Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ The Phantom Boy ❯ Chapter Six ( Chapter 7 )

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Sam and Tucker made their way to Danny's house around 5 o'clock that night. They had put off going to Danny's for as long as they could. Sam had told Tucker that Danny was the ghost boy and ever since then they hadn't spoken much. When they got to Danny's door Sam hesitated.
“Maybe we shouldn't be doing this. I mean if he had wanted us to know he would have told us in the first place.”
“Sam, now isn't the time to chicken out,” Tucker said, putting his hand on her shoulder, “We need to know and he knows that.”
Sam steeled herself for what was to come and rang the doorbell. Danny met them at the door and took them down stairs to his basement. This was the only part of his house that they hadn't seen. The walls were coated in a metallic surface and it made the room seem larger than it should have been. Around the room stood various tables with strange devices on them, some were half broken. A giant shuttle sat in one corner, a blocked off area in another. Also scattered around the room were different weight lifting machines. Sam let out a hard breath as she realized how Danny had come by most of his bruises. Danny sat on the floor in the center of the room and they followed suit.
“Sorry it's not very comfortable down here but I'm not down here to relax,” he said with a half hearted attempt at a smile. “I suppose you are wondering why I didn't tell you. Or how I got this way, but I think once I tell you my story you'll understand a bit better. It going to be long and I'm going to have to start at a time before I was born.” Danny took a deep breath and tried to calm his mind. He didn't want to break down in front of his friends. As mentally prepared as he could be, he began.
“Along side our world, the world of the living, there is another world called the Ghost Zone. Any ghost that is not haunting the human world resides there. My parents Jack and Maddie Fenton were the world's leading paranormal experts. They created many anti-ghost inventions and were probably the closest any human had ever gotten to entering the Ghost Zone. When they were in college, about twenty years ago, they were very good friends and colleagues with a Vlad Masters…”
“Wait…” Tucker yelled, “You mean THE Vlad Masters, richest man in Wisconsin and tenth richest in the United States?”
“The same… although the fact that he is rich does nothing for his personality,” Danny replied grimly, “Anyway…as I was saying, when the were in college they started on a project they called “The Fenton Portal,” it was a gate way to the Ghost Zone. They had almost perfected it when a miscalculation presented itself during a trial run. Vlad, who was the closest to the portal, was severely injured and had a bad case of ecto-acne. Although he recovered quickly, he became enraged at my parents for what had happened to him. What my parents didn't know, was that Vlad ended up getting ghost powers, that made him half ghost and half human. They also didn't know that Vlad ended up perfecting their portal and using it for his own power gain. For the next ten years, while my parents were raising a family, Vlad was raising an army. For the first few years after he got his powers, he practiced and became one of the most powerful ghosts in history, calling himself Vlad Plasmius. He perfected the portal and began to gain allies in the Ghost Zone for the purpose of taking it over. He also used his ghost powers to gain massive amounts of money in the human world, so that he could live comfortably and be able to purchase what he needed to fuel a war. Then ten years ago, he succeeded in taking over the Ghost Zone with his major allies, Pariah Dark, Hotep-Ra, and Aragon. Setting himself up as the leader, they lead a reign of terror the likes of which the Ghost Zone had never seen. Then, about a year ago he brought the war to the human world when he killed my parents…” Danny paused, not wanting to continue, he was about to enter the darkest part of his life. He looked up when Sam moved nearer to him. At least he wouldn't be reliving his worst memories alone.
“When I was almost sixteen years old, my parents died in a lab accident. My parents were fine tuning the new and improved Fenton Portal when it happened.”
“Danny, bring me that screw driver near your foot.'
“Here you go, mom.”
“Thanks, hun.”
Danny watched as his parents put the finishing touches to their Fenton Portal, a project they had been working on since college. It was a large metal octagon, taller that he was, that was hooked up to the wall. He and his parents were all wearing jumpsuits, he and his dad's were matching orange.
“Well that should about do it. What do you think Jack?”
“It looks good on my side,” his dad said as he gave a thumbs up.
“Well let's try this thing out.” His mother and father stood together as they pushed the on button on the wall.
Then Danny was deafen by a loud blast. His eyes shut as he was hit by a blast of green flames. He was so hot, he was burning. He tried to scream but no sound came out. He slowly faded into a blissful unconsciousness.
End Flashback
“When I woke up I was in the hospital. My sister had come home to a burning house that was surrounded by firefighters. My parents had been killed instantly by the blast but I, miraculously, survived. When I was told what happened I cried, I should have died too. I was mad at myself for not doing something, although there was nothing I could have done. That night at the hospital when I was so mad at myself, I floated towards the ceiling. I freaked out but once I had control I let myself back down. When I looked in the mirror I saw myself like this…” Danny stopped talking as he transformed. His friends mouths dropped open as they watched him. “So what do you think? I got ghost powers but at the cost of my parents lives.” Sam and Tucker said nothing and he changed back..
“ The next day I met the man who killed my parents, although I didn't know it at the time. Vlad Masters took us in when we had no one else. We were supposed to grateful and at first we were. When we got to his house for the first time, he revealed that he was also half ghost and offered to teach me how to use my powers.”
Vlad brought me into his library. It was the biggest library I had ever seen. Books lining both wall and only stopping on another wall where they met a large marble mantle.
“Daniel, tell me truthfully, since your parents' accident, have you gained any new powers?”
My mind was racing. Should I tell him of my new powers?
“Daniel, you can tell me. I understand if you don't want anyone to know, but we are more alike than you think.”
He began to transform as I watched in amazement. His hair stood up in two peaks and his skin was a blue white. His red pupils matched his new red and white outfit. Then smoke came out of my mouth like it did when I first saw him.
“That, my dear boy, is your ghost sense.”
End Flashback