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TGSS5: Well, here we go- me in Lodoss Heaven!

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Chapter 3

Tolone gasped as she felt something... horrible. True, Omega Buu was dead, but so was Geta. She could barely contain a crying fit, but she managed it with only a few tears falling from her eyes. "Why..." she whispered, unable to hold it back.

Up in Lodoss Heaven, Geta looked around as he walked down a path. Everywhere he looked he saw level fields of grass, trees, and people playing. It looked to be made up of the essence of peace, harmony, and tranquility. By the time he saw someone who seemed to be in charge he was thoroughly sick of it and ready for some pandemonium. Looking up at the woman with the aura of absolute authority, he asked, "This is heaven?"

The woman nodded. "Yes. I, Marfa, Mother of the Earth, welcome you to this exalted place," she stated.

Geta closed and rolled his eyes. When he reopened them he said, "I don't belong here."

Marfa recoiled a little at that. "Yes, you do. If you didn't you'd be with Falaris right now," she said fairly readily.

Geta barely managed to keep from glaring at this seeming goddess, settling for a shrug. "You don't get it. I'm from another universe," he said. "Also, I've noticed that it's too peaceful here for my liking. I happen to like fighting, after all." He turned away from Marfa and said over his still-armored shoulder, "I'm going back. It'll be better for us all that way."

As Geta started walking off, Marfa asked, "How? Even we gods can't return on our own."

Geta stopped, turned, and smirked. He tapped the acronym on his forehead as he announced, "Being an author's avatar has its advantages." Leaving Marfa to think on his latest revelation, he concentrated and revived himself right in front of his family. He smiled at their shocked expressions. "I'm baaaaaack," he announced needlessly.

Tolone smiled happily. "Geta!" she cried, running toward him to throw her arms around him. "How did you get back? I thought you died!"

Geta nodded. "I did. I hated this place's heaven- it was too peaceful," he explained. "Oh, and it seems that I've somehow managed to exceed the powers of the local divinity. I revived myself."

Tolone took this as well as she could considering the tears she was freely shedding. "I guess that means they can't come down here?"

Geta shrugged. "Not without being summoned, it seems. I bet that if they could, the good gods would come down to lead everyone into an age of peace and prosperity, while the dark gods would try to destroy this world." He had an expression of distaste throughout this last sentence. When he finished speaking for the moment, he shuddered. "I'd hate these gods' idea of 'heaven on earth,'" he commented.

"Hey Dad! Look at this!" Bardock exclaimed, and almost against his will Geta turned to look at what his son was displaying. "What do you think it is?"

Geta shrugged. "We won't know until we fiddle around a little. Give it to me, okay?" Bardock nodded and handed the short rod he was holding to his father. "Hmmm, let's see here... I'm sensing a powerful aura from this thing, but I can't determine its purpose..."

A soldier walked up. "All spoils belong to King Kashue to be distributed..."

"Shut up." When Geta told the man that, he did shut up, instantly and without thought. "Huh?" he mumbled. *Normally he would have at least argued... wait... I have an idea.* He turned to Bardock and said, "I think I might've figured out what this thing does, but let's try a little experiment. Bardock, walk on your hands for the next five miles." The youth in question promptly did a handstand. "Move out." The whole army set out toward Blue Dragon Island, Bardock on his hands for five miles, as commanded.

Along the way Geta found Kashue and a black knight dueling. A dark-skinned elf woman demanded, "What do you want?" as she drew a sword.

Geta glared at her. "Stand down." The dark elf nodded and put her sword away. Geta looked up at the dueling duo and called out, "Stop fighting!" Of course, they stopped immediately. Geta turned to the man in black armor. "What's your name?"

"Ashram," the black knight replied.

Geta smirked, a rather wicked idea coming to him. "Give me your sword, Ashram." Ashram spun his sword around so he was holding it backwards, walked to Geta, and held the handle out to him. Geta took it left-handed, hiding the scepter behind his back in his right. "You're the man in charge of your troops, right? Take them back to wherever you came from." Ashram nodded and ordered his soldiers to go back to Marmo, and they all started walking out of the forest they were in, Geta turning to keep his "new toy" hidden from them.

When they were gone Kashue asked, "Why did they obey you?"

Geta looked back the way Ashram had left and called out, "I know there's still someone there. Either come out or go away- your choice." Shortly after he said that a robed man with a beard and (Geta thought) a completely idiotic hairstyle came out. Geta nodded and turned back to Kashue, revealing the scepter from behind his back. "I think this is... what did you guys call it... the Scepter of Domination."

Kashue nodded. "Good work, keeping Ashram from getting it. I would suggest destroying it," he said.

Geta nodded, put one hand on each end of the Scepter, and kneed it right in the center, snapping it in two. "There. Aura's gone now. And just to make sure it can't be put back together and used that way..." he said, then threw the pieces straight up and blasted them. "It was fun while it lasted, but that thing was too easy to steal," he commented. Then he noticed the looks the locals were giving him. "What?"

Kashue voiced the thoughts of all the locals: "Was that magic? I didn't hear an incantation."

Geta shrugged. "I suppose ki could be considered similar to magic. One difference, though: ki is powered by the user's life force," he explained. "That's why it's so hard to kill fighters back where we come from- our life force is several thousand times as strong as a normal person's at the weakest." He tilted his head and said, "I'm a prime example of the strong ones. At my best I'm around a trillion times as tough as the toughest normal person."

"Damn. That's tough," Parn commented.

Geta nodded. "Yeah, and our other abilities are similarly oversized. You guys may think Shooting Star was strong, but to us he was small fry in all respects." To illustrate his point, he moved at top speed straight up about ten feet. "My youngest son was able to throw him about fifty feet off the ground just with a sudden push."

"Why were you guys acting so weak then?" an anonymous soldier asked.

Geta shrugged. "To tell the truth, I sealed most of our strength. Thought it might be more fun that way." Then he remembered something. "Oh, yeah. You guys might wanna be careful because just after Bardock killed Shooting Star I fought something on a similar strength scale to me." He sighed and finished, "If you ever see a creature you can't identify, run. I won't seal my power again, just in case something new pops up."

"For example?" Deedlit demanded.

Geta shrugged again. "For example, what if one of the evil gods gets loose? I might be able to stall them until we get divine intervention on our side."

Kashue gasped in horror. "If one of them got loose, it would be almost impossible to stop them!"

Geta nodded. "Exactly. That's why my full power has to be available at all times- in case of a breakout." He looked at his family and Leaf. "Let's go."

"Go where?" Tolone asked.

Geta shrugged. "Wherever whim takes us. I get the feeling that things will be peaceful for a while." He made a gagging sound at the thought of peace.

"Why don't you like peace?" Parn asked.

Geta shrugged. "Racial trait," he answered.

Deedlit narrowed her eyes. "So are you human?" By way of reply, Geta unwrapped his tail and waved it at them. "Guess not," she said, stunned.

"Krillen and Yamcha are human," Geta said. "Not quite sure what Tien or Chiaotzu are, though. I do know that most of us are the same race as I am- Saiyans."

"Say-yens... never heard of it," Shadam said.

Geta shrugged. "We're basically a race of superpowered humans with tails that let us transform into gigantic apes under a full moon," he explained. "When we're injured, we gain strength dependent on the severity of the injury."

"That would mean that you got a huge boost since you just died, right?" Leaf asked.

Geta nodded. "Yeah, resurrection is one of the quickest ways for us to get stronger." He blinked. "I'm hungry..."

"How is that related to the topic?" Shadam asked.

Geta created a piece of peach-like fruit with properties identical to King Yemma's fruit. "Normally, none at all, but if I eat this..." he said, eating the fruit he had just made. "...my strength doubles," he finished.

"How does a peach double your strength?" Kashue demanded.

Geta looked at him. "Magic."


Geta turned once more to his family and Leaf. "This time we're really leaving." They nodded and left together, wandering wherever whim took them for years.


TGSS5: We'll pick up when the little swordsman and the annoying girl are adults next chapter.

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