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Kuronue snorts, doing an unconscious echo of Shino's early reply. “I don't want to hurt you, Shino, but Shiro Shinki gave strict orders to kill you if you decide not to join. But think of this. Once you're gone we can easily convince the others to join, that includes Youko Kurama and Yarisha Mikamora.” Shino snarls in warning. “If you even go near them…” Kuronue laughs suddenly. “Too late…” Suddenly to his right he hears a soft chanting of a spell. A portal opens to the spell, green light surrounding its outer ring. Shino watches in awe, his eyes wide. The middle of the portal swirling and spinning as a person begins to arise from it's middle.
Shino's senses heighten as he readied himself for an attack on the creature that would soon emerge from the rapidly growing portal. Suddenly Kuronue laughed, amused by Shino's edginess. “Don't look so trouble, half-brother! If Yarisha comes from the portal seeing you looking so deadly she'll run for covering! And if you kill her, well, Great Suichii only knows what Youko will do to you!!” Shino's expression turned from angered to bewildered as he dropped his guard and blinked two…three times, quickly. “What in the seven hells are you talking about? Yarisha!!??” True, the sounds of chants grew as the portal swelled larger, and that Yarisha was world known for her ability to summon portals to transport demons from one place to another. Though the possibilities of it being Yarisha were pretty good, it could easily be doubted by one thing. Yarisha is not the type of person to go an inch near blood, less it be her own or she was the demon who spilled it. To Shino, a wolf with very sensitive ears, the chants of Ana rue kie nazi ragnue jao toi were growing far too loud. Soon enough though, the chanting became a faint humming and then all at once stopped as the figure stepped out of the portal and onto the solid, rocky ground.
The portal immediately disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The figure was a young vixen wearing several chains for decoration. Several chains were rapped around her shoulders and arms. They swayed as she made her way to the tree Shino sat in, but surprisingly made no sound whatsoever. She sat down silently, or as silent as the set of chains on her waist would permit as they hit the ground. Seated at the tree's base, she looks up to Shino with a forced smile. As the sun touched her face and the demon's ears twitched, he knew immediately that she was, really, Yarisha Minoru. He stared at her, wide-eyed as she greeted him. “Hello, Shino. I see your well, beside your scratches that is. I hope not to disturb your, what seems like, peaceful mood, but… I have joined Suichii's pack. I'm truly sorry.” She gives Shino a sad smile as he finally finds his ability to pronounce words coherent in the back of his throat. “I…you need not apologize to me of all people, Yari. But I need to ask you something. I may? Well…why?” Yarisha blinks several times, not understanding the question.
She doesn't need long to, though. Her eyes glaze slightly and her expression saddens again. She takes a shaky breath before beginning. “You must understand, Shino, that before joining I was venturing with Shitano and Keishin. Krad confronted us after a week in the woods. Keishin was gone by the time he arrived, and he easily cast me aside like a rag doll. But Shitano was determined to keep me safe, so he easily held his ground. In the end, he died fighting. He cried his brother's name as he passed. He…died a peaceful death though…Krad killed him quickly and without pain.” She turned her face away, hiding her sorrow as she cried into her hands. Shino, of course, knew this man named Krad. He was an almost heartless demon who served Shiro Shinki, the leader of Suichii's pack. He was almost heartless because he still held loyalty to his friends and loved them each. He was almost heartless because even though he killed his brother was very important to him. Shino's eyes widened again, a fraction more then they were suppose to, as this knowledge sank in. “I…want to know something.” Both Shino and Yarisha look surprised by Kuronue's voice joining in so suddenly. “What?” They both spit out bitterly. Kuronue visibly flinched at their tones but remained expressionless.
He began. “I know my care for your fallen companion seems strange, but Shitano and I were close. We grew up together against our tribes wishes.” Shino and Yarisha stared.
Blood Moon:
Page 3
The remaining three tribes built barriers between their and the enemies' territories, to ensure that no one in their tribes would meet with the others. Many younger demons, not knowing what went on in the demonic world around them, found ways to bypass the adult's barriers. They often played with one another. Bats with wolves, and mutts with full breeds. It did not take long, sadly, for the older demons to find out about the secret meetings their children had with their enemies. They collected their children and pulled them away. Locking them within their shelters like prisoners.
Kuronue weighted his words carefully before starting once more. “After about five years, give or take a few months, our tribes found out. They sealed us off and away from one another. I was five back then. At the age of eight I had reached `maturity', therefore I was allowed out of the barrier to hunt for food. We…bumped into each other while chasing the same deer. For the rest of the year we met in the woods and spoke about how we have been. Sadly, we were spotted by one of his own. He ran with his tail between his legs after saying goodbye. I was caught however and beaten by the wolf demon, hours later I was taken back to my tribe when I was found by a… `rescue team', if you can call them that. I haven't seen him, or his brother since.”
Shino hesitated before saying anything. “Err…what would you like to know, Kuronue?” Kuronue turned to face Shino. “Was Shingato with you at the time of Shitano's death?” “Yes, what about Shingato was he there or is he also…dead?” Several more tears trail down Yarisha's face as she slams her fist into the ground, the rocks making her knuckles bleed. “I don't know!! Hat's why Keishin was already gone. She went to look for Shingato. She looked everywhere, but could not find him. We begin to suspect the worst…” Shino begins to look frantic and jumps from the tree. “That's three damn people in one fucking day!! Kaname, Shitano, and maybe even Shingato.” Tears begin to cascade down his face as well. Kuronue sighs. “There's only one good thing to come of all this…Shino, you realize you're the last wolf. Your tribe is already destroyed.” Kuronue's expression goes back to being emotionless. Shino gives a bitter laugh. “You, of all people didn't know Yarisha hails from the mutt tribe? She's a half breed wolf and fox demon.”
Kuronue's eyes widen a fraction. “She…what!?” Yarisha's emerald gaze roots Kuronue in spot as she begins to speak again. “That's right. Half wolf and half fox, I am. Can you guess whose side I got it from, Kuro?” Kuronue growls in annoyance. “Keiosuke! Your damned father!!” A sharp barking laugh emits from Yarisha. “What do you know? Kuronue actually got that right!” Shino cuts in. “I'm surprised, Kuronue. You actually didn't know she was a mutt?” “Get off my back, wolf-boy!” Kuronue shouts in anger. “In any case, you know she's part of the pack. Will you join Shiro now?” He adds after a pause. Shino nods slowly. “I will. Only because Yarisha is and because Shitano is…he has passed.”
Blood Moon:
Page 3
No sooner will the war between the three tribes break out, will the wolf's rain end. The wolves will be wiped out in the war, one by one. Leaving one, the chosen one, as the last full breed wolf. His life is the only thing that can keep the tribes with or against one another. His death could mean the end of the world as the demons have come to know it. Demons, united, will come to him for guidance as the war moves toward their regions. But, truly, the result it out of his control. There is a very thin line between war and peace. Demons stand on the tread and teeter from one side to the next, one fall or misstep could mean the worst.
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