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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ninja Kasuga & Robster80 Present
A Takari Wedding Special
Part 1 - The Ceremony
Disclaimer: I don NOT own any characters used in this story. The characters Kou and Bryan are original characters being borrowed from by dear friend Ninja Kasuga, who helped me get this over with.
Every second counted as the 80 Crew, with help from the Kasuga gang, frantically prepared for the wedding ceremony high atop the huge platform of Manor 80. Several cakes were made to accommodate for everyone present, rows of chair were divided into two sections by a red carpet rolled out by the Digimon, and the wedding feast had been complete in record time with the help of some goddess magic, Bryan's quick culinary skills, and excellent usage of the Time and Flash Stopper weapons on Mega Man's part. Everything had to be just right: today was TK and Kari's wedding.

"Hold still, damn you," Ami80 said as she tried to get Robster80's tie on right while he was giving orders and answering questions. "You should've dressed up by now!"

"But I HATE wearing a suit and tie," R80 moaned before he gave a shout towards Grenade Man. "Hey! Keep away from the fireworks, you! Besides, they said I could wear my casual clothes for the wedding-."

"So help me, Robster80, you'll dress up for this wedding and you're gonna like it! THERE!" Ami80 took several deep breaths while looking over her boyfriend's attire. "I wish Aoi-chan or the other girls could've helped me get you ready."

"You know she's got her hands full being Kari's maid of honor. Ah, Sauron, could you have your steeds NOT near the banquet tables please? The rest of the reception has to eat." He turned back to Ami80. “Remind me again, who's who in the wedding party?”
Ami80 quickly whipped out her pocket computer and brought up a list. “Sephiroth80 and Sora are the best man and maid of honor. Kazuma, Seto, Matt, and Koga are the ushers while Mimi, Cherise, Raven and Aoi-chan are bridesmaids. Flower girls are Puchiko, Sakura and 01 Kari while 01 TK is the ring bearer. Oh, and security's covered by Church and his team plus the Autobots and also K in Jehuty, thanks to Ninja.”
“No thanks necessary,” Ninja Kasuga said, popping up behind Robster80. “I want to see this wedding go unscathed as the next Takari fanboy. Oh, Klinger, are the weepy muses prepared?”
A Lebanese man in a blue Sunday dress and hat came up to Ninja, Ami80 and Robster80. “We're ready. Everybody's got three hankies, including myself.”
“Make sure Burter has some, too. He gets sentimental at these things.”

Suddenly, a loud shout from Radar made everyone freeze in their tracks: "HERE COMES THE BRIDE!!!" It only took a few seconds for everyone to take their seats/places before TK and Frieza rushed up to the altar, followed by Sephiroth and the ushers. Several people gave confused looks as Frieza, who was wearing a priest's robe and holding a bible in his hand.

"Since when was Frieza a minister," Ash from Army of Darkness whispered to Ninja.

"Rob thought if Nightcrawler of the X-men could be one, so could Frieza."

"…But he technically wasn't a priest-."

"Oh hush!"

Burter was seated at the keyboard set up near the altar, cracking his knuckles quickly while waiting for Yugi, who was standing at the large doors to R80's quarters, to give him the signal.
Just then, Robster80 pulled out his beeping cellphone/communicator. “Go ahead,” he said softly.
This is Church. Perimeter is secure. Optimus Prime and the other `Bots say their end is all quiet, and Kou's got it covered from the skies. We'll maintain radio silence starting now.
It was then that Yugi opened the door a crack, paused a moment while sticking his head in, and then turned to give a quick nod at Burter as he opened the door. Burter began playing a light-hearted tune as first 01 TK marched up the aisle with a small pillow in his hands. Resting atop the pillows were two wedding rings. Next came Sakura, Puchiko, and 01 Kari, each of them tossing flower petals as they worked their way up to the alter.
Cameras started clicking as Mimi, Cherise, Raven and Aoi started walking. Their dresses were, respectfully, Pink, Yellow, and Blue. Aoi, however, was wearing a white kimono. Raven's face was pink, feeling funny wearing a dress. However, she decided to put up with it for the sake of her friends and fellow muses.
And then, seeing it was time, Burter started to play “Here Comes the Bride.” Everyone rose from their seats as Tai and Kari began their march down the aisle.

Klinger beamed with pride at the dress he had picked out for Kari. It was simple enough: a flowing skirt that was neither too long nor too short, a v-top exposing the shoulders and neck but nothing else, matching long-sleeved gloves and a sparkling tiara Nami had thrown in from her personal collection as well as a necklace with three small blue diamonds at the base. Klinger could hear whispers of awe and envy about the dress, and it only made him beam all the more. Even the other M*A*S*H muses had to admit, it was a job well done for the kid from Toledo.
01 Kari sighed as she watched her counterpart's march up the aisle. “I hope I look as beautiful when I get married.” This caused 01 TK to gulp loudly as he got the hint clearly. Beside him, the bridesmaids giggled at his reaction.

"Who is it that gives this bride away," asked Frieza once Kari and Tai had reached the altar.

Tai cleared his throat before answering. "Sir, it is my honor to give this bride, my sister, away." With that, Tai took a quick bow before retreating to his seat and letting TK approach his bride and take her hands into his

"Dearly beloved," Frieza began, opening his bible, "We are all gathered here on this sunny day to witness the union of this man and this woman in the bonds of holy matrimony.” He strongly resisted the urge to comment that it was long overdue. “However, before we continue, I would like to take this time to discuss (briefly mind you) what a marriage is…"

The words were lost between TK and Kari as they held hands and stared into each other's eyes. It had been over six years in the making, watching TK's Takimi and Sokeru counterparts marry their girls ahead of them during that time. The hardest parts were the lemon fics were TK slept with other girls while Kari was made into the bad girl. But now they were about to be married at long last.

Tears started to form in the eyes of each lady present, save for Puchiko who thought they were all bakas for getting sentimental over a silly wedding. Even Burter was failing to hold back his emotions, using his handkerchief to dry his eyes and quietly blow his nose (or whatever). Ms. Takaishi buried her face in her hands, weeping louder than the rest as Cell put his arm around her and whispered soothing words.
Only Robster80 and Ninja were tense, fearing an interruption at any second. They weren't only worried about Davis Motomiya, but also Kazuhara and Risa Fukuyama. Fukuyama was a HUGE pervert and his kid sister was nuts about black magic and the radio program “Madame Mabanya's Horoscope & News.” Still security measures would be able to handle even Unicron's appearance if it came to it.
Frieza then looked right at TK. “Do you, Takeru Takaishi, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you-? On second thought, skip that last part. Do you?”
TK didn't look at Frieza. His eyes were fixated on Kari. “I do.”
“And do you,” Frieza went on, turning to Kari, “Hikari Yagami/Kamiya, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, for better or worse, etc.?”
“I do,” replied Kari, never taking her eyes off her groom.
It was then that Frieza reached the part that everyone dreaded: “Be there anyone present who gives just cause that these two should not be wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”
The sounds of guns being cocked filled the air for a brief moment, and Ninja could hear the faint roar of Jehuty's Vector-Trap high above them. Several muses wondered if all of that was really necessary. However, there was complete silence after a minute before Frieza decided to continue the service, to everyone's relief. “The rings, please.”
01 TK walked over and held out the pillow. Sora and Sephiroth took a ring each, but Sephiroth gave his to TK. TK held it up as Frieza continued. “Repeat after me, TK: `This ring is a symbol of my love and commitment.'”
“This ring is a symbol of my love and commitment.”
“`With this ring, I thee wed, and love no other for all my life.'”
“With this ring, I thee wed, and love no other for all my life.” Knowing he was done reciting his vow, TK gently placed the ring on Kari's finger.
Sora gave Kari her ring as Frieza turned back to her. “Kari, please repeat after me: `This ring is a symbol of my love and commitment.'”
“This ring is a symbol of my love and commitment.”
“`With this ring, I thee wed, and love no other for all my life.'”
“With this ring, I thee wed, and love no other for all my life.” With this, Kari placed the ring on TK's finger. Their hands met and held as Frieza closed his bible and raised his right hand.
“By the power vested in me from on high, I now pronounce you man and wife. Go in peace, as Mr. and Mrs. Takeru Takaishi. You may now kiss your bride.”
TK surprised everyone as he took ahold of Kari by the arms, turned her and gave her a big Hollywood-style kiss. Applause and cheers rang out while Kari kissed her husband back, dropping her bouquet to hold him close. Grenade Man set off all the fireworks, accompanied by several Autobots and Decepticons who fired their weapons into the air, as did Kou in Jehuty.
01 Kari took 01 Tk by his hand and smiled at him. “That's going to be us one day,” she said sweetly, “so we might as well get started.” She then closed her eyes and puckered her lips, waiting expectantly for 01 TK to kiss her.
However, 01 TK was sweating like crazy. After all, he was only eight-years-old; he didn't want to kiss girls just yet, let alone think about marrying one someday. “Uh, er, ummm… Sorry, I gotta go, and I mean GO!” He then slipped his hand out from 01 Kari's grip and dashed down the aisle.
“Hey, you get back here, 01 Takeru Takaishi!” 01 Kari cried out, following him in hot pursuit. Sephiroth and the rest of the wedding party just laughed as 01 TK and Kari disappeared back into the Manor and they heard Yugi call after him “Run, kid, she's gaining on you!”
“As Ruri-san says, `bakas,' nyu,” Puchiko stated, shaking her head.
Ninja held his hand out to R80, who shook it happily. “You did it, Rob! You finally got them married, and without a hitch!”
There was a sudden explosion from below the platform and three forms shoot out into the air and away from the Manor. One of the forms shouted out in a familiar voice “I'LL NEVER GIVE UUUUUUUuuuuuupppp….” TK and Kari were oblivious, lost in their kiss.
“Well,” R80 said, turning back to Ninja with a sheepish grin. “Almost without a hitch.”
Sorry, guys,” Churches voice came over the communicator, “but we wanted to wait until the ceremony was finished.
Finally, TK and Kari ended their kiss as Burter began playing the wedding march music. They walked down the aisle together arm-in-arm, followed by the rest of the wedding party, sans their 01 counterparts.
End part 1
Author's notes: well, it's taken me quite a while to do this wedding story, though I doubt it's what anyone ever expected since it's not a regular Digimon story. This is because I originally started this wedding fic years ago on an anime mailing list I was on, but then I went for too much and interrupted the wedding with a HUGE battle… that I never got to finish. And now, sans the battle, I finally got those two kids married.
At this time, I would like to thank my friend Ninja Kasuga for helping me brainstorm the dialogue and such for this during one of our AIM chats. I give half this story's credit to you, and you deserve it. I doubt I could have done better on my own.
Read and review, folks! And see you at part 2, the reception. -R80