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Leaf: Well, I'm surprised someone managed to catch me following you guys.

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Chapter 2

Geta's small army (no phrase more descriptive, since it's not a mob) of 31, Geta included, was moving from a small village that Geta never bothered learning the name of toward a kingdom the locals identified as Flaim. Sometime along the way Geta sniffed a few times and announced, "Someone smells different from what I'm used to." He sniffed everyone until he reached Asuka, at which point he asked, "Well, haven't been very cautious, have you?"

"Heh... heh... wh-what do you mean?" Asuka asked nervously.

Geta shrugged. "I don't mind, except the family's kinda crowded even without your future contribution." Everyone looked at him, confused, until he translated: "You're pregnant, Asuka. I can smell it."

"WHAT?!" everyone exclaimed, especially Asuka and Shinji.

Geta ignored their questions and said, "We'd better move on." Everyone nodded, and he passed the rest of the trip in silence. When they reached Flaim, Parn helped save a thief from his would-be executioners, shortly after which they were taken to the lord of the area, one King Kashue.

When they paused near the training grounds, they saw a blue-haired boy who looked about 13 at the oldest. After watching for a short time, Parn said, "This kid has some potential."

Geta shrugged. "Not much skill yet." Parn would have replied if the group hadn't been announced to the King.

They walked into the throne room, and about half bowed down in front of the throne. Kashue's apparent second-in-command said, "What is the meaning of this?" He especially glared at the man with black hair that went straight back wearing plate mail with two sets of shoulder plates, since he was smirking.

Geta, the smirking man, simply said, "We're royalty." The man nodded and stepped back. "Kinda extensive royal family, huh?" he asked offhandedly.

The man on the throne said, "Yes, it is." He turned to Parn, the front man of the group. "Quite a crowd. I see twenty-seven new faces- three mercenaries, another mage, and many more swordsmen. You must be gearing up for trouble."

"Yes, we are. We've come to ask a favor of you," Parn answered promptly.

A short time later, Kashue said, "So that's it. You know, you wanting to kill Shooting Star seems too much to be a coincidence."

"Whaddya mean?" Jaicen asked bluntly.

"He means that we both have the same goals," Shadam, Kashue's right-hand man, announced. Following was a lengthy discussion which Geta didn't pay too much attention to.

At least until he heard someone mention two dragons. "...so we should send forces to both Blue Dragon Isle and Fire Dragon Mountain simultaneously," Slayn finished.

"Hmm... splitting our forces would be the right move... but we haven't sufficient numbers to do so," Kashue mused.

"And no one would be left to defend Flaim," Shadam added.

"Leave Shooting Star to me, my family, and Leaf," Geta suggested. "That will free up the rest of your forces to go after Abram."

Kashue looked at Geta, horrified. "I don't dare send so small a force against such an enemy! I'm sending my main force with you."

Geta shook his head. "No, it's too dangerous for common men. I have the feeling that Leaf is exceptionally good at fighting, and my family and I are far more than we appear."

"Well, if you insist that hard I'll leave it to you, but I'll leave my main force there on standby anyway."

"So it's settled..." Parn said. "We will leave at first light."

"We're leaving before dawn," Geta said. "You can 'first light' however much you want with your force, but we aren't taking the chance of being late."

Leaf looked up from dancing attendance on Bardock to exclaim, "What?! Pre-dawn?! Why so early?"

Geta looked at her. "It will leave us more time to travel. I know it's usually a bad idea, but with our senses, we should be fine." He tilted his head. "If you insist on having enough rest, I'll say go to sleep at nightfall."

That night, Kashue held a dance party while Geta and his family stood outside and stared at the not-quite-new moon. After a while Leaf walked up and pulled Bardock away, leaving the rest to turn and watch the dancing. "I'll never understand why humans dance," Jaicen said. Fortunately, they had crowded out all the other people who wanted the balcony, so no one heard.

Geta turned. "They... I don't really know why, actually. I'm guessing bonding and entertainment," he said, shrugging. He turned back to the dance and blinked. "Hey... Is that Shiris and Orson dancing?"

Videl stared a little. "Yeah, it is, and there's Bardock and Leaf passing them... those two seem to like each other a lot."

Jaicen blinked. "Well, there goes Parn and Deedlit."

Geta sensed something and turned around. "What the- what was that?" he asked, staring up into the stars.

Tolone shrugged. "Whatever it was, I didn't notice it."

Geta spent most of the rest of the evening pondering what he had felt. The next day, they all rode out of town and split up into two groups. Things progressed smoothly until Geta sensed another who-knows-what, leaving him gradually slowing down for a few seconds before realizing his horse was getting ready to stop and whipping it back up to speed, then going back to thinking about the subject at hand. Eventually they got to Fire Dragon Mountain, thanks to Leaf. By that point Tolone had become sick of Geta's speed up-slow down pattern and just taken the reins from him. They saw that Kashue's army had already started their attack on Shooting Star, which was about as effective as ants attacking Buu. "Fools... what makes them think they can win?" Vegeta demanded of the air.

Geta shrugged. "Dunno... we'd better tell them to get outta there." As one, Geta's family dismounted, followed shortly be Leaf. "I'm glad I'm outta the saddle- I never learned to ride a horse."

"That would explain why you kept falling off when you tried to get on," Jaicen commented. Geta glared at him, then raised one foot as if to kick him. "Sorry!" the boy said hastily.

Geta put his foot back down and turned back to the battle. "Now how to do this..." he muttered. After a while, he said, "Well, first we'll see what we have to work with. Let's find out their orders." The others nodded, and they all started running for the battle below them. When they got down Geta asked an unoccupied soldier, "What are your orders?"

"We were ordered by King Kashue to kill Shooting Star and to ignore all withdrawal commands unless they come from him in person," the soldier replied. Geta fumed, then backed off a ways.

"Seems we've got nothing to work with- they've been ordered not to retreat," Geta grumbled over the sounds of battle.

"Let's think of a way to get the dragon alone," Leaf suggested. Geta looked up and shouted, "Here he comes!" Inexplicably, the red dragon landed in front of them and started slashing at all who came into reach. "Now! Leaf, you stay back! We'll handle this!" he commanded.

"All right," Leaf said, relieved that she wouldn't have to charge in against it. She watched as her friends jumped toward the dragon, swords drawn, and slashed at it, only to rebound.

"I don't get it! Why wasn't it hurt?" Geta asked while dodging claw swings. Everyone else was too busy dodging and trying to get out of each other's way to even notice.

Then Leaf charged in and got smacked a few feet away, but still within easy reach of the dragon. Bardock shouted, "LEAF!" as he dropped his sword and flew in front of her, making it just in time to catch the dragon's next swing. He struggled with it, saying, "No... there's NO WAY I'd let something like you kill one of my best friends!" Leaf gasped at his devotion to her as he continued struggling.

*Looks like I may need to lift the seal for us to... wait, what's that? Oh, no... feels like a planet's been destroyed!* Geta thought, suddenly turning away from the battle. He turned back to it quickly, however. This moment of distraction, however brief, was all Bardock needed. There was a series of loud noises, as if an enormous amount of glass was cracking. A little later, there was a sound like glass shattering, and Bardock suddenly started powering up as quickly as he safely could. *He's broken the seal?! How did he manage that?*

"I WON'T LET YOU HURT LEAF!" Bardock screamed as he skipped Super Saiyan and went straight to Super Saiyan 2. Then he threw the dragon away from him, causing it to land on its side. "HAAAAAAAAAAA!" He launched a huge blast directly at the dragon, vaporizing it. Then he slowly powered down.

"Good j..." Geta started before spinning around. "What the hell?!"

"I sense it too, Dad!" Kaerlos said. "Feels like Buu all over again!"

Geta nodded as he released the seals he had placed shortly before. "Go get whatever's in that mountain! I'll hold it off!" he called to his family and Leaf. They nodded and he started screaming as he powered up. Everyone stared as Geta's power skyrocketed, shortly reaching its maximum. Then he went Super Saiyan. This ability left the locals staring, since they had never seen him do this before. As they watched, he went Super Saiyan 2, then 3. They gawked at his suddenly lengthened hair while it lasted, which wasn't very long since he was going Super Saiyan 4. He looked up just as a blue being wearing Arabian pants appeared in the sky.

"Greetings," the blue being declared. "I am Omega Buu, and I am here to destroy this pitiful little planet."

Geta flew up and shouted, "Not while I'm around!"

Omega smirked. "And what makes you think you can win?" it demanded.

Geta smirked back. "I don't think I can win like this, but I'm not done powering up!" Omega watched curiously as Geta went all-out: Super Saiyan 5. "Now then, let's get started," he said, opening his now-red eyes. Omega fired an enormously powerful blast to gauge Geta's strength. He deflected it with the same ease Omega had used in launching it.

Then they got down to the punching, with the occasional kick thrown in. Their battle took them all the way to Blue Dragon Isle, and Geta was knocked into a cave on Lodoss, where he completely disrupted the plans of a man in black armor. "What do you plan to do? Do you realize that there is no greater swordsman than the great Ashram?" a man in robes demanded. Then Omega came in, and their fighting resumed with a fierceness that put to shame even their earlier fighting. As they fought, Parn peered around the corner, unnoticed by all, and stared in shock as the shockwave from one of Geta's punches destroyed the wall behind the blue being he was fighting.

When Geta was knocked out of the cave through a hole that was not there previously, he was moving so fast that the water flew up almost as high as the ground over the cave he was just in. Omega followed, relentless as always, and they quickly resumed fighting once again. Geta smirked as he fought. "You know, you're a lot stronger than the Omega Buu I fought back home," he said between punches.

That distracted Omega for an instant, just long enough for Geta to get an advantage. Hundreds of punches and kicks were landed in the space of a few seconds. When it managed to recover it snarled, "How could you have fought me only weaker?"

Geta would have shrugged, but he was too busy blocking and countering. "Simply put, you could call me an extradimensional being, and in my home dimension I killed your counterpart of the same name." Then he got an idea and started charging as he fought. When he was finished he unlocked his writer powers and started preparing his ki for his next attack, dodging what he could and blocking what he couldn't dodge. When he was ready, he grabbed Omega by the throat and shouted, "IT'S TIME TO DIE, BUU!" So saying, he self destructed, causing massive tidal waves in a 360 degree radius and leaving the ocean floor beneath their position dry for a short time, even leaving a crater below them. His last thought before his own ki consumed him was, *All right... at least I took Omega with me.*


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