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“I'm the what!?” Shino, a large yet young wolf demon, bellowed loudly. Yasuo sigh in exasperation and attempted once more to explain the current situation. “Listen carefully. You are what the lower demons call the Anitaesai, or rather the chosen one. You were decided as the strongest and purest of all wolf demons by higher celestial beings, such as god, to read the Book of Moons. The book contains the story of Blood Moon, and contains the story of each stage of the moon. Blood Moon is the story that rages now. You may say that this is what believe is to happen. Each part of the story you read the strong you become. I find it odd, how it works, but I did not make it. In any case, did that clarification help any more than the other five?” Shino nodded and then placed his head into his heads. “Agh! It's just so much information to take in! The Book of Moons, I don't even know what that is, along with it's story?! Agh. Why…why me?” Yasuo smiled at the demon. Shino was under an enormous amount of pressure lately. After his father's unexpected death, he was assigned tasks that any normal demon child would have look at and within a moments reading would have passed out. He preformed each task to the best of his ability and beyond that too. Now he seemed to be getting one task after another. But now taking the responsibility of his younger brother, Kaname, and saving the world, he was finally cracking.
If anything, everyone was just there, living and breathing, to give him an assignment and more responsibility so they wouldn't have to do it themselves. At least that is what he thought about the whole situation. Yasuo and Kaname were of some help tough. Every once and a while he would get a difficult assignment, one of the two would help him calm down and evaluate the task. It would take them only minutes to settle on an ideal strategy to solve the crisis or end the charge. “Come on now, it can't possibly be that bad, can it? Here let's sit down and think about this for a moment…” Shino growls and cut off the demon with more than a little attitude. Suddenly the door to the office which Yasuo and Shino sat in, came open and a young, medium height demon strolled in. He impiety stopped as he noticed four eyes set on him. “Ah. Hello?” He said unsure if he could say anything else. Shino stands up and huffs slightly at the young demon. “Kaname! While you've been sitting at home, I've been getting information on my next task! And guess what!!” Shino puffs out, annoyed slightly. Kaname, half-shocked and half-confused, stutters out his response. “W-what is it, b-b-brother?”
Shino almost didn't brother to wait for his younger brother to finish as he suddenly yelled out. “I am the damned chosen demon who must save the world from destruction and unite the damned clans of demons! I am the one to be the Anitaesai, and read the Book of Junes!!” Yasuo coughs slightly at Shino's mistake. “It's the Book of Moons, Shino.” He says gently, as to not enrage the demon anymore. “Yeah, yeah! The damned Book of Moons! The only thing good about it is that we will spend more time with one another. That being so because you are the reader of the Book of Death, and now I am a reader. I guess that is the only thing I can cheer about now, my little brother.” Kaname merely stared at the older demon, his Book of Death clutched to his side tightly. He was, in fact, over-joyed that he and his brother could spend more then 2 hours of daylight with one another, but why Shino of all people have to be the Anitaesai? Kaname had lost himself in thought for a moment, but when he came to he grinned at Shino slightly. “That's wonderful, brother. Finally regaining himself he walked to the table and set his book down next to the new one, which was bound in smooth black leather unlike his brown one. The words moon engraved into the cover nicely. He smiled at Shino and hugged him tightly. Shino smiles a little also as he hugs back. He chuckles. “Love ya, kiddo.” In truth, Kaname was only two years younger then his brother, but he smiled nonetheless at him.
This was merely a year before something terrible and unforgettable happened. Yes, Shino had succeeded, with Kaname of course, to unite the Cat, Dog, Fox, Ma-zoku, Rabbit, and Fish tribes to unite. Sadly his pacifist ways were not embraced by the remaining three. Wolves, Shino and Kaname's own kind, did not want to take up peace, saying it would not last forever. The mutts, mixed breeds, told Shino peace was unattainable at this point. War had reached far over the land that was ruled by the wolves, many of the remaining survivors regardless of tribe wanted revenge and would not stop fighting at any cost. Last, the bats did not want to hear any of this. Being the only outcast tribe the bats thought war would be best to set the idea that they were indeed the strongest and that they should be recognized for it. This proves to be terrifyingly horrible as the unthinkable happened to young Kaname.
“Kaname!” Shino screamed as he ran to his injured brother. “If you die on me I swear I go to Spirit World myself and drag you back just to kick your ass a few good times!” Kaname ignored his tearful brother comment, as he began to cough up a vast amount of blood. He was sure if he didn't run out of blood first, that he would cough up his heart. His body jerks in pain as he coughs again. “Damn it, Kaname! I can't even heal you! My powers are drained!” Kaname coughed again. “Don't…worry. I'm going to be…all right. I just need a nap…” Shino's eyes widen considerably. “No! You won't wake! Keep those damned blue eyes open!” Kaname's attack smiles at the sight before him. “Hmph. This is getting to loveable! Time to end the love fest!Ahono Ryu! ” The demon attacker sends a blast of black fire at the kneeling form of Kaname. Shino, too oblivious to notice a rock get up a tap dance, took no heed in the approaching spell. Kaname, no matter how hurt, notices it and tries to move Shino away, even just a little bit would keep him safe. Kaname tried to move toward his brother to move away and the attack came closer but all to no avail as the pain in his head grow worse and his vision blurred. He eventually yelled to his brother. “SHINO!” Shino immediately moved backward five steps as he heard his name spoken so forcefully from his brother's dying lips. Before Shino could say a word his young brother was engulfed in a large orb of blackened fire, his form melting away in the sneering heat. Shino's eyes widen again. “Kaname…KANAME!?” The only words he could muster from his distress was his brother's name as the explosion from the attack flung him back against a large, and very solid tree. Splinters and rocks flying back from the explosion caught his face and gave him deep and horrible looking cuts. Not that he cared, his hot tears trailed down his face fast enough to stop the pain and wash away he blood.
He lies down near the tree he flew into as the smoke begins to settle. He knew now that his death would soon be at hand as the demon grew closer, from the scent Shino knew the demon was of the bat tribe. Good, his death would be somewhat painless, if not quick. Hn. This is the end. I've got nothing left now. Shino thinks to himself as he looks to his left, his eyes barely staying open. All he can see now is a plain area of debris, a harp, and a book. The book was the only thing, if he at all survives this ordeal, he would be able to give to Kaname's…lover, maybe? The harp, or rather lyre, the only object that could even come close to being called precious to Kaname. He would sit for hours with it, playing and making songs for Shino, when he had come home from a long night's work. The harp never rusted or broke a single string. It sound was always pure and in tone. Just like Kaname, Shino would say. Now this is all he would have to either keep or bury of Kaname.
Blood Moon:
Page 1
These are the words of those who came before us ad the words of the gods. Gather round me now as I tell you all the story of Blood Moon. They say that the earth was born of the blood of all demons, big and small. No humans lived at this time; for no god had thought it right to create such beings. Demons were merciless and would kill anything that had mind to talk it back. The god wanted nothing of that. Though the gods did want something. They wished to see all demons in harmony; for then and only then could humans be placed on earth. They chose a wolven demon from the tribe and told him to read this story to all and then unite the tribes to be one under peace; for war would solve nothing. Every generation since then the gods have chose a wolf to try to fulfill what the last could not. Before it was to late the gods realized something. Doing this insured the worst. It was the beginning of the end…for all.
Several thoughts raced through Shino's exhausted mind as the words rolled through his head. In the end, the most important thoughts were thought over. If I fail another generation will have to make the tribes unite!? I know how it feels, now, to go through this. I don't want anyone else to know about this! If I die now, I die a complete failure. I can't believe this at all! This is the end, and I will be destroyed by this lowlife bat demon!! “You…do realize I can hear your thoughts, right? And I am not a lowlife bat demon, wolf-boy!” The bat demon snapped as he drew closer to Shino. Shino grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, I'm to use to thinking my thoughts are a safe haven, but that is only because other demons can't read thoughts, except for the infamous foxes.” He snorts and then readies another attack as I sit up. “You know I have already killed one of my kin, your precious Kaname. I wonder somewhat, if you want to be next, half-brother.” Half-brother?? Shino muses in his head for a minute. The bat demon continues to speak. “Then again, you could always join Shiro and I and become a vital part of Father Suichii's pack. Hm…will you join?”
Shino snorts and then spits at the ground. “Sorry. But I…think I'll pass.” Kuronue snarls at him and produces two large chained scythes. “Hn. So be it. Prepare for your death. Take a good look at me, for I am the last of any kin of yours you will ever see.” He throws his blades at Shino with a prefect aim. Ha! It is finally time to end the years of the wolf's `rain'! And to think that I, Kuronue, will be the one who will be responsible for it's end!!” He snaps back to reality as Shino's adrenaline kicks in and he narrow misses one of Kuronue's blades as he jumps into a tree, seemingly unharmed, his tail flipping from side to side. Whew! Just in time! “Ah, demon, your aim is off…” A small toothy grin slides onto Shino's face. His fangs catch the light of the setting sun and flashing brightly reflecting red glares. Kuronue chuckles as he replies. “Have you, perhaps, checked that sorry excuse for a tail you have on your backside lately? Hm? Just wondering.” Shino back to his tail and notices the ruffled fur on his tail and a bit of bleeding, he yelps.
He quickly looks up and glaring at Kuronue, while fixing his tail up. “Jerk…” Kuronue snorts, doing an unconscious echo of Shino's early reply. “I don't want to hurt you, Shino, but Shiro Shinki gave strict orders to kill you if you decide not to join. But think of this. Once you're gone we can easily convince the others to join, that includes Youko Kurama and Yarisha Mikamora.” Shino snarls in warning. “If you even go near them…” Kuronue laughs suddenly. “Too late…” Suddenly to his right he hears a soft chanting of a spell. A portal opens to the spell, green light surrounding its outer ring. Shino watches in awe, his eyes wide. The middle of the portal swirling and spinning as a person begins to arise from it's middle.
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