Dragon Knights Fan Fiction ❯ Inside Tetheus's Head ❯ The only voice ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

<p>I always wondered about Tetheus a little. I mean a guy that wears tight black clothing, is the chief of security and appears to be very unemotional and repressed. What's going on in his mind? Maybe he's just a one dimensional character, but you know what I'm thinking. Closet sex fiend.</p>

<p>The story is set inside his head, so <i>italics</i> are his thoughts and the only voice that speaks is his own. Not every word he speaks is reported as I give priority to his thoughts over what he actually says. This might be a little weird as I ignore anything said by anyone else. </p>

<p>Please tell me if this works. If not I'll rejig it a little.</p>

<p>Tetheus strides through the corridors of the dragon castle, his rigid boots echoing as they strike the flagstones. As always, his mind is on other matters and yet he manages to scope every situation for potential threats and skiving dragon officers.</p>

<p><i>Okay, after the disturbance last night, five dragon fighters are injured, three of which should be on duty tonight. On the other hand, there are exactly that number due for disciplining that Alfeegi caught gambling. If I put their punishment as filling in an extra shift, both my problems are solved.</i></p>

<p>A short blonde dragon warrior slips as he shares a joke with a friend. The sudden traffic jam is skilfully avoided by Tetheus. The only sign that anything has happened is shown in his eyes, which move to scan the young dragon.</p>

<p><i>I'd do him. Okay now that I have the staffing problem under control, I need to give my report to the dragonlord and then I can pass the message down the line.</i></p>

<p>The dragonlord's hall is close now. There are no significant dangers, the requisite number of guards is on duty and they're immaculately turned out.</p>

<p><i>Appearances are important. The guard here is a symbol of the dragonlord's power and authority and they need to look well. Maybe I should increase their hair gel provisions. </i>Tetheus runs a hand over his slimy and well kempt hair before entering the hall.</p>

<p>He strides manfully up the hall eyeing the guards on duty as he goes past.</p>

<p><i>Yes, no, no, too short, too blonde, cute but no, ah yes and oh no.</i></p>

<p>Lykuleon is standing beside Ruwalk and smiling. Their closeness is obvious.</p>

<p><i>You never act that way with the rest of us Lykouleon. Is Ruwalk done with his report? Ah Ruwalk. Yeah, you're on the list.</i></p>

<p>Tetheus looms beside the dragonlord, waiting for Ruwalk to finish. He's still nattering on about something completely unrelated to security. Some party or something.</p>

<p>He looks down.</p>

<p><i>Lykouleon, you are so short! I'm way taller than you! How can the dragonlord be so wee? Yet HE's still the one that gets all the chicks. And he's married. He gets attention from all the girls AND he's married to the best looking woman in the country! It's not fair. I haven't had a date in...Oh he's finished talking. Can I speak now?</i></p>

<p>Just as Tetheus is about to start his report, Alfeegi runs in with news of the latest outrage perpetrated by Kai-Stern on the Dragon finances. Tetheus notices Ruwalk's guilty grimace and the dragonlord's amusement.</p>

<p><i>Ruwalk's always giving Kai-Stern extra cash. I wonder if they're doing it? I always figured they were straight, but they're pretty enough to get attention from both sides. I mean there's a different girl coming from Ruwalk's bedroom every morning at half six exactly and they say that Kai-Stern has a different girl in every town. There must be a reason why he enjoys travel so much. I don't get it myself,
lots of effort to get somewhere and then you only spend five minutes doing business before it's time to come home again. And you're always catching up, everywhere you go.</i></p>

<p>'Luckily after the incident last night, there were no fatalities.&nbsp; Sixteen dragon officers were injured and all but five are them are able to return to duty. I will be able to provide cover until they're back on their feet.' Tetheus does his stern face before continuing. 'There was no significant property damage. Cernozoa has
informed me that everything can be replaced. Just in case this was a distraction I checked on Nadil's head and there's no sign of a break in there.'</p>

<p>There are a few more boring matters to put before the dragonlord until Tetheus finally concludes his report.</p>

<p><i>Nothing else to mention...No. Report complete. I wonder what the dragonlord looks like naked.</i></p>

<p>Lykouleon looks to Ruwalk and Alfeegi for final thoughts on the day's business. </p>

<p><i>Lykouleon, Lykouleon, I wonder what Raselene calls you in private. Licky? Lick? My Lord? Mmmm, Raselene's so cute. I wonder if they'd consider a threesome.</i></p>

<p>Cernozoa enters the halls replacing flowers in the vases. Tetheus gives her one of his special looks and she blushes slightly.</p>

<p><i>Ah, Cernozoa. *mental smile* I think maybe it's time that we got together again... You can do so many cool things with your tongue.</i></p>

<p>'Yes my lord. A trip to Farni would be good for morale and may encourage them to pay their taxes, but it is out of the question. Given the number of yokai attacks recently it's not a good idea to give them such an important target. If you leave the safety of the castle you WILL be attacked.'</p>

<p><i>Why do I have to be the bad guy? I mean Alfeegi already said no and he'll be able to breathe again soon, but no-one takes his "no"s seriously. Sometimes I want to be the one to have my bottom spanked. *mental sigh* I have to pay good money for that.</i></p>

<p>The dragonlord tries to persuade the hostile crowd that he really should go to Farni, but fails. After a last minute sortie fails he decides to break for lunch and a chance to remarshal his argument. As they reach the door, Tetheus steps back to allow Alfeegi through.</p>

<p><i>I rule. You suck.</i></p>

<p>All through dinner Tetheus plays with his food. Everyone assumes that he's taken up with the troubles of his job and the recent assault on the dragon castle. They have no clue as to the true nature of the thoughts going through his head.</p>

<p><i>I'm definitely better looking than Alfeegi. I must be, after all I'm taller than him and I have a much nicer hair cut. His is what, some kind of mullet? Ruwalk is cuter than me, Kai Stern too, but surely I at least beat Alfeegi?</i></p>

<p>Tetheus fumes on, trying to figure out a definitive way to sort it out. </p>

<p><i>Okay, he's cute when he's only slightly angry, but my voice's deeper and I've got a nicer butt. He's also hardly ever only slightly angry. It's usually crisis mode with him or nothing. Oh, and I could beat him in a fight. That adds points with the ladies.</i></p>

<p><i>That's it! I'm just going to have to ask someone. Cernozoa. Tonight. I'll buy her some chocolate, she's always putty in my hands after that. Tomorrow won't be a busy day, so I can afford to enjoy myself tonight.</i></p>

<p>Tetheus looks down the table toward Cernozoa. She blushes again.</p>

<p><i>I'd better make sure that she's got no plans for tonight. From all the gossip I hear she's single again. I hope she's up for it. It's been a long day. Maybe I should get some flowers too. I'll run by the garden after this.</i></p>

<p>Dinner passes uneventfully. Ruwalk tells several off-colour jokes, hoping to cheer Alfeegi up and save a little of Kai-Stern's skin when he gets back from his latest trip. Lykouleon laughs, but Raselene seems a little appalled.</p>

<p><i>Ah come now. You've done worse than that. I've overheard the maids talking. Such a sweet girl on the outside, such a nasty girl in the bedroom. I notice that Lykouleon is wearing yet another polo neck and it's sweltering inside today. I wonder how bad the love bite is. </i></p>

<p>He looks towards the laughing dragonlord.</p>

<p><i>I bet you'll be showing it off to Ruwalk later and you'll probably compare notes. There were some VERY odd noises coming from his room at, oh, half twelve last night. I'm surprised no-else else in that part of the castle complains. Whose room is near him? Ah yes. I'm not surprised that THEY don't complain. </i></p>

<p>The dinner party is astonished by the sudden smile on Tetheus's stony face.</p>

<p><i>Mmmmmmmm, twins.</i></p>

<p>'No, I'm fine. Something got caught as I was chewing. That's all. No, I don't need water. Thank you.'</p>

<p>The stares persist, until Ruwalk, who has been affected by the wine rather more than usual, tells the joke about the whore and the bailiff. This gets Tetheus off the hook, but Raselene is not happy at how funny Lykouleon finds the joke.</p>

<p><i>There will be words and maybe a larger bite-mark next time.</i></p>

<p>Tetheus keeps his mind in strict check for the rest of the dinner. Ruwalk's drawing all the attention, his face getting redder and redder as more and more wine disappears down his throat.</p>

<p><i>Oh dear. SOMEONE's going to have to check everything he writes and signs for the rest of the day. I'd better make myself scarce so they don't pick me. </i>He glances at Alfeegi, who's calmly picking at his dinner and ignoring Ruwalk's sordid stories. <i>Poor 'Feegi, I wonder if he'll end up lumbered with it. The poor guy really suffers with his nerves, it'd probably put him over the edge. </i>Tetheus
perks up a bit. <i>And if he goes insane, I'm sure that'll lose him points with the girls. Yeah, third best looking would be in the bag. Go me, go me.</i></p>

<p>'I'm sure that they're actually grey Raselene.'</p>

<p>'Well, uh, it's traditional.'</p>

<p>'Uh, you are Queenie, of course.'</p>

<p>'Yes, my queen, pink elephants it is.'</p>

<p>Finally, the dinner ends.</p>

<p><i>Ugh, that was the weirdest meal I've ever had here and this place is scarcely normal.</i></p>

<p>Two Dragon Fighters have to be called in to help Ruwalk out of his chair and back to his office. Tetheus looks at the dragonlord quizzically.</p>

<p><i>Feck, no. I should have ducked my head and ducked out. What if I have to babysit the drunk for the rest of the afternoon? </i></p>

<p>Lykouleon smiles, cocks his head to one side, places his hands together under it and closes his eyes. Then he gives Tetheus the thumbs up.</p>

<p><i>Ah, they're going to let him sleep it off. Now, where's Cernozoa gone?</i></p>

<p>He manages to run into her in the corridor outside.</p>

<p>'Hi there, Cernozoa. How you doin'? Got any plans for tonight?'</p>

<p>'Well, I was hoping to spend some time with you again.' He leans toward Cernozoa. 'I've missed you.' He reaches out and takes her hand in his, then deftly licks the tips of her fingers. 'Especially these.' She blushes for the third time that day, but finally agrees to meet him that night, before rushing off to escape the notice of the castle gossips.</p>

<p><i>Sorted. </i>Tetheus runs his hand over his hair again, then shakes it to dislodge some of the grease. <i>Now I'd better get the Dragon Fighters in shape and pick up some flowers.</i></p>

<p>Raised voices can be heard as Tetheus rounds the corner. <i>Oh lord not again. </i>Two Dragon Fighters have been seeing the same girl for the past two months and it looks as though they've finally realised it. A crowd has formed to watch the fight, they've progressed to the pushing each other stage and it looks as though the first
punch will be thrown at any moment. </p>

<p><i>No-one's noticed me.</i> Tetheus makes to return the way he came when he notices a box of chocolates on the ground atop the coat of one of the combatants. <i>Perfect!</i> He steps in to stop the fight and grabs the arm of one of the participants, just as he was about to land a punch.</p>

<p>'I'm sure that both of you know that fighting in the castle between Dragon Fighters is strictly forbidden. We do have a training ground and THIS is where we learn those skills that we ONLY ever use in the course of our duties DEFENDING the realm against yokai and other attacks. I'm sure that those here watching were about to point this out to the two of you.'</p>

<p>The part of the crowd that hadn't already sneaked away when they saw Tetheus, now scarpers. The two fighters look at him like scolded schoolboys.</p>

<p>'I'll talk to you later about your punishment. For now, I'll take this,' Tetheus scoops up the chocolates, 'and be on my way.' Tetheus stares at the two dragons until they leave, in opposite directions.</p>

<p>The rest of the day passes uneventfully. Tetheus finishes up early, for once and realises that he has time to visit the garden and pick up some flowers. The garden is a riot of colour at this time of year and Tetheus indulges in the scent and beauty of the many specimens on display. </p>

<p><i>Okay, what flowers say 'Do me?'</i></p>

<p>He eventually settles on some vibrant red flowers and adds a spray of Forget-Me-Nots, before returning to the castle. </p>

<p><i>Pick me up at seven. That's what she said. </i>Tetheus glances at a clock as he strides down the corridor. <i>It's about that now. </i></p>

<p>Finally, Tetheus reaches Cernozoa's door. </p>

<p><i>Okay, flowers. </i>He shakes them. <i>Check! Choccy. </i>He shakes them too. <i>Check! Now. </i>Tetheus holds his hand up to his mouth and breathes on it. No pungent odour emerges. <i>I'm good to go.</i> He clears his throat and knocks on the door. The door is flung back and Tetheus reels in shock. Before him stands Cernozoa, redesplendant in black leather, which is wrapped around her tighter than a second skin. Her breasts are barely contained by the tight bodice and a sexy pair of taut trousers are peeking through the long leather skirt which has been slit up to the waist. A leather mask completes the outfit. At the moment, she's tapping the side of her thigh with a riding whip.</p>

<p><b>Have you been a bad boy?</b></p>

<p>Tetheus throws the flowers and chocolate over his shoulder.</p>

<p>'Oh yes. Oh my god yes.'</p>

<p>If anyone's wondering about the elephants, it's a reference to a telly series that was on when I was a gel called Blackadder the Second. The scene goes like this...</p>

<p>The scene opens as Lord Melchert is reading to Queen Elizabeth from a book.</p>

<p>Queen Elizabeth: I think you'll find that they're pink Lord Melchert.</p>

<p>Lord Melchert: Grey is traditional, your majesty.</p>

<p>Queen Elizabeth: Melchie?</p>

<p>Lord Melchert: Yes, your majesty?</p>

<p>Queen Elizabeth: Who is Queenie?</p>

<p>Lord Melchert: Eh, you are, your majesty. Very well, the pink elephants...</p>

<p>Enter Lord Blackadder.</p>

<p>I loved Blackadder. Who is Queenie? Do as I say or I'll have your head cut off.</p>