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(Meanwhile Stein is somewhere reading notes he took while examining the Author as he slept.)
Stein: Fascinating!
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Lawliet: Wait, isn't that the series with Ryuu's cousin Anubis as a teenager in it?
Author: Yes? Why ask?
Lawliet: Nooooo reason. (smirks evily as he runs off to find copies of the book.)
Author: ...Abby.
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Abby: Oh... my... GOD! (Drools at what she sees as a major Yaoi moment, taking pictures with a camera she pulls out of nowhere.)
Dark: Goddamnit Krad! This is why people think you're gay!
Krad: I'm not?
Dark: ... Oh crap.
Abby: (Squees loud enough and in a high enough pitch to break the ear drums of anyone in a 1500 mile radius.)
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Chapter 16: The Cheerful Sempai Pt.1
Kira woke up on the morning of October 25th feeling completely better. Until he woke up to a injured looking Russia sitting in his window. "AHHHH!" Kira shouted looking completely horrified after being startled by that image. "Morning Kira. I was told to personally remind you of your mission this morning da." Russia explained sitting in the open window. "What the hell happened to you!" Kira asked trying ot get his heart to calm down after being startled so bad. "Oh, this? The Cerberus's owner got pissed at me for letting it get hurt accidently. Then Belarus attacked me for attacking America when they were... You know what, it's not important." The platinum blonde said waving a hand dissmissively as if his previous statement wasn't that big of a deal. "Just be at the gate of the school in an hour. My injuries are flaring up again. Good luck da." Russia said with a shudder then jumping out the window. Kira, still trying to calm down from being startled was wondering if Russia took into consideration he was risking getting even more hurt jumping out the window.
Then as Kira was getting dressed once he calmed down the PDA went off. "What is it now Yaamon?" Kira groaned as he pulled his shirt over his head. "Another message from that exceptionally hyper, cheerful student you're going on the mission with!" Yaamon replied smirking.
"What are you smirking for this time?" Kira said with a sigh knowing he would regret the answer. "Getting messages from girls already boss?" Yaamon asked with his smirk still on. "A classmate. And your point?" Kira said rubbing his temples. "Well, you're getting messages from a hot female upperclassman and you got a even hotter childhood friend. Then there's also you're hot stalker friend Melissa. You're a ladykiller!" Yaamon shouted teasingly smirking even more. "Can I delete Digimon?" Kira asked glaring daggers at the in-training digimon. "OK OK! I'LL BE GOOD!" Yaamon said trying to save his ass as he hopped over to the mailbox icon.
Then the message started. "Good Morning Kira-Kun! It's you're sempai here! Oh, I couldn't introduce myself in last night's message huh? My name is Estephania! But ya can call me Estephania-sempai! That's what a lot of people call me! I'm looking forward to going on this mission with you today! It'll be tough sure, but hey, we will have some tough teachers with us. And I'll even try teaching ya a thing or two myself! This is going to be so much fun! Oh, you live with Abby-chan don't you? Say hi for me will ya? And ask that Nicholas to stop sending fake cease and desist messages from candy companies to stop eating their products. I'm not THAT hyper! Anywaysssss, later Kira-Kun!" Estephania-Sempai said again incredibly cheerful and hyper.
"How the hell is she THIS hyper in the morning? Just what is this girl made of?" Kira asked himself wondering that very thing with a raised eyebrow. "Eh, she has a cute Cocomon that's for sure." Yaamon said smirking. "...Why did I get stuck with a pervy mischevious lil brat for a digimon partner?" Kira groaned as he rolled his eyes. "Because the higher ups are assholes?" Yaamon suggested. "Good point." Kira said in agreement pocketing his PDA and grabbing his bag running downstairs.
He saw everyone sitting around the table looking worried. "What's the matter you guys?" Kira asked as he sat down. "We are just a bit worried is all." Bel said getting Kira his breakfast. "Why?" Kira asked curiously. "The fact that after yesterday's little mission you came back a depressed wreck. Seriously, on a bad day Shinji-Sensei couldn't compare to how bad you were yesterday!" Cyan explained as he nursed a cup of limeade. "Oh... Well today's will be better! I just know it!" Kira said trying to act confidant. "You suck as an actor." Melissa said in her usual blunt tone as she tweaked her guns a bit.
"Melissa! What have we told you about being so blunt! And what have I told you about doing that at the table!" Bel growled, apparently she didn't like Melissa playing with her guns at the table. "Bite me you purple haired banshee" Melissa said not really caring. "NOT A PURPLE HAIRED BANSHEE!" Bel shouted angrily. "HEY, THAT'S MY LINE YOU BLUNT BITCH!!!" Lawliet shouted angrily as well. Everyone cracked up.
"But are joo prepared Kira?" Aden asked while sipping his fifteenth cup of coffee of the morning. "I think so. I mean I have been reading that book of magic Genis-Sensei gave me and been going over sword techniques that Lloyd taught me in my head. Then I have been trying to remember all I know about dragons." Kira replied trying not to sound nervous. "Yeah, what they say about dragons in books, are nothing but understatements." Cyan added polishing his gauntlets. "Fuck!!!" Kira shouted. "But don't vorry. Joo'll have three teachers and a senior student with joo. And believe me, I've heard Estephania-Sempai is a vhiz at taking out dragons." Aden explained pouring yet another cup of coffee.
As Kira hoped the dragon slaying master bit was true, he realized something. Aden must have some sort of little system inside his stomach where all the coffee goes and converts the caffiene into pure harmless energy. That must be why Aden ISN'T dead yet from caffiene poisoning. Of course that was just a little theory Kira came up with on the spot.
"What kind of weapon does she use?" Kira asked curiously. "A BIG ASS SWORD!" Everyone except Lawliet and Abby said in unison. "How big are we talking?" Lawliet asked curiously after having to pop his ears after that. "Imagine a broader version of Sephiroth-Sensei's Masamune." Cyan said putting his gauntlets on his belt. "Daaaaamn." Kira said amazed. "I saw it yesterday in class. It has hymnos engraved on each side of the blade. She uses it to cast both regular and song magicks." Abby added after finishing up her chocolate milk. "Hmmm. So pretty much her style is a more offensive version of your's?" Kira asked. "Pretty much." Abby said with a shrug. "Well that's helpful to know." Kira said nibbling on a piece of bacon.
Then his PDA went off, AGAIN. "Oh yeah, that reminds me. How can you tell male and female digimon apart?" Lawliet randomly asked curiously. "Why ask?" Bel asked. Well, my digimon digivolved again this morning and is not a rookie. But it's form still isn't one where I could tell clearly." Lawliet explained. "What is it?" Nicholas asked. "Labramon." Lawliet replied. "Hm, ask it." Nicholas suggested. "It doesn't even know. But it does sound kinda masculine." Lawliet replied. "Then maybe it is a boy." Melissa added now polishing her guns. "And maybe you should stop playing with your guns at the table!" Bel demanded through gritted teeth. "Make me you fun sized bitch." Melissa said non chalantly. "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!" Bel shouted angrily as she got red as a tomato and started fuming. "Bring it chibi." Melissa retorted not really worried. "CAT FIGHT!" Nicholas said to be a smart ass. "SHUT UP YOU HALF PINT SHRIMP!" Both girls shouted really annoyed.
Nicholas's eyes started twitching. "What... did... you... call... MEEEEEE!" Nicholas shouted angrily as he pulled off his gloves to show a transmutation circle of each hand and clapped them together. Then he slammed them on the ground bringing up the water pipes from underground and turned them into one big water cannon that sent a blast of water shooting at the girls. Everyone else was smart enough to RUN before they could get soaked. "He doesn't like being called that does he?" Abby asked as she tried to catch her breathe when they all ran to by the Italian brothers' restaurant. "Not at all!" Cyan replied doing the same. "He makes Edvard-Sensei's little outbursts look like child's play!" Aden said chugging a to go cup of coffee down to calm down.
"Ok dude, seriously, why aren't you dead from Caffiene poisoning!?" Lawliet asked still wondering life's biggest mystery. "Vhat are joo talking about?" Aden asked confused as he looked up from his coffee. Everyone crashed to the ground.
Then Kira remembered his PDA went off a while ago so he checked it. He had a missed call from England-Sensei. So after a few minutes he managed to figure out how to return a call. "Hello? Ah, Kira my boy. What is it lad?" England asked. "You tried calling earlier." Kira replied. "Oh yes, that's right. Meet us at the gates to the school in about five minutes alright?" England ordered. "Yes sir. I'll be right there!" Kira replied trying not to sound nervous, and again failing. "Don't be so nervous lad. Seriously, you're sounding more nervous than I was every year on my birthday." England said trying to get the student to calm down. "What do you mean?" Kira asked curiously. "My older siblings are assholes. Enough said. See you at the gates." England said with a note of dread for his next birthday as he quickly hung up.
Apparently the others heard that last bit. "He's right you know. Last year Scotland gave him a box rigged with incredibly potent itching powder. It went off right in his face! It was priceless!" Cyan said howling like a hyena. "And the year before that, Ireland gave him a cursed Leprechaun statue for his lawn that comes to life everytime he walks by and kicks him square in the groin unless England hands over a bottle of rare booze." Melissa explained with a highly amused smirk on her face. "And zhen the year before that, Wales wrote on his birthday card zhat he vas adopted!" Aden added starting to laugh uncontrollably as much as the author does when he drinks too much coffee. Seriously, give me enough and I crack up at even the least funniest thing.
"So you might wanna get going. England gets very annoying when he starts lecturing people on punctuality" Cyan said with a groan apparently having experienced that at one point. "Annoying is an understatement. Now get going" Melissa said with a shudder remembering an experience herself. "Er, riiiiight. Take care you guys!" Kira said after attempting to cast Haste after having reading about it last night.
After crashing into two crowds of students, five lamp posts, twenty trash cans, fourteen teachers, thirty four wild pokemon, and then the ten statues of random characters in parts of the town, Kira made it to the gates. "My my lad, you look like you have had a rough time getting here" England said with a smirk as Kira tried catching his breath. "Tried... haste... kept running into... things... Pissed off... Houndoom... Statues... much pain!" Kira said panting a lot. "Oh my! That sounds terrible, you poor thing!" said a soft voiced woman with brownish short hair and thin ponytail that had a gun in a holster. Yep finally put in someone from Final Fantasy. About damn time! And yes I'm using the X-2 version of Yuna, bite me. Ahem, sorry I digress.
After having Yuna-Sensei cast Cura on the tired and banged up Kira (seriously, having Flamethrower and Dark Pulse used on you by a group of pissed of Houndoom can beat you up pretty bad) it wasn't long before they heard a cheerful voice shout "HIIIIIII~"
They turned and saw Sheena walking up to them accompanied by woman just old as her. Estephania-Sempai was a bit older than Sheena which confused Kira. She also had darker hair, glasses was a bit taller than Kira, tan skin and had a very happy expression on her face.
"Hey you guys. Sorry it took us a while to get here. There was a group of pissed off Houndoom, someone apparently ran into them from what we have been told." Sheena explained. "But I caught one! I named it Vladimir!" Estephania said incredibly cheerfully nuzzling the pokeball. "Wow, Abby wasn't kidding..." Kira thought to himself.
"But yes, Kira, this is Estephania. Estephania, Kira." England said doing introductions. "Abby-chan told me a lot about you Kira-Kun!" Estephania said incredibly cheerfully. "I've been told a bit about you too. But I thought you were closer to our age." Kira replied. "Are you calling me old?" Estephania asked as a rather tsundere smile crept along her face in a rather 'Russia' style. "N... NO!" Kira said quickly trying to save his ass. "Good! I don't like being called old!" Estephania said back to being cheerful.
Then England spoke up. "Alright, I guess I should explain. Not all students here have to be right around High School age. They just come here when the time is right or when fate leads them here. They don't necessarily have to be a certain age. We get students of all ages and at different points in time. For example one student can be the same age, from the same time period and town as another but can come from another time line. Better yet, Estephania is a friend of your friends Lawliet's and Abby's dad. She lived in the same town and went to the same high school. Same time period. But she came after he did but from a earlier point in time. Ironically they were also in the same party when she arrived. True he was mopey around that time, took Raine a lot of energy to keep the idiot happy but oh well what can ya do." England explained.
"Why was he mopey?" Kira asked curiously. "..." They  were all silent. "What? Did I ask something I shouldn't have?" Kira asked worried. "I...  well for lack of a better term, screwed him over. He never quite forgave me for that. True we eventually became as friendly as before the incident, but he always just had an air of he hasn't quite forgotten." Estephania explained with a sigh. "That's something Lawliet must have gotten from the bloke then. He can't let things go." England added.
Then Estephania smirked and started giggling. "What's so funny?" Kira asked curiously. "I still can't believe Mari actually called a kid Lawliet. Even though he first thought the character he got the name from looked like a frog sometimes" Estephania replied still smirking. "L right? I don't see it." Kira said with a shrug. "Wait, how can you know about Death Note since it was a good while before your time?" Estephania asked curiously. "He came from a different reality. At one point Mari accidently discovered he could traverse realities and wound up staying at the one where these three came from before coming here" England explained to the confused Sempai. "Ohhhhh" Estephania said. "Yeah. Now can we get going if question time is over? The dragon isn't going to off itself. And Kira doesn't have a lot of time to learn darkness and light spells" Sheena mentioned reminding the two other teachers and students. "She's got a good point. Come along everybody. Let's be on our way" England said as he typed his access number in the gates causing it to open. Then they set out.
As they walked Estephania cheerfully chatted away to Kira. "So, how are ya enjoying the school so far?" She asked happily. "It's definently different from a normal school. You don't do things that can almost get you killed at a normal school" Kira replied remembering the past couple days where he nearly crashed the Nobunaga during Mecha Piloting class. "True. Although my old high school did things that would make us want to kill ourselves" Estephania mentioned. Kira thought it was best not to ask.
"So what is Abby-chan to ya?" Estephania asked with a teasing smirk on his face. Kira went red. "She's just a friend. We have been close since we were babies" Kira said hoping she wouldn't ask something that would cause him to let out a secret that Lawliet would kill him over if he knew. "But hey, childhood friends make the best loves though!" Estephania said smirking still. "She's just a friend!" Kira shouted defensively turning redder. "Uh huh riiiiiight. Oh well, I hear you're rather close to that antisocial shut in Melissa anyways. Word is is that you got her to relax a bit" Estephania said with a shrug. "JUST A FRIEND!" Kira shouted definsively even louder. "Jade-sensei WAS right. Teasing younger people is fun!" Estephania said trying not to laugh... too hard. The teachers in the group however weren't afraid to laugh. That is until Kira snapped and brought out Wind Dragon and Light Phoenix. Yeah, a teased swordsman is not someone you want to push too far.
As they walked through a field and battled monsters England taught Kira several Darkness Spells. "Now Kira my boy. Focus all your negative emotions into your spell as you channel your energy and chant the spell. Then let em' rip as America would say" England said as he instructed Kira that night as a few Polwigles attacked while they set up camp. "R...right! Here goes nothing!" Kira said nervously as he tried concentrating and channeling his negative emotions. He tried remembering the spell England told him to do. "We'll keep it away while you are focusing!" Estephania shouted as she blocked the Polwigle's tail. What they said about the size of her sword was an understatement. It was even bigger than what Kira was told.
"O erupting darkness, let loose thy fury upon thyne enemy. Spread Zero!" Kira shouted through gritted teeth remembering years of torment by Seth. Then suddenly a beam of dark energy erupted from the ground underneath the Polwigles sending them flying. "Very good lad! I'll take it from here! O gates of hell, open wide and let loose the fury of the damned! Negative Gate!" England screamed as the Polwigles became encloaked by an explosion of dark energy that screamed and cried like many damned souls. And with that, the Polwigles were done for.
Kira collapsed to his knees panting. That had taken alot out of him. "You alright lad?" England asked as he and the others went to his side. "Y... yeah... That was just a little much..." Kira said as he tried catching his breath. "Hm, well you are a beginner at naturally casting spells. That and Darkness isn't one of your natural elemental affinities" England explained as he started to think. "Then what is? How can you tell?" Kira asked.
Then England motioned for Sheena to come forth. "You tell with these" Sheena replied as she brought out a few slips of paper. What are those?" Kira asked curiously as he took one without thinking. It shined brightly then cut right down the middle. "That answers that. You are affiliated to both Light and Wind." Sheena replied. "How can you tell?" Kira asked a little shocked by what happened. "As your loyal sempai I will answer. If it gets cut, you're wind. If it becomes soggy, you're water. If it crumples, you're lightning. If it burns to ask, you're fire. If it turns to dust, you're earth. If it shines, then you're light. I don't remember about any others though" Estephania explained. "Ohhhhh" Kira said as he figured that might be worth remembering. "So yes, you're both Wind and Light affiliated. It's rare someone can be dual element affiliated right off the bat" Yuna added. "Good then, I guess..." Kira said as he tried holding back a yawn.
"Well it's been a long day. And I'm impressed with the progress you're making with dark magic. We will work on Light tomorrow. Yuna that will be you're job" England explained as he yawned. "Right!" Yuna said in agreement. "That sounds like a good plan so he can counteract the toll the negative energy may have on him" Sheena said thinking. "Then it's agreed. Alright Kira?" England asked. "Yeah... Sounds good..." Kira said looking down trying to force out all the bad memories and thoughts in his head.
As everyone slept, Kira couldn't despite the fact he was exhausted. His mind was plagued with memories he did not want to remember. From the death of his parents, to Seth's harassment, and then to Lawliet's episode. "I'm learning so I won't be a coward. I'm learning so I won't be a coward" Kira whispered to himself to calm himself down. "It's not going to be that easy Kira" Battle Kira said as he sat in a chair in Kira's mind. "I know. It was worth a shot though right?" Kira said with a sigh. "Yeah, you may be a coward but when you want to do something you will try hard. That's one thing you have goin' for ya I have to admit" Battle Kira said as he tapped his fingertips on the right chair arm.
"You sound impatient about something" The brunette said noticing that. "Hm? Oh, I'm just waiting for you to hurry and become a bit braver. I'm sick of feeling helpless like this. Funny thing is the past couple days because of the depression you've had, it feels like it is keeping me locked up in here. I need to get out every once in a while too ya know? And not just so I can kick some ass for your frightened ass" Replied the darker half with a devious smirk. "Why are you smirking?" Kira asked hoping none of those reasons would result in Kira getting the crap kicked out of him. "No reason. I'm only human. Kinda, I think. I DON'T KNOW I'M FREAKING TIRED!" Battle Kira shouted trying to hold back a yawn as he gets confused around midnight up until three am. "Haha! Then sleep. At least you can..." Kira said with a laugh. "Yeah, yeah. I'm going to get out though one day. Watch yourself." Battle Kira said grinning before vanishing. "Why do I get a bad feeling about that..." Kira thought to himself.
Then after a few more minutes of being unable to sleep, he got up and took a little walk. He then stared up at the moon. "Bigger here isn't it?" He heard Estephania say behind him. "Hm? Yeah it is. What are you doing here?" Kira asked. "Eh, woke up and couldn't sleep. That and I saw you were gone, so I came looking for you" She replied sitting by him. "Oh, sorry if I worried you" Kira said still staring at the moon. "Oh it's no big worry. As you're sempai I need to keep an eye on ya after all" Estephania said with a smile.
Then Kira suddenly realized a couple hair pins in her hair. "Aren't those Orihime-Sensei's hairpins?" Kira asked curiously noticing them. "Oh these? Mari gave them to me a very long time ago" Estephania said with a small smile. "Why's that?" Kira asked curiously. "Remember how I said I screwed him over?" She asked. "Yeah?" Kira replied. "He gave me these a while before then. He found replicas of some accessories belonging to anime characters and he thought I'd like these. He loved to spoil me" Estephania said softly looking down. "Want me to leave it at that?" Kira asked sensing it was a good time to drop the subject. "No, it's alright" Shaking her head, the sempai replied still looking down.
Then it was real quiet, actually rather awkward to be honest. "Sooooo, what happened exactly?" Kira asked really curious. "As he put it when I dumped him, I ripped his heart out, ran it over with a steam roller, put it through a blender, stitched it back together with a rusted needle and poison laced thread then stomped it with a pair of soccer shoes before ripping it to shreds and stapling it back together then repeating the process several times over" she replied. This took him off guard. "Wait... You, him, dumped. The hell?" Kira said trying to take all this in. "One way you can tell Lawliet is Mari's kid is how much he sulks from what Abby tells me. On an interesting note, it's why the guy can't stand tater tots" Estephania added trying to regain her smile and to try and forget the bad memory.
"Does Abby know?" Kira asked. "Er, maaaaaybe. She bribed me about information about her dad when he was younger" Estephania replied with a nervous laugh as she scratched the back of her head. "Dare I ask how?" Kira asked with a raised eyebrow. "Yaoi. Lots and lots of Yaoi. Information on his past is very valuable to her" Estephania said slightly drooling thinking about all the Yaoi she got out of the deal. "Oh dear god. Forget I asked!" Kira said feeling queezy.
"So you were in the same party as him?" Kira asked trying to change the subject. "Oh yeah totally. True he sulked a lot when I first got here of course he apparently did that a lot even before I got here. And true I knocked a bit of sense into his skull when I heard what he did with the whole leaving his family bit. But then he met Raine and yeah. He seemed happier until it got closer time for him to leave" Estephania explained. "Oh yeah, he left because he wanted to see his family. Although he hasn't yet. Kinda afraid to actually" Kira said with a shrug. "Yeah, I heard about your little meeting with him from Abby" Estephania said staring at the moon.
"Wait, if you were here when he was, shouldn't you be out by now?" Kira asked curiously. "Nah, I wanted to stay here longer and learn more. It's a cool place here. Besides there's all the-" Estephania said before being cut off. "Say hot bishounens and I'll end you" Kira said shooting a quick glare at her as Wind Dragon appeared in his hand. "Shutting up!" Estephania said quickly.
Then Estephania noticed Kira messing with his shaggy hair. "Ok, seriously. I thought I didn't have to deal with that again after Mari!" Estephania said with a frustrated sigh as she pulled out a hair tie from her pocket. "What's with that?" Kira asked kinda afraid. "Don't worry about it. Now sit still" She ordered as she made him sit still.
Kira squirmed as she pulled his hair back and tied it up. "Quit moving!" She snapped in a high pitch tone. "I can't help it! Why are you even doing this?" Kira asked a little annoyed. "Because, you may not be his kid but you sure have one of his annoying habits. His hair was so messy and long that he was always messing with it when we were younger. He looked awful with it pulled back though. You pull it off however" Estephania explained as she finished. "Lawliet will never let me live this down I swear" Kira said with a sigh. "At least it will stop bugging me!" Estephania snapped.
That's how Kira was forced to wear his hair pulled back. Oddly enough he is one of the few guys who can actually pull that off. Seriously, I tried it and failed.
"Hm, you kinda look like a slightly older Negi-Sensei with your hair like that" Estephania said as she looked him over inspecting her work. "I look like a kickass british brat?" Kira asked. "Mhmm." Estephania said checking her pockets to see if she had any more colors that would suit him more. Kira gulped. I mean it was bad enough he was subjected to being Abby's practice dummy when she went through a beautician phase.
"So, how did you feel about the whole Raine thing?" Kira asked. "I was a good friend as was 100 percent supportive. I mean hell, it isn't every day where a friend hooks up with a character he was gaga over. That and she got him to stop sulking so damn much. But who knew he would wind up causing her to sulk so much..." Estephania said looking down looking as if she was ashamed of her old friend.
"What happened with that exactly? I just know that he tried getting Raine-Sensei to come with him since he knew his wife was dead." Kira explained wanting to know more. "I'm not sure. I just remember near the end of Mari's time here he was extremely conflicted as to whether or not he should stay here or return to his kids. Then after graduating he just vanished. Didn't even bother to say bye to her" Estephania said with a tone of anger in her voice. "Wow, when he did that he seemed to piss a lot of people off..." Kira said sensing another favor of kicking Mari's ass if he sees him again coming.
"But I was told he was also well liked in the school" Kira mentioned. "Oh he was. Very well liked. And sure he is still well liked in the school, but some of us aren't to happy with that choice he made. I mean how would you feel if a friend of your's shattered someone's heart the way he did?" Estephania asked through gritted teeth. "Erm, shall we change the subject? You look extremely conflicted about him right now" Kira asked getting worried. "Huh? Oh sure. Sorry, sometimes I really don't quite know how to feel about that situation. He was an important friend of mine" Estephania replied with a sigh. Kira decided that would be a good time to drop the subject.
"But enough of that story. I hear you had a rough day yesterday yourself" Estephania mentioned. "Oh, you heard about that?" Kira asked really not wanting to remember that day. "Yeah, I don't really agree with how they went about forcing you to realize your cowardice. Besides they sent you out with Russia-Sensei! That's eeeevil!" She ranted. "It happened. It worked. I have to so I can learn things and so my best friend won't try killing me again. Can we just leave that subject, I really don't care to remember it..." Kira said looking down trying not to get depressed again. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to upset you..." Estephania said apologetically, looking like she felt bad. "It's fine... It made me realize how pathetic I am anyway..." Kira said filled with self loathing.
Then Estephania stood up. "Don't ever say that! You're far from pathetic! From what Abby told me, she says despite how afraid you can get, you don't let that stop you! I mean hell, you were able to hold your own against Lawliet who went mad from the darkness in his heart. You also held your own against that antisocial lunatic Violet-Sensei!" Estephania ranted trying to encourage him. Meanwhile Violet-Sensei was at the bar where Ryuu worked enjoying a cup of coffee. Theeeennnnn she sneezed. "Well that was weird." She said to herself. "Hm? Why do ya say that?" Ryuu asked as she cleaned a cup. "I just suddenly sneezed." Violet replied. "Hell, at least you don't get incredibly annoying ringing in your ears!" Ryuu muttered with an extremely annoyed looking on her face. "True. Another coffee please." Violet said thankful for that and ordering another coffee.
"Okay 1: Violet-Sensei is not a lunatic. She just doesn't talk to others often. 2: I got lucky. If Mari didn't give me the DC-Link I would've been screwed from the get go. I just rely on the strength of the characters I can turn into!" Kira said in response with a small glare. "You don't just get lucky. If in enough danger, a being's survival instincts kick in. Not just the strength of the characters! You made their strength your own. You just need to master their powers fully. It was all you Kira. Not luck and not just their strength" Estephania said encouragingly. "Either way, I barely made it. I would've died if Abby and Watanuki saved my ass. And Abby had to give up her amazing singing ability!" Kira said fiercely. "Wait, she could sing good? No wonder she's busting her ass in our classes... But back on topic. Then you shouldn't let her sacrifice go to waste. She gave it up because she had faith in you. She didn't think you were a coward" Estephania ranted after sounding shocked that Abby was once able to sing. Kira wasn't quite sure what to say.
Then she brought out her sword. "I'll prove it to you. I'll fight you here and now!" She shouted challegengly. "When we are both exhausted?" Kira asked with a raised eyebrow. "Here I come~" She said in a playful tone as she charged with both hands on her sword. "Not another crazy woman who charged in weapon first, wait for challenge acceptance later!" Kira said with a sigh before pulling out the DC-Link.

Skits: The first takes place a while after leaving.
Summon Mania II
Yuna: So Kira, you're rather obsessive about summons?
Kira: Fuck Yeah I Am!
Sheena: See? I told you he would say that. Now if we had brough Rydia, Milla and Klarth with us, he would never be able to calm down!
England: Oh he's just a young lad. He's going to be overexcited. I mean the thought of controlling a powerful creature is exciting... The power to lay waste to your enemies in a mere breath... WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I THINK OF USING THEM BACK WHEN THAT DAMN WANKER AMERICA RANTED ON ABOUT INDEPENDENCE! I REMEMBERED TO USE THEM WHEN THAT DAMN SCOTTISH BROTHER OF MINE LOST HIS INDEPENDENCE TO ME, BUT I FORGET WITH AMERICA!!! OH AND I COULD BE USING THEM ON RUSSIA!
Sheena: Ok England, calm down. (Has to grab him by the collar to keep him from running off.)
Kira: ...And you people think I'm crazy about summons.
Estephania: Oh you should see him on the fourth of July.
Kira earned the title of: Beginner Summoner.

Skits: The second takes place later that day.
Her reason.
Kira: Hey Sempai?
Estephania: What is it Kira-kun?
Kira: Why did you come to Xross Academy?
Estephania: Hm, good question. It was a accident actually.
Kira: How so?
Estephania: Well you see, after leaving High School, or as Mari puts it, vanishing off the face of the planet, I lived life. At one point I went to a convention and met someone who was doing a REALLY good Watanuki Cosplay. Buuuuut, turned out he was the REAL Watanuki, he apparently likes to float around other realities. So he visited a con. We struck a deal and I wound up here.
Kira: What was your price?
Estephania: My life back there. I seriously no longer can go back there, even when I leave the school. So I'm thinking of just staying here as a teacher or open up some kind of shop in town. Maybe an art shop, I am a damn good artist ya know?
Kira: Are you sure that's what you really wanted? I mean, have you ever regretted your choice to entirely discard your life back in your reality?
Estephania: Sure, I do a lot! But I made a lot of friends here and I learned a lot. So I'm all good!
Kira: I see, Well hey whatever your reason is, at least you're good with it. Right?
Estephania: Mhmm! I mean hell, you sure don't regret your's do you?
Kira: No, I came here not only for my nerdy reasons, but I think I can improve myself here. And I made quite a few friends too. A group of lunatics with several quirks, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Estephania: Oh yeah, you live with that Nicholas kid, don't you?
Kira: ....
(Meanwhile back at home)
Nicholas: Maybe this will work! (Adds a vial of bright pink liquid of a dish that holds a pile of jet black powder and is sent flying out the window in a huge explosion... AGAIN!)
Nicholas: Do it or I'll grant your coffee machine the death it so badly wants.
Aden: ...(Sighs and gets his tool box and a few wooden planks out of the garage.) Goddamnit...
Kira earned the title of: No Regrets.
Nicholas earned the title of: Stubborn Alchemist.
Nicholas earned the title of: Threat Master.
Aden earned the title of: Frustrated Mechanic.

Skits: The third takes place after Kira leaves.
I'm not a Shrimp!
Abby: Hey, Melissa?
Melissa: What do you want?
Abby: What was with Bel and Nicholas earlier?
Melissa: Oh, they don't like being called short.
Abby: Oh?
Melissa: Uh huh. Sure it takes a lot to make any one of them truly mad, but when their heights are called into question, then you have approximately 3.5 seconds to run the hell away. I mean, you saw the damage Nicholas alone caused. But keep in mind, Bel is affiliated with fire and water. If she wasn't holding back, we would all be homeless.
Abby: Really?
Melissa: No, I'm just making this all up. They both LOVE being called short. (Sarcastic)
Abby: You know, Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Melissa.
Melissa: And I care why? (Leaves)
Cyan: Sorry bout' her. She has been awfully cranky lately. But yea' as long as you don't point out these two shrimps heights, you should be good!
Bel and Nicholas: WE'RE NOT SHRIMPS! (Gets surrounded by a murderous aura and fire appears in their eyes.)
Cyan: Uh-oh, later! (Zooms off and has to dodge attack after attack.)
Abby: .... The hell?
Abby earned the title of: Stupid Question.
Melissa earned the title of: Sarcastic Bitch
Cyan earned the title of: Dead Man Walking.
Bel earned the title of: Shrimp
Nicholas earned the title of: Half Pint.

A/N So Kira's mission begins. He meets a friend from Mari's past. But should Kira feel sorry for Mari or not? And should he tell Abby and Lawliet everything when he returns? And will he learn enough magic in his short time limit? If he survives the fight against the dragon we will see.
Kira: Wait, what do you mean IF I survive? You're the author! You're suppose to know!
Author: Yeah, yeah. I ain't gonna tell ya man. I like to see my characters on their toes.
Kira: Has anyone told you that you can be rather annoying at times?
Author: High School. Deal with it or Estephania will show you no quarter.
Kira: Shutting up!
Author: Good boy.
Lawliet: ... Authors are truly something to be feared. Read and Review. Everytime you review, Nicholas gets blown out his bedroom window.
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