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(Recap: Chapter Twelve)
“Kuro?” Kaitou asked quietly from where she lain against a tree in the clearing. Kuronue turned to her and gave her a questioning look.
“What is it, kid?”
“Ah, well, I was wondering… um, where are we going now?” She asked quietly as she wrung her hands together in a nervous fit.
“Easy, Kai. We're heading to the last city,” he answered as he reclined back onto the ground and rested his head on his arms; content to stare at the colors of the setting sun.
Youko sat down next to Kaitou and smiled at her as he asked, “Do you know what the last city is called, little one?”
She frowned for a moment in concentration before shaking her head.
“Emerald City, the city of forbidden, hidden desires. It's a dangerous twisted city. Fights there are highly discouraged for the safety of all whom inhabit it,” he explained as a breeze blew through the clearing and stirred Shino from his restful wolf nap.
Shino yawned quietly as Kaitou looked up in confusion at Youko.
“Emerald City is rumored to have a strange unnatural ability to show all those who dwell in or visit the city their own most forbidden and hidden desires. Desires that that person may not have even known existed in their mind. It is a very dangerous place to go but we need to go there to end this fight.”
They sat in silence for a long while before Kuronue broke it with a hesitant, “I'm frightened by the thought of what I might see. And of what will happen once we have arrived.”
“They are going to be there, our trio of enemies. I can't wait for a fight but at the same time I fear that they my already have harmed the others. I worried about Neptune, Yasuo, and Shingato,” Shino added, fiddling with a little piece of grass beside his hand.
“We all are when it really comes down to it. Yet, we know there is nothing we can do. From the very being, before we knew what was going to happen, we ourselves placed them in danger. They never would have had nothing to worry about if they had not met us,” Youko muttered, eyes drawn to the setting sun.
“In the end, it is all our fault,” Kuronue said after a moment. “In the end, if they die, it will be because of us.”
Shino flinched at that thought.
~ Blood Moon: Notes
p. 543
We have a savior. It is predicted we will be saved. I expect that he is reading this now, flipping through the pages of nonsense I have written upon him and his preordained destiny. Our seer predicts that he shall save us all at that the end of wars will follow. I doubt this, but at the same time I yearn to believe what I have been told. Believe that when I die and this book of predictions reaches our savior that everything I have been forced to write will have helped him. My people are worried, just as I am, that this book will not be enough for the demon. It is laughable I suppose, that we will place our futures in the hands of a wolf demon.
The gates of Emerald City opened silently as the group approached. They creaked ominously.
Kaitou and Saitou stopped short of entering, faces bland.
Shino turned back as he sensed them stopping; he gripped Kuronue's shirt as he came by and motioned to the children.
Everyone stopped.
“What is it?” Kuronue asked quietly, cocking his head to the side.
Kaitou looked up, her eyes bright compared to her brother's. “Uriel is coming!”
Saitou nodded in positive as Kuronue shot him a confirming look.
“Oh,” Shino let out in a breath. He had forgotten about Uriel, the archangel, that had come to visit his brother a mere four months ago on Dyad Moon.
Kuronue's expression was guarded as he commanded calmly, “You will wait here for him. We'll go in ourselves. Stay out of sight till you feel him arrive.”
“But we want to star with you!” Kaitou said quickly in protest, running and clinging to Kuronue's leg.
Saitou looked away at the ground, tears forming in his eyes and his brow furrowing.
Shino's ear twitched at Kaitou's shrill voice. “Kuronue's right. There's no time for goodbyes when we can be attacked at any time. We don't want to get you two any more involved in our problems.”
“No! I'm staying with Kuro!”
“You can't. It isn't safe, Kaitou.”
“No, no, no!”
“Why not?”
“Uriel gave us to Kuronue to take care of! I want to be with Kuro when he takes us back!”
Kuronue flinched; he bent down and balanced on his heels. “Listen to me, Kaitou,” he commanded, “you have to stay here. We don't know what'll be in that city waiting for us. You could get hurt.”
She looked up with tear filled eyes, terrified by their impending separation. She whispered childishly, “But I don't want to…”
Saitou appeared at her side, tugging her away from Kuronue by her hand. His face was devoid of emotion as he stared up at the older demons.
Kaitou let herself be pulled way in a fit of tears.
With a ragged breath, Kuronue muttered, “Goodbye.” He turned away and walked into the city.
Shino gave them a quick glance before following, Youko not far behind after waving to the children.
Sobs could be heard from behind them.
Darkness entrapped them.
The city was devoid of most of it's light.
The moon set had come, twilight was upon them and the rising sun was circling on its journey back to the demons.
“My ears hurt, Youko. There's no sound at all,” Shino whined, rubbing his ears and occasionally making a small noise to occupy the deep silence.
“Similar to the moon,” Youko whispered. The silence compelled him to whisper, seeming fragile and sacred.
Shino walked closer to his brother and friend, “We haven't seen Krad in a long while.”
“I sent him to Shiro and Suichii. I pray he will be unharmed when we return.” Youko glanced around as the sky began to brighten.
Shino stopped, taking in the city now that he could see, pupils contracting.
“I wonder… Where is everyone?” Kuronue asked no one. A flash of rotting corpses blocked his mind for a moment, sending a thrill rushing through his body. He gasped.
“Kuro?” Shino asked. For a moment, he too was taken away by an awakening desire.
Youko closed his eyes and muttered softly, “It's finally happening. I see a village, burning. Demons are attacking and feeding on the human villagers. I…see myself amongst them.” Youko shuddered.
“Mass genocide,” Kuronue murmured, wiping his sweating face on his hands.
“Such twisted desires you all hold!” Keishin's voice boomed from all around them, giggling.
Kuronue and Youko flanked either side of Shino, guard up.
“Where are you?”
“Show yourselves!”
Sarasu appeared in the doorway of the inn beside them. “Tut tut, such rude people,” he said, wagging a disapproving finger.
Keishin and Yarisha appeared on the rooftop of the inn, smiling sinisterly down upon the small group.
The amounts of both sides were equal. It was three against three.
Youko and Kuronue leapt forward and Shino went straight for Sarasu…
~ Blood Moon
p. 492
So the battle begins, the villains revile the heroes and tell them of the lost of most of their friends. Angered, the heroes fight harder. The battle continues for hours and days. One demon at another's throat, one fighting for an ideal peace and the other for forever wars. The Savior is locked heavily in the heat of battle, barely holding up against Him. The Savior is injured beyond words, ribs broken, legs twisted unnaturally, and bleeding always. The others, they hold up well against the women. It seems for a moment as if that will win. But if I have learned one thing, it is that in the course of a lifetime anything can and will change.
“Die!” Twin screams broke the silence, and blood splashed against the ground in dark red stripes.
“SHINO!” Kuronue screamed, rushing to his dying brother's side.
Laughing, Sarasu, covered in blood and bruises, shouted, “What a savior he made, beaten by a mere demon such as I!”
“This scene…is…all too…familiar…Kuro,” Shino wheezed, grinning lopsidedly.
“Don't talk! Damn, you're bleeding heavily. Damn you, Shino! I told you to be careful!” Kuronue choked, tears threatening to spill from his indigo eyes.
“I'm…sorry, Ku…ro, for…everything. I'm…gonna miss you…Kuronu…e.” Shino coughed up a pool of blood and then his eyes dulled.
“Shino? Shino!” Kuronue cried out, tears spilling over his dark eyelashes and sliding over his pale skin.
Youko choked back a sob from behind the brothers.
~ Blood Moon
p. 568
The story of a savior, of a protector, of a mortal demon that would save us all because it was his preordained destiny. Years have been spent of waiting for our so-called savior, but now, when our need is so great, where is he? No one knows, except myself who knows all. It was prophesized that we would be saved by some full breed wolf cub. However, I know for a fact that that is a lie. We are doomed…
A story is as complex as its writer's mind. It may have a happy ending where all is well or it may be a sad one. A sad ending where the heroes come so close to victory only to be stopped an inch away. A sad ending where all of the most treasures characters die a most tragic death. Where the savior, on the edge of death, crawls to the feet of a statue of our lord, says his finally words and dies. Not ever story is happy nor is every story sad. A joyful story can become tragic and a war story may end in peace. The writer decides the fate of all and also chooses to create one solid emotion. A story is as complex as its writer's mind.
And so the fighting continues, a never-ending war begins. The fighting destroys the world of demons, a world unfit for the humans that should have been there. And so the story continues, but it leaves behind the lives of Shitano, Kaname, Shingato, Yasuo, Kasumi, and Neptune.
Yarisha: That's it. The end of Blood Moon and it's savior.