Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ The Adventures of Takeru and Hikari (Sharkboy and Lavagirl Parody) ❯ Character Profile ( EndNotes )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Planet Digital: Rulers/Villains

Prince Ken - Prince of the Virals; Ruler of the Neural Darkness; Chosen of the Crest of Kindness; Jogress Partner of Daisuke; Partner to Wormmon and Cyberdramon

Prince Daisuke - Former King in training of the Dragons; Boyfriend of Ken; Jogress Partner of Prince Ken; Owner of the DigiMental of Miracles

King Taichi - King of the Dragons Digitals; Chosen of the Crest of Courage; Married to Queen Sora

King Yamato - King of the Beast Digitals; Chosen of the Crest of Friendship; brother of Takeru; boyfriend of Mimi

Prince Takeru - Prince of the Holy Digitals; brother of King Yamato; Warrior of Hope; Partner to Patamon; Chosen of the Crest of Hope

Princess Hikari - Princess of the Angelic and Mystical Digitals; Chosen of the Crest of Light; Partner to Gatomon

Joe - Royal Doctor; Partner to Gomamon

Queen Sora - Queen of the Bird Digitals; Married to King Taichi

Princess Mimi - Princess of the Plant Digitals; Girlfriend of King Yamato

Izzy - Royal Knowledge keeper; Partner to Tentomon

Yukio - Servant of the Kaiser; Dark sorcerer


Prince Ken's Warriors

Takuya - Warrior of Flames; Human Digital Spirit: Agunimon; Beast Digital Spirit: BurningGreymon; General of the Main Attacking Force

Izumi - Warrior of Wind; Human Digital Spirit: Kazemon; Beast Digital Spirit: Zephyrmon; General of Defense Force; Speaks Italian 

Junpei - Warrior of Thunder; Human Digital Spirit: Beetlemon; Beast Digital Spirit: MetalKabuterimon; General of Defense Force; Has a crush on Izumi; Oldest member

Tomoki - Warrior of Ice; Human Digital Spirit; Kumamon; Beast Digital Spirit: Korikakumon; General of Defense Force; youngest member 

Koji - Warrior of Light; Human Digital Spirit: Lobomon; Beast Digital Spirit: KendoGarurmon; Youngest twin; General of the Main Attacking Force

Koichi - Warrior of Darkness; Human Digital Spirit: Loweemon; Beast Digital Spirit: JagerLoweemon; Oldest twin; Body Guard



Davis - Chosen of the Crest of Miracles, Creator of Planet Digital; best friend/crush of Ken

Ken - Chosen of the Crest of Kindness; best friend/crush of Davis; brother of Sam

Sam - Elder brother of Ken

Mr. Oikawa - English Teacher; Ex co-worker of Mr. Ichijouji; Family Friend of Ichijouji family; Ken's foster father/adopted father

Jun - Davis sister

Ryo - Ken's first best friend; Singer of the Tamers; Ex boyfriend of Sam