Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ The Phantom Boy ❯ Chapter Two ( Chapter 3 )

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At lunch Danny decided to sit with Sam. He had packed his lunch, so he scanned the room as he waited for her. He went through the inventory of names and faces that he had been building up in the last three periods. The center of the room held the popular group. A tall, blonde jock by the name of Dash sat next to his girlfriend Paulina, who looked to have Latino origins. Next to her sat Starr, you stereotypical cheerleader and her foot ball boyfriend, Kwan. Danny had picked up Sam's distain for them very quickly and had agreed wholeheartedly. Although they may have been good looking the were superficial.
An almost unnoticeable wisp of blue smoke came out of Danny's mouth. He stood rigidly until he spotted a long dead lunch lady in the back corner of the room.
“No threat there,” he sighed with relief as Sam came into the room.
He followed her to a table that was already occupied by one student. He was an African American boy with glasses and a red beret.
As they sat down opposite him Sam said: “Danny, Tucker. Tucker, Danny.”
Tucker nodded. “Tucker Foley, Local techno-geek.
“Danny Fenton, new guy.”
Danny chuckled quietly when he noted what his new friends were eating. Sam ate a veggie burger, while Tucker ate a cheeseburger with three patties.
“What?” the two of them asked in unison.
“Nothing, it's just that the two of you seem so different that I wondered how you can stand each other.”
As the two of them shrugged, Sam and Tucker slipped into a argument over meat and Danny was content to just listen. He relaxed for the first time in weeks as they went over the previously fought battle.
As the school day ended, someone who didn't know better would have assumed that the three of them had been friends for ages. Sam hadn't had any new friends since Tucker and her met in third grade and was glad to have someone new to talk to.
“So, Danny… Where is your house?” Asked Sam.
“It's the brick one on the corner of Main and Fourth.”
Tucker whistled. “Wow that one's supposed to be haunted. Do you think you have any ghosts?”
Danny winced at the word. “No I don't believe in ghosts,” he said, all the while thinking “You have no idea.”
Sam noticed the wince. “Too bad,” she said, “Tuck has tons of stories. Me I'm a vampire girl.”
“So I like a good ghost story,” Tucker responded, “Do you mind if we come over Danny?”
“Not really, but since I just moved in yesterday, not much of my stuff is unpacked yet.”
Well I don't want to see my parents any earlier than I have to,” said Sam, “So let's go hang at the Nasty Burger.”
Sam tossed and turned in her room for what seemed like hours.
“I can't take this anymore. I've got to get outside.”
Sam snuck up onto the roof of her house. She gazed at the stars.
“Too bad I live in the city,” she thought,” I'd like to be able to see the stars clearly.”
She continued to stargaze until she saw a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye. Sitting on a roof a few houses down was a boy. At least she thought it was a boy. His long white hair was pulled back to reveal bright green eyes. They almost seemed to glow. His black clothing was tight enough to show off his toned muscles. His white gloves, belt, and boots stood out in contrast to the rest of his outfit. There seemed to be an emblem of some sort in his shirt as well. It looked like a D inside of a P. But she had no idea what it could mean. As she made the last of these observations, he turned to look at her. Then he vanished.
“Crap,” Danny thought as he noticed Sam looking at him, “What was I doing so close to her house in the first place?”
He had waited until midnight to transform and fly around town. He drifted and had ended up near Sam's house.
“If I'm not supposed to attract much attention, I'm going to have to be more careful.”
Making sure that he was still invisible, he hurried home to finish unpacking.
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