Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ The Giant Digimon Eating Monster ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As the boys walked on by following the Energy Davis sensed, they came across a little rookie Digimon who seemed lost and frightened.
“Excuse us.” Said Tai, “But what's a little guy like you doing way out here all alone?”
“Oh, it was horrible, simply horrible.” The small Digimon cried. “My name is Gonzomon, and I'm from a village that recently was destroyed.”
“Destroyed? By what?” asked Agumon.
Gonzomon told them that his village was a very beautiful place until it was attack by a strange creature.
Nobody knew if it was a Digimon or where he even came from, but he began crushing all houses and terrorizing the Greenland's.
“Gee, that shounds like shome creature.” Said Veemon. “Why didn't your village pull together and fend of this thing?” asked Tai.
Gonzomon shook his head. “Such a task for my village is impossible. For we we're a village of peace and tranquilly, and had no need for battle.”
“In any case, the creature is the size of a small mountain. It was so scary that monster, because he ate Digimon.”
“Ate them?!” the boys all said at once.
“Yes, he picks them up, a sucks all the energy right out of their bodies, leaving their bodies empty.” Cried Gonzomon. “I could only run in fear as my village and family were consumed by that monster.”
Agumon wiped a tear from his eye. “That's so sad.” He cried.
Suddenly, the earth around them all began to shake at the sound of very heavy footsteps. “Oh no…!” cried Gonzomon. “The Beast is coming! We must run for our lives!”
“Oh no!” said Tai. “We got to see this thing for ourselves!” said Tai. “It's time to Digivolve!” added Davis.
They whipped out their Digivices and bright lights hit Veemon, and Agumon.
“Agumon, Digivolve to…”
“Veemon, Digivolve to…”
Greymon scrapped his feet against the ground. “Now lets go see what this thing is!” he growled.
“Yeah.. lets' go!” said Davis, and they all rode off deeper into the woods towards the sound.
“Look there!” said Gonzomon. The boys gasped at what they saw. A Humongous human-like creature was knocking down the trees.
“Whoa… look at the size of that thing!” said Tai. “What kind of Digimon is that?” added Davis.
They both checked the Digimon Analyzer. There was a picture of the monster but unfortunately it said… “Digimon, Unknown! No available Data!”
“No Data?” said Tai. “Well that's just terrific.”
“It old you this creature is unpredictable!” cried Gonzomon. “Quickly, we must pull away.”
“What, and miss a chance to take down this guy for what he did to your people?” said Ex-Veemon.
“Yeah… I'm with you buddy!” said Davis. “So are we.” Added Tai and Greymon.
They moved a little closer. “I don't think he can see us.” Said Tai. “Let's sneak up on him quietly.”
“Right…” Said Greymon.
The Fireballs whammed into the monsters back, and his head snapped up as he felt the pain.
“You call that quietly?” said Ex-Veemon.
That blast made the monster turn around. “Who dares to interrupt the Great Kyokotsumon?!” he growled.
“Whoa… not scratch!” said Davis.
Kyokotsumon began stomping his feet forward. “You'll make a nice light snack for me!” he said.
“Take cover!” cried Tai, and they split up just as Kyokotsumon's huge hand slammed the ground.
They tried their attacks again, but all that bulk and guts made the blasts look weak.
Davis even fired a Kamehameha blast at his gut, that did do some Damage, but it made Kyokotsumon angrier.
“Foolish human!” he growled. “I shall devour you as well!” ha reached up to grab Davis but he dodged it.
“I not the kind that's easy to get.” Said Davis. “SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!!” he cried out, and gave a right fist to the face.
“RRR… Now it's my turn!” Kyokotsumon growled, and he picked up his Ball on chain.
Davis dodged the huge blow, but Greymon was rocked about by the quake with the ball hit. “Hey… that's wasn't nice!”
“No… and neither is this!”
And Kyokotsumon Belched a big fireball from his mouth which Greymon Barely dodged. “Yeow… that smarts!” he cried while looking at his burnt tail.
“This is nuts!” called Tai. “Greymon, do you still have enough left in you for another boost?”
“Lay it on me Tai!” Greymon said. Tai nodded and activated his Digivice. Greymon began to glow once again.
“Greymon, Warp-Digivolve to…!”
“Hey, alright!” said Davis, “And two's always better than one. Right, Ex-Veemon?”
“Do it Davis!” he answered. Davis activated his D3 as Ex-Veemon concentrated all his energy.
Ex-Veemon… Spirit-Digivolve to…!”
Kyokotsumon sensed great power in these Digimon, and that made him even Happier. “What luck, a bigger snack than I hopped for.” He began charging
“Yeah… well snack on this!” snapped Angel-Veemon.
BAM!! Right in the Face knocking him back.
“TERRA-FORCE!!”cried Wargreymon.
BOOM!! Right in the gut.
“KAMEHAMEHA!!” cried Davis.
So much fire was unleashed. When the smoke had cleared, Kyokotsumon was looking pretty much beat up, but he was still at it.
“No way! This guys a freaking rock!” snapped Tai. “There's got to be a way to blow that big balloon boy up!”
“There isn't…” said Kyokotsumon, “Just make it easier on yourselves and surrender!”
Davis suddenly got an idea, “That's it!” he said, and he flew straight towards the huge mouth, and flew right in.
“No, Davis, get out of there!” screamed Wargreymon, but Kyokotsumon already swallowed him whole.
“That was nice…” he chuckled, “And now for the main course!” he said as he eyed the others.
The two Digimon stood in front of the defenseless Tai from the upcoming monster, but then…
“UGH… AGH!!” Kyokotsumon held his stomach as if he was having one serious ache. “IT CANNOT BE!!”
The others wondered what was happening, and then Kyokotsumon's huge stomach burst wide open from Davis' Blast.
“Davis.” Cried Tai. “You Son of a gun!”
All covered in guts and goop, Davis smiled. “I knew he wouldn't expect a blow from the inside now!”
He flew of and shook the goop off of him. “AAAAAGGGHHH…!!” Kyokotsumon moaned and whimpered trying to hold himself together.
The three giant blasts collided into Kyokotsumon, and KABOOM!! He was finished, but sadly, destroying him did not revive the Digimon he killed, but Gonzmon was relieved that at least he had his revenge.
Suddenly, in the dust. The boys could see something glowing. “Hey, what is that thing!” asked Tai.
“Whatever it is, it's flying away!” said Agumon, and the object was gone in a flash.
Tons of questions began racing through their minds.
What was that Object?
Where did it go off to, and what was it for?
Who was Kyokotsumon, Where did he come from?
But Most importantly, was the worst over, or was it still to happen?