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[ A - All Readers ]

Ichigo: Not with out help
Lettuce: lets do this
Then they spirit evolved
All: Execute, Spirit Evolution
Ichigo had Agunimon armor
Mint Turned to Lobomon's armor
Lettuce with Beetlemon
Pudding to Kumamon.
Ichigo: strawberry salamander(combines her bell and Agunimon pyro punch)
CynaMyotismon actually felt pain,
CynaMyotismon: damn it she's strong
Tai: It works
BurningGreymon: Ok, metalgreymon and I will attack. Ready, Pyro Barrage
MetalGreymon: giga blaster
*combines with pyro barrage*
But unfortunately it didn't work
CynaMyotismon: heheh you fools, didn't u forget, only combined attacks from mew mew and Digimon work on me, Digimon alone cannot work. Looks like I need to start an attack, *CYNACLON BATS*
Mint: not so fast *Lobo Kendo*
It hit him
CynaMyotismon: damn it, I fogot the mew mews digivolved.
BlazingLeomon: We can't sit around here doing nothing.
KorIkakkumon: I definitely didn't digivolve just to stand and watch
BurningGreymon: Well what can we do, We can't fusion evolve unless some kind of fusion evergy comes.
Tai: That's right, mew mew powers come from human and beast fusion, so only fusion type Digimon and mew mew combined with Digimon attacks can defeat it, but we don't have any kind of power to do that, and Agumon cant warp digivolve.
BlazingLeomon: Crap, so basically we're screwed.
Ichigo: We can still fight, ready girls.
Ichigo attacks with pyro punch, Lettuce attacks with thunder rush, Pudding attacks with Frozen tundra, and Mint with lobo kendo. It weakened CynaMyotismon.
But he still laughed
CynaMyotismon: hehe (forcefield bubble) and put the mew-powered Digimon inside the bubble.
Tai: *gasps* no, you coward.
Ichigo: Tai, Takuya, Tommy, Tagachi, help us
BurningGreymon: I don't care what we have, we still have to fight.
BlazingLeomon and Korikakkumon: yeah, lets go
BurningGreymon attacked with wildfire tsunami, Korikakkumon attacked with avalanche axes, and then BlazingLeomon attacked with Pyro Rockets. MetalGreymon attacked with Giga Blaster with FlareLeomon's Sun Blaster.
This time it hit him and weakend him, but only 2%.
Tai: This isn't good.
CynaMyotismon: HAHAHAHAHA, *preda-destroyer*
He attacked the Digimon, all four were hurt so bad they de-digivolved.
Tagachi:*weak* no
Takuya, Tommy, Agumon and Laomon are down, weak.
CynaMyotismon: Heheh, now to destroy the girls, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
He used his strongest attack on the girls Ichigo sacrificed herself and only she de-digivolves, falling down weak.
CynaMyotismon: what a surprise, you saved your friends.
Ichigo:*slowly* I will not give up
Lettuce: Ichigo, no
Bokomon, Neemon, Ryo, Keichiro came
Bokomon: What happened
Ryo: No, damn it he beat them
Mint: Not yet, but this is a problem, CynaMyotismon is about to attack Ichigo.
CynaMyotismon: Now you will pay.
He is about to attack.
Takuya: Come on you stupid digivice help me
Tagachi: Oh man
Everybody: Ichigo
Then a light shines from her digivice, Tai, Takuya and Tagachi's digivices too.
Ichigo stands in a light place, surrounded by the crest of courage, Takuya's and Tagachis Spirits, Human and Beast.
Ichigo: Whats going on
Agunimon: You are being awarded the new Digimon power.
Takuya: we're gonna lend half of our power to you so you can digivolve.
Dartramon: Fusion Digivolve.
Tagachi: You said it Dartramon.
Ichigo: How are the spirits and you guys separate.
Agumon: that's a long story
Tai: You just released a new energy that allows us to lend our power and receive a brand new power.
The guys' digivices power lends to Ichigo's digivice.
Ichigo is back in the field.
CynaMyotismon: give it up will you?
Ichigo:*screaming* how the hell can You decide what I do or don't do, Huh, am I getting mad now, getting scared, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.
Ichigo fusion evolves using Agunimon, BurningGreymon, BlazingLeomon and Dartramon, And Tai's crest of courage to digivolve to PyroGatomon, warrior of flame and Courage.
Bokomon: she turned to PyroGatomon, the mega warrior of flame and the crest of courage.
Neemon: She looks cool
Agumon: Woah that is awesome.
Tai: Awesome, also beautiful.
Takuya: you can say that again.
Lettuce: She mega digivolved.
Mint: Lucky her
Pudding: Sweet
Whats better is Takuya, Tagachi, tommy can fusion evolve again, and Agumon and Laomon can warp digivolve. Thanks to the power advance.
Tai: Wow, now the guys can fusion evolve again, and Agumon and Laomon can warp digivolve again.
Takuya: that's what im talking about.
Tommy: Yeah
Tagachi: Lets go
CynaMyotismon: what, impossible.
Tagachi to Saromon, Takuya to Aldamon, Tommy to Daipenmon, Agumon to WarGreymon, Laomon to WarFlamon.
Aldamon: yes we got it back.
Saromon: Now who's got the advantage, we have a human and beats fusion, now we can fight you, how do you like it now punk.
CynaMyotismon: Shit, I don't believe this, this is gonna end badly.
PyroGatomon: *Atomic Blaster*
CynaMyotismon was weaker by 30% worked perfect.
PyroGatomon: alright, everybody attack now, we can beat him.
Everybody attacked CynaMyotismon, and his fractal code appeared.
PyroGatomon: Now for some purification, fractal code digitize.
CynaMyotismon was beat, but not for good yet, turned back to Myotismon and Kish was freed.
Kish: about time I got out.
PyroGatomon: sorry about the long taking.
Kish: no problem, I like to kick myotismon's ass real bad.
WarGreymon: But you're not a Digimon.
Bokomon: Neither is he human, aliens posses the same power as Digimon and mew mew combined.
Aldamon: Works for us. Lets all attack
Everybody attacks again, with kish this time and PyroGatomon for the finish.
Myotismon is finished for good and The evil was destroyed never to come back again. the digimon's digiegg went to the computer.
They all de-digivolved.
_________________________________________________________________ _____
Back at the café.
Keichiro: Man that was tough.
Tai: yeah I know.
Takuya and Tagachi cheek kissed Ichigo
Ichigo gasped
Ichigo: What was that for.
Takuya: helping us win the fight
Tagachi: don't worry, we're still friends though
Ichigo: Definitely two of my best friends *hugs them*
Tagachi: Hold up one more person.
Tai: my turn.
Tagachi and Tai cheek kissed Lettuce.
Lettuce: Why me?
Tagachi: cause 1, you're cute, 2 you helped us a lot.
Tai: Same here, Tagachi even likes you.
Tagachi:*screams* quiet Tai, I don't want her finding out.
Lettuce: its ok Tagachi, I like you too.*hugs him*
Agumon: awwwww
Laomon: About time.
Takuya and Ichigo: Way to go buddy.
Tommy: hey Pudding, heres a present *gives her a new Digimon card collection*
Pudding: Thanks tommy.
Tommy: mhm, no problem *nods*
Tai: well its been good
Neemon: what was good.
Bokomon: nincompoop
Takuya and Ichigo Handshake
Takuya: Keep in touch
Ichigo: Will do, buddy.
Tagachi: Don't foget about me
Lettuce: I definitely wont.
Mint: lucky you*jealous*
Ichigo: Don't worry Tagachi I wont.
Tai: You know we will have a big mission with the other digidestined and as soon as they finish with their meetups, you can come to the digital world.
Pudding: Can we go please please please.
Ryo: mmmm, ok, but we'll have to do it at the right time.
Agumon: Don't worry, 2 years in the digital world is as long as 1 second in the real world.
Lettuce: Seriously?
Bokomon: Yeah.
Takuya: We'll see you guys later.
Ichigo: Ok, I'll call you from the digivice.
The guys and the Digimon leave and head back to Shinjuku.