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Episode 6: Old Reliable

In a dark space, the crests spin around and go into the light in the middle. The Crest of Courage and Friendship appears first. Followed by Love, Knowledge, Reliability, Sincerity, Light, and Hope. Three more crest follow the original eight. A dark pink rose like flower, the Crest of Kindness, twin yellow swords crossing each other, the Crest of Loyalty, and finally a green shield with wings, the Crest of Protection. 

As the crests enter the light the number 02 spins on the screen. A rainbow of color appears behind it, revealing Digimon Adventures 02. 

In a background filled with Digi-Code, Daisuke appears in his usual flame jacket, burgundy shorts, and goggles. A shadow spins around, as it gets closer to him. When it hits him a light appears around him as he goes flying off the screen. 

Shadows appear around the rest of his team and they too fly off the screen. Miyako is wearing an orange helmet, yellow vest, and red pants. Iori is wearing a beige long sleeve shirt with purple pants. Takeru is wearing a yellow and green shirt, grey shorts, and a white hat. Hikari is wearing a pink and white shirt; yellow shorts, and has a camera around her neck.

Ken appears in a purple shirt and blue jeans. Her navy blue hair is tied into a ponytail. Ryo is next her. He is wearing a blue shirt and green army pants. Ryo and Ken are holding hands as they jump in the air with their partners, Wormmon and Monodramon, and landed in Primary Village with the baby digimon, playing soccer with them.

Dark Towers appear on the screen. A Devidramon is seen flying with an unknown boy on top of his head. Followed by other evil digimon.

V-mon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon heads appear.

A world globe spins around. This globe separates into two spinning globes and moves to be side by side of each other.

A younger Ken and Ryo are seen in a desert fighting Millenniummon. Paildramon and Wizarmon are attacking Millenniummon.

The camera rolls over the Chosen Children. Taichi and Daisuke are next to each other. Miyako is next to Daisuke. Yamato is behind Taichi and Sora is next to Yamato. Next to Sora are Mimi and Koushiro. Next to Miyako are Iori and Takeru. Joe is next to Koushiro and Hikari is next Takeru. 

Ken is seen in a cave with Ryo. On a pedestal there is a pink egg that looks like a rose with the Crest of Kindness on it. Stingmon and Cyberdramon are standing behind them.

A Digi-Port opens on a computer followed by a D-Terminal opening up to reveal an egg. Different color lights leave the D-Terminal and go into a blue D-3. Light comes out of the D-3. 

V-mon, Armadillomon, Hawkmon, Patamon, Tailmon, and Wormmon fly into the light. 

In a fire background, Flamedramon appears in a fighting stance. In a purple, blue, and green bubble background, Shurimon appears with his shrunkens out. In a stone background, Digmon appears in a fighting stands with his drill out. In a blue background, Pegasusmon appears galloping in the air. In a pink and yellow background, Nefertimon appears. In a background that looks like an ocean, Submarimon appears. In a sky background, Halsemon appears in a mid flight position. In a lightning background, Raidramon appears. In a sparkly dark pink background, Pucchiemon appears and his pink finger is glowing as he points to the side. 

Monodramon jumps up in the air in a dark blue background. Behind him is his Champion and Ultimate forms: Strikedramon and Cyberdramon. 

Impmon comes spinning around in a green background. His Champion form, Wizarmon, and a shadow of his Ultimate form appears behind him.

Flamedramon throws fireball before his body is engulfed in flames. He jumps into the airs and is suddenly surrounded my light. He reverts back to V-mon and then evolves into Raidramon.

Shurimon is in a forest spinning and flying among the trees. After passing a tree Hawkmon is seen flying out of the trees and into the sky. Halsemon is now seen flying in the sky and is spinning around.

Digmon comes out from the ground and jumps into the sky. He releases his drills before turning back into Armadillomon. Armadillomon dives into the water and becomes Submarimon.

Pegasusmon swoops from the air and releases a shower of stars. Nefertimon flies into release with stones from her neck.

A close up of Daisuke riding Raidramon is shown. Halsemon flies into the air with Miyako on his back. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon fly in with Takeru and Hikari on their backs. Submarimon surfaces from the ocean with Iori inside him.

A face of Osamu appears and floats away as the image of the Digimon Emperor appears with the Dark Towers behind him. In the background a white hair women and a man in a blue coat his watching him.

In a field filled with Dark Towers, Ken and Ryo have their digivices up. Ken's violet D-3 and crest glows, while Ryo swipes a blue card into his white, and blue D-Power. JewelBeemon and Cyberdramon jump into the air and attack four DarkTyrannomon.

Flamedramon jumps into the air as a beam of orange light appears. Shurimon and Digmon jumps into the air when beams of green and yellow appear. Angemon and Angewomon fly into the air as light green and pink beams appear. JewelBeemon and Cyberdramon fly into the air as dark pink and golden beams appear into the air.

A close up of Daisuke running appears. Ryo, Cody and Takeru are on his left, while Ken, Miyako, and Hikari on his right. All the Digimon in their Rookie forms, except Tailmon, are running in front of them.

A group picture of Angewomon, Stingmon, Shurimon, Flamedramon, Digmon, Cyberdramon, and Angemon appears in front of a blue and green background. The image changes to a red and green background with Nefertimon, Pucchiemon, Halsemon, Raidramon, Submarimon, and Pegasusmon. Finally, in a blue and grey sparkly background are Tailmon, Hawkmon, Wormmon, Monodramon, Armadillomon, and Patamon, who are in front of their partners. Behind the children are Angewomon, Stingmon, Shurimon, Flamedramon, Digmon, Cyberdramon, Angemon, Nefertimon, Pucchiemon, Halsemon, Raidramon, Submarimon, and Pegasusmon.


Digital World - Snow Region

The Emperor smiles as the digimon carry his materials to build the structure around the Dark Tower. Everything was going according to plan. The Emperor watches as the digimon do as they are told, just as it should be. In order for him to have his perfect world for his sister he needed subjects that will do his will. The Emperor looks around and frowns when he sees a seal digimon. It was Gomamon, one of the Chosen digimon.

Get rid of him. He will only be in the way. A voice told him in his head.

“Master.” He turns to see Devimon, temporarily ignoring the voice.

“What is it?” Devimon points to one of the digimon. This digimon had tripped and fallen into the snow. The Emperor narrows his eyes, unacceptable.

The Emperor takes out his whip as he stomps to the digimon. The cold winds nips at him as he moves. He raises his whip and was about to strike him down, until that stupid Chosen digimon got in the way. He held the whip in his flippers as he tells him to leave him alone and that he was tired.

Get rid of him! The voice said. Have the digimon turn against him! The Emperor sneered as he did just that. He watched as the other digimon attack Gomamon in hopes of winning something, possibly freedom.

The Emperor smirks as the seal lies there. He was either dead or out cold. He laughs wickedly as the voice told him to ring them and he did. He did it because he could. Once the controlled digimon left to do as he commanded he left to do other things. The Emperor didn't notice that the seal woke up a little while later after he left. Nor did he notice that the seal was going towards the TV.

Tamachi Elementary School

Ken sits in the Principal's Office as he looks over the paperwork. Ken sighs. She had been here for half an hour now.

“All right Miss. Ichijouji. All the paperwork seems to be in order. I will contact the principal at Odaiba Elementary to settle the transfer.” He looks at her and folds his hands on his desk. “I understand that the soccer coach requested that we keep you until after the big game coming up. I have talked to the coach at the other school already and both have discussed that it is best this way. You have been preparing hard for this game and we don't want to stress you out with the switching of schools and teams since this game is coming up. Are you alright with this?” Ken smiles and nods in relief. Honestly she was worried about the whole switching of teams thing with the game against Odaiba coming up. He smiles at her. “Very well. We will have the transfer papers ready and postponed your arrival to after the game.”

Ken smiles as the principal dismisses her. It went a lot better than she thought.

Odaiba, Japan

Joe's eyes widen in worry as his digivice beeped. Gomamon was in danger. “Gomamon!” He gave his two classmates an excuse that he forgot something before rushing off.

Odaiba Elementary School

Daisuke runs down the hall to get to the computer room. He was furious that the Emperor did something again. He was talking to some of his teammates about the coach being in a very good mood. Apparently, Ken was transferring to Odaiba in a few weeks. From what he heard the soccer coach wasn't sure if he should laugh, cry, dance, or all three.

Daisuke couldn't wait to have Ken at the school. They can spend a lot more time together that isn't the Digital World. They would even be playing together. It's a shame that he has to go against her in the big game though.

Daisuke walks in the computer room with Hikari and was disappointed that Takeru was there. Iori had decided not to come because of his lesson. There goes one less Chosen.

Daisuke watched as Miyako types on the computer as one of the dark squares blink. A digimon was in trouble, which one was uncertain though. All they knew was that it was far. Daisuke narrowed his eyes. The Digimon Emperor was really getting on his nerves. It was probably a good thing he emailed Ken before coming here.

“Where's Cody?” Upamon asked.

“He's not coming. He had Kendo practice.”

“What's Kendo? Ow! EEEEH! Ow! What was that for?” Upamon asked after Daisuke hit him with a rolled up magazine.

Daisuke smirks at him in amusement. “You wanted to know what Kendo was.” Upamon looks at him in confusion.

Tamachi, Japan

Ken grabs four apples from the kitchen before she runs into Ryo's room. Ryo was frowning as he looked for the area that the distress call came from. Ken had gotten a message from Daisuke after they received a message from one of their members in the snow region informing them about the Emperor. He hadn't been captured like many of the other digimon have and one of them have been beaten.

Ken gives Minomon and Hopmon each an apple. Ken placed one on the table for Ryo as she ate hers. “Damn it! What are you doing?” Ryo cursed under his breath. Ken frowned at him as she looks at the screen. Ken could see that one of the black squares was beeping. Ryo types on the keyboard and pulls up the gate. He starts typing in the coordinates for the snow region.

Oh Sam. What have you done?

Odaiba Elementary School: Computer Room

Joe smiles warmly at the group as Takeru introduces him to them. Even though Taichi told him of the Tamers and the digimon being in earth, it was still unbelievable until he seen them himself. Joe smiles as Daisuke remembered him as the doctor. Well, he was more doctor in training but it's the same thing he guessed.

Joe laughs as Daisuke partner smelled the food from the bag he brought. “Candy!” He was cute.

“Joe, are you coming with us?” Hikari asked.

“Yeah. I got a distress call from Gomamon. I'm really worried.”


Everyone turns to Daisuke who was looking at his D-Terminal. “Who's that?”

“It's Ken-chan! She said that she and Akiyama-san got a distress call from one of their members. They're going to meet us there.”

“YEA! KEN!” Chibimon squeals as he jumps around.

Takeru turns to him with his digivice in hand. “Ken-san is the other Tamer. You'll like her. She has this cool way of healing digimon with her digivice.”

“Koushiro told me all about her and Akiyama. I can't wait to meet her. He also told me about the jerk calling himself the Emperor.”

“Let's go then!” Miyako tells them.

“Wait for me!” Iori yells as he comes into the room. Joe smiles as the little digimon starts jumping around.

Once everyone was ready they all went through the gate.

Digital World - Snow Region

Joe panics as he digs up his partner out of the snow. He was so bruised up. What happen to him? “Gomamon? Gomamon wake up.”

Joe sighs in relief when he wakes up. Tears filled his eyes as he asked his partner some questions to see if he was okay. Gomamon was going to use up his first aid kit. He frowned when he said he picked a fight with the Digimon Emperor. He was brave; he'll give him that.

“Hey guys!” The Chosen looked behind them to see an insect warrior digimon, a cyborg dragon digimon, and two children.

“KEN! STINGMON! RYO!” V-mon yelled as he greeted his friends. So these are the Tamers, Joe thought to himself.

Stingmon and Cyberdramon landed in front of the Chosen. Ken was wearing a purple winter coat, blue sweatpants, and black snow boots. Ryo was wearing a brown winter coat, black sweatpants, and brown snow boots. At least they're prepared for the weather.

“Hey Ken-chan!” Daisuke greeted the girl with a smile, which she returned, much to the other Tamer's annoyance.

“KEN-SAN!” Miyako squealed in a high pitch voice before pulling the girl into a hug. Joe laughs nervously as he sees the glare coming from Akiyama.

“Hello, Ken-san.” Joe walked up to the Tamers with a smile. “I'm Kido Joe. It's nice to meet you.” Ken smiles kindly at him, until she sees his partner. A flicker of concern enters her eyes as she takes in Gomamon's bruised body. Akiyama looked too.

“So it was yours that SnowAgumon told us about?” Akiyama mumbled to himself as he studied the injured digimon.

“You guys have members all over the Digital World don't you?” Miyako asked as she released Ken.

Ryo shrugged. “We are well known among the digimon due to the war. Many was involved in the war and continued to spread the stories what happened. Many even joined our forces and is being trained for the upcoming enemy.”

As Ryo talked Ken gently inspected Gomamon's injuries. Gomamon winced slightly when her finger touched an area that hurt. She frowned. Sam could have killed him. What was he thinking?

“I heard that you could heal digimon.” Joe whispered softly. Ken glanced at him. “Are you able to heal him?” Ken nods as she shows him her D-3. He smiles in relief. “The others told me that you have to form a temporary bond in order to use these chip. You have my permission.”

Joe watches silently as Ken pushes a button and scans his digimon. After the scan, the digivice gave a detailed report of the damage. Joe glanced at his partner in worry. It seemed that he took quite a bit of damage that would take ten minutes to fully heal and even that it said that Gomamon needed sleep and food. Joe blinks in curiosity as Ken takes out four chips and inserts them into her digivice. Her digivice then glows and hits Gomamon, engulfing him in a soft glow.

While Ken was healing Gomamon the others were looking at the tower in the distance. Joe asked what they were talking about. They explained that the towers are what stop the digimon from digivolving. It controls the Dark Rings too. However, all they have to do is break them. By breaking them the Emperor's control is destroyed. Joe asked why Ken and Ryo's digimon was able to digivolve and he was told that Stingmon was not affected at all, while Ryo's was a different model all together and uses cards to evolve or apply other powers.

After three minutes the others decided to make a sled for the snow to get to the tower. They were glad Joe had rope with him to tie the logs together. By the time they got all the wood they needed the glowing stopped and Gomamon looked like new. However, he looked hungry and slightly tired.

Gomamon smiles as he jumps from Joe's arms to Ken's. “Gee thanks! I feel a lot better.” Ken made laughing sounds. Joe smiled slightly in thought. He was glad Gomamon was all right. However, his thoughts came to Ken. She was able to make small sounds. They weren't words but if she practiced she might be able to talk. Her speech might come out broken and in pieces but she would be able to talk with others.

Digital World - Snow Region: Else Where

The Digimon Emperor hisses at his digimon. “They're here?”

“Yes master. The five Chosen, Reliability, and the Tamers.” The Emperor stared at his slaves. So the Chosen are here, along with his best friend and sister. He smirked as an idea came to mind. It wouldn't hurt to have the Frigimon stand guard so he can start his grand plan.

Digital World - Snow Region

Ryo and Ken travels in the air as the Chosen are on sitting on the sled and being pulled by their digimon. Ryo smiles as he silently watches his friend. Ken was very worried when they got the distress message, but in this very moment she seemed happy. The cold wind moves her hair back and forth as Stingmon carries her in his arms. He smiles softly at that. It was moments like these that he enjoyed the most.

“Ryo? We have a problem.” Ryo blinks as his partner's deep, gravelly voice speaks above the loud sound of the wind. He frowns as his partner points in front of him. In the distance, directly in front of the tower, was a bunch of Frigimon. He frowned. Why are they lined up like that? It's not like they are a threat or anything, unless…

Ryo's eyes widen as he looks around. “Ryo? What's wrong?” Ryo ignored the two digimon as he looked around. He noticed that Ken was given him curious looks, but he had to find him first.

“There he is!” On top of a hill was Sam, dressed in his Emperor outfit, and with Devimon behind him. The Emperor smiles evilly as he watches the Chosen getting closer. “Ken! Stingmon! It's an ambush!” And as if those were the magic words the Frigimon attacked.

Daisuke screams with the others as they are attacked by the snowmen digimon. Oh, he knew what they're called but they were still snowmen to him. The Tamers were a lot more fortunate then they were. Stingmon and Cyberdramon were in the air dodging the Frigimon's “Subzero Ice Punch”, while their digimon tried to avoid getting hit. Daisuke wanted to fight, but Joe stopped him.

Daisuke bit his lip in worry when Stingmon almost got hit. If that wasn't bad enough, they were heading towards a cliff. The digimon ran faster when the attacks hit a mountain and created an avalanche. The digimon jumped off the cliff and somehow made it. However, the sled swerved when it landed and got very close to the edge. Stingmon and Cyberdramon swooped in next to them and pushed the sled away from the edge. However, the speed and momentum of the action caused Iori to fall off the sled and dive into the water below. Resulting with Ken jumping in after him.

Digital World - Snow Region: Cave

Iori shivered in front of the fire and drank some tea as he tried to get warm. He was grateful that Ken jumped in after him. But now the male Tamer was ranting about her jumping in after him and the possibility that she could have gotten sick. Ken pointedly ignored him though. Her back was to him as she watched Iori with kind, concern eyes. Wormmon, who had dedigivolved, was sitting in Ken's lap, as the girl got warm herself and was drinking some tea. Armadillomon was next to him, asking if he was warming up.

Iori frowned when Takeru said they should continue and Joe offered to stay with him and Ken. Ken must have agreed since the male tamer was now grumbling and crossing his arms across his chest.

“Fine. I'll go with them, but you owe me at least ten cookies.” He then turned to Joe with a furious glare that made Joe gulp nervously. “If anything happens to her you will have more then the Emperor to deal with!” And with that he stomped away from the group and left the cave with his partner.

Ken sighed as she watched Ryo huff away in annoyance. Did he really have to threaten the Chosen? They have to get along, regardless of what they did in the past. It was also only a few of them. You can't blame all for what a few did. Or at least that's what she believed.

The Chosen got up to leave, but Iori then said that he was going too. She frowned at him and grabbed his hand. She pulled him back down to sit next to her. He looked at her with confusion. She simply shook her head no and pointed to the fire and tea. He frowned. Iori began to argue that his grandpa told his that he should rely on himself and try his hardest so he wouldn't let any of them down.

Ken smiled softly at him as she rested a hand on his waist and pulled him closer to her. He was startled by this, but didn't say anything about what she meant. She had a feeling he knew what she was trying to say. While she did this, the Chosen were talking to him, ending with him agreeing to stay.

As they watched them leave Joe asked if he was okay. Iori said he was a little tired, but didn't agree with his partner when he said they should take the opportunity to get some sleep. Ken smiles when Joe tells him that they are all here for a reason and that it's for a reason that they stayed behind. Ken nods her agreement with Joe.

Ken picks up her tea and drinks the last of it when suddenly the cave began to shake. The boys got to their feet really fast as chunks of rock fell.

“We have to get out of here.” Ken followed Joe, as he and Iori exited the cave. Unfortunately, Sam was there with his newest slave. Her brother was smiling evilly as he introduced his new slave.

“Meet my newest slave, Shellmon. His Aqua Blaster attack shoots so hard that it can demolish a solid rock.” He smirks as he eyes them. “Well look what we have here. Looks like I found your little hiding place.”

“I know why we were left behind.” Ken heard Joe whispers to his digimon. However, she really didn't listen. All she could do was look sadly at her brother as he glances at her with the evil smile.

“And it looks like my Empress is here too.” Wormmon stiffens in her arms. Stupid Dark Spore!

Digital World - Snow Region

Daisuke smiles as they reached the Dark Tower. “V-mon lets do it! Digi-Armor Energize!”

A beam of light hits V-mon and a light engulfs him. He spins around as images of Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreymon, and WarGreymon appears in the background. V-mon merges with the Crest of Courage. “V-mon Armor Digivolve too… Flamedramon, the Fire of Courage!”

Flamedramon jumps into the air as he is attacked with snowballs. Flamedramon yells “Fire Rocket!” as he attacks with his own balls of fire.

Digital World - Snow Region: Cave

Gomamon jumped out of the way of Shellmon's hand, complaining that he doesn't know good jokes when he sees them. Ken heard Joe yell, “Try the knock-knock jokes!” She rolled her eyes and looked at her partner. He nodded and jumped out of her arms.

Ken takes out her D-3 and Wormmon begins to glow in a white light, much to Joe's amazement. As Wormmon was engulfed in the light an image of Stingmon appears. The image disappears as the information goes into the light that sprinkles on Wormmon as he spins around. “Wormmon Digivolve too…Stingmon!”

When the light fades Wormmon is replaced by a humanoid insect warrior. Joe watches as Stingmon flies into the air to help Gomamon. Joe looks at Ken in amazement, but the shock didn't end there. Iori had his digivice out as well and a beam of light hits Armadillomon. The light then engulfs him.

He spins around as images of Tentomon, Kabuterimon, and MegaKabuterimon appears in the background. Armadillomon merges with the Crest of Knowledge. “Armadillomon Armor Digivolve too… Digmon, the Drill of Knowledge!”

“Wow. Not bad,” was all Joe could say. Wormmon could digivolve for some reason, while Gomamon can't, and Armadillomon evolved to a bug with drills. This was all a bit much now that he thought about it. There was so going to be a serious talk with the others when he gets back.

Stingmon attacks Shellmon as Digmon saves Gomamon from getting squished. Stingmon grunted when his spike did no damage to his shell.

“Aqua Blaster!” Stingmon moved out of the way of Shellmon's attack, however, the beam of water was going straight for Iori. Stingmon was relieved that Digmon blocked the attack and protected his partner.

Stingmon heard Digmon say, “Don't worry Cody I'll protect you” while he was avoiding more of Shellmon's attacks. As he dodged another attack Stingmon heard a small sound. As an Insect Digimon Stingmon has very good hearing and is able to hear certain sounds far better then most digimon. Stingmon had trained his hearing so he could hear his partner, since she tends to make small sounds at different levels. The sound that was most definitely hers sounded distress and panicked.

Stingmon attacked with his “Double Spiking Strike” attack, distracting Shellmon with multiple wind blades. Stingmon looked back to see Devimon pushing Joe and Gomamon away, who were trying to protect Ken. Devimon smiles cruelly at him as Ken made more distress sounds as he grabbed her in his big hands.

“LET HER GO DEVIMON!” Stingmon roared in anger.

Devimon laughs evilly as he took to the air, so the Chosen couldn't get to him. “You want her?” He said in a cruel, unlike Impmon's joking, voice. “Then come and get her.” And with that Devimon flew away from the battlefield.

Without a single thought, and with Ken's safety in his mind, Stingmon left the battle we was currently doing and flew after the fallen angel.

Joe watched helplessly as a Devimon appeared in front of him and Ken. Devimon, who was similar to the one that he fought in the past, pushed him away from Ken. Joe felt so helpless at how easily the fallen angel tossed him aside, kidnapped Ken, and managed to drive away Stingmon from the current battle.

Joe groaned as he got up. Joe never felt this helpless before and on top of that Akiyama was going to kill him if he finds out about this.

Digital World - Snow Region

“Digi-Modify! Heat Activate!”

Cyberdramon roars as flames appear on his claws. He joins Flamedramon in the fight attacking with Meramon's “Fireball”.

“Go get him Flamedramon!”

“Now Cyberdramon!” Ryo turns to SnowAgumon, who he had found earlier. “Ready?” SnowAgumon nods. “Digi-Modify! Bond Activate!” SnowAgumon is then engulfed in a light. “Digi-Modify! Power Activate!”

“Hail Storm!” SnowAgumon summons a more powerful version of his hail attack on his enemies.

While the battle was going on Ryo heard the other Chosen saying that he and Daisuke can handle the Frigimon. Ryo rolled his eyes as they agreed to destroy the Dark Tower from the air and Ken wonders why he doesn't like the Chosen.

Digital World - Snow Region: Cave

Devimon taunts Stingmon as he missed him. He knew getting Stingmon mad was a very bad thing, but Sam told him to get his Empress while they were busy. Though he felt slightly guilty as he sees Ken giving him pleading eyes to let her go. However, Sam wanted his Empress and that is who he is going to get, unless Stingmon manages to get to him that is.

Devimon didn't go that far away from the battlefield. He needed to stay close enough just in case the Chosen managed to defeat Shellmon. However, he was far enough that the both of them needed to go at their top speed to get near them. They were both able to see the Dark Tower in the distance. Devimon frowned slightly as he saw three flying digimon going near the Dark Tower. Sam's not going to be happy about this.

Devimon cursed silently to himself as Stingmon charged at him and missed. That was close. Devimon picked up his speed and circled around his old friend as he tried to shake him off. However, he was startled when he was suddenly hit with a wave of anger from his partner. Devimon glanced down and was surprised to see Digmon destroying the Dark Ring returning Shellmon to normal.

While Devimon was momentarily distracted Stingmon charged at him again and hit him. Devimon was slightly stunned in surprise from the attack and didn't notice Stingmon taking that moment to take Ken away from him and flew off. When he shook the shock off he cursed to himself as he rushed back to Sam's side. Stingmon was to far away anyway.

The Emperor rolled his eyes as the brat's digimon freed one of his slaves. Not a big deal. It wasn't like he didn't have a back up plan. He almost laughed at their faces as Ebidramon came out of the water and grabbed Digmon. Actually on second thought he did laugh and taunted them too.

“Is that the best you got? I'm never out of ideas or slaves. Ebidramon here uses his Twin Scissors attack to crush the enemy like a snail.” The Emperor smiles as he informs his enemy. He narrows his eyes, not that they could see, at them. “Destroy them!”

“Master!” The Emperor frowns as Devimon lands next to him, without his Empress.

“What happen?”

“They are destroying the Dark Tower!” The Emperor's eyes widen in surprise and then narrowed in anger. They were just a diversion! Clever insects.

Ken smiles as the Dark Tower went down. They did it! Ken looks at her digimon and smiles at him. He smiles too as he holds her in his arms. From the air Ken saw Gomamon beginning to glow.

“Gomamon Digivolves too…Ikkakumon!”

Looks like they have everything under control. Ken thought to herself as a giant white walrus dives into the water to save Digmon. Her brother is getting more dangerous by the day. Ken and Stingmon watch the battle as Ikkakumon and Digmon attack. However, her brother ended up disappearing in all the action. Where he go? She frowned in disappointment as she sees the others coming back. Oh Sam.

Digital World - Snow Region

Ryo glares at the Chosen as he hears what happened. He had promised Ken not to strangle the older Chosen. However, it was very hard not too. He silently fumes as he listens to the rubbish he was taking about. How Gomamon needing to practice his jokes was of any importance was a mystery to him? Gomamon was never good at them anyway.

He glances at Ken and notices that she was more quiet then usual. Usually she would be reprimanding him about his attitude. Noted she was mute, but that didn't stop her from poking him and signing to him. She was just sitting in Stingmon's arms, not paying attention to anything.

She's upset about something. I wonder what she's thinking about?

Digital World - Unknown

The Emperor growls as a black square on the map turns white. He narrows his eyes. He just conquered that area! Looks like he underestimated those insects. It didn't help that he wasn't able to get his Empress. Maybe he was going at this the wrong way.

What he needed was to get his baby sister without Ryo or those insects around? He thought for a minute as he tossed ideas back and forth. What if he got her alone? She may not go willingly though if her digimon feels she is being threatened. However, if he uses this…

Impmon glances worriedly as his partner opens a program for one of his new creations. Sam had never used it on anyone before. However, he was worried. What if he tried to use it against his friends or worse his own sister? Impmon sighs. Just a little more time. We just need a little more time.

To Be Continued…