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Jodine16: I saw this pic where Horatio's in this pose where he's about half way to putting his infamous shades on. I swear every time I see this picture it looks like he's gonna poke himself in the eye. Anyway ,this is what I came up with! Enjoy!
Ryan came up to stand beside Horatio as they watched as their suspect watched escorted to a police car. “Man, it's been a long day,” Ryan said to his lover, stretching.
Horatio smiled at him and toyed with his shades. “Yes, it has.” Horatio glanced at him. “So, shall I be seeing you at home?”
Ryan frowned, toying with the hem of his shirt. “No, Eric said he wanted to meet up with me for drinks, said something about wanting to talk about stuff.”
“Well, don't be keeping him waiting then, I'm sure that whatever Eric has to say it is important,” Horatio said.
The CSI snorted. “I guess. See you later then.” Ryan barely made it up three steps when he heard a small curse come from his red haired lover. “H?” Ryan went over to him to see the other man rubbing his eye. “Horatio, are you okay?”
Ryan was a little concerned when a blush appeared on his face. “Yes, I just poked myself in the eye.”
Ryan was jerked awake, the memory of the dream he just had, resurfacing. As much as he tried, Ryan could hold the laughter bubbling up inside.
“Ryan, you okay?” Ryan turned in his lover's arms, grinning.
“I had the most hilarious dream,” he said.
Horatio blinked a little, waking up more. “Really? It must have been quite the dream if you woke me up. Care to tell me about it?”
“Well, it started out with us standing in front of the police station watching some guy being lead to a cop car. We talked a little and I guess you were trying to slip your sun glasses on when you poke yourself in the eye with them,” Ryan said sniggering.
Horatio raised an eye brow. “Ryan, I never poke myself in the eyes, I'm more careful than that.”
Ryan snuggled closer towards him, grinning. “Uh huh, but it would be pretty funny to see.”
Horatio rolled his eyes. “Good night, Ryan.”
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