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[ A - All Readers ]

Takuya: wooooooo delicious (looking at the Pizza)
Mint: Just don't eat up the whole thing Takuya
Tommy: Where's Tagachi and Tai
Agumon: They're making a side dish
Ichigo: what are they making?
Tagachi and Tai come out
Lettuce: Can I taste that
Both: We be insulted if you didn't
She tastes it. She loves it
Lettuce: This is delicious, I love it.
Neemon: Human Food
Bokomon: You nincompoop, we have all this stuff in the digital world, too.
Agumon: Yeah, but this food tastes better six times.
Laomon: Got that right, hehehehehehehe
Takuya: Man, where'd you guys get this stuff
Keiichiro: We got this at Matsuki's Pizza
Tai: They got good food
at the time the meals over, Ryo comes
Ryo: hurry up, guys, you guys got stuff to do
Tommy: What Kinda stuff?
Ryo: You guys have to run some errands for people before your real job
Tai, you go with Mint, Tagachi you and Lettuce can go, Takuya, you can go with Ichigo, Tommy can go with Kiki, and Agumon and Neemon can go with Tai and Mint, Laomon and Bokomon can go with Letttuce.
Tagachi: yes
Takuya: Lucky you, I'm stuck with her
Tai: Common not this girl. (muttering)
Mint: Common Tai, lets go
Tai: nooooooo
Agumon and Neemon follow them
Kiki: No fair I don't get to go with a any of the Digimon
Tommy: I can turn into a Digimon
Kiki: Lets go
Ichigo: Common Takuya
Takuya: Man, I don't believe this
After their meal, Takuya had to go on an errand with Ichigo.
Takuya: tell me exactly why I had to come with you?
Ichigo: Because you're here to help us remember, Takuya?
Takuya: Well at least take Aoyama with you, not me.
Ichigo: unfortunately he's away for the weekend? So deal with it
Takuya: great, just great
Takuya sees a weird creature from back.
Takuya: I think we better go back.
Ichigo: Common we're almost there.
Takuya: I really think we better leave.
Ichigo reaches for the creature(big monster) she thinks his mouth is the door.
She knocks on it.
Takuya: Ichigo that's not
Ichigo: I know what im doing
Takuya: Ichigo that's not
Ichigo: For pete's sake I know what im doing, I know my house
Takuya: Would a door open vertically
Ichigo: yeah doors can open, (stops and gasps) vv.v.vv..vertically
She looks up and realizes it's a monster.
The monster roars.
Both scream and eventually run.
Tai, Mint, Agumon and Bokomon hear them.
Tai: Whats going on with them.
Takuya: I told you we should of left a long time ago
Ichigo:How the heck am I supposed to know
Takuya: I told you already.
Then the floor cracked into two pieces opening a small canyon, Takuya fell
Ichigo: (yelling) no Takuya.
Takuya screams then holds his digivice.
Takuya: Spirit
Then Takuya Spirit Evolves :*Execute, Spirit Evolution* to Agunimon
Mint: A predasite.
Tai then feels his digivice and sees an info.
Tai: Venommon, a Chimera Predasite-Type Digimon, Champion Level. Ok, that's it Agumon, help Agunimon and digivolve now.
Agumon: Ok
Agumon digivolved to Greymon.
Bokomon saw Tagachi, Tommy, Pudding, Laomon, Neemon and Lettuce
Bokomon: Look at that
Tommy: Woah a Digimon
Lettuce: Looks like a predasite
Bokomon: You're both right, that's a predasite Digimon
Tagachi: What the…….
Laomon: Forget about the wondering, let me at this creep.
Tagachi: Ok, Laomon, you digivolve while Tommy and I spirit evolve
Tommy: right behind you
Tommy spirit evolves to Kumamon, Tagachi Spirit Evolves to Dartramon(New Warrior of Flame). And Laomon digivolves to Leomon.
Lettuce and Ichigo were distracted by the good looks of Agunimon, Dartramon and Kumamon.
Ichigo: They're beautiful
Lettuce: You can say that again
Mint: Are you guys gonna help or not.
Kiki(Pudding): im gonna love this.
Ichigo: Yeah we have to help them.
The girls transformed to the mew mews forms.
Agunimon started to attack
Agunimon: Time to throw this guy a punch **Pyro Punch**
Dartramon attacked with Pyro Lions, Kumamon attacked with Blizzard Blaster
Greymon attacked with Nova Blast, Leomon attacked with Fist of the Beast King.
It Didn't work on Venommon,
Agunimon: I didn't work
Vennomon attacked with venom blast, the five Digimon got hit hard and bad.
Kumamon: man he's pretty strong.
Ichigo: let us handle this.
Ichigo attacked with her Strawberry Bell using Strawberry Blast
Mint used the Ribbon Mint Arrow
Lettuce used her castanets and attacked with Tidal Wave Rush
Pudding(Kiki) attacked with inferno Monkey Blast
Not even a flinch.
Venommon attacked the mew mews with the same result of the Digimon when they got hit.
Tai: What is going on, nothing iis working, neither the Digimon or the mew mew's attacks are working at all.
Bokomon: this is going to end badly.
Dartramon: Wait a minute, that's it.
Leomon: What is it, Tagachi.
Dartramon: Separate attacks don't work, because he is a preadasite and a Digimon, we have to combine a mew mew attack with a Digimon attack.
Lettuce: that makes sense.
Tai: Why didn't I think of that.
Agunimon: Ichigo, give me half of the power of your bell.
Ichigo: but Agunimon
Agunimon: just do it.
Ichigo lends half of the power to Agunimon.
Lettuce: Dartramon, take one of my castanets.
Dartramon takes it.
Kumamon: Kiki, give me onr of your,. … umm … whatchamacallit
Kiki: okay.
Mint: Wait and I'm left with Leomon and Greymon, I'll give half of my power to Leomon. Man why did Zakuro have to be In America during this time.
Tai: Don't worry about it, Mint, you have to do this now.
Mint: ok.
Leomon: hurry the monsters about to attack
Agunimon: We'll do the first try, Ready Ichigo
He attacks with pyro Darts and Ichigo attacks with her blast attack, combined the attacks actally worked and hit Venommon.
Dartramon: It's actually working.
Tai: Yeah, Ok Greymon, wait until all of them attack Venommon, then at the last moment use your attack to combine with the other attacks.
Leomon: This time we'll have to attack at once.
Leomon attacked with Beast King Fist, combining with Mint Arrow attack
Then Kumamon attacked with Blizzard blaster combining with Monkey Inferno(pudding)
Then Agunimon attacked with Pyro Tornado combining with Strawberry blast
Then Dartramon attacked with Salamander Twister combining with Tidal Wave Rush
Then for the final finish Greymon attacks with Nova Blast. Finishing Venommon off.
Venommon was defeated and fractal code came out.
Tai: Fractal Code, how
Bokomon: There's a computer nearby, hurry and scan it.
Dartramon hurried and scanned it.
Dartramon: Time for some purification *fractal code digitize*
Ichigo: yeah we did it.
Agunimon slapped high five with Ichigo
Dartramon fist bumped with Lettuce
Tai: good job,Mint *holding thumb up*
Mint: good job yourself
Kumamon and Kiki danced and was happy
Kumamon: Sweet
Kiki: That's what I'm talking about.
Greymon and Leomon de-eigivolved
Agunimon and Dartramon did a funny Cheering and sang
Both: We beat him, we dissed him, we kicked his butt good, (Ichigo and Lettuce join) and all the stuff we have, they from his neighborhood, YEAH. *handshake and Snap*
Neemon: That was awesome
Agumon: And funny
The Digimon de-digivolved and the mew mews turned back to the human forms.