Dragon Knights Fan Fiction ❯ I need Ideas for a title ❯ I need Ideas for a title ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

In the beginning there were six gods. Living in harmony, they never trespassed onto another's territory. The Light god ruled the day, above all others. The god of Darkness ruled the night, feared by all the mortals. The Water god ruled the oceans and lakes, giving life to all. Earth supplied the rock and plants, food for all creatures. The Wind blew, spreading life across the world, soothing the people. The last, but not least, of the gods was Fire. He destroyed the old to make place for the new. He gave warmth to the people.
One day, Fire saw something. It was the Water god bathing in a river. Intently, he fell in love, captive by Water's beauty, for he was the fairest of all the gods. For days he watched the other god, who came to bathe at the same time each day. Finally, at the Earth god's urging, he confronted the beautiful god. He confessed to spying, but told how he couldn't resist, for he had loved the other at first sight. Water blushed, meekly admitting how he loved the fire as well. Wind and Earth were glad for the confessions because Fire had told Earth his feelings, while Water had confided in Wind. The Light God, upon hearing these words, promptly congratulated the two lovers. But one god was not happy about this turn of events.
The god of Darkness had been lusting after the Water god for eternity and was not happy that he loved Fire. The jealous god confronted Fire, prepared to fight for Water. They fought for days, Water trying to stop them. Fire and Darkness fell upon the people in a time later called the “Black Fire War”. Finally, when it looked like the Darkness god would win, Water threw himself in front of his love as Darkness's final attack approached. It stuck down both. The Light god took pity on the two and sent their souls down to the mortal realm, promising that, a long time from now, they would be reborn. Upon hearing this, the god of Darkness vowed he would kill the Fire god and Take the Water god for his own. Finally, the time for final war of Fire and Darkness is here.