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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Inspired by the hit game Devil May Cry
`Am I human?' Did you really ask that? Well…forget it; I'm not going to say mostly because I don't know myself. Yeah I know, how can someone not know if they're human or not? Well I'm no good at long winded introductions, so I'll spell it out bluntly. I'm an incomplete being, half human and half demon. But I wasn't always like this. Fifty years ago I was once as human as you or you (points to audience). But what's sad is I can't cry or show any sign of pity for myself, all for one reason. Devils never cry.
Fifty years ago, I lived as a normal teen going to school. But then I learned I was the reincarnation of a half-demon child of a devil named Sparda, who liberated humanity from the demons of hell, ever since those very same devils have been trying to annihilate me. When my best friend got caught in the dark web of chaos, I just took her by the arm, ran away and fought when possible. Finally after a year and six months of running, with failure, we ended up stumbling onto a gate to the after life, starting in Hell!
When we had gotten to the second realm, where song was a bodiless bird fluttering without direction, I made the decision, to go back down into hell and kill Lucifer…and die myself. So I turned her around and said my good byes. You remember how I said I couldn't cry, same thing here. But… when I turned around a tear, a tear trickled down my cheek then turned into a sob. I've learned that even a devil may cry from the loss of a loved one.
Anyway, I still have a story with an ending that has a little sub-moral. Now where was I, right the descent where I said good bye to my friend and die pretty soon. Well after I had fought my way back into hell I came face to face of mine with the dark knight that was pursuing the both of us for eighteen months. So I took the liberty to, end this little game of cat (mimics a cat) and mouse and (mimics a mouse). After our incredibly violent battle, though that's all I'm going to say, I was aghast at what I saw. (Getting slightly emotional) He was just like me a human/demon incarnated descendent of Sparda, my half demon half brother.
(Regaining composure and attitude)
So finally we fought, Lucifer and I, and as foretold, neither won. It was a stalemate marked by two deaths. But instead of being sent to heaven or hell or where ever I was supposed to go, I found myself facing my dear friend. She had always been like this, (gets more emotional than before) taking her aggression out on me in a joking fashion but now she was really angry at me for throwing away my life.
(Actor recites line in a sad dark tone-female voice shadows actors in an angered tone)
“You jerk!! You idiot!! Why…why did you go through with this!?”
That was the last thing she said to me. As I embraced her in one final good bye I could feel the tears of her darkened eyes seep through like boiling water. Also I embraced her because I didn't want her to see I no longer could cry. But as I comforted her a door to a second earth materialized behind me, and just then I realized I had to step through to begin a new life. I was losing my best friend and that thought made me step into my own light sob. It was a miracle, tears from my eyes. That's when I realized I had misjudged my self, and I say this for all people who claim to hate themselves, somewhere out there even a devil may cry when it loses a loved one. You may hate yourselves but, well look at me I'm only half human half I hated myself beyond reason. So what right do you have to hate yourself at least your still you. You just got to pick up and start again.
(Regaining composure and attitude again)
I haven't much time left so I'll put it in fifth gear and speed things up. As we turned around to view the gate which stood five stories high I noticed she was amazed to see me crying so the last words I said were `tears are a gift only humans have'. And with that my unknown half brother I and were lifted through to live new lives. When it happened we changed our names his to Vergil, and mine Dante, and ancestors became parents, parents became ancestors, half became whole, whole became truly half, pure became impure, and impure became pure.
(Sad again)
This world is so alike my old home yet so different. I'll never forget my friend but when I sleep on it (spirits lifting) maybe this is for the best. I'm a demon now but I'm also human and so I think is it true, that `Devils Never Cry', or just our imagination.
But now I know my place I will kill every demonic follower of hell, (turns to walk off) those bastards have made me suffer long enough. Now it's my turn. (Laughs with superiority)