Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ Five Seconds ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Three Months had passed since Davis destroyed Cell-Myotismon with his powers of the mighty Goku.
Well, okay, it wasn't really Goku's power, but it was very much like him. Thanks to the Digieggs of Courage Friendship and Miracles Davis had collected.
Each egg contained a hidden power waiting to be unleashed, the more eggs you had, the stronger you'd be.
As for Veemon, his trusty sidekick who could Sprit Digivolve into Angel-Veemon, a Times-10 Mega level Digimon. He assisted Davis in their new found pastime.
Davis now had a job with the International police force, and he flew around the city at night looking for criminals to bust up, and they payment he received really helped him.
Ever since Davis' father had died, there was a time when he, his mother, and Sister Jun, had been living on very hard times. Payments rapidly increasing, jobs not showing enough welfare…
But now that was all behind them. Davis' Mother finally got a well paid office job for global warming. Jun had finally gotten all the Medical experience she needed and received her doctorate that month.
Now she was head of the staff at the hospital, and made quite a lot of money for every person in need she helped.
Davis did anticipate that it would be tempting to use his powers to maybe get into showbiz and then he could make all the money in the world to support his family…
But that wouldn't be fair!
Davis prayed for his powers to be awakened, and swore on the soul of his dead father, he'd only use them in times of great need.
So showbiz was out of the question. He was a crime fighter now. “Got to avenge my dad!” he said to himself.
He didn't really enjoy having to do all this by himself, but he was relieved that it wasn't going to last much longer.
The others had their Powers awakened when Davis made a wish to the great Shenmon, and over the months he taught them how to use their powers wisely.
Soon they'd be ready come with him on their first ever mission, but for now, Davis, and Angel-Veemon were out stopping a bunch of crazed thugs robbing an armored car filled with gold.
The cops were tied up and striped of their guns, “Come on, lets move it!” the leader cried to his boys.
Suddenly, a Small blast of Energy came from out of nowhere and shot his gun right out of his hand! “Hey, what the--!”
He turned and saw a normal teenaged boy with golden blonde hair. “Isn't it past your curfew?” Davis mocked.
“Super Saiyan, Angel Veemon!” the Leader cried out loud. He began firing his gun like crazy but none of his bullets even scratched Davis.
“What's the matter… you flunk out of lazy school!” Angel-Veemon mocked. The Leader ordered all his men to get up and attack, but if they had only watched Dragon ball Z they'd know they were making a mistake!
“This is just plain ridiculous!” Davis sighed out of boredom, “Five seconds, that's how long I need to take you all out!”
“Five? HA!!” snorted the Leader, “You'll be six feet under in only Two seconds!” and they all charged forward, but Davis just stood his grounds.
As each of the boys came at Davis, all he had to do was just hit them each once.
“One! Two! Three! Four! Five!” and all five of the boys, us the leader were knocked into a pile. “Five seconds!” replied Davis. “Angel-Veemon…”
Angel Veemon nodded, “And now, to seal the deal.” He said as he thrust his arms forward.
Thick strong chains encircled around the boys and wrapped them up tight. “Now that's what I call a binding friendship!” replied Angel-Veemon.
They then freed the cops, and before anyone else took any notice of the two brave heroes, they flew off, but they did leave behind a special trademark.
Just Like Spider-Man used to do in his comics, Davis decided to leave a note and a funny saying. Today's note read…
“Five Foolish Fugitives Fumbled… compliments of your Friendly Neighborhood Super Saiyan!”
Davis was relieved that was over, but not because he was supposed to be home, or that he had something else important to do… He and Angel-Veemon had a hot double date that night.
They landed in the park where Kari and Angewomon were waiting for them. “Sorry we're late, we had a little butt business to kick!” said Davis.
The girls giggled, “That's quite understandable.” Said Angewomon. “But enough of this, let's fly.” Added Kari as she took off into the air.
“Right behind you!” Davis called as he jumped up after her.
Yes, it took some time, and a lot of pain and suffering for Davis, but he and Kari finally decided to go steady. That went double for Angel-Veemon and Angewomon.
The boys had crushes on the girls for, who knows how long. Sometimes Davis even wondered if his Digimon could ever become and Angel type, well he got his answer.
TK and Patamon of course did respect the girls wishes and let them go easy. Besides, with their newfound powers almost ready they seemed to do nothing more than train endlessly.
Yolei, and Ken were still a happily linked item, but they also liked to spend their times training with Cody.
Davis had taught them everything. How to fly, how to sense things, how to shoot energy blasts, things like that.
Of course no matter how hard they trained, none of them would ever become as strong as Davis would, but still, they would be strong, and at least be able to help out instead of letting Davis do all the work.
Each one of them had their own powers, and styles of fighting like a DBZ character from the show.
Yolei… Android 18!
Ken… Piccolo!
Cody… Gohan, age 11!
TK… Krillin, and Yamcha!
Kari…Tein, and Chouitzu
So far, their powers were coming in nicely, and their Digimon were growing stronger too. Now they didn't have to Digivlove to a high level to beat tough guys that much.
Still, they were all patiently waiting for the day when they would Spirit Digivolve and become a creature like Angel-Veemon. Far beyond the level of a Mega.
Still, with school behind them, and the town safe again, at least for now. They could all just go about their own businesses.