Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Guardian Might ❯ Chapter 4: The Elite ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4: The Elite
Az took a sip of his tea before beginning to talk again. His wholechanged in the minutes between and he visually relaxed, and went back to reclining in his chair once again. He placed his cup on the table, entwined his fingers together and looked over at Trixx.
'As I said earlier, Trixx here was the youngest asset that we had obtained before your arrival, Gohan,' Az said, loosening a finger and pointing it at Trixx. 'It was not hard to decide, like with you, that she would be a great help to the of the twelve realms, it was just a matter of honing in her skills and developing them to a point that they wouldn't be a danger to her or her team.'
'Really?' Gohan said looking over at Trixx. 'What can you do?'

Trixx looked at Az, who nodded, before holding out her right hand about a foot off the table. Gohan's eyes didn't leave Trixx until out of the corner of his eye he noticed something moving. He looked at the table, then back at Trixx before looking back at the table again, his eyes wide in amazement. Three feet off the table’s surface were a couple of cups, a few pieces of fruit and the tea pot. Trixx smiled and with a graceful twist of her hand, the objects started to rotate around the tea pot as if they were planets and the tea pot was the sun.
'Trixx what people on Earth would call telekinetic, with the added ability of being telepathic,' Az explained as the objects all returned to their original place. 'Over the time that she has been here I've seen her fine tune her abilities and become confident with their use.'

'Wow,' Gohan said. 'Those kinds of powers are rare, even on Earth.'

'I know,' Az said grinning. 'She is very special. There used to be a lot ofwho had the same abilities, or just one of them, however these days they are thinning out and there is only a handful left.'

'It's no big deal,' Trixx said, laying her hands in her lap.

'It is,' Gohan said. 'I've never really seen someone who could do that before. One of my Dad's friends had the ability, or so I was told, but I never really got to see him use it first-hand.'

'That would be Chiaotzu; the small, child like one who looks like a clown, I believe that they are called,' Az said.

'Not a clown. A vampire yes, but not a clown,' Gohan said.

'People on Earth have a number of mythical creatures that all seem to look the same,' Az said.

'I suppose that is right,' Gohan said, a number of similar creatures popping into his head. 'I suppose that just shows how similar the human race thinks, or that someone heard the story and decided to copy it - like the Romans did to the Greeks.'

'I don't see howcreatures have anything to do with small child like people who have the same abilities as me,' Trixx said, lookingfor the second time that day.

'Once again we are off topic.' He paused. 'I didn't ask for you to meet me by accident Trixx. When I heard that Gohan had arrive I knew that there was a chance that I may need backup. Not the attacking kind, but the kind that would help put him at ease; you know what it's like to suddenly arrive here and have no idea where you are or what happened. I knew that Gohan could possibly need someone around his age that would help put his at ease, but that was not the only reason why I asked for you to join me. Gohan is not the only one that has been surprising me recently. You have as well.'

'Me?' Trixx said, not at all convinced. 'How? Me?'

'When I get someone brought here I don't just dump them and leave them to progress on their own. I keep a watchful eye on all my charges,' Az said. 'You've been coming leaps and bounds with yourabilities, even finishing your training before we thought you would. Originally I thought that you would be a good fit to go and help out Team Roku in realm six, but I've reconsidered.'

'I'm not joining a team now?' Trixx asked. Gohan looked over at her and saw tears welling up in her eyes. Her hands were clenching and unclenching on her lap and everything about the way that she was sitting was giving off how upset she was.

'You'll be joining a team, just not the team that I originally was going to put you on. Mitz agrees that while you would have been a great addition to Team Roku your powers and the way that they are growing would be better suited for a team that is much more hands on and a little in need of your abilities. This is why I have decided that you will be joining Gohan in his training to become an Elite.'

Trixx's face went completely blank, there was no sign of emotion at all and for a second Gohan thought that she had gone into aafter being told that she wasn't going to join the team that she was originally brought here to join. Her eyes blinked rapidly for a few seconds before her face broke out in the biggest grin that Gohan had ever seen. She leant forward in her chair.

'So I'm just joining a different team? I'm joining the Elite?'

'Precisely,' Az said smiling.

'But when you came and got me ten years ago you said that once you are picked for a team you can't be swapped.'

'You are forgetting child, that while you may have lived for over a hundred years, you are still a child, while I am an adult and the overseer which means that I can change the rules however I see fit. It's an adult’sto do so,' Az said.

'A hundred years?' Gohan said. 'I thought that you said that Trixx is only a little older than me?'

'By her race's standards she is only thirteen years old,' Az said

'This is incredible,' Trixx said. 'When do we start?'

'Hopefully today,' Az said. 'Lani is no doubt getting your uniforms together-'

'She knew?'
'She is Lani; she knows these types of decisions before even I do. But even she, it seems, was stumped by the arrival of Gohan,' Az said.
'Or she played you,' Trixx said.
'Or she played me,' Az said, looking as if he wasover the possibility. He fell silent for a few seconds, pondering whether or not he had been played before continuing on. 'Once you have your uniforms, I'll be taking you both over to the Elite compound and introduce you to your new team members.'
'Will we begin training today?'

'I believe that Mount will want to assess the both of you and get a feel of your strengths and weaknesses before any training happens,' Az explained.

'Then we'll begin?'

'You'll probablytomorrow,' Az said. 'Now Gohan, have your ever tried Pervian Jelly Cakes? They are very good.'

For the next half an hour or so the three ate and talked or to be morethree ate while Az talked about his time exploring the crystal planets in realm four. Once theirbeen sated, the three of them made the trek back to Lani, who presented them with two different bags and pointed them in the direction of the changes rooms once more. This change didn't take as long as the first for Gohan and once he was fully dressed he assessed himself in the mirror.

His boots were red, slightly heavy, and came up to his mid shins, where the bottom part of his pants was tucked in. The pants were baggy, like the legs of the purple training gi that Piccolo had first given him just before Vegeta first arrived on Earth, except they were white. Tucked into his pants was a long sleeved, high necked shirt in a light blue, while over the top of that was a shorter sleeved jacket that buttoned to the right and had red edging and was longer at the back, falling to his knees. Around his waist was an orange obi that, even after wrapping it around his waist a couple of times, hung down just past his crotch. As Gohan took it all in he noticed that there was a big of weight in the clothes as well and he made sure to mention it as he walked out of the change room.
'All the uniforms, even those of the twelve other teams, are weighted,' Lani explained. 'It allows for the wearer to continue gaining strength, even if they aren't training. They have been made so that as you get used to the weight, they adjust and increase.
'Amazing,' Gohan said. 'I don't think that even Piccolo would be able to make something like this.'
'Doubtful, Lani is one of a kind,' Az said, causing a light blush to dust Lani's cheeks.
Gohan turned around to look at Trixx as she exited her change room and saw that while he uniform help the same colour scheme as his, hers was tailored to fit her body better.
'These are just your trainee uniforms. Once you get through your training and arean Elite, Lani will make something that is betterwhat you are used to,' Az explained.

'However if you damage this one or grow out of it, please feel free to come and see me anytime. And I don't just mean for clothing related matters either,' Lani said. 'It has been a while since we've had new guardians, so it's nice to have you visit every once and a while, especially as I don't get out as much as I would like.'

'Ok,' Gohan said. 'Thanks for your help.'

'You're welcome,' Lani said.

The group didn't wait around for long, walking out the door soon after Trixx said her own thank you's. Leaving her to finish her work, Lani watched the Trio walk out the door before picking up Gohan's old gi and holding it up in front of her.

'I might need to hold onto you. Something tells me that I'm going to need you later on for inspiration,' Lani said to herself before folding the garment and placing it carefully in a draw.

Instead of heading out toward the gardens once more, Az led the two teens in a new direction further down the hallway. Trixx seemed completely at a loss for words, still reeling from what Az had told her, and Gohan could definitely sympathize with her. He had no idea how much time had passed, but it felt like everything had been dumped on him in a short amount of time with no room for breathing.

The hallway was long and seems to snake its way around the grounds with numerous pathways that lead to other parts of the compound. Gohan would peer down each one trying to catch a glimpse of what was down the end one to discover that there was no end to the hallways in sight, and they themselves just continued on and on. When Az finally changed direction it happened so fast that Gohan nearly missed it and had to jog a couple of paces to catch back up with the Overseer.

'This is the Elite compound,' Az said. 'Don't worry about getting lost. For the next couple of weeks you'll only be going from your rooms, to the training fields, to the lunch room and back to your rooms. Mount and his team will be running you pretty ragged until they can gage where you stand.'

'What about afterwards?' Gohan asked.

'You'll figure that out when the time comes,' Az said, and Gohan could almost hear the grin that he had all over his face.

'Don't worry,' Trixx said. 'Chances are the two of us will be together a lot. I'll show you around.'


Trixx smiled in return and then looked ahead at the giant doors that they were walking towards.

'Where do those doors go?' Gohan asked.

'That's the portal room. When teams are sent off on their missions they go through there. It's the only way for someone to get to and from different realities,' Trixx explained.

'No one has the power to do it themselves?' Gohan asked.

'Beings can gain the power, but it's always gained down dark paths,' Az explained.

'Oh,' Gohan said. 'So it can't be a natural ability.'

'There was once a group who could do it, however they have all died out and the knowledge that they had died with them. I had hoped that we would be able to find one who would be willing to impart the knowledge to us but they all refused to do so, stating that it was a sacred power and only those with the gift are allowed to know how to use it,' Az said. 'So now the portal room is the only way for Guardians to get to and from different realms. Anyway, you both don't need to worry about the Portal room for now, but it is handy to know where it is. Follow me.'

They turned left and continued walking until they came to a large archway the opened up onto a large glass dome. The ground underneath Gohan's boots was hard and clay like, but it changed into grass to the left and sand further on. Following Az, the two pre-teens took everything around them in, from the range of training bots that lay unused to the far right all the way over to the large platform that reminded Gohan of the one that Cell built for his games.

Ahead they saw the figures of seven people all doing a different form of training. A couple were sparing with swords, a couple more were shadow fighting, out of the corner of his eye Gohan spotted two figures jogging as a steady pace back and forth, one was sitting motionless in meditation, while large man stood overseeing the lot as he cleaned he sword. The man gazed at his sword, checking to see if he had missed anything before catching the three figures walking towards him. He quickly sheathed the large weapon and climbed to his feet.

'My Lord,' a loud booming voice called, causing the others to stop what they were doing and form a line. Even the one that had been meditating.

'Mount, I hope that we haven't interrupted anything,' Az said, nodding at the large man.

'No, my Lord,' Mount said. 'Just getting in our daily training.'

'Good, good,' Az said. 'I have brought you a couple of people that I would like you to meet.'

Mount's thick eyebrows raised slightly and looked at the two pre-teens, already guessing where Az was going. The girl gave him a short smile, disappearing almost as fast as it appeared on her face, but the boy looked him dead in the eyes, as if trying to figure out if Mount was friend or foe.

'This is Trixx, I believe that Mitz has mentioned her to you,' Az said and Mount nodded, recalling the conversation that he had had Team Roku's leader. 'This young man is Gohan. He surprisingly arrived today.'

This caught the Elite team's interest. No one had surprised the Overseer in over a millennium so for a young boy to do it, it definitely interested them.

'They are both here to begin their training,' Az said.

There was silence for a couple of minutes as Mount looked over the two kids. He knew about Trixx, Mitz had been discussing her with him for a number of years, wondering if she would be better off with a team that would get better use of her and her abilities as they continued to grow. Mitz had gotten the courage up to talk with Az a month before and it didn't come as a surprise to him that Az was going to allow her to train with the Elite. The boy on the other hand. He was an enigma that seemed to radiate power.

He glanced over at his second in command who had not taken his eyes off Gohan. Zean was a good judge of who would be able to make it and who wouldn't, and it only took a small inclination of Zean's head for Mount to know everything that he needed to know in that moment.

'Welcome, both of you,' Mount said.

'Thank you,' Gohan said. Mount was an impressive man. Standing as tall as his Grandfather, the Ox King, he didn't have the same bulk but looked to be made up of bone and hard muscle. His skin was a dark red and made him look like he had a bad sunburn, from his head sprouted two large horns and moving ever so slightly behind him was a long pointed tail.

'Yes thank you,' Trixx said.

'I leave the two of them in your hands,' Az said. 'Work hard, Gohan and Trixx. I look forward to seeing how you progress.'

With a nod toward the Elite, the Overseer turned and walked back out of the training grounds.

'Trixx. Gohan,' Mount said turning their attention back to him. 'I would like to introduce you to your team mates. My name is Mount, I'm the Commander of the Elite.' He then began to motion to each team member in turn.

'This is Zean, my second in command. You are to report to him when I am not around.' Zean was such a dark green, he almost look black. Tall and thin, he only wore a pair of white training pants and boots which showed off a set of white tribal tattoos that decorated his whole torso and arms.

'Next to him is Sergi.' Yellow, broad shouldered and reminding Gohan of his Grandfather in both height and width, Sergi was a menacing looking man who didn't look like he knew how to smile.

'Lynial.' Short, with dark eyes and bright blonde hair, Lynial was a pinup dream looking like she should belong in a movie alongside Marilyn Monroe.

'Jeene.' From the back Gohan was sure that Jeene would have been a double for his mother, except that was where the similarities end. Jeene's face held a number of piercings and tattoos that drew you in instead of make you want to walk on the other side of the road.

'And Sai and Kai,' Sai and Sai were blue skinned, mohawked duplicates of each other who couldn't stop grinning and waving at the two pre-teens.

'Welcome to the Elite. You're not officially members just yet, however with a lot of work I have no doubt that you will be,' Mount said. 'Lord Az would not have sent you here if he did not think that you would be able to do it.'

Gohan looked at each member and could feel himself being sized up, even by the twins. When he looked back at Mount he noticed a strange sparkle in the man's eyes and Gohan knew what that sparkle meant.

'Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s begin.'