Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Dragonball ZX ❯ Episode 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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Dragonball ZX
Created by Joseph Gracey and John Brown

Episode three:Imbroly

Gohan, Gotenks and Gogeta race towards the mysterious Imbroly.
Gogeta:"Go on ahead I will use instant transmission to get there first."
Gohan and Gotenks speed up and head towards Imbroly and Borunks. When they get there trunks and broly are lying on the ground unconscious.
Gogeta is putting up a good fight dodging the kicks and punches that are heading his way. gotenks races towards the battle.
Gohan checks to make sure Broly and Trunks are still alive. HE looks up to see Gogeta take a blow to the stomach winding Him just as Imbroly is about to deliver the final blow Gotenks Kicks him in the back and and sends him to the ground creating a massive hole in the ground this succeeds in nothing but pissing Imbroly off he flies towards gotenks Knocks him to the ground and is just about to kill Gogeta when Gohan flys up grabs his arm punches him in the face winds him in the stomach grabs him by the neck and flies into the ground gohan gohan flies out from the massive hole in the ground and goes to talk to gogeta.
Gohan:"You have to use instant transmission to take everybody back to Kami's look OUt."
He takes everybody abck to Kami's lookout. Imbroly rises from the crater. Yamtien and Kriccolo arrive. Imbroly speeds over to them killing them both with a singlw blow before gohan has a chance to even move.
Imbroly turns around and sees gohan standing there in ssj5 form.
to be continued...