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Tempt of Fate Chapter Eight

Bulmafs anxiety about her situation hadnft subsided even when Vegeta had taken her to his room; she needed rest, hefd demanded. The King, however pissed he acted outwardly was internally appreciative of the fact that she was okay after her would-be suicide attempt from the balcony. She knew hefd save her, Bulma tried to explain as he berated her; he had saved herc loved her even against his word.

Though Vegeta would never own up to acting so uncomposed, Bulma had scared him, and hefd been repeatedly telling his mate how stupid she was for even trying something. gWhat if I hadnft gotten to you in time?h The woman said nothing for a moment, just stewed over in her mind that there was no point in thinking about the ewhat-ifsf now. She just lay back on his bed reveling in the fact that for now, her whole family was on one planet ? and that was enough to make up for the fact that her life was a complicated mass of twists and turns and drama.

After the hundredth time she smiled, Vegeta had given up on trying to lecture her in her blissful state of mind, and left to deal with very personal matters. Piccilo, after the confusing incident in the main hall had happily taken both his bounty reward and leave of the planet, leaving the captives in the dungeons of Vegeta-sei.

The holdings, which were housed far below the ground, were famous for their kind of accommodations ? miserable, to put it into one word. You could tell the state of things as soon as you entered through the large doors, hearing your own footsteps on the cobbled scrap stone that made up the hallways and floor. A musty, old scent filled the Kingfs nostrils as he strode up to the cell, bringing back memories of visiting his mother in these same quarters long, long ago.

Launch was the first to lift her head at the arrival of Vegeta, Eighteen shortly following suit. The blue-haired woman lay her arms through the bars, teasing Vegeta that her fingertips were a mere brush away from his chest. For a moment, Vegetafs mind clouded with the idea of breaking that spirit, his own personal torture making her eyes no longer hold that spirited gaze. He mentally shook his thoughts back to the matter at hand as Launch first spoke.

gSo, Vegeta, I take it that he is your son after all?h She shifted so her figure pressed up against the bars, noticing what effect she had on the King even still through the millisecond flashes of uncertainty in his eyes. gNot that I didnft suspect as much when I first laid eyes on him ? he definitely favors your side. I knew a kind that strong couldnft be the son of someone as weak as that Atrono. Are you here to gloatc or to thank me for dispatching of such a feeble man posing as you sonfs father and your matefs husband?h

Vegeta shifted in slight surprise allowing Launch time to respond. gYou didnft think I knew? But, why would you? Itfs not like any normal person could see such a bond between two people. You forget my Saiyan inheritance -- however diluted it may be in its current form. Thatfs not exactly something that I could easily miss; I tried so hard to get your attention once again, but she managed to pin you first.h Launch paced towards the back of the cell. gTruthfully, I didnft think it was possible...h

gThatfs not what Ifm here to talk about.h

Launch smirked, gOf course not. Youfre here because of the Dragonballs. You want to know where they arec where wefve stashed them,h Vegeta nodded once. gBut like I said before, King Vegeta, youfre barking up the wrong tree. Why do you thing we were on Bulmafs planet to begin with? We certainly didnft go up there to just kidnap the brat.h She returned to her position at the cell door, gwe followed the tracker there.h Vegeta sneered at the thought of Launch blaming his mate. She didnft even know of the Dragonballs existence, did she?

gI am proof, My Lord,h Eighteen said from the back of the cell. She hadnft spoken the whole time; Vegeta had begun to think the Android was unaware of his presence. She rose and walked to join her cohort. Her fingers pressed lightly against a synthetic part of her skin to open a small compartment. Vegeta hadnft understood the Androidfs technology to begin with, let alone the small devices weaved within her arm. gThis is our radar. It allows me to locate the Dragonballs if they are in the boundaries of this solar system, which all seven have been. Launch and I thrashed her room, after finding out she had the other Dragonballs we were searching for. While we looked, Launch found some materials in her room which were similar to the ones used to make my radar.h

gShe used them to make her own radar, Vegeta.h Launchfs voice appeared after Eighteenfs loud and accusing. Vegeta normally wouldnft condone such slander about someone so close to him as Bulma, but for the moment he would entertain Launchfs thoughts and her interesting theory. gThat woman knew about the Dragonballs, just as she knew you had the remaining ones. She needed themc thatfs why she slept with you in the first place, and thatfs the same reason she returned this time around.h Vegetafs face turned sour, and for a moment all he could do was stand there, not believing that Bulma could be so deceitful, but Launch had place a small weave of doubt through him. He believed in Bulma, loved her with the very pit of his inner being, but that small seed of doubtc it was fertile within his conscious ? the two wenches had one good point.

Why did Bulma decided to come back of all times? Why had she waited till he caught her on Vegeta-sei to mention his son?

He said nothing as he turned from the two women and headed for the exit of the dungeons; Vegeta was going to get to the bottom of this even if it killed him in the process.


Bulma looked around the room, her slightly giddy mood wearing off after Vegeta left her; she could not, it seemed enjoy her current state without him there, knowing that he saved her, that he did, indeed, love her.

Her mind slowly evolved back into reasonable thinking, and began to wonder about things that Lynna had said in Chi Chi's room. "Atrono..." Was she worried about him? Maybe. Bulma couldn't deny that she wasn't entirely sorry that he was attacked, but if he was terribly hurt or dead because Launch had a vendetta against her, then that was something else entirely. Could she get ahold of him?

Though, it couldn't hurt to check in for a moment, he was her husband after all.

She glanced around the room already knowing that Vegeta didnft have anything close to a communicator computer in his quarters; shefd just have to find one. She exited the room, hearing nothing short of silence that rung within her ears. Her feet met the hallwayfs freezing cold marble floor making it uncomfortable to walk on. Bulmafs bare feet padded along the hallway floor, her soles slightly worn and sore from the lack of cushion. 'It's really weird being back... I feel like...' Bulma couldn't think of the right way to word her own situation. She was at an impasse, a crossroads where her past intersected with her future. What was she going to do about all this? eThere must be some way that I can stay here with Vegeta, wefre meant to be together, I know it. Butc how?f

eBut what about Atrono? He might just be seriously hurt,f she tried to tell herself, but the Queen knew that she wouldnft be able to rest until she knew for certain what Atronofs fate was. Chi Chi had one, she knew. Bulma didnft say much to Chi Chi when she opened the door, only explaining that she needed to check up on her husband through the tele-com. Trunks was away with Goten, having finally found someone he could fight with on an almost equal level and Lynna was helping Chi Chi with some kind of garment Chi Chi was working on, of which Bulma would most likely never understand.

She concentrated on getting a line back home ? or at least what used to be home. It had taken her a few minutes to get through, getting frustrated at every point she could. Why was this taking so long? She finally contacted the Royal Palace and with some convincing that she was in fact the Queen, she managed to get the Kingfs personal connection. But that wasnft who ended up answering the call. It was Atronofs right hand man, Bulma noticed, which didnft seem like a good sign.

At first, Marco had an annoyed look upon his face, but it changed as soon as he recognized the caller, gMy Lady?h he managed to stutter out.

gI need to speak with my husband,h Bulma asked diplomatically. She wasnft about to stir up some suspicion or confusion by asking if the King was alright before she knew anything more. If the King was hurt, the last person to know was probably going to be the estranged Queen who was planets away in a passionate love affair. No one on her planet knew at all about it, and she was intending to keep it that way.

gYou know, under normal circumstances I would decline any calls for the King in his state, but in his state he has been asking for you for some time now.h That was also not a good sign. Not that Bulma was too concerned with getting in trouble with Atrono of all people. Shefd be more worried about pissing off Vegeta than him. She sighed, gPlease let me speak to him.h

After a moment, the call was redirected and the first thing she saw was Atrono sitting in their bad, beaten and bruised. No doubt that he had taken a beating, and if it was days ago she would bet that the Kingdom was worried about himc and herc in their absence.

gWhere have you been?h Bulma was startled. She expected to be a bit berated, but not yelled at as soon as his face graced the screen. She had half a mind to yell back at him, but if she wanted to remain on Vegeta-sei long enough to find a way to stay permanently, Bulma knew that she had to make sure to be even slightly respectful for a few minutes.

gI am sorry; there was some personal business that required my immediate attention.h Which wasnft a lie, it was the truthc just twisted a little.

gOn another planet? Bulma, what the hell has gotten into you these days? Youfve left your jobs, duties, and who knows what else. Whose going to do those while youfre gone? Did you even think about that?h At one point, Bulma started to tune him out.

He was right; shefd just left her responsibilities. What the hell was she thinking? But Atrono just kept talking and yelling at her; she couldn't take it. Bulma turned off the monitor and rose from her seat.

When Bulma walked into the main room , Lynna rushed to her. gMy Queen, what's wrong? You're been troubled all day...h

gI've neglected them, Lynna. My people.h Her lady's maid knew what she was talking about: before Trunks was born, before Vegeta had clouded the bright woman's young mind, Bulma's baby had been the kingdom that she nurtured. And even though her grip on it had since become lax after Trunks' birth, the kingdom's well being had been second only to him.

gBulma, I know that providing for your country is important to you, but isn't you happiness supposed to be first and foremost above all those things? Could managing your country and being with Atrono live up to even half of the happiness that you've experienced here in just a few days?h Bulma blinked. She hadn't really thought about it, but Lynna was right. While the days here had been long and full of eventful discoveries, she would take a say of this over a lifetime with Atrono and her people.

gI hadn't really thought about it like that. I care about all of the people there ? but someone else could do my job... Maybe I could be happy here.h She paced the room, as if Chi Chi and Lynna were her audience. gBut how? How do I stay here? I--h She looked at her pocket, then at Lynna. gI have a way.h

gYou mean the Dragonb--h Lynna didn't want to say anything around Chi Chi just in case she wasn't in the loop.

gIt's alright; she knows. And yes, I mean the Dragonballs.h


Atrono lifted himself off the bed, his pain increasing with every used muscle. How could he let her manipulate him like that? He turned to Marco and said, gTrack her.h

gIt will be done.h

gAnd ready my ship. We leave as soon as we know her position,h the King called from his walk to docks.

Marco had some reservations about doing anything to the queen, who had been nothing but kind to him in the past, but this was his King, and he had a duty to do as King Atrono pleased... which was what he was afraid of.


On the way back from the dungeons, Vegeta had been pondering what he was going to ask Bulma about the Dragonballs. In truth, he was fearful about what her answer would be. Had she known about them all along, were those her real intentions when she had gone to bed with him years ago, and was Trunks really just an accident that happened along the way? He couldn't believe it; he wasn't going to believe it.

Vegeta had met many traitors in his long life, but Bulma wasn't the kind to ? well, you only know a person so much. That was the part of being a traitor, they didn't suspect until it was too late.

Though, Vegeta had to admit, as soon as they had been bonded, he had seen how much she cared for him, felt it more like. If she really did have the Dragonballs, Vegeta knew that Bulma had to have an explanation for it.

And it'd better be good.

He stopped as he passed a window: the vista was a section of the gardens with mostly flat lands. His father had taken him to spots like these when he was so young ? which reminded him of the two boys that were using the spot for the same reason. The King was inwardly amazed at both the boys' power levels at such a young age; he could feel Trunks' power level pulsing at the edges like his had been in that brawl outside the palace.

Was Trunks really that close to reaching the legendary status? He stepped outside to observe the two a little closer.

Trunks and Goten finished their punches in the air before falling to the ground and each taking a breath. As they smiled at each other, a spar well done, Trunks noticed their spectator. gKing Vegeta,h Goten bowed. Vegeta recognized him as Kakkarot's brat... or Goku as he was called these days. Trunks stood back and didn't say anything, but acknowledged his father with a nod. He was slightly uncomfortable about what to call him: King, Father, Dad? Trunks didn't know.

gGoten,h the young boy lifted his head as his name was called through the thick 'father and son' silence. His own father stood at the door to the palace, leaning on the frame having watched the spar as well. With a court jerk of the shin from his father, and a smile, Goten ran to his dad and left the other two to deal with each other in some way or another.

In all truth, Vegeta had been wishing for some alone time with his son to get to know him better. Had that weakling Atrono rubbed off on him, or was the Saiyan DNA in his veins dominating all his genes?

gBoy, show me your form.h Trunks didn't even flinch against his father's harsh words. He slowly did his best demonstration for his father, knowing that it would never be good enough. But the thought of having this potential teacher was enough to get him into it.

gHmm.h Vegeta commented. He completely avoided touching the boy, but coached him into the correct stances. The King would admit that his son was very well trained. gDid you have a tutor, boy?h

Trunks nodded, gMaster Tulis.h Trunks replied. Vegeta had heard of him. gMy mother made sure I trained with him from a young age. She said that it was in my blood to fight and that I should fight well.h Vegeta could have smirked; the woman was right, it was very much in his blood.

And it was then that Vegeta began to inadvertently bond with his son.


Atrono had easily found where the woman was, and had employed his fastest ship to travel the distance between home and Vegeta-sei, which was coming into view as he looked out the windows. He wasn't so concerned with getting her home, but Atrono was more focused on getting the boy, his heir, back where he belonged. The boy would grow up to be a great leader, under tutelage, and the King would not return without him.

He made sure to grab his gun should anyone give him any trouble.

Namely Bulma.

Marco sat in the front seat, manning the ship and obviously not appreciative of his boss' plan of action. What were they going to do? Bust into the palace and kidnap a child? He was just going to stay in the ship. The dock officers offered clearance to their ship, obviously aware of the treaty between Vegeta-sei and his planet that might likely be broken soon enough.

gStay here, Marco. When I come back with the boy, it will be time to leave and we have to make good time.h Atrono left the docking areas and set out to confront his wife, with force if needed.


Since talking to Lynna, Bulma's nerves had been comforted a little, but were still on edge. She had only ever heard of the Eternal Dragon's legend, how was she supposed to summon this guy? But she could have any kind of pessimistic feelings. He was her only way to stay on Vegeta-sei and Bulma was going to figure this out no matter why she had to do.

Through the hours that she's been walking around the palace, Bulma had come across Trunks and Vegeta together in the gardens. She had only caught part of Vegeta's blue clothes out of the corner of her eye, but when she'd looked, her heart melted. They were finally together, acting as father and son should act.

Vegeta punched Trunks in the stomach.

Okay, maybe not exactly how they were to act, but close enough. This was what Vegeta had to do to teach his son, and Bulma was okay with that. To give them some time, she had continued walking, her heart a little more strong than before about her permanent residence.

Soon enough, Bulma tired of walking around, her mind finally made up. She was going to stay. She smiled.

But to try the Dragonballs, Bulma knew that she had to be somewhere secret, somewhere no one knew of to allow herself room to make her only wish.


Bulma walked straight own the hallways towards the docks. No one was ever down here, and if she was able to find a small place to summon the Dragon, Bulma was sure she could do this. But it was creeping her out, the loneliness of this area; she had a sense of foreboding in her stomach, like something bad was going to happen ? but that was a common occurrence when you were in her position. She was disgraced: a queen fleeing from her kingdom and husband to be with her lover on another planet. But that was how it was going to be ? Atrono would just have to learn to be without her help from now on.

She was nearing the edge of the palace now, among the docking and storage areas. As she swiveled around a corner, Bulma noticed that her footsteps started to echo ? the hallway hadnft echoed beforec

Bulma stopped and the footsteps kept going before ceasing as well. She looked over her shoulder, shocked at what she saw, and tripped over her own feet when she pivoted to look at the last person shefd expected to see. gAtrono?h Bulma said from her place on the ground. For a moment she made no move to get up, just looking at her husband. gHow didch

gIfm not as stupid as I seem sometimes, Bulma. You should be honored, wounded as I am, I made a special trip here to see you.h His wounds werenft as bad as they looked through the monitor it seemed. Bulma, still shaking, lifted herself off the floor never taking her eyes off him for a moment. She watched as he shifted, his good hand reaching behind him for somethingc what something was this? Bulma was afraid to know, but afraid that she would find out at any second.

gYoufve betrayed me, Bulma.h He pulled out a gun, one of the older models from their planet, but a gun no less. Bulma let out a shock of surprise before trailing her eyes up the gun once more and to his wrinkling face. The look from her eyes faded as understanding set in.

gBetrayal implies that I was ever on your side to begin with, Atrono.h If he was going to shoot her, then she was at least going to give him a piece of her mind once and for all.

gIt doesnft surprise me anymore ? ever since we came back from this wretched planet, youfd changed. I hadnft realized what it was until I tracked you to Vegeta-sei again. Itfs that King, isnft it? Youfre in love with him? I donft care.h Bulmafs eyebrows furrowed for a moment; she was a little offended that after all these years he didnft care that his wife cheated on himc but that let go once he came closer.

Her gaze shot from her husbandfs face to the gun, noticing how his finger alternated between squeezing and hovering over the trigger. Nervously, she swallowed and gradually moved backwards as he steadily moved forward. Bulma knew that she was getting close to the wall, unsure of what she was going to do when he was there. She felt trapped, increasingly uncomfortable and suddenly wanted Vegeta to come and save her for a second time today.


Vegeta looked at his son gasp for breath as they paused a moment from their sparring. He was strong, more strong than Vegeta had ever thought of when he was the same age; not that Vegeta would ever admit to that, but it did install a sense of pride into his being knowing that his son was one of the strongest. Kakkarotfs brats had both taken greatly after their father, much to Vegetafs chagrin. The King knew that there was no one on this planet as eon-parf with him as that low class sayjin was, and their quest for the legendary was a one-sided rat race: Kakkarot not caring who reached it, and Vegeta being consumed by the urge reach that power level first.

But even though on the inside he was a mas of darkness, fueled only by the sheer will to become more than his father had ever donec on the outside, Vegeta had toned down his ugly persona. It was in all likeliness because Bulma was back on Vegeta-sei ? she was his mate, shefd accepted that this was where she needed to be: by his side. And for all he could do, Vegeta never wanted that to change.

Trunks moved from his sitting position into a crouch, obviously having had enough of a rest for the time being. gIfm ready to fight again.h

The King smirked ? yes, he was too.


gDonft kid yourself, Bulma; I didnft come here for you. Knowing how youfve strayed, what would make me want you back? No planet of mine needs to be run by an adulteress.h Bulma would have said something to defend herself, but with the gun pressed flush up against her abdomen, she was at a loss for all offensive words.

gThenc why are you herec?h she hesitated, did she want to know? Surely not to kill Vegeta; even Atrono had to know that there was no match in that pair ? he was not strong enough to pose a threat to her mate. But to herc did he come to ?

gI came to collect my son. Ifve accepted that my wife is a stray, but my heir isnft a total loss. Hefs here with you, and I have come to take him back to his rightful home.h

gThatfs where\g She whined, the gun was starting to hurt. In his furry, Atrono had been pushing the barrel more and more into her stomach. She couldnft even move; trying to dodge a bullet at this range was death and stupidity. gThatfs where youfre wrong, Atrono.h Bulma blinked for a second, raising her eyes from his hand on the weapon to his hard, cold eyes. She knew that she was going to get shot for thisc but he wasnft going to take Trunks.

She would protect him with her life.

gWhat that hell does that mean?h Atrono barked out.

gYoufre wrong. Youfre wrong, youfre so wrong.h She shook her head. gYou were a fool to ever think that Trunks was your son.h

Atronofs eyes became the size of saucers, realizing that if he couldnft trust her to have stayed by his side in their matrimony, how could he had ever trusted her that the boy was his own. gWhat are you saying?h

gTrunks is home; yes, he is the son of a King ? King Vegeta, here on this very planet. And right now, Trunks is with his father. If you want to take him, youfll have to go through Vegeta. And if you want to get to Vegeta ?g she paused once more, gyoufre going to have to go through me.h

gWith pleasure.h

Atrono pulled the trigger once, again he squeezed, more. He just kept shooting, over and over. The shots rang out in the hallways around the area. No one was safe from their deathly sound. Bulma just grasped at the air, at the wall, at anything that she could manage to hang on to. She wanted to grab anything that might keep her from passing out ? from going over the edge. But it was no use. She felt no pain at first, her body having blocked out the censors. But it was slowly creeping into her system, the stinging sensations unbearable in her torso.

She slid down the wall, leaving a trail of pure, red blood behind her. It was in her hair, on her dress, on her hands, everywhere, and still there was more slowly evacuating her body. She looked at Atrono: not a drop on him.

That bastard.

Her eyes finally closed, hands still grabbing on to the pants leg of her husband, never allowing him to go find Trunks, not while she was there.


gYoufre not going fast enough!h Vegeta knocked Trunks to the ground. gThis father and son spar time had turned to a training session. Vegeta was so inclined to turn the boy into the Saiyan he was, and this was how it was done.

He kept shouting commands and the boy, no matter how beaten or battered, tried to evade every punch and obeyed every shout.

But Vegeta stopped. Trunks saw the opening and took advantage of his fatherfs distraction to once again try a melee of attacks. Vegeta took the boy by the arm and held him up in the air, trying to see if he might be able to decipher what that smell was in the air, that odd coppery smell.

gDad, I smell blood.h

Vegeta dropped Trunks and raced down the hallway. That was the scent! He had smelled Bulma, but the other scent laced within it was bothering him. Why wasnft he able to tell that it was blood, that she was bleeding ? somewhere in this castle.

He came up the hallways at the other end of the castle, the scent getting stronger as he raced down their twists and turns. When he was but a corner away, his first thought might be that she had cut herself and he turn to see her smiling at her clumsiness. But that wasnft what greeted him.

Blood. That was his first thought. The sight was abhorrent, even for the King whofd seen so many bloody battles , youfd think he was used to it.

Not when it was his mate.

He picked Bulma off the floor, her eyes partially opened but glazed over as if she saw nothing. Vegeta put his hands on either side of her head, like he had done when shefd jumped from the balcony. He whispered over and over to her, ewake up, Bulma; wake up. What are you doing, speak to me, say something, Bulma, please.f He whispered anything and everything that he could, saying her name over and over, remembering the joy that it brought to her.

But it was no use, she said nothing. He had to get her into a recovery chamber, that would certainly do the trick. In a flash, it seemed, he was outside the infirmary wing, she was all but thrown (with cautious gentleness) onto the examination table. The doctor rushing towards her body.

gWhatfs happened?h Vegeta looked at him, not knowing what to say. He just shook his head; he didnft know. The doctor looked at her wound, gShefs been shot. Multiple times, Ifd say.h

gWhat the hell are you waiting for! Put her into the chamber ? make her better!h Vegeta was freaking out. She was going to be okay, she had to be okay. If she wasnft he would go insane from the sheer thought of having her here on the planet and then loosing her to whatever person had done this. It would be losing his mother all over again... losing his other half, his mate.

gI canft put her in the chamber until I get a pulse.h The doctor began CPR on the victim, noticing that it was no use, but for the sake of making the King shut up, he would try. Minutes passed as he tried to revived her, to get her heart beating. But there was no pulse, no breathing, not nothing.

gIfm sorry, I canft get anything from her. Shefs dead, My Lord.h


Trunks had run after his father, not too close as to not be discovered. But when Vegeta ran past him with Trunksf mother in his arms, he ran opposite them towards the smell of blood. There, ahead of him, was the pool of it, smeared on the floor from where her body lay before. He could see the indent where she'd lain ? his eyes began to water, but he couldn't (And wouldn't) cry. His father had just been teaching him what it was to be a Saiyan ? and that was not the behavior he was to expect out of his son of all people.

As he looked down to shield his eyes from the blinding over head lights that glared upon his unshed tears, Trunks spied a white piece of something out of the corner of his eye. He bent down and grabbed the small object out of the blood, careful not to get anything on his fingers. This was? A capsule.

His mother made them, they held many times their size and weight. His thumb pressed on the top to expand it. A box appeared, much to Trunks' confusion, and as he opened it, a small golden glow flooded his face from the reflection of the seven balls.

And he knew just who to ask about them.


The dungeon master hadn't known who Trunks was, but at once glance from the furious face the resembled Vegeta's so much, the guard had let the child through to talk to the only female captives.

gLaunch?h The blue hair woman responded to her name, this time called by the boy she'd kidnapped (a less than expected visitor).

gHm, and to what do I owe this visit, my Prince?h She smiled at him, no longer as afraid of this family as she used to be. Her fate would be much better than staying in this hell-hole of a dungeon.

Trunks was demented, enraged, and the smug face on this woman was not helping his mood. gI require some information you have. You talked very fervently about these Dragonballs when I was aboard your ship; tell me how to use them.h

Launch shifted, her face turning to that of a serious one in moments. He had the Dragonballs ? why were they with him, and what business did he have summoning the Eternal Dragon?

gWhy should I help you?h

gAhh!h Trunks screamed. He was annoyed with this game she was playing. The fury coursed through his veins, raging through his power level and elevating it to a grade that it had never reached before. He felt his eyes furrow into white-hot spheres, as if they were burning from the back of his skull. Launch and Eighteen crowded along the back wall of the cell as the Super Saiyan, the legendary power was unleashed through this young boy. gI'm getting tired of repeating myself,h he finally spoke out.

gFine, I'll show you what to do. But what do I get out of helping you to do this?h Launch started to walk forward once more.

gWhat do you get?h Trunks leaned in, his blue-green eyes battering her insides with just one look. gLady, you get to keep living.h


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