Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ The Phantom Boy ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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“Class…We have a new student. This is Daniel Fenton.”
Hardly anyone even bothered to look up at the new student.
“Danny's fine,” he said.
“Ok, Mr. Fenton,” said Mr. Lancer sarcastically, “find an empty seat.”
He waved his hand vaguely towards the back of the room.
Sam had her head propped up with her hand. She wasn't even trying to keep the look of boredom off of her face. Mr. Lancer's class was, by far, the worst class of the day. Earlier this year, he even tried to get her to dissect frogs. Busy staring at nothing, she didn't even see the new student until he bumped into her desk.
“Sorry,” he mumbled, his eyes meeting her's.
“It's fine.”
As Mr. Lancer started class, Sam tried to get a good look at the new kid. His raven black hair was long enough to cover his eyes and hung long in the back as well. He could probably pull it up into a pony tail if he wanted to. His skin seemed to pale for the rest of his appearance, as if he hadn't seen the sun for awhile. His clothes were too baggy to be in style. His red and white shirt looked a size too big and his jeans weren't the skinny kind that many had taken to wearing. His whole appearance seemed worn. Even his Converse looked as if they would fall apart at any second.
“A nonconformist,” she thought, “maybe we should be friends.”
She took out a piece of paper and started writing.
Danny wasn't surprised when no one took much notice in his coming. He hadn't made much of an effort to look nice and making friends wasn't his first priority at Casper High. On his way to an empty seat in the back he accidentally bumped into another desk. The goth girl seated there had flipped her head up in surprise as he mumbled his apology. As the class started, he could feel her observing him. He tried his best to show no sign that he had noticed her. He glanced around the class room, focusing on nothing in particular. The girl that was looking at him definitely stood out among the class. Her dark hair was about the same shade as his and she had part of it pulled up. Her eyes were an unusual lavender color. Her skin was pale but not abnormally so. She wore a black tank top, a black skirt, purple tights, and combat boots. Although she dressed darkly, her demeanor seemed quite open.
“I should probably try to make the best of this,” he thought, opening a notebook. “It's like he's trying to put us to sleep.”
His thought process was interrupted when a triangular note hit his desk. He opened it.
Hi, I'm Sam Manson. If we have any classes together I'd be glad to show you around.
He copied his class list onto the note and returned it to Sam.
Sam smiled as she noted that Danny had all of the same classes as her. She wrote back telling him so. Danny never replied because Mr. Lancer sent a glare their way. When the bell finally rang, the entire class let out a sigh of relief. As she and Danny stood up she asked:
“What brings you to Casper High?”
“I just moved to Amityville.”
“Cool. Your parents get a job here or something?”
“No. I came here alone.” As he replied, sadness filled his eyes. “My parents died in an, um, lab accident a few years ago.
She apologized, not commenting on the hesitation she heard before the word accident.
“So goth?” he asked.
“I hate when people change themselves to try and fit in. Normalcy is over rate.”
“Trust me. I don't exactly fit into the category of normal either,” he replied laughing, but the sad look stayed in his eyes.
Their arrival at the next class ended the conversation.
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