Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Hate Is Just Another Kind of Love ❯ welcome to the jungle ( Epilogue )

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Welcome to the jungle, where we've got fun and games.
“My king,” Vegeta's Left Hand bowed low, “I would like to bring one last topic to the table. I believe there was a planet occupied by the late King before his reign, called Earth. It was lost to revolutionaries three days after he claimed the throne, but there has been no effort within the past thirty years to reclaim it. Since it is now in an advantageous place to further the borders of the Saiyajin Empire, I would like to land a fleet and accomplish the task in your honor, Sire.”
Vegeta threw his head back and laughed so hard, for so long, that the other members of the court started to exchange nervous glances. Finally, the peels of laughter died down to mere chuckles, and Vegeta wiped a tear out of his too-wide blue eyes.
“If you can stay alive on that little mud ball for more than four hours, we wont laugh too hard when you come crawling back with your tail between your legs. If you can even get back off it.” Vegeta grinned suddenly, in an entirely too feral way for even a Saiyajin to be comfortable with. “And you can take as many fleets with you as you want, if,” he paused more for dramatic effect than anything else, “You can kill me within the next ten minutes.”
The Left Hand went pale, but the moment was broken as Vegeta's Right Hand rushed into the room.
“Sire, there's a ship landing in the Royal port, that says its from Earth!” The Left Hand blanched horribly as the Right Hand barreled on. “The captain threatened to personally kick your ass if you didn't greet her personally. She also said to tell you that you had a hell of a lot of explaining to do.”
The Right Hand backed away from the mounting rage behind his kings blue eyes. Vegeta turned very slowly to look at the Left Hand, watching the man try to shrink into the floor.
“Follow me.” Vegeta said in a soft, dangerous voice that promised a great deal of pain to come. He walked out the door and headed straight for the ship yard, his Right Hand scuttling to lead him straight to the new ship.
“Right Hand,” Vegeta growled as he stalked after the man, “Exactly how much profanity did the captain use?”
“Every other word, sire,”
“Did she say anything else?”
The Right Hand hesitated as they came up to the ship in question, just as the hatch started to lower.
“There was some mention of a sister, but it was hard to make out. She was shouting at that point. Very shrilly, sire.”
Vegeta knew who she was, even before she stepped out of the ship and stomped toward him with the fiery determination to laminate him across the floor.
“Pan, calm down-” She hit him square across the jaw, then dropped and kicked his legs out from under him as Serenity flew over her and landed with both feet on his chest. His armor cracked, and there was a collective gasp from the court members that had followed him.
“Uncle Trunks said you wouldn't let anything come near us!” Serenity snarled, “And eight weeks ago a Saiyajin fleet tried the same shit all over again!”
Vegeta pointed to his Left Hand, trying desperately to breath. Serenity looked up at the man, and Pan darted forward and caught him by the front of his armor. Serenity stood up and stepped off his chest, closing in on the politician as he tried to wriggle free.
“Are you okay?” Vegeta sat up gingerly, barely glancing at the girl crouching next to him, then did a double take. It was his mother's face, with blue eyes and blue hair, and Trunks' sword slung across her back.
“Bra?” he breathed, ignoring the beating going on behind him. She answered with a grin, and he pulled her into a fierce hug.
“Hey, Vegetable Head,” Pan snapped, and when Vegeta turned to look at her, she waved the limp and bloody body of his Left Hand. “He's unconscious. You got anything else to dish out?”
Vegeta raised his right hand, balled in a fist. His Right Hand shot forward, and blasted a hole through the bloody man's chest.
“So,” Vegeta stood slowly, adjusting his broken armor, “You staying for dinner, or are you just a rude bitch with no manners?”
Pan stepped in close, and kissed him hard. When she pulled back, she was grinning.
“I've wanted to do that since I was six. Dinner sounds great.”
Vegeta blinked away his shock, as he stared down at his second chance and saw the possibilities unfold in his minds eye. He might, just maybe, manage to put a half-breed on the throne. Peace was possible, if he could show both his people the benefits of a Saiyajin mind and a human heart.