Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ The Phantom Boy ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 4 )

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Sam tried her hardest to stay awake at school the next day. She worried that she was going insane. People just don't vanish. Maybe Amity Park really was haunted. The weirdest part was that the ghost boy had reminded her of Danny. There was something in the way he stood.
“They can't be the same person,” she thought, “Danny has dark hair, blue eyes, and isn't the least bit muscular. At least I don't think he is. But even if he is he can't vanish.”
Almost as if to confirm her thoughts, Danny walked in looking like he had gotten a full night's sleep. And yet, a doubt lingered in her mind. As she, Danny, and Tuck walked out of school at the end of the day, she noticed a pale, blonde man standing near a black motorcycle. Although his appearance was grungy the worse part was how unnaturally dark his shadow seemed. Danny had noticed him too.
“You guys go on ahead,” he said,” I'll meet up with you at the Nasty Burger.”
“Yeah. Sure Danny. Whatever.”
As he walked out of school, a familiar wisp of smoke came out of Danny's mouth. Then he saw the motorcycle.
“Johnny,” he thought.
After sending his friends off he walked over to the man.
“Hey Johnny. What made you come find me? I take it this isn't a social call.” Johnny's shadow lunged at Danny's leg.
“Down Shadow!” snapped Johnny, “Danny isn't the enemy here. I thought I'd come warn you. He's planning something.” Johnny didn't elaborate on who was planning something. They both knew well enough.
“I think he's going to send someone,” Johnny continued.” No one risked staying long enough to find out who that might be. But I thought you might want the warning anyway.”
“Thanks Johnny, I appreciate it. You guys risk a lot to help me out. Tell Kitty I said hi.”
Johnny climbed on his motorcycle, his shadow oozing behind him. “Sure, sure. It's no problem. We have a common enemy. Oh, and Danny, Val says she's coming.”
Before Danny could think of a response Johnny was gone.
Sam pulled Tucker along behind her.
“Sam, Danny said that he would meet us later.”
“No, Danny said that he would meet us at the Nasty Burger and that was two hours ago.”
“So we're going to his house… How do we even know if he is going to be there? We could call him first.”
Sam never answered. Danny's house was brick, like most of the houses in the neighborhood. The difference between it and the other houses was the air of sorrow that hung around the place.
“No wonder people think it's haunted.” thought Sam, it was even a place that a goth might avoid.
She walked up the concrete steps, still dragging Tucker, and rang the doorbell.
“Coming” someone yelled from inside the house.
Danny opened the door. Sam looked surprised to see Danny with his hair pulled back and wearing clothing that showed of his surprisingly toned muscles.
Sam worked hard to get the look of surprise off her face as she thought, “ Oh, I guess he is muscular.”
“Oh, hey guys. Come in.” said Danny. They moved into his living room. “What are you doing here?”
“We got worried because you never showed up at the Nasty Burger,” said Sam.
“I thought that you were fine but Sam freaked out.” said Tucker. Sam sent him a glare that said “one more word and you die.”
“Sorry. That guy that I talked to outside of school was an old friend of mine. He heard that I had moved and came to see how I was doing. After that I guess I just spaced out.”
“No problem, man.” said Tucker. “So this is where you live, huh?
“Yeah. Home Sweet Home,” said Danny with a tone of bitterness. “Come on. Let's go upstairs.”
The living room held a couch, a TV, and a few boxes. One doorway led to a kitchen and another door lead else where, presumably the basement. They walked up the stairs to Danny's room. Upstairs, there was a bathroom and three bedrooms. Two were unoccupied.
“So you really do live alone,” said Sam.
She looked around the room. It had a bed, desk, work lamp, and closet. There was nothing personal in it at all. Except a picture on his nightstand. She picked it up to look at it. It had Danny, a girl with red hair that looked slightly older than him, a man with short salt and pepper hair with a goofy smile on his face wearing an orange jumpsuit, and a woman with brownish red hair in a bob that was wearing a blue jumpsuit. As she was looking, Danny had come over to stand beside her.
“Is this your family?”
“Yeah my sister, Jazz, my mom, Maddie, and my dad, Jack.” He pointed to each as he named them.
“So why aren't they living here?” asked Tuck. Sam kicked herself for not telling him that Danny's parents were dead.
“Um, my mom and dad were scientists and they died in a lab accident. One of their experiments went wrong and blew up.” Danny answered quietly.
“So what about your sister?”
“Living with a family friend.”
“Why aren't you living with them?” asked Sam.” Do you not like the guy or what?”
“I hate him with a passion,” when Danny said this it was obvious that he was telling the truth. “ But Jazz… Jazz practically worships the ground he walks on.”
“Oh. Well…Um…” Sam and Tucker had no idea what to say.
“Well I'm glad you hate the guy,” Tuck said. “His loss is our gain.'
“Agreed.” Sam said. “So how do you pay for living here?”
“I had some money saved up and I found some money that I, um, inherited I guess.”
“And you used it to buy vegetarian snacks, right?”
“So let's have a movie party!”
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