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My first ever Devil May Cry fic! I'm so happy!
Now, I'm not a big fan of yaoi but I know that so many people seemed to put Dante and Vergil as lovers even though they are twin brothers. However in this fic, Dante basically have the hots for Vergil and me being a VergilxLady fan, Lady also have the hots for Vergil. Lastly, this fic is based on after Devil May Cry 3 and Vergil is very much alive and he now lives with Dante and Lady.
I don't own Devil May Cry or any of its characters… otherwise instead of Temen Ni Guru; there would be a candy mountain instead….
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Everybody Loves Vergil
The morning sun has risen. It was the weekend and so Dante was enjoying his day off. It was still early in the morning and Dante just sat down on couch reading the comic section of the newspaper. He wore black pajamas with his name embossed on it on the right side of his chest. He also wore red and black stripy socks. These were a gift from Trish.
Lady was standing in the kitchen leaning against a counter enjoying her morning coffee. She wore a cream colored robe over her lavender colored pajamas and white slippers.
The two didn't say a word to each other. They don't hate each other or anything, they just don't really talk in the mornings.
The sound of footsteps going down the stairs was heard. Both Dante and Lady looked at the stairs in interest. Vergil walked down wearing only a blue tracksuit pants and a towel around his neck. Being the well-groomed man that he is, he already spiked and gel his hair to the usual style he has.
“Morning Vergil!” both Dante and Lady greeted at the same time. Straight away, Dante and Lady exchanged angry looks at each other.
A simple groan was Vergil's reply, but Dante and Lady both sigh in delight to Vergil's response.
Vergil walked to the fridge and leaned down to rummage through the fridge. His butt crack was showing a little from his track pants. Lady and Dante both tried to zoom in with their eyes, obviously enjoying the show.
Vergil got a carton of milk drank it and walked back upstairs. Dante and Lady kept their eyes glued on Vergil until he was out of sight.
Lady turned to Dante. “Stop perving on your brother Dante!”
“Excuse me! You were the one who was drooling in your mug when you were staring at his ass that was about to pop out!” replied Dante.
They both stopped not wanting to reveal that they liked Vergil.
Dante just have way too much pride to even show anyone that he loves anything, especially to show someone that he loves Vergil, his twin in more than a brotherly way. He just can't possibly blow his good reputation for being a womanizing ass.
And Lady, the woman just have way too much pride to admit her sympathy to Dante not to mention having the hots for Vergil who pretty much looks identical to Dante. Besides, she believes that almost no man could ever live up to her expectations and so she couldn't possibly blow her reputation for being the shallowest woman ever.
The two finished their morning tea in cold silence.
Later that morning, Dante was in his room playing with his PSP. His room was the furthest on the left upstairs and it was next to Vergil's room. Lady was in her room reading a magazine about astrology. Her room was the furthest on the right upstairs and it is also next to Vergil's room.
The two was occupied when they suddenly heard a noise from Vergil's room.
“Oh yes… you are one beautiful sight.”
It was Vergil's voice and Dante and Lady recognized it. They ran and pressed their ears against the wall to hear more.
“You are so incredible, I can't believe how magnificent you are.”
Dante and Lady's heart both dropped.
“No way… Is Vergil really gay? Is he sleeping with Dante?” asked Lady to herself. She was so upset she was about to cry.
“No…Hell No… there's no way Vergil would actually get jiggy with that woman!” Dante threw his PSP to the corner of the room in frustration. He was trying to hold back tears.
“I'll let you go back now.” Vergil Finished.
Immediately Dante and Lady both stormed out of their rooms at the same time and faced each other immediately.
“How could you Dante! You ruined everything!” yelled Lady
“Me? You're the slut who came here and ruined this place up!” screamed Dante back
“I won't give up Dante! You don't understand how a woman feels when she's pissed!” said Lady angrily.
“Oh yeah? I know my brother and his weaknesses woman! You can't compete against me!” Finished Dante.
The two of them stormed back into their rooms. Too angry and furious to even notice that Vergil's room hadn't even opened.
That afternoon, Vergil was sitting down on a three-seater couch reading a newspaper. He was dressed in his usual outfit. Dante came down and sat next to Vergil.
“Afternoon bro!” he greeted.
Vergil groaned in reply.
Lady came downstairs wearing her cat suit (from the special edition) and sat on the armrest right next to Vergil.
Dante eyed her angrily `She wore her cat suit?! No straight, bi, gay, mental or any kind of man would be able to resist that!'
“Hi Vergil! I love the way you do your hair!” she said touching his hair softly.
“Then why don't you stop touching it, then it won't be messed up.” Vergil replied coldly.
Dante smiled, now is his chance. He remembered that his mom used to do this when they were younger. Dante was tickling Vergil's ear.
Vergil began to chuckle “…stop it Dante”
Dante kept going and began laughing too, and then he noticed that Vergil smacked his hand down.
“I mean it stop it!” yelled Vergil angrily.
Dante pouted. Lady was happy.
“Well I can see that Dante has no respect nor manners for you Vergil.”
“At least I'm not the one who stink and seduction!”
Lady stood up “Say that again! I dare you!”
“YOU…STINK…AT…SEDUCTION! Got it grandma?” said Dante standing up.
Lady and Dante both kept screaming at one another. Vergil was just bored and this noise just gives him more headaches so Vergil went upstairs. Lady and Dante didn't even noticed.
Vergil went in his room and closed the door.
“There you are. Waiting for me. The most beautiful and most loyal companion.” He walked up to his table and picked up his Yamato. He drew it out of its case. He polished it and run his hands across the blade. “Incredible, I'll let you go back now.” He said as he placed the sword back in to its case and laid it down on the table next to his mother's amulet and an old photograph of his legendary father Sparda. He bowed his head down as a tear dropped on Yamato. As Vergil stared down, it might be his illusion but he could've sworn he sees an image of his mother reflecting in the amulet and in the photograph, Sparda smiled proudly at him.
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Man, this was supposed to be a comedy, but I guess the ending is pretty sad. Maybe corny I'm not so sure. Tell me whether it is or not.
Basically that's what Vergil does every time me misses his parents. He doesn't show it but he does.
Anyways, I hope you'd enjoy it. Review please okay?