let's get out of here!

Utena: (terrified) But what about Justin?

Trista: (scared) I don't know, Utena, I just don't know. Why would he do just a thing like this?!

A bit later, the girls and droid arrived to Victor.

Leo: We got it. We got the card.

Victor: Thank heavens. give it here.

Misaki: You should've seen Justin's room, it was...ugh!

Leo: It was full of ketchup, wherever he got it.

Megumi: That's not ketchup! There were body parts all over the surface, blood all over the floor-

Victor: Oh god! Please, let's just forget it!

Trista: I don't think Justin would be capable of such a thing.

Victor: What other explanation is there?

Anthy: That locker.

Trista: Yes, there was something evil in that locker, I know it.

Victor: Oh come off of it! There wasn't anything in there, but...

He yelped, covering his mouth with some nervousness.

Leo: (concerned) What?

Victor: (hesistate) Nothing.

Utena: No, you were gonna say something.

Trista: What was in the box?

Victor: I can't...Trista...Girls...

Misaki: (angrily) It was you! You opened the box, didn't you!?

Nothing was said before Victor looked down.

Victor: I'm so sorry, my friends...

Utena: Why!?

Victor: I had this awful dream...(looks away) Something in the box had killed us all, and when I woke up, I was so terrified. I just had to get a look inside the box, make sure it was harmless. I just couldn't have slept before that.

Trista: What was in the box?

Victor: Well, that's the odd thing. No human remains at all. There was a wielding mask, a bathrobe, and the weapon you found. Also, a hideous looking wooden item. There was also the letter lying on top of it all.

The sad Victor gave them the letter. As they read it, a familiar voice spoke while the letter was read.

Sailor Moon's Voice: To whom it may concern: If you are reading this, and the box has been opened, then you must understand that you are in extreme danger. Immediately after reading this letter, seal the box shut again and flush it back into space. The evil must not be released upon mankind again.

As the letter continued, the moon symbol was shown once more.

Sailor Moon's voice: As I'm writing, I'm a Sailor Soldier and part of the Kouja no Senshi aka Soldiers of Justice provided by the president and his friend of our time, Sam & Max: Freelance Police. Details of my post here should be on record with the services. My human name is classified to protect the family I have, but I am the Moon Princess named Serenity from a previous life. My hero name is Sailor Moon. In the year 200X, back when things were starting for the then new group of heroes, my friends, enemies, and I were intimately involved in what became known as the Matthews Mansion Incident.

Then, a picture of the mansion was shown while flashbacks were shown of what had happened.

Sailor Moon's Voice: we, along with Lee Siskyroul of Townsville News, Michael, Leon Trisky, and a man named BJ found ourselves trapped in Matthews Mansion at the mercy of a wraith. After a couple of days and the deaths of BJ & Leon, due to our friend Sanford D. Ingleberry aka Snake being possessed at the time, we were able to identify the ghost as that of Alan Matthews' retarded brother, whom he named William LaBouche for the skae of convenience. According to Digit, he and Alan were probably born due to an experiment their father tried and he died giving birth to William, thus Coco's insanity, though I don't think we'd believed it at the time.

Trista: That sounds gross!

Anthy: And disgusting.

Victor: Not like you and Lady Utena making out, is it?

Utena & Anthy: (blushing) Cut that out!

Then, a picture of the burning mansion was shown as the exorcism was also shown.

Sailor Moon's Voice: We were able to exorcise the spirit with the assistance of Lee, Alan, and the Silver Crystal, and Matthews Mansion was destroyed by fire. We then headed back to Townsville, confident William was at peace and Sir Emblem, a hero friend of ours, was still around. Some time later, we continued fighting against the forces of evil like we usually do, mostly through random monsters. Fortunately, with no one knowing our identities, except the president himself, we could defeat them easily.

Next was shown a murdered body and a pair of broken glasses near the body.

Sailor Moon's Voice: Then one day, the Powerpuff Girls, also Sailor Soldiers, learned the whereabouts of where Lee and Michael were. However, Lee was murdered in her home by an assailant wielding a knife while Michael, however, mysteriously vanished, as if he was destroyed. Sensing a connection, my friends and I immediately began our investigations into activity around Matthews Mansion, though I had a feeling the Phage and Alan had a hand in helping us a bit. It was as we had suspected: thieves and hunters had discovered the idol intact in the ruins of the mansion, and it was constantly changing hands in the antique network.

Then, the picture of the idol was shown.

Sailor Moon's Voice: the idol was a crude African trinket, picked up by Stan Matthew, father of the twins, on one of his many adventures around the world. When his wife used it to beat up her unwanted son to death, it became the vessel for William's confused soul. In the mansion, merely touching the idol would cause a person to be possessed by the wraith, mindlessly murdering everyone they encountered for as long as the possession lasted, usually a couple of hours. We considered burning it, but Sailor Mars deemed that too risky. The evil could've remained in the ashes and spread out all over the world, causing everyone, including us, to be William. In theory, at least. We realized that mankind would never be safe as long as any trace of William remained on Earth. Fortunately, an unmanned space probe is to be launch in a few days, assigned to explore the outer regions of the solar system.

Then, it showed the picture of the remains.

Sailor Moon's Voice: We placed all of his artifacts in a metal box and persuaded NASA to send it off into space with the probe. As soon as I finish the letter, we'll seal it into the box with everything else have it shipped to Cape Canaveral. Everyone else remains confident that it'll ensure that William remains exiled from humanity for the rest of time, but I have a feeling it still wouldn't help. Even if it knew only hate, I still thought there should've been a way to handle it, but they told me not to worry.

Finally, it showed Sailor Moon and the others, all in a picture grinning.

Sailor Moon's Voice: However, the fact that you're reading this and hopefully understand it indicates that they were wrong. Please, no matter what year it is or how advanced you believe you are, don't attempt to combat William LaBouche. He can't be destroyed by conventional means or reasoned with. You must eject him back into space immediately, and tell no one of your discovery. The lives of you and everyone you love are at stake. The decision you make now, you'll have to live with it forever.

The last thing that was shown on the letter was a crescent moon emblem on it.

Leo: And you read the letter, right? Why didn't you shoot the box back into space?

Victor: I didn't think it was for real.

The females only groaned.

Victor: Besides, how do I explain that to the captain?

Megumi: Ugh, for Pete sake, Victor!

Victor: Besides, I didn't touch anything else in the box. I just closed the box, left everything how it was and went back to bed. (pauses) Do you really think I caused all of this?

Trista: No, we don't.

Anthy: Somehow, I think that box would have found a way to get itself open somehow.

Victor: Huh?

Utena: Ugh, never mind. Let's just leave! Here's the card.

Victor took it as he prepared to place it in. Leo, however, noticed something beeping.

Leo: (realizes) No, don't-

It was too late as the pod door opened.

Victor: Ahh! Everyone, run-

He then screamed as he was pulled into space.

All: Victor!

Leo: We were tricked!

The girls yelp as the opened pod door is trying to suck them all out. Trista hold onto a lever while the girls and Leo hold onto her.

Trista: Hold on, girls!

Leo: Gotta keep...slipping...

The droid yelps as he is slipping causing him to pull down Megumi's pants showing her undies doing so.

Megumi: (blushing) LEO!

Leo: Eep!

Leo accidentally hits the lever closing the opened pod door causing him and the girls to fall to the floor unconscious. Just then, someone came into the room.

Familiar voice: Trista, girls...I'm sorry.

Narrator: Saturday...either these days are short or someone is busy lazy...

Trista finds herself awaken strapped in a chair with the girls gagged and tied up while Leo is deactivated. Justin is looking through something nearby while a messed up corpse as a well as familiar idol are both nearby.

Trista: (struggles) Justin? What are you doing?!

Justin: (noticed) Oh, you're awake. I want to apologize for what I must do.

Trista: For what?!

Justin sighs as he goes closer to the table near the chair Trista is strapped into.

Justin: Trista, I am really sorry. I wish I have another option but I don't have it now. He needs your body...

Trista: (disgusted) Eeeeeew! First he kills people, now he wants to rape him?! Alan Matthews has one sick brother!

Justin: (sweatdrop) I mean your body parts. We are done with making his body and you have the last thing he needs. Please forgive me, Trista.

Trista: I...(sighs) Of course, I forgive you.

Justin: That's a relief. But why are you doing this?

Justin goes to a cabinet to get a scalpel and returns to put the thing on the table. He is unaware that while the doctor was doing this, Trista struggles enough to get her left hand freed.

Justin: Well, William promised to help end my nightmares once and for all. With a new body, he can guaranteed I will never have them again.

Trista: You know he would kill you, right?

Justin: Well, that's what the other girls are for. He will have his victims and eyes all the same time.

Trista: But what about Leo?!

Justin goes to the cabinet and gets something, before coming back. During this, the woman grabs the scalpel.

Justin: There is always a case of a robot breaking one of the robotic laws, right? You can understand, right?

Trista: (sighs) Yeah. But please forgive me...

Justin: For what?

Trista: THIS!

Trista stabs Justin in the leg by the scalpel making the man yell as he fell to the floor in pain. The woman quickly frees herself, then after getting out of the chair, she frees the girls and turn Leo off.

Leo: Oh my! Where am I?!

Trista: Let's leave while Justin is in pain.

Misaki: Wait!

Misaki grabs a familiar chip that is on another table nearby.

Misaki: Yoink!

The girls and droid run out of the room, leaving Justin in lots of pain.

Narrator: Sunday...

That day, the girls looked worried as Megumi was placing the chip in the shut-down temporarily Leo.

Megumi: Almost...

Trista: (to herself) We're the only ones left...everyone else is dead...all because we just had to bring that box aboard.

Anthy: The ship will be here soon and we're not sure what will be there to greet them.

Utena: Well, there must be something we can do. Something other than sitting and waiting to be killed.

Megumi: Finished.

Misaki: (annoyed) Oh great, now you're done! What a time to finish the last part on Leo!

Megumi: Hey, I wanted to see how his new personality chip can work and he needed to be shut off in order to get it installed.

She reactivated him before Leo awoke just as they heard a thud sound. The group peeked out, then noticed a familiar figure with his eyes out and his body parts bleeding.

All: Justin!

Leo: (worried) Oh gosh! What did he do to you?

Justin: (coughs) He needed eyes...he took my eyes. Then he-(hacks) stabbed me right through.

Megumi: Where is he?

Justin: Roaming around the ship and looking for more people to kill.

Misaki: I hope he doesn't want to rape bodies, ick!

Trista: Look, we don't know what he is, but I know he doesn't even know about genders, which is why I saw four breasts on him.

All: Ewww!

Justin: Anyway, I'm so sorry, everyone...

Anthy: You were under his influence. You weren't acting under your own direction.

Justin: Even so...(coughs) I've let a monster loose and killed us all. guess I kinda made a has of my first posting, huh?

He chuckled a bit, though coughed more.

Utena: This wasn't your fault, Justin.

Justin: You have to find a way to destroy him, everyone. Before everyone else arrives, before he's let loose on the Federation.

Trista: What can we do?!

Justin then weakly gave them a familiar stun gun.

Justin: Take my stun gun. It's got a few shots left. If you could lure him outside the ship, you could...

Leo: We could what?

Justin: The...the

Finally, he fell limp and collided onto the floor lifelessly.

Trista: He's gone...

Leo: Goodbye...

They mourned for him a bit.

Anthy: Godspeed, Justin.

Trista: Rest in peace, Dr. Siskyroul, distant great nephew of Lee Siskyroul.

Megumi: (sniffs) What now?

Trista then looked at the stun gun, looking serious to them.

Trista: We have to take him out...permanently.

(End of Part 5)

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