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[ A - All Readers ]

Takuya, Tommy, Tai and Tagachi, along with Bokomon, Neemon, Agumon and Laomon
are headed for Café Mew Mew. Takuya knew an old empty building in the area that he and Tagachi used to hang out and visit when they were younger, But doesn't know that the old building became Café Mew Mew.
Takuya: remember that old empty house we to mess around in.
Tagachi: you mean 5 years ago? yeah.
Tommy: what are you talking about.
Takuya: when we were younger, we used to go into this deserted house and play around there.
Tagachi: I wonder what happened to that bulding?
Tai: We'll right now we'll have to find Café Mew Mew
Agumon: I cant wait *sarcastically*
Laomon: Tell me about it.
Neemon and Bokomon followed them.
They reach Café Mew Mew. Takuya and Tagachi realize that the deserted building is Café Mew Mew.
Tai knocks on the door. Ryo gets the door.
Ryo: Welcome to Café Mew Mew can I(notices Tai (Ryo graduated the same high school Tai attends the first year Tai attended) I've been expecting you, Tai
Tai: Ryo Shirogane, what are you doing here?
Ryo: I own this place
Tai: Wait a minute, (almost laughing) you own Café Mew Mew
Ryo notices the Digimon with them..
Ryo: So you decided to bring you Digimon here with you.
Pudding(Kiki) notices and hears Ryo say Digimon, unfortunately reveals that she loves Digimon.
Kiki: *screaming* Did you say Digimon?
Takuya: Wait a minute, how do you know about Digimon, hardly anyone in this side of Tokyo even like them.
Kiki: that's cause I live in Shinjuku, and that area's full of Digimon lovers including me.
Ichigo comes to the door.
Meanwhile Davis and Koji run to the door of Café Mew Mew.
Davis: Guys hold up
Tagachi: Davis aren't you supposed to go to where you're assigned to.
Koji: We'll we forgot to give you guys something.
Bokomon: The Power generator.
Davis: Yeah that's it.
Ichigo notices davis (also revealing that Davis is Ichigo's cousin)
Ichigo: Davis?
Davis: Ichigo, what are you doing here?
Tai: You know her?
Davis: Why wouldn't I, we're related.
EveRyone else became surprised: WHAT
Tai: She's a Motomiya too?
Ichigo: Momomiya exactly, but my mom's last name is Motomiya.
Davis: Wait a minute, you're the Pink Mew Mew. Ha I knew it
Veemon: Come on Davis we gotta go.
Mint(Corina) also comes and notices Koji, thinks he's cute
Mint:Who's the cutie in the blue
Koji: Davis common
Davis and Veemon, with Koji Leave.
Takuya: looks like somebody already like Koji.
Bokomon: Humans
Neemon: Hehehe
Ryo: Meet Takuya Kanbara
Takuya: Notice me with the hat
Ryo: Tagachi Orimoto
Tagachi: Nice to meet you girls
Ryo: Tai Kamiya and Tommy Himi, and these are called Digimon(pointing to the Digimon), their names are
Kiki: Yells and answeres* Agumon, Laomon, Bokomon and Neemon
Tai: How did you know their names
Kiki: I collect Digimon cards, I love Digimon
Lettuce: Wow that's the first time you told us that.
Tagachi: *whispering to Takuya* the green-haired girl is cute.
Ryo: Guys, meet Ichigo Momomiya, Lettuce(Bridget) Midorkawa, Mint Aizawa, and Puddin(kiki) Fong.
The boys laugh
Ichigo: What are they laughing at.
Takuya: I'm sorry , its just Hard to find girls named that
Tagachi: *laughs* you said it, Takuya
Ichigo: and your name means mingles, gogglehead
Takuya: Hey
Tai: Don't diss the goggles girl
Mint: Well don't diss our names, Tai
Ryo: She has a point there, Tai
Agumon: that's kinda mean, don't ya think
Tommy: Yeah he's right,
Ryo: Well me and Keichro have to prepare some stuff and it might take a while, so you guys take a tour of the place or whatever.
Takuya: *whispers to Tagachi* lets climb to the big vent.
Tagachi and Takuya Sneaked to the vent and climbed the latter to the top.
Takuya: man its cold in here, just the way it always was
Tagachi: Remember we used to do this all the time with Aoyama
Takuya: Marcus Aoyama , I loved that guy. You know whats funny, he's a funny and tough guy but rmember the time when we laughed at aoyama for loving animals.
Tagachi: I felt sorry for that guy that time
Takuya: Besides that the dude was cool. We all used to be best friends, like brothers.
Ichigo: Where's Takuya and Tagachi
Tai: Oh great
She hears noise from the vent. She decides to go
Takuya and Tagachi reached the end of the vent and opened the door, on top of the lab where Ryo and Keichro are working.
Ichigo found Takuya and Tagachi
Ichigo: Whatcha doin
Takuya: sshhh, We trying to see the view
Ichigo: How do you guys know about this place.
Tagachi: back before the Mew Mew café came this used to be a deserted house.
Ichigo: Seriously?
Takuya: Yeah, Tagachi, Me and and another guy named Marcus Aoyama used to hang at this place.
Ichigo: did you say marcus aoyama
Tagachi: yeah, you know him
Ichigo: I'm his gilfriend , how do you guys know him?
Takuya: Well long before Tagachi moved to America and Marcus moved to England, we used to be best friends.
Ichigo: He moved back here before I became a mew mew.
Neemon and Kiki follows the guys.
Neemon: Hey guys
Tagachi: guys I don't think the vent can fit that much people in there, we better get out.
Ryo: You enjoying the view.
The kids replied: YEAH!
Keichiro:Well we got food, common down and eat.
ALL: All right, time to chow down (looks down and fall)
Ichigo: We'll at least we get to eat.