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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

An Inside Look at Robster80
By Robster80 (and Veemon)

Veemon: Hey there, Robster80! Got a minute?

Robster80: Wazzup?

Veemon: Kari and I got to gabbing and she told me about her interview with Archangel Bloodraven, and I thought maybe your fans and fellow authors would like some insight on you.

Robster80: Well, okay, but keep it clean!

Veemon: What's your full name?

Robster80: Robster80. That's it.

Veemon: Why that name? How'd you get it?

Robster80: The Robster half came from a nickname I got from my dad and a friend of mine back in elementary school. The 80 either comes from my high school football jersey number, or the year I was born, which was 1980.

Veemon: Coolness. Now, what's you real name?

Robster80: (Glares) Let's not get nosy, bub!

Veemon: Next question! Uh, how'd you get some of your earlier works up so fast on FF.net?

Robster80: I've been writing stories for most of my life now, and those were already written in text files for sending to certain websites. I originally had two fics posted on several websites before I came to FF.net, and from there, the rest is history.

Veemon: Which two fics were posted?

Robster80: "Digimon 1/2" and "Digimon: Aftermath." They're both on FF.net now as well, and a nice website owner named Eevee has four of my fics posted on her site. She even came to me to get permission to post the first one on her site.

Veemon: Whoa! Now, you're the first author to write a full Takeru/Mimi fanfic, correct?

Robster80: Not really. Someone else beat me to it. It was a prologue to a bigger story, but hasn't been finished yet. It was one of the reasons I wrote a Takimi.

Veemon: Why? I thought you supported Takari and Mimato.

Robster80: I do, but there are also a lot of Yakari fics out there. After noticing them, I thought of how Mimi and TK would take this from my ideals. Thus "Sincere Hope" was born. So far, I only got one complaint out of fifteen reviews.

Veemon: Then not everyone liked it?

Robster80: Nope. Matt, Kari, and TK almost killed me after I wrote it. They didn't know it was an alternate fic, and took it too personally. Fortunate for me, TK's spaceaceeitis kicked in.

Veemon: @_@ Say wha?

Robster80: It's a disease named after the video game "Space Ace." The hero of that game switches from an adult hero to a 12-year old kid due to a shot from the Infanto Ray.

Veemon: Ooooookay. And when was the attack they made on you?

Robster80: Back on the mailing list I'm on, PRAORPOARI.

Veemon: Interesting! Tell me more about this ML.

Robster80: It's a list of fellow anime lovers, with the membership thus far a total of 16. I was introduced to it by my friend Happymanguy. We send each other fics, rants, and info on anime. The problem is that no one on the list is a big on Digimon as I am, but some are getting there. That's another reason I came to FF.net: at least here I get more responses for my Digimon fics. No offense to my fellow PRAORPOARI members!

Veemon: How would one join this list?

Robster80: Well, one could send a black e-mail to PRAORPOARI-subscribe@egroups.com, but if that doesn't work, send me e-mail and I'll talk with the head of the ML.

Veemon: Now, about "Digimon 1/2," where the heck did that come from?

Robster80: From too much Digimon and lack of Ranma 1/2. Actually, it was an idea I put to paper during some down time before class.

Veemon: What projects are you working on now?

Robster80: Lemme see... I'm working on several plots right now. I still have to finish my Ranma/DBZ crossover with the "Race For the Dragon Balls" saga. Plus there's my other saga "THE BOYZ," where Ranma, TK, Piccolo, and Quatre share an apartment for two weeks, and guest-shots from Fatal Fury, Trigun, and maybe Tenchi.

Veemon: You do realize that the last series features a Daikari, right?

Robster80: That will change! Give me some time. I also have planned several more songfics, mostly Takari, as well as a wedding continued from "Prom Night."

Veemon: That'll make some folks happy! ^_~

Robster80: But there is a problem. I recently gabbed with another author, who is also working on a wedding story. I told him that I'd send him a copy of the finished wedding story so as we don't copy off each other.

Veemon: Good idea. By the way, is it true you've rewritten the prom scene for "Prom Night part 2?"

Robster80: -_- Yes. It looked too much like someone else's fic, plus I thought it seemed a bit lame. That's why I changed it so Davis/Daisuke haters get more of what they want, but I'm not saying anything else.

Veemon: Any other projects?

Robster80: Well... I am working on a Takari lemon fic, as a sequel to Digimon 1/2, and maybe a Takimi lemon as well.

Veemon: O.O You do realize that you'll be in more hot water with some people right?

Robster80: That's where you and Amalgam come in.

Veemon: ^_^ I get it! Uh, who's Amalgam?

Robster80: My one avatar on the ML. But that's another story. I have to get ready for class now.

Veemon: Wait! What's your current status?

Robster80: A single Sophmore in college. Bye!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, I hope that answers some questions for you folks about me and about future works. Ja ne! -R80.